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In the Blood

Sat 31 May 2014

It's Saturday afternoon which means movie time at my place. If I can't find something I like on cable then I go to my extensive library of digital media. Today I picked out a movie called "In the Blood"; it was a great flick. I won't give the details away but will simply say is full of action and the female star in the movie is one heck of a tough gal. Movies with surprises and a lot of action are the kind I like. Later on today I may watch the movie "The Purge" if I can't find something on cable.

Yesterday and this morning I worked on building my landscaper's (Walt) new computer. It was a bare-bones computer that came with the parts needing assembly which meant basically I just had a screw some things in and plug some wires in to the appropriate slots. I ordered it without a hard drive and then separately ordered a solid-state drive to install as the main hard drive. I took the hard drive out of his old computer and made it the secondary drive which also is boot-able. Although it didn't take much time to assemble the computer itself installing the operating system and doing all the updates took several hours. Of course I installed my usual programs like Office, Acrobat Pro, QuickTime Pro, Kaspersky, Malwarebytes, etc.

Walt wanted me to install QuickBooks Pro and QuickBooks Payroll which I did. This software was installed on his older hard drive and I thought I'd be clever and just copy the files and put them in the appropriate spots on the new hard drive. That didn't work. He's going to have to go through the steps to migrate his old files to the new hard drive. I'm certainly not going to do this because it relates to all the books in his business and I certainly don't want to screw that up.

Recently Bitcoin has been on the move. In the last three days it went from about $560 to about $620 today. This was a move I did not anticipate but then again most of the moves Bitcoin makes either up or down I don't anticipate. It was announced on Thursday that the satellite company, Dish network, will now accept Bitcoin's as payment for their service. To date this the largest company to accept Bitcoin for products and services.

Each day on the website called Coinbase.com there are announcements about new vendors accepting Bitcoin, the widening acceptance of Bitcoin, and innovations of this digital currency. I'm certainly glad to have the coins I have and I know I need to buy more as time goes by to fit into my long-term plan. It just pains me to pay several hundred dollars more per Bitcoin than I did just a few weeks ago. Even so, I anticipate the value will increase as Bitcoin acceptances becomes more widespread and better understood by the public.

On Wednesday I stop the treatment of Efudix after two weeks . I have been putting it on twice a day for two weeks. Now I'm in my recover phase which will take weeks. This was worse than my arms or face but in the long run well worth it IMO.

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Wed 28 May 2014

Shortly after I posted just a few days ago I got e-mails from PayPal saying they were going to reverse the payments to me and return them to the buyer's credit card. It appears that the buyer didn't have the money in his PayPal account to make the purchases and therefore the purchases were charged to his credit card. He fraudulently made a claim saying that the purchases were on authorized and therefore the credit card company took the payment back from PayPal. At this point I understand that PayPal had no option except to take the money back from me to pay the credit card back.

I thought this might happen so I wasn't all that surprised when it did. However I didn't know why the payments were being reverse so I wrote two different PayPal departments asking them to extend me the courtesy of knowing why the payments were reversed. I just stated the reason above.

Much to my surprise PayPal said that they are following a dispute with the credit card company about the charge backs. I don't think they would be doing this unless they thought I handled the transaction properly and it is the buyer that is trying to scam me. They said it may take a month or more but at least the possibility of getting my payments is alive. They said they would use my documentation along with their own to demonstrate why the charges are valid. Anyone who follows the trail as I have will be able to clearly see the big con. Stay tuned.

Today completes two weeks of my Efudix treatments and while I could go on longer I think it's okay to stop. The medication this post be used for 2 to 4 weeks depending on the patient. Since most of the area I've been treating is now turning brown to form small scabs I've decided to stop. Of course it's been a pain and discomfort has kept me awake at night and feeling bad. Recovery will likely be 4 to 6 weeks or perhaps even longer. I think the hurt will be worth it.

My landscape guy called yesterday and said he is main computer died. He mentioned a puff of smoke coming from the computer which suggests to me the repairs were all required equipment I don't have an may not be worth it to repair it in the first place. He asked me did get a bare-bones computer and assemble it for them; the computer that died was a bare-bones computer. I'll tell you more about what it has and how successful I am in the near future.

While it Publix the other day I reached to grab some key lime juice to make a key lime pie for Mary Ann. When I got home I found I got lemon juice instead so I bought key lime juice on my next visit. Just for the heck of it I made a pie with the lemon juice as if it were key lime juice to see if it was any good. You could tell it was lemon juice and not lime juice but it is good. I think this pie can have different toppings much more so than key I'm pie.

