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Fidelity's New Site

Mon 29 September 2014

Rain, rain and more rain; that's all we have had in the last week. On Sunday Vero Beach's rainfall was 1.43" surpassing the record of 1.24" set back in 1969 and then the following day it rained 1.29". For more than a week we have had record rainfall making it rather dreary around here. In the morning when I shave it seems like I'm shaving mold and mildew not whiskers. Of course we need rainfall to make the citrus industry grow and keeps people's property green. I will say there is a point when I wish you would just stop for while so I can scrape all the mildew off my body.

Since my last post I watched three more episodes of Broadway Empire but I'm not sure I will continue watching the series through the next four seasons. I will likely complete this season and then see how it goes. I can see why people think it because it is interesting and easy to watch but I'm just not as thrilled as many of my friends who recommended the series. Interesting historical characters are introduced with plenty of crime and killings. I do like the main character which is one reasons I have continued to watch season number one.

Last Saturday there were a lot of great games to watch on TV. To me a great game is one that is high-scoring on both sides and the lead changes hands during the game. Several top rank teams at scores in the 30s and 40s and some rank teams got knocked off by unranked teams. Georgia Tech did not lose this past weekend because they did not play. The next game is Saturday against the University of Miami who beat Duke this past week. That game is a tossup and will depend on which team shows up to play. Both schools have had the same problem of good and bad games. Either way it should be interesting and of course I'm optimistic that Georgia Tech will prevail. The game will be played in Atlanta which is the one thing I believe gives Georgia Tech the age.

This weekend I corresponded with Fidelity brokerage company on three different occasions. They are introducing a new website which will be totally different from the present website so I thought I'd look at some of the videos they posted on the Internet explaining the new website look. The videos posted were so very poorly made I couldn't follow the narrator as he went through the use of the new pages. Above I have shown an image of the new website which is hard to see but if you were to click on the image you'll be able see a much bigger picture. See how hard it is to read? Is this the kind of video you would expect a big company like Fidelity to put out on the Internet introducing their new site? How can someone decided they like it or not if they can't see it?

I also don't like the fact that there is not an option to keep the present website which I've been using for years and understand. It could be that the new site will be better but it's hard for me to tell. Also I'm getting of the age I don't like change! It is my humble opinion that the company should make the new website optional permitting their clients to keep the current website if they choose to do so. I know for sure there are many many clients of Fidelity it will get confused and not understand the new site. Frankly I might like it; I was just disappointed in the unreadable videos and the lack of an option to keep what I have. They politely responded and said my information would be passed on to the technical department about the videos and the option to keep the site I now have to management. By the way they openly invited comments from customers on the site so I gave them my view.

The past three days have been bad headache days for me. Saturday was probably the worst day but yesterday was bad too. I have had times in the past when headaches get me down for several days in a row but then usually stop being so disabling and just become my regular daily headaches. Fortunately I have medication to alleviate the pain but I don't like using it. The medication is habit-forming and a class II drug meaning it's highly control. For some dumb reason the feds seem to think that making drugs harder get will reduce the amount of citizens getting addicted to a drug and abusing it. My observation over the years is that people will get whatever they want and even though it might be harder now that's not stop them. The Fed should stop the war on drugs and take the billions if not trillions of dollars spent on the war and put it toward treatment and education.

As a Libertarian I believe I own my body and therefore I can do anything I want with it as long as I do not violate somebody else's life, liberty or property. For example it is illegal to commit suicide so what are the feds going to do put a corpse in jail? Under Emperor Obama's regime the various federal agencies have run amok and out-of-control. Hopefully future elections will change this.

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Another Typical Week

Thu 25 September 2014

Many of you know I enjoy watching series on television. I particularly like some of the BBC series but this time I started watching an American series. A few people have recommended the HBO program called Boardwalk Empire so I decided to give it a go. I've watched the first five episodes which is a good thing because it means is still has my attention. What I don't like about it is some of the loud obnoxious 20's singing you often hear in the background. I can see several different characters and plots so I'll probably keep watching the first series. There are three more series/seasons available and the fifth season has just started on HBO.

It's been almost a week and I'm still thrilled that Georgia Tech beat Virginia Tech in football by kicking a field goal in the last 15 seconds. This weekend I am 100% positive Georgia Tech will not lose mainly because they don't play. The weekend after this Georgia Tech plays the University of Miami in Atlanta. It could go either way because both teams have been inconsistent and played well sometimes and then poorly at other times.

