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Bank of America

Thu 31 July 2014

I have discovered something new on my windows operating system which am trying out today for the first time. It has a voice recognition program that many say he is as good as Dragon Naturally Speaking. Usually when I put together a post I use my Dragon Naturally Speaking software because I'm such a poor typist. So we'll see how it does.

Remember my post of two weeks ago about the potential fraudulent e-mail I received from Bank of America? I sent it to their fraud department and in fact it was not something they sent out but rather in phishing e-mail. I'm pretty good at spotting fraud but this one looked amazing!

Recently I discovered that the call blocking software I use has a newer version which permits twice as many numbers entries and has other features. The new model arrived in the mail yesterday and sometime in the very near future I'll install it. Unfortunately I'm going to have to manually enter many of the numbers that are on my current device. This device is great because once I receive a call like don't want I'm able to block that number from ever getting through again.

For some time now Bank of America has been promoting their app for portable devices like smartphones and tablets. Although this device has been available for over 18 months I had never tried it but decided to do so this past weekend. With the application I'll be able to make deposits to my bank account from my home which gives me yet another reason not to leave the house!

I installed the app on both my Samsung smart phone and my Samsung galaxy three tablet but could not get it to work on either devise. You guys know I'm computer savvy so I wasn't going to let it stop me. Time and time again I failed after uninstall land then reinstalling the program. On my smartphone it would simply make it crash and on my tablet it would do nothing except show a screened it did not open. I contacted technical support at Bank of America and explain my problem via my secure e-mail account. You'll never guess!

Yesterday I received a call from a vice president of Bank of America (they have thousands I'm sure) explaining that the reason I was having a problem is the cause their application does not work on any Samsung Devices!!! How f*cking stupid can that be? Recently the Wall Street Journal reported that 65% of all portable/mobile devices in the United States are made by Samsung. Just how incompetent do you have to be to market a product that likely is unavailable for more than 50% of your client base?! I was totally shocked! The man on the phone was nice and I asked him who was in charge of making that decision because I'd like to write aa letter to him. He did not reveal the person's name. The only thing he keeps saying is keep on checking the Google play website for a new update.

Can you imagine any major corporation in the United States heavily marketing a product it did not work for 65% of the people who bought it? Jeez!

I got a telephone call fromTommy this morning who advised me that his son Matt and John had a successful day yesterday in grabbing lobsters doing mini season. There's more news to report but I'm not sure I have permission to release it just yet so consider that it a teaseso you'll have to come back to Bill'sView.

I'm going to stop now and teach the Microsoft force recognition program to better understand me. I've had to correct if he thinks it has typed while I was dictating. I will say I think it has great potential.

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This Past Weekend

Mon 28 July 2014

This past weekend was certainly a full one for me. I had several projects going on at the same time which I will briefly mention today. I have been told that sometimes my postings are rather verbose so with that in mind I'll try not to babble on and on.

For a couple of weeks now I've been trying to get the Bank of America app to work on either my Samsung smartphone or Samsung tablet both of which have operating systems complying with minimum requirements. On my Samsung tablet the application just won't open at all. On my phone I've got it to open a couple of times but now when I try it simply freezes the phone and then the phone reboots itself. These are not satisfactory results. I want to be able to take a picture of a check here at my house and have it deposited into my bank account.

I purchased a rather inexpensive brand X android tablet from China that has the android operating system and the Bank of America app will work on this device. The device itself is rather poor in that it loses its charge rather quickly and can lose its charge altogether overnight even if it's not in use. When it does work it's rather cool and I'd like to use it but it's not reliable like my Samsung tablet.

I've once again figured out how to text using my Google voice number. I swore off texting several months ago but I might occasionally send one now that I have that functional on my tablets and phone. So don't be surprised if I might try sending a text from time to time although I still believe that e-mail is more reliable and useful to me.

There is a online newsletter for which I pay and receive about every two weeks. The latest issue talked extensively about the new standard for routers known as 801.11ac or 802.11ac both of which are not officially sanctioned but are being used by certain manufacturers on new models today. The articles got me so fired it up that I decided to order a new router although the Linksys "n" router I had/have worked perfectly fine. I bought a new Linksys model EN6900 - AC1300 which claim to have faster data transfer both wired and wirelessly as well as several other features including a"visitors network", two USB ports, online manipulation with a smart phone or tablet in many other features I will not go into detail now.

