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Tiki Hut Dinner

Fri 01 August 2008

Day two of the mini-season was damn near as good as day one and in some respects better. The lobster hunters didn't even go out until about 11 AM and still got 46 lobsters in a matter of a few hours. They brought the bugs in, got more beer, and the headed to the sandbar for a bit of relaxation. All in all this season was probably our best in the number of lobsters and great weather.

Last night we had fresh snapper & snook served under the Tiki Hut once again. Tom's brother-in-law, John, provided the fish and did the cooking. Once again it was a very pleasant night to have dinner outside looking South over the Atlantic toward Cuba. The lobsters caught that day will be frozen and taken back to Vero and points North,

Yesterday I did some banking, went to World Wide to look around, and identified a house cleaner if I want one while I'm here. I'm thinking I may get her in to do a real good cleaning of the cat hair Sally has graciously left about the apartment. I even had the presents of mind to bring a special cat hair removal tool with me from Vero.

For the most part, the crowd is sleeping in this morning after two lobstering days. John is headed to the gym around 9 and I plan on messing around on my computer before I have pool duty later this morning and then again this afternoon. Today we lose Charlie but gain Matt's lady friend. By Monday all will be gone except the original crew of Tom, Mary Ann, TB, Drew, John, and me.

John has been offered a life guarding job back in Vero and needs to go back for a test. He has to swim laps and run under a specific time in order to complete the requirements for the job - he is already 'certified' as a life guard. So, we will be heading back sometime next week but I'm not sure when until John talks with the people in Vero later this morning. This job will allow him time to study at work if he's not having to watch the pool all the time.

Today's picture was taken under the Tiki Hut - click on it to see a larger image.

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