One of my cousins, Jimmy, has a college-age daughter with a computer problem. She thought it was infected with the "Weather Bug" virus but that's actually the name of a weather program. It just started every time she booted the computer in she had no idea how to prevent it from starting at boot. This is a new laptop that her brother has used and now she wants to use it herself. To put things as they were when she first took it out of the box I did a factory reinstall which was quick and easy. We added the Norton security suite because it comes free with Comcast Internet. It was easy and I got to see my cousin's daughter for the first time in years.

For about a week now we have had rain off and on both day and night. Usually in the summer we get afternoon thundershowers but for the most part mornings are bright and sunny. Not so in the past week. It is so damp around here that in the mornings when I shave its mold that I removed and not whiskers. Hopefully this mess will move through soon.

The other day I watched a strange movie called Shallow Ground. Although it was different than most movies of this nature at the end had the same plot of dead people, semi-dead people and those that will be dead soon. Usually I turn these off after about 20 min. but the plot was so strange I stuck with it to the unexpected ending. I'll not watch it again.

Tommy's wife Kathryn has been going to nursing school for the last couple years after 20 years of successfully practicing law. I'm not really sure what her plans are when she gets her degree and frankly I'm not sure she knows either. As part of their training she is required to attend a couple of AA meetings. I took her to a noon meeting this past Tuesday. AA meetings are new to her and I think she was a bit surprised about how they are carried out. Of course there are a variety of meetings with different formats but for the most part the beginning and ending of these meanings are the same. The meeting we attended had the topic of "do you remember your last drunk?" If you're an alcoholic you can understand that's not all that strange of the question. If she needs to go to another meeting I of course will be happy to go with her.

At least once a week I have a "Publix run" some of which are major because I buy a lot of things and some are minor when I only need a few items. For the first time in over a year or maybe longer I had a major run with a bill totaling under $100. My major runs always go over $100 and that's without buying expensive meats. Whoever says there is no inflation doesn't have to go to buy things at a grocery store. The FOX Business Channel said that the government measures inflation based on income increases and not on food. We all know incomes have not moved much in the Obama recession but prices for necessities like milk and bread have gone up.

I've been keeping busy for the last week and would like to tell you more about it except many things I've been working on should and will be kept confidential. For now I'm going to watch the Thursday night game between Texas Tech and Oklahoma State. Appalachian State and Georgia Southern are also playing at the same time so I'll likely switch between games and watch the one with the highest scoring.

Things have been going OK with me. Next week I go to my dentist to have a cap replaced and a cleaning. I'll also see an ophthalmologist for the first time since I left Atlanta. I don't think I have a problem of any nature but my urologist and internist have both told me I should have my eyes checked. I know I need reading glasses but we'll see if there may be another issue.

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Tech Wins!

Sun 21 September 2014

The text under the image you see to the left is "Kicker Harrison Butker #87 of the Georgia Tech Yellow Jackets watches his game winning field goal go through the uprights on the last play of the game against Virginia Tech at Lane Stadium on September 20, 2014 in Blacksburg, Virginia. Butker made the game winning field goal. Georgia Tech defeated Virginia Tech 27-24". To my pleasant surprise Georgia Tech beat Virginia Tech at their home field. Given the fact that Virginia Tech has beaten Georgia Tech last four years in a row I was not very optimistic about the chances of tech prevailing in this game. It came down to the last 15 seconds when Harrison Butker kicked a field goal to win the game 27 to 24. I was a nervous wreck for the three hours the game was on television because Georgia Tech was inconsistent. The good news is that Virginia Tech was equally inconsistent and gave the yellow jackets a chance to win in the very end when they Yellow Jackets intercepted a pass on the VT 20 yard line. That puts Georgia Tech's record at 4-0 but I know that won't last. It was a very exciting game and I may watch it again on replay today.

Speaking of yellow jackets I still have my problem of the nest north of my house. There must be thousands of jackets in this nest and we can't seem to get rid of them. I'm going to call my guy again on Monday and see if we can try another method. I'm thinking we make try covering about a 10 ft. square area with a tarp then secured to the ground and pump some sort of killing agent under it in a fashion similar to an houses are covered and fumigated for termites. Updates will follow.