I must say I was rather shocked at how much faster this router was compared to my good Linksys n router. I can say the improvement was at least 20% to 30% above the old router. Frankly I thought I was just getting a new router to play with and didn't expect such good results. I will say my old router was four years old or more and in the computer/electronics world that's ancient. This new router is way cool!

A week ago today I had a visit with my dermatologist who decided to take a small sample from a spot on my neck that has been there for several years. He said he thought he'd notice something different and wanted to biopsy it just to make sure there's no problem. The biopsy came in today and in fact I need to have the mole/cancer removed. He told me what the biopsy results in a sentence that had eight words none of which I've ever heard before. I asked what it meant English and basically it meant I had a mold that in the middle of it there was abnormal growth which was not malignant now but it would be prudent to remove the mold before it became dangerous to me. I go back in a week from tomorrow to have the surgery done. While under the knife I'm going to ask him to do a little bit more work to give me that Brad Pitt look. I wonder how that's going to work?

Some of the old "Keys" crowd have gone to Islamorada for lobster mini season this week. Tommy of course had to go to oversee everything but I really know he just enjoys time with his kids. John and his girlfriend went as well. The season starts on Wednesday and lasts for only two days. Stay tuned for their results.

Of course I've got a lot more I can say but keeping my promise I'm going to stop now. Maybe if I posted more frequently I wouldn't be caught having to one us a lot in one posting. I'll try to do better.

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Bank Fraud?

Fri 25 July 2014

How many times have you been told or read that you should never click on a link in a e-mail that connection to a financial institution or other secure site? This morning I received what appeared to be an e-mail from bank of America requesting my participation in a survey they allegedly were conducting. Of course I did not click on the link but instead went to my Bank of America account, login and then sent an e-mail telling them why I would not dissipate and suggesting an alternative. If you want someone to participate in the survey and send him an e-mail asking that they log into their personal account and complete the survey once logged in.

I said to them," shame on you for violating your own rules". It is the bank and other financial institutions that tell you never to click on a link in an e-mail which appears to come from a valid financial source. I don't mind completing the questionnaire I just want to make sure that it is the bank who is requesting the questionnaire completion in the first place. It will be interesting to see what response I get since I have a platinum account.

The latest Bitcoin news is that the exchange rate has dropped to the $600 level after being in the $630 level for a few weeks. I saw this as a buying opportunity and purchase another Bitcoin yesterday. It has not moved much and is trading at $603 at the moment. As I've always said we can expect fluctuations which to me is a buying opportunity once the exchange drops 30 or $40 in a day. My long-term belief is that Bitcoin will continue to edge up in value but will continue to be volatile along the way.

The latest Bitcoin news is that the exchange rate has dropped to the $600 level after being in the $630 level for a few weeks. I saw this as a buying opportunity and purchase another Bitcoin yesterday. It has not moved much and is trading at $603 at the moment. As I've always said we can expect fluctuations which to me is a buying opportunity once the exchange drops 30 or $40 in a day. My long-term belief is that Bitcoin will continue to edge up in value but will continue to be volatile along the way. Article

On Monday I went to my dermatologist for my semi annual checkup. He couldn't find anything specifically needing attention but there was a place on my neck we've been watching your my regular visits he finally decided to biopsy. Monday I'll go back to see if there's anything out of the ordinary with this particular spot although it's been there for a few years and he has never thought it to be dangerous in the past. Of course I certainly hope he is correct.

Earlier I mentioned my problem receiving signals in my bedroom suite from the router located in my office. My Linksys router doesn't have any external antennas but as a router functions rather well. About six months ago Kathryn said she needed a new router and asked me what I would recommend. After a good bit of research I suggested she buy the Linksys EA6900 which he did and has been thrilled with using it ever since. It's a rather expensive router but since I hadn't spent any money on a router in years I thought it was time to contribute to the economy. I ordered one of these routers for myself; it should be here by Monday. Allegedly the wireless speed is much faster than that of my current router plus it has some new bells and whistles with which I can play.