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Mon 26 May 2014

 photo compare.jpg

My Efudix treatment is now in my 12th day. As you can see by the image my whole chest has turned a bright red compared to what it looked like when I first began the treatment. It's at that stage now where it's constantly irritating me because it itches, burns, and just hurts! Nothing has happened that was unexpected but because it's been a couple of years since I've done this on my arms I forgot how painful it can be. Having said that, it was my decision to begin with the treatments in the first place. The expected positive results make the current discomfort tolerable. I feel like I should be an ad for some sunscreen company demonstrating what happens if you don't use sunscreen! When I was a teenager the only thing we use was baby oil with iodine in it; that was a great choice, huh?

I have had an ad on craigslist offering Bitcoin for sale and I've made a few sales in this area. One guy wanted to buy Bitcoin by transferring cash directly to my PayPal account which is an instant transfer. I agreed to do some transfers one after another and saw I was receiving the cash. After receiving cash I would transfer Bitcoin to his wallet. Little did I know that he could later claimed these transfers were unauthorized thus freezing my ability to transfer the payments to my checking account. The whole thing is being reviewed by PayPal and with the screenshots I was able to provide of the timing of his transfers and the timing of my Bitcoin transfers I'm hoping they will consider this significant enough evidence of delivering BTC to release the funds.

I also demonstrated via screenshots that his PayPal e-mail address and his Skype e-mail address/username were one in the same and that he call me from his Skype number. I took a screenshot (caller ID) of his caller Skype ID that included the date and time and demonstrated that was his Skype number. Further research on the Internet provided proof that his telephone number was often used for scams.

Unfortunately there is no PayPal protection for transactions where there is not a physical address involved. They also do not cover losses resulting from digital transactions. However the money has already been transferred and frozen by PayPal so if I get a favorable review it should be released to me. I believe my evidence is overwhelming but unfortunately I think my eyes are only about 50-50. I'll never sell Bitcoin again. Stay tuned.

In the last few days Bitcoin has gone up about $150 per coin. I expect these increases in value but not as fast as they happened. I think a pullback is likely over the next week to 10 days because that's what usually happens. However the long-term trend tends to be up and my belief it will continue to be up as Bitcoin is more widely accepted. When Quicken books adds it to its accounting software there will be thousands of small businesses that use Quicken books that can now accept Bitcoin. Unfortunately the release is still a couple months away but there's little doubt that it will come.

In case I didn't mention it I had my roof pressure washed as well is my house. The company used a pressure washing machine similar to one that would be used on tile floors in a house. I'm more than pleased with the job and the competitive pricing. Hopefully I'm good to go for another few years.

Yesterday I watched a movie called "Act of Valor" which I really like. It was full of action and some tragedies but the good guys win at the end. Over the last several days I watched other movies that they have turned out to be just average at best. My favorite movie for 2014 is "Battleship". Sometime today I'll watch another movie but at this point I don't know which one.

Kathryn is more than pleased with her new lightning fast computer. She was actually rather amazed based on what she has been using. If you don't have a solid-state hard drive you should get one. Later.

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Bitcoin on the Rise

Thu 22 May 2014

In the last few days there has been above average positive news and the Bitcoin community. As a result the exchange rate of Bitcoin has gone from about $430 to its current exchange rate of $522. Naturally unhappy about the increase in Bitcoin value but I'm equally aware that some perceived bad news could cause the exchange rate to drop as fast as it has arisen. We are still in that area in the Bitcoin community that news can have a rather significant impact on exchange rates at any given time.

Just about every day on the Fox Business Channel there are reports about some activity in the Bitcoin community. For me the biggest news I've heard is that Quicken books will add Bitcoin to its accounting platform. This means that tens of thousands of small businesses will now have the facility to accept Bitcoin's without doing anything except continue using their Quicken books accounting system. This means that those people who don't understand how Bitcoin works don't need to understand as long as Quicken books makes it simple to become part of the Bitcoin world.

Most importantly about all this news is that those companies or businesses who have already adapted Bitcoin in their money exchange system have reported nothing but positive results. They are getting new clients and more money is being spent as a direct result of adding Bitcoin. I've yet to read anything negative from a vendor or business about accepting Bitcoin.