The value of Bitcoin has been going down steadily for the last 7 to 10 days and got as low as $390 last week. Today it is only at $401 but the trend is up. I expected some bumpy times but I really didn't expected to drop below $400. All the reasons I bought Bitcoin are still valid and I intend on holding onto the coins I have. The news about Bitcoin continues to be good for the most part so hopefully it will steadily increase as the months go on. If I didn't have so many coins now I buy more but for the moment I think it's prudent to just hold the coins I have.

There is a new Bitcoin exchange platform that is easier to join and is based in America. It's called Circle.com and joining it requires less information than my account at Coinbase.com. Joining Circle.com is by invitation only and somehow I was able to get an invitation to establish an account. It's always good to have a backup.

I found a product I've been seeking for years to resolve the cat litter odor that occurs unless you empty the box every day and take the bag outside. This device is called Litter Jenie which has a system that allows you to put clumps of cat litter in the top pull a lever and it goes into a plastic bag afterwords the top a sealed again. I've had it for weekend thus far is performing very well. The next test is to determine how easy it is to cut the full bag to throw away and pull down enough plastic to make a new bag. A packet containing several feet of plastic bag material is included and you just pulled down more as needed. I'm pleased to say it has resolve any odor problems that may have occurred.

When Kathryn had her law practice one or for assistance was named Erica. She called me about a week ago to discuss her laptop problems and to ask if could and would be willing to fix. Her problems were like everybody else's problem once they've used a computer for several years without ever cleaning it well or reinstalling the operating system. It is an Lenova with only a 1.8 GHz processor but it did have 2 GB of RAM. I ordered and installed a new solid-state hard drive and put Windows 7 ultimate on the hard drive. I put several programs on it including Office and Kaspersky. Erica was amazed at the new speed and ease of use after I updated it. This weekend she brought me a box of cookies from some designer shop on the beach. There were more than a dozen cookies in the box and each was as big as a pancake. The ones I've tasted thus far are delicious but I decided to vacuum seal some and freeze them for the future.

I think I mentioned I was having a problem with my copier and ordered a new one. The new Brother all-in-one printer is working as it should and is twice as fast as my old one. It's basically the same one I had only a four-year newer model. I bought it on Amazon for less than $100.

I watched the new Transformer movie which was two hours and 45 min. long. It was nonstop action from the very beginning and kept my attention. It's rather amazing how they make these movies but they sure are entertaining. I will say in this particular version sometimes it is difficult for me to determine which robot was the good guy and which one was the bad guy. The good guys won at the end. I know you're surprised to hear that!

This morning I'm going to watch the latest Captain America movie for pure entertainment and relaxation. It is over two hours long so I have something to do until it's time to eat lunch. Lunch today will be another cookie I received from Erica.

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Been Busy

Fri 19 September 2014

For some time now I have been hearing static all my telephone when I send or receive calls. I have an old-fashioned AT&T wired telephone with the only option included is caller ID. The caller ID option is required in order for my Digitone call blocking equipment to work. At this point I'm pleased to say it works rather well; every day I see were calls have been blocked. Anyway a AT&T service representative came by yesterday and quickly discovered the problem. It seems that when the cable company drilled a hole next to the hole where my telephone wire was going into my house they nicked the telephone wire which ultimately corroded and calls problem. It is not perfect now but is a lot better than it was before he removed the bad wiring. He said what other statically noise I might hear is a result of the equipment I'm using or the inside wiring/connections. I'm glad to have that problem fixed because it was so irritating as hell to me and to whom ever I was talking.

My cousin Alice (The Baker) was having major problems with her e-mail account at msn. The Microsoft exchange servers kept on locking her account because of what they believed to be fraudulent activity. Of course the process to unlock the account is not simple and although she tried I stepped into convert computer talk to common English. Of course it also affected the e-mail account on her smart phone.

She came over on Wednesday and we spent a couple of hours working on the problem. I got her e-mail account on her computer working properly again and added a two-step verification login. I then had to set up a system for her to receive a code in order to use the two-step login method. I installed the Google authenticator on her smart phone and also set it up such that Microsoft will send a text message with the code. Now her smart phone would not work.

I had to jump through several loops in order to get a specialized code with which to log in to her e-mail account on her smart phone because of the two-step verification. If she never logs out there'll never be a need for getting a new special code again. She is a happy camper today with both of her device working properly and feeling much more secure.