Have a good weekend Ya'll..

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The GooglePlay Saga

Fri 25 July 2014

Have I got a story for you this morning! You'll probably recall that Tommy and Kathryn gave me a Samsung Galaxy III tablet for Christmas. I keep it by my Master's chair in my bedroom suite so I can use it any time I'm watching television without having to get up and come into my office. I love this tablet and use it every day.

I've got it set up such that it will announce every 30 min. (or any timeframe I choose) the exchange rate of Bitcoin. It also has a Vero Beach Sheriffs/Police Department scanner installed; interesting to hear what's going on in Vero. I've installed other useful apps like Kaspersky, Team Viewer, etc. but one of them I can't get to work and that is the Bank of America app. My research indicates perhaps the signal is not strong enough so I took steps to improve upon that which I will cover later.

Every time I went to download an app from GooglePlay it would say it was downloading yet nothing would download or install. Seconds later the Google Store app would say it's installed when in fact it never downloaded. As frustrating as this was of course I found a workaround remedy I've employed. I simply search for the app I wish to have on the Internet and when I find it at a location other than GooglePlay I downloaded the .apk installation file to my desktop computer and then connect my tablet with my desktop computer via a USB connection. Once the connection is established I'd transfer the .apk app from my desktop to my tablet and then install it that way. All the same I never could figure out why GooglePlay would not work for me when I use my browser to go to the website online.

Yesterday I wanted to install an application costing $2.90 and once again GooglePlay would say it's installed when it never downloaded. I finally called the folks at GooglePlay in an effort to remedy this problem. The big surprise was I found that GooglePlay never was installed on my android tablet in the first place! This is a standard basic installation for all android devices yet my tablet did not have it. The young man trying to help me at GooglePlay was befuddled. He suggested I contact Samsung's technical support. All I wanted was the GooglePlay .apk file to download and install the program. The service technician at Samsung said that simply could not be done and I'd have to do a hard reset of my tablet. This would necessitate my fresh installation of all previously installed applications via the method described above.

Well of course I didn't want to do that so I went to work to see if I could find just the Google play app so I would not have to go through a bunch of fresh installs of programs that I are already had. The technician at Samsung said this could not be done. The technician was wrong! I found the latest version of Google play .apk which I downloaded and after checking the MD5 serial numbers I installed the app, plug my tablet in for charging and then watched TV. This morning I installed the Bank of America app which still does not work but my GooglePlay app does work. In fact it did a couple handfuls of updates on previously installed applications. I was just too hardheaded to give up on what I typically new could be done if someone with enough sense would give me access to the GooglePlay .apk file. It surprises me just how uninformed technicians are at certain companies.

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Dell Takes Bitcoin

Fri 18 July 2014

Computer Giant Dell Now Accepts Bitcoin

Multinational computer technology specialist Dell has announced it is now accepting bitcoin through a partnership with Coinbase.

With annual revenue approaching $57bn, Dell is roughly four times the size of DISH Network the previous biggest bitcoin-accepting business.

Following today's announcement, consumers and small business owners are able to purchase all items on Dell.com using bitcoin. To promote the news, the company is offering a 10% discount on all Alienware brand products to bitcoin buyers. Dell also sells personal computers, servers, data storage devices, cameras and printers

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Black Fire 1

Fri 18 July 2014

I was listening to Fox business news just two days ago when they announced that the painting called "Black Fire 1" was auctioned at Christie's for over $84,000,000. To the left you can see an image of this painting and see that it is rather substantial in size relative to the people standing next to it. Frankly I personally don't dislike the painting but for the life of me I can't imagine mall anyone would want to pay so much money for something which on the surface appears to take very little talent. It's not even that old because it was painted in 1953. In fact I think the painter might still be alive! Jeez, I just don't get it.

A couple of days ago Nicholas came by to ask my assistant on a project. What he wanted to know more about was product presentation and pricing. Nicholas is in exceptionally astute young man with great energy and lots of ideas. In that regard he reminds me a lot of Matt Barnes. We spent about three hours together and I believe he was very pleased with the results and I was more than happy to add my opinions which are correct of course. In my working career my clients were mostly closely held companies and therefore I got a look from the inside as to how they worked and were managed. I was also president of our own little firm and had to deal with many of these matters myself.

