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Recovery Friday

Sat 02 August 2008

Yesterday was a day of recovery for most folks after two days of diving, sun, and adult beverages. No one went out on the boats in fact not everyone even got up until the afternoon. Then it was a few hours in the pool with drinks followed by dinner. The tribe went to Lazy Days, Jeff & Amy ate lobster in, and John & I went to Uncle's - JV wanted that great tuna dinner. I had fresh black grouper grilled to perfection. We chose to eat outside were it was quite - tables of loud dudes and dudettes were inside trying to compete for attention by talking loudly. I don't do loud very well.

I expect the crowd to go to the sandbar this afternoon because it's everyone's last full day here except for the core few. Captain Matt has a lady friend that came in last night to visit him for the balance of the weekend but I've not met here yet - news at 11. All the young folks except for John & Drew will leave tomorrow as well as Tom's sister & brother-in-law. It has been a busy week for all of us.

It looks like John & I will leave to head back to Vero about mid-week next week. I've got doctor's appointments on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday of the following week and John has a life guard job interview on Monday which will require a couple days of review before he goes in. I don't like weekend traffic so Wednesday or Thursday will be a good time to leave paradise for this year. Frankly I've grown enough new skin cancers for my Vero dermatologist to stay busy with me for awhile.

Tommy took the two teenage girls to meet a ride back to Vero yesterday. It looks like Kathryn will have to work and will not be able to return this year. Tommy has not set a date to return but without the boys and Kathryn my guess is he'll leave by the weekend. This year's trip is clearly winding down.

I have pool duty every day.

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