In my last post I mentioned my American Express problem about fraudulent activity on my account. Because my card had been compromised so many times American Express had to close the account I've had since 1972 and open an all new account with a totally new card number. It turns out the fraudulent activity really didn't happen at all but rather was a mistake I made by not coordinating the date of charges to the date the charges appeared on my credit card. Once that was discovered I asked American Express to not cancel my account and just let me keep that card. Of course they had already canceled it and a new card was in the mail. It's probably not a bad idea to get a new card from time to time the only problem is the hassle of changing my automatic charges to my American Express card. I logged into all those accounts online and change the number but I bet I missed some. The new card has a chip in it but I have no idea what it does. Almost all of my charges are made online except for my trips to Publix, Walmart and Home Depot.

The change in account caused confusion as to what payment was due on the old card. I received an e-mail that was incorrect and had to call American Express to get it resolved. It was the problem of closing one account and open a new account that confuse the matter but we got it resolved. All is well at American Express.

Kathryn call me the other day about installing office 2013 on her desktop. I previously installed office 2007 which works perfectly fine but she heard some of her friends at school rave about the 2013 version. I started doing my research and at this point I believe I can successfully install office 2013 with total validation. She was rather surprised at all the hoops I have to jump through to do this but of course for me that's half the fun.

This morning when I was watching FOX Business news the Fed chairman in Dallas whose name is Fisher was being interviewed by one of the talking heads. As you might know Texas is a state that's growing faster than most all other states and attracting businesses away from places like California because of the business friendly climate Texas has. By the Way, Florida also is one of those business friendly states. I mention this only to say that during his conversation he said one of the biggest problems we have in the United States today is the total lack of leadership in Washington. He certainly did not mince his words when he talked about overregulation and over taxation of businesses. I think most of the country would probably agree with this assessment with the exception of those living inside the Beltway.

Last night Auburn play Kansas State in what turned out to be a good game. It wasn't clear until the very end who was going to win but Auburn did prevail. Tomorrow Georgia Tech plays Virginia Tech at their Stadium. I have a bad feeling about this game because Georgia Tech's record when playing at Virginia Tech is not good. If the team is able to play both halves of the game well instead of just one half of the game as in the past three weeks then Georgia Tech could look good. I'd like to be more optimistic but there's nothing to give me reason to be optimistic. Anyway it is football Saturday and I will enjoy watching games until my eyes bleed.

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It Happened Again!

Mon 15 September 2014

It has happened again - my American Express credit card has been compromised. The people at American Express said this was the ninth time I've had to get a new credit card since I moved back to Vero. My averages are that a new card will be needed about every 9 or 10 months. I am totally befuddled as to how someone gets enough information to use my AMEX card. The only places I use it in person is at Publix, Walmart, and Home Depot. Rarely I use it in a restaurant which most of the time is the Ocean Grill.

It would seem that the information is obtained from some website where I've purchased a product online. Some smaller vendors might very well have a system that allows employees to access charges made. More often than not if I use my credit card to charge online it is at Amazon.com. I don't believe that's the source of the leak but how would I know? When this happens the only alternative is to cancel my card and get a new one which I did yesterday. The charges that were fraudulent were small in nature and added up to somewhere between $100 and $150 I think. Because the charges were so small and the card was being used at Amazon it didn't initially catch my eye. American Express is give me 100% credit for the fraudulent charges and is sending me a new card using next-day delivery with UPS.

This time is different than any of the times in the past. Usually they only change the last five numbers of my credit card when I have to get a new one because of fraudulent activity. This time I will get an entirely new credit card account you with all of the numbers change. Getting a new card is not a big deal but does require me to go to all those sites where my reoccurring bills every month are automatically charged to American Express. This would include things like my phone bill, my cable bill,etc. I wish American Express had a two-step verification but unfortunately they do not.

This past weekend I watched parts of several college football games many of which were exactly the kind of game I like. That is a high-scoring game were the lead switches between the two teams and usually the last one to score wins. That in fact was the case with Georgia Tech when they beat Southern Georgia 42 to 38. Georgia Tech did great in the first half scoring 35 points but almost lost the game because they only scored once in the second half. This is three wins in a row for Georgia Tech but I expect his winning streak to coming to an end. If the team could play too good halves instead of one good half they would have a chance against some of the tough opponents ahead. I'm expecting a breakeven season for GT.