I do know about you but I hate to see banner ads on sites that I visit. The worst offenders are those ads that flash or move in some way. Also offensive or those adult ads you'll find on some sites like Pirate Bay. Fortunately my Kaspersky Internet Security Suite has a feature that will block almost all banner ads. For the most part I can find the URL for the ads that are not blocked and then enter that URL in my hosts file. In case you don't know this the hosts file is found deep in the bowels of the Windows operating system and is a place where you can enter any URL and then that URL will permanently be blocked from entering your computer. I must have dozens and dozens of URLs in my hosts file.

Yesterday I picked up a computer that did not work and was told I could keep it. I don't have any use for it except to wait until someone needs a computer and then I would give it away if I were able to repair it. It took me all of about 15 min. to fix the problem and now this Dell OptiPlex 755 is fully functional and a rather decent desktop even though it is several years old. I plan on calling the person who gave it to me and let them know it works so if they wish to give it to someone I think that would be fine.

When I began fixing a computer there is a list of things I try to see if I can identify the problem. Basically I'll eliminate what is not causing the problem until I finally get down to what is causing the problem. I can fix most anything except I don't want to replace a defective motherboard. It is not cost effective and takes too much time. I've even been successful in fixing screens on laptops.

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John's Visit

Mon 14 July 2014

 photo diver-john.jpg

This morning Matt Barnes is coming to pick me up so that we can go to the jewelry store on Vero's beach called John Michaels. My purpose in going is to let them appraised the tanzanite gemstone I have on my website, TanzaniteAmerica.com. This is the same gemstone I had appraised several weeks ago by another jeweler here in Vero Beach who actually makes jewelry. This guy (Gary) did not have the credentials as an appraiser but rather based his estimate on 25 years of working with gemstones and making jewelry.

Gary told me he had thousands of gemstones in his shop and has handled thousands over the years. When I asked him how many Tanzanite gemstones he had on hand the answer was one! So here is a guy that has thousands of gemstones but only one Tanzanite; I'm left to wonder just how much he knows about Tanzanite itself? Because it is such a rare gemstone not many jewelers have experience and knowledge about Tanzanite. The place I'm going this morning claims to have a GIA appraiser. We shall see.

John came over yesterday for a very pleasant three-hour meeting in which we talked about everything and solve the worlds problems. Somehow another I got on the subject of wanting a device that would transmit to my television screen in the master bedroom suite what ever is on my computer's monitor. There are devices that can do that if the computer and television are in the same room. I've not been successful in finding a satisfactory device that will work when ever the computer and television are not in the same room. John says they have an Apple TV device that will do that but frankly I have my doubts. I understand the device can stream computer video files from the computer to the TV but my TV set can do that already without any device. What I want to put on the TV is what ever is on my monitor like a webpage for example. John is to test it when he returns to today and report back.

Lots of things are going on in John's life but without his permission I don't think I should discuss them here just yet. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing bad but some of it may still be confidential. Frequently people tell me things I should keep in confidence and thus have to be careful about what I post here on The World Famous Billsview.com. Recently I was asked to remove a name because of a secret. The chances of anyone revealing this secret to one person is nil IMO.

About a month ago a young man who I guess is in his early 20s moved into the upstairs apartment behind my house. He looks like he might be Polynesian rather than a young man who had one of his two parents of color and the other one being Caucasian. I haven't met him yet but that's not unusual because renters move in and out of that apartment rather frequently. I tend to just keep to myself as most of you know.

Yesterday (Sunday) I saw this guy walking on the sidewalk on the South side of my house and then turned to walk on the sidewalk on the East side of my house. He usually turns and goes through the pathway between my house and the one next to me to the north in order to get to his apartment. This time he went beyond that pathway and came in from the other side of the house next to mine. He did not go into his apartment but rather fooled around with something behind a fenced area at ground level. He never went upstairs to his apartment but rather left by going in the alley behind my house then walking across the street headed toward downtown Vero Beach. This all seems very odd to me because he didn't go to his apartment the regular way, never went upstairs and left to the alley which I've never seen him do before. Of course my curiosity is moving full steam ahead but I have no intentions of going to looking in the fenced area. I guess should take the time to walk outside and introduce myself.

I'm very pleased to announce that my situation has stabilized and will not require anything additional. I have a monthly report to turn in but that's it. After 13 months I can now stop worrying about what they might do to screw with me next. On the other side of that coin I'm thinking about what I might do to screw with them at the end of all this. I've obtain additional information not provided to me before that if I had it before all this never would've happened in the first place. If I remain pissed off enough I may do something about this but for the moment I'm going to go along to get along.

Remember me talking about the filters I put in my email client? I'm pleased to announce they are working well and have had virtually no spam since I set up the filters. I have blocked every domain except the ones that end in .com, .net, .info, .gov, .uk, .ca, and a couple others. There is a possibility that some mail I would otherwise like to receive will not get through my filters but I always have the option of checking my logs to see what emails were filtered and if I find one I want to respond to I will have that option.

I can go on and on but Matt is supposed to be here in about 10 minutes. Stay tuned for future developments.

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Spam !

Sat 05 July 2014

Is there anyone out there who has not been irritated by the spam they receive? Personally it drives me crazy so I try to avoid it altogether whenever possible. The spam filters used by Gmail are among the best I've ever seen. The problem is I don't know how to get Gmail spam filters functional in my Thunderbird e-mail client without redirecting mail to Gmail. I rather keep all of my b.cherry e-mail in one place and that is Mozilla's Thunderbird.

In the last week to 10 days I've been inundated with spam most of which is pornographic in nature. Up until then I've had a pretty good history of eliminating spam e-mails by using Thunderbirds built-in filtering program. For example I have the two a day e-mails from Sam's Club go directly into my trash folder. Other companies do the same thing in sending out advertisements on a daily basis which I have no interest in reading but at the same time I don't want to block the company's e-mail address altogether. So at the end of the day I could check my junk folder and review any e-mail that might be of interest to me without having to run into my office every time I hear the sound notifying me of a received e-mail.

Recently Mozilla updated their Thunderbird program and made some rather substantial improvements in their e-mail advanced filtering utility. They have an advanced e-mail filtering option that if you know what you're doing you can do some rather creative e-mail filtering. I have been playing with the filter for several hours this morning testing the various options I can create in filtering. This new Thunderbird filtering utility is way cool and I'm rather pleased with myself in the work I've completed.

I have written a filter that will send e-mail received directly to my trash folder which I can review any time. The filter looks for specific words in the "Subject" part of the e-mail and if one of these words is found the e-mail is put in my trash folder. Use your imagination about the kind of words I could filter that would be associated with pornographic e-mails; I've got a list of about 25 thus far.

A similar list of words have been put in a different filter for the "Body" of the e-mail. I'm careful not to use some words people may put in your e-mails to me but there are many obvious words I can include.

I've created another global filter that will send to my junk folder any e-mails I receive from Yahoo.com or Hotmail.com. It seems there has been a lot of spam sent to me from these addresses. For those friends of mine who have Yahoo.com or Hotmail.com addresses I've created specific filters to allow their mail to come through. There's only about a handful of people who still use those accounts.

Then I created a domain filter which will send to my trash folder any e-mails received from a address that does contain .com, .net, .org, .gov, .cc, .UK, .ca, .edu, or .nl . This means all e-mail coming from foreign countries with the exceptions of the Netherlands, the United Kingdom, and Canada will be sent to my trash folder. Of course I can see them if I wish but they will not alert me when they arrive.

I've been testing these by using a SMTP program I put on one of my websites servers. This is basically a webpage that has nothing but e-mail information on it. It includes the space for the recipients e-mail address, the subject of the e-mail, the sender's e-mail address, and a place for the body text. By the way the sender's e-mail address can be anything I wanted to be which is how I tested my global domain name filter. I can send an e-mail to you that looks like it came from you by using this utility I've created. It's a way of being anonymous when I send an e-mail.

All these filters were created in the last several hours and the ones I tested worked perfectly. I'll report back in a few days as to the actual functionality of the filters. At this point I'm very happy with myself.