This morning I spent a couple hours with my cousin Alice - she is my cake baker. My purpose in going to her home was to assist in setting up her Apple TV and reconnect her smart TV to the Internet. She had changed her Internet service in didn't know how to reconnect the TV or install the Apple TV. I did both for her rather easily except the Apple device was in a location it could not connect to her router. We moved it around then got it connected and I established her account with ESPN. This service call is worth a cake or two.

Last week I watched a movie called The Signal which had twists and turns I never expected. The ending was rather spectacular really totally surprised me. Unfortunately most of the movie between the beginning and the end was not all that good because it was repetitive in nature. However a new discovery was made often enough to keep my attention. All in all it was okay but not a movie I'll watch again soon. My favorite movies this year have been Battleship and Draft Day. I have several new movies already downloaded ready to be viewed. Reports to follow.

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PayPal accepts Bitcoin

Tue 09 September 2014

This morning I was watching Fox business news when they announced that PayPal will now except Bitcoin as payment in its products and services. For some time I expected that this would happen I just didn't know when. In my view, PayPal accepting Bitcoin is a really big deal. I've not found how soon they will integrate Bitcoin into their platform but I expect it to be soon knowing that they have been doing testing for some time now. A headline in one of the major international news papers reads, "PayPal Joins Dell, DISH, Expedia, Overstock To Accept Bitcoins As Payment". More details to follow.

Recently the overbearing DEA has made one of the medications I take a class II medication from a class III medication. This means that no longer can I get refills without getting a brand-new prescription from my physician and physically hand prescription to my pharmacist. It cannot be called in or mailed in or faxed in by my physician. This is not new to me because there is a medication I've been taking for years that is a class II medication. It just makes it more of a pain in the rear in to get refills when needed. The reason given by the DEA for implementing this new rule is that this particular medication is being which abused which by the way is in fact true. However making this change will have very little if any effect on those people who abuse the medication in my opinion. The net effect is that valid patients needing to use this medication are now inconvenienced. The war on drugs is a total and complete failure. My belief the only reason it continues as it does is because so many people work directly or indirectly in this area.

Saturday I received my new car cover to keep my car from getting dirt, dust and grime from the road in front of my house. I can wash my car in the morning and by five o'clock in the afternoon it will have dust and dirt on it from the day's traffic on 23rd St. This new car cover is far superior to the one I was using and thus I believe it will do a much better job for me. My old car cover was worn out and had some tears so it was time to replace.

I've been reading on the Drudge report about all the problems Michelle Obama is causing in the school systems. Because new federal regulations that were unwanted and unneeded limit the type of food they can be served to students many just go without lunch altogether. One really stupid regulation in my opinion is that the school cafeterias are no longer permitted to put salt shakers on tables! How stupid is that? Is not the job of the federal government to take control of American children by dictating what they can and cannot eat. This is yet another example of the Obama regime implementing more unneeded, unwanted and detrimental regulations. In fact all of Obama's departments including the DEA, FDA, and EPA have all run amok resulting in job loss and unnecessary expenses to individuals and companies. I hope all of this can be changed in the future.

Recently I've been reading articles about Internet security and one's private information. The fact is your private information is no longer private. Data about you is stored on servers everywhere and your movements on the Internet are tracked by several companies. There also seems to be a major increase in hacking of both individuals and companies. You would probably be shocked at the information Google has stored about you. The Internet is certainly a very useful tool but when used expect no privacy and that any and everything you type is stored somewhere. Buyer beware your

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Another Doctor's Visit

Thu 04 September 2014

This morning I went to see Dr. Fromang for my semi annual prostate exam. I've not had a problem but my father had prostate cancer and most men get prostate cancer if they live long enough. I'm thinking that if I have twice a year checkups I'll have the most options available to me when I get prostate cancer. Notice I said when I get instead of if I get it. Thus far everything seems to be okay.

While I was there David asked me when I last had my eyes checked. Unfortunately that hasn't been for 15 or 20 years I'm guessing. While in Atlanta I had shingles on the left side of my face close to my eye and my dermatologist suggested I have that eye check to make sure shingles did not get into it. David said I should have my eyes checked for glaucoma and cataracts even though I don't have any symptoms. He said both of these conditions are dangerous to my eyesight so I made an appointment with a friend of mine who is an ophthalmologist here in Vero. That's in about a month so we'll see how my eyes are doing.

Another friend of mine told me that I could order my grocery shopping list online from Publix. I fill out a form indicating the products I want and then submitted to them. They will shop for those products and deliver the bags to my front door. Before I try this I'm going to talk to the people with Publix see just how the system works. There have been times in the past and I'm sure there will be times in the future when I don't want to go to the grocery store although I need to. This option certainly would be beneficial to me. Today I'm using the delivery service of the drugstore I use to deliver prescriptions to me. The more things I can have delivered the better.

My faithful printer started printing the lighter pages and making it harder to read printed documents. Of course I did my research online to see what I could do to correct the situation and after repeatedly following the suggested correction procedures I came to the inescapable conclusion that some of my printing heads were clogged and it would be very difficult for me to remedy that situation. I purchased this printer when I first arrived in Vero so it has served me well over the past seven years but it's time to replace. Today I received my new wireless Brother all-in-one printer and now have it set up. Actually the printers may be less expensive than the four ink cartridges that go into them.

It used to be a real pain to connect a wireless printer to your network. My have times changed. All I had to do was to press a couple buttons on my printer and it gave me a seven digit number which I could enter into my router as a network device. That wireless set up was easier than anything I've ever tried in the past. Bonus: this printer is a lot faster!

I continue to have my yellow jacket problem on the North side of my house. In the last two nights I emptied two cans of spray that should kill them but it did not. I've ordered some new commercial type spray and powder to use on the nest. When doing research on yellow jackets I found that nest size varies from 300 to 120,000 cells, although the majority of nests average 2000 to 6000 cells and are 3-6 inches in diameter. For all I know I have a few thousand yellow jackets in the nest! This continues to be work in process. There's a lot of other things going on but I think I've covered enough for now.

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Labor Day

Mon 01 September 2014

Today is Labor Day which for me is not much different than any other day. I find myself working on my computer and other hardware or watching a movie.

I've been having a problem with my printer in that what it prints is light in color. The color having the most problem is black. I've gone through the owner's manual and followed all the steps recommended to resolve the problem. I've cleaned the head five or six times and realign the printer. None of that has worked and when printing something I see faulty the same test pattern. The result is pages printed in black are very light in color and I have no means of improving that. After pursuing as many options as I could find I came to the inexplicable conclusion that it was time to order a new printer. I've had this Brother since I first moved to Vero in 2007. It's given me good service so I don't mind getting a new one although the features will be about the same as the one I have now. My current printer will still scan and fax but just not print satisfactory. The new Brother printer/scanner/fax/copier should arrive in the next couple days.

In an earlier post I mentioned I was going to upgrade a laptop for Kathyrn's friend Erica. On Saturday morning I installed a new solid-state hard drive and then put Windows 7 on it along with the Microsoft office suite and Adobe Acrobat pro. It took about two hours or longer to update the operating system because my installation disk for windows seven is a couple of years old. When she came by to pick up her laptop she was more than amazed at how much faster and better it worked than when she left it with me earlier in the day. A new solid-state hard drive can do wonders for the performance and speed of any computer.

I've been using my Apple TV often on for the last few days and found that entering numbers and letters is a cumbersome task. My resolution to this problem was to order a keyboard which will work with my Apple TV. A picture of the keyboard is shown at the top of this page. It works on Blue Tooth and is so much more convenient than the old on-screen typewriter input. I was actually considering whether I should order it or not which at this point I can see was very foolish. I have almost no patience thus entering letters and numbers username on-screen keyboard is not for me.

In the last couple of days Bitcoin has dropped to the $480 range from where it was at the $515 range. Searching for news that might indicate why it dropped did not bear any fruit. This can be expected because Bitcoin remains volatile and will remain in that state for some time in the near future in my opinion. With my long-term outlook my goal is to simply hold on to the coins I have opened that the exchange rate will eventually go up. There's every reason in the world for to go up but one never knows what actually will happen.

Today I watched a movie called "Plastic"which I enjoyed. It was full of action and was made from real life experiences of the characters in the movie. It was about young college age men stealing credit card numbers and passwords in order to buy things for profit. They ran amok when they cross paths with the wrong guy. I won't tell you what happens but it was one of the better movies I've seen although it can't hold a candle to "Draft Day", the movie I mentioned recently.

Tomorrow morning I have to go for my regular monthly meeting. These meetings usually don't take long so I expect to be home in a short period. The only other thing scheduled for this week is my semi annual prostate exam with Dr. Froemming on Thursday. We will review the results of my PSA test and I'll have a digital exam as well. For me it's not a question of if I'll get prostate cancer but rather when. At least this is one of those cancers that is very treatable.

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