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4th of July

Fri 04 July 2014

As usual, days fly by without me remembering to make a post on the now world famous Bill'sView.com. Every time I think about doing it something comes up which leads me into a different direction. Here it is July 4th meaning my usual TV programming I watch on weekdays are not on today. I like to keep the FOX Business News channel on all day long. I don't sit and endlessly watch it but I do pick up some rather interesting interviews.

Yesterday I watched a live conference between the president of the IMF and the US Fed chairwoman. I understood what they were talking about but they used words and phrases not common to the mainstream public. It was on for about 30 min. after which I reached the conclusion that not much is going to change in the near future but things are generally improving both in the United States and the European Community. One of these days inflation is going to come roaring in causing prices to go up rapidly in a short period of time. And of course we are due for a correction in the stock market but with money being almost free to use I don't see a correction in the short term. But what do I know?

My favorite uncle, Harold Joines, had a mild stroke about two weeks ago. Harold is the father of my cake making cousin Alice. He's at home and doing well as he approaches his 90th birthday. He continues to be stubborn and wants to do things his way and I don't believe anybody's going to change that. Harold has had a long full life with three children and two grandchildren and I think he's just tired. He's not sick in any way but it wouldn't surprise me if he died in the next few years or so. Like an old tennis player I think he believes it's time to hang up his racket.

Some of my friends have sons in the "marring age group". One came to me for help in selecting a diamond because of my vast knowledge of everything including gemstones. I did a search and found the very best diamond I could given the parameters he gave me with regard to size and price. The diamond was ordered yesterday and should be delivered to my house in the next few days. I'm anxious to see the diamond in person.

At the top of this page you can see a picture of a LED flashlight. This thing is about 6 or 7 inches long and less than 2 inches in diameter. It easily fits in the palm of your hand. It is by far the brightest flashlight I've ever used in fact I can't look directly at the lens when the lights on. It admits 1600 lumens which in layman's terms is a hell of a lot of light. I ordered it on eBay from China and while it took a couple of weeks to get here I think it only cost about $12. At this point I can't see any reason for someone to use a flashlight that is not a LED flashlight with at least 200 lumens or more. The focus can be adjusted to a fine point and light up things a great distance away. If you don't have one of these you ought to get one.

When watching the FOX Business Channel the other day the program host was interviewing a tech savvy entrepreneur who says that companies will identify what you buy at checkout and keep your personal records. I hate this invasion of privacy! If for example you are a smoker and by the one or two packs of cigarettes a day and then you're applying for health insurance your rates might be higher because the health insurance company knows you're a heavy smoker. Same thing could be said about trips to the liquor store.

Privacy no longer exists especially if you use any kind of electronic equipment like computers, tablets, or smart phones. It should bother all of us when we know our private information is being collected and put in a file out of our control and accessible by companies or the Obama regime. If you have your smart phone on a table in a room it has the capability of broadcasting everything that is said in that room even if the phone is turned off. You must take the SIM card out to prevent this! Just damn!

The paint contractor that painted my house inside and out when I first moved here asked my help with regard to his website. He went to an online company called web.com that will design a web sight for free and let you use it for a month without charge. If after a month you like it and want to continue using it then monthly fees come into play. He was paying $125 a month for the hosting of the website and domain name. Of course the site itself was made from a template which contains much more code than is necessary for any one site. This is the basic nature of templates.

He wanted me to help him get away from these high fees. I've learned how to clone websites in every situation except when the whole website is a flash object. In this case there was a lot of proprietory code which I had to decipher and replace with other code performing the same task. I like doing this because it was a project and occupied me for 3 1/2 days before I completed a new website for him that looks like his old website. I zipped a folder with the files needed to render the website and gave it to him so he can e-mail it to Go Daddy where he plans on hosting a site for about $50 a year. That seems to be a lot better than $125 a month don't you think?

He of course expected to pay me but because of we had not made an agreement or understanding as to how much I would charge I decided to give them my work for free. In exchange he said he would work for me if I needed any of his painting or pressure washing services for free or at least a significantly reduced price. I like doing the work because of his rather challenging to understand the code used by web.com and then write it with a different code. My obsessive-compulsive behavior keeps me on a project once I start. I was going to farm this out and help someone else do it but once I got into the project itself I found it would take a lot more time to do that than it would if I just completed all the work myself.

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