On a different subject I have now completed my regular doctors visits until this fall. Everything is good for me but I must say the Efdux treatments hurt a little bit and itch a lot. Nothing different than any of the other treatments I have had and the discomfort is well worth enduring for the results I get. It's been a full week now and I have at least two more weeks to go assuming that I'll make. I continue to be optimistic that I'll complete this treatment.

Recently Kathryn needed a computer for her daughter and asked that I find one for her on eBay. I found one hell of a buy for a Dell XPS mainly because it did not come with hard drives or an operating system. It did have 6 GB of RAM and a PCI plug and video card meaning it was well equipped from the get go. The Intel i5 processor is fast and with the solid-state hard drive I installed this computer would be hard to beat for speed. Catherine decided she wanted this computer for herself and will give her old desktop to Bridget. Today I worked on both computers including installing an operating system and new hard drives in both. While the process took about four or five hours there were no major glitches.

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Quickbooks and Bitcoin

Mon 19 May 2014

Accounting software developer Intuit has announced that it is testing a bitcoin payments service aimed at small businesses. This is BIG in my opinion!

The company describes QuickBooks Bitcoin Payments as a service that enables small businesses to take bitcoin payments without having to bother with bitcoin wallets or even deal with bitcoin at all. The service is being developed by Intuit Labs, the experimental branch of Intuit Inc.

It is a familiar concept, already used by existing payments service providers such as Coinbase, BitPay and Mollie, designed to ease the on-ramp to acceptance of the digital currency.

Intuit Labs argues that checks, cash and credit cards have a number of inherent deficiencies that can be addressed by digital currencies: cash is hard to keep track of, checks have a lot of transaction friction, and credit card fees are high. The question now is when will it be activated.

"We came up with an innovative way to enable small businesses to accept bitcoin payments without any risk or a bitcoin wallet," Inuit Labs claims. My view is as soon as Quickbooks makes their Bitcoin service available businesses will then start accepting Bitcoin.

Then there is this: The Federal Advisory Council (FAC), a group that consults with the Federal Reserve on all matters under the US central bank's jurisdiction, and the Federal Reserve Board of Governors recently discussed bitcoin and its potential benefits at a quarterly meeting. Their minutes said, "Bitcoin does not present a threat to economic activity by disrupting traditional channels of commerce; rather, it could serve as a boon."

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Political Season

Mon 19 May 2014

Well it has started again; I'm beginning to receive political calls wanting me to contribute or support candidates running for election this fall. Just damn! Although I have a call blocking system, I first must receive a call in order to block any further calls from that number. It looks like I'm one the be blocking a lot of calls over the next several months before this fall's elections. All the calls I've received thus far are recorded messages from known political figures. Unfortunately there's nothing I can do about it except block each number when I received a political call.

Kathryn needs a computer for Bridget because now Bridget has decided she needs a Windows computer to go along with the high-end Apple Computer she already has. I think her boyfriend talked her into this and I told Kathryn I help her with a factory refurbished computer from eBay. I came across a great deal for a Dell XPS without a hard drive. That's perfect because Kathryn ordered a new solid-state hard drive for her old office computer and one for another computer that is just so far gone a solid-state drive could not help. I told her when I put the solid-state drive in the XPS she should keep that computer and give her current computer to Bridget. She likes that idea.

My meals on wheels service has been working in overtime. Kathryn sent over one of her great casseroles, Kay sent over a wonderful stew and some grilled chicken. Kathryn also sent some turkey gumbo and some other dish yet to be identified. Starr is into baking muffins she brings to me - they are just wonderful. Trouble is I want more and more.

Thursday of this week I have an appointment with Dr. Director which is my last doctor's appointment for a couple of months. It seems I just went through Dr. season as I do each year about this time. My annual physical turned out fine.

As I mentioned before I was going to start the Efudix treatment on my chest. I started five days ago and I can now feel and see the Efudix results. My chest is all red and itches and will only get worse from here. My dermatologist says that none of his patients try this because it's such a large area, it's difficult to complete the process and sometimes just plain hurts. I'm not sure how far I'll get but knowing the benefits that can result from this treatment I hope to finish the process.

The Bitcoin community is alive and well and grows every day. The value of Bitcoin today is about $450 where it has been for about two weeks. I expect to stay in this range but with a slowly increasing value in the exchange rate as time goes on. Naturally if there is some sort of news either good or bad it will likely cause a larger than usual drop or increase in the Bitcoin exchange rate. I plan on keeping the Bitcoin I now have because I'm one of those who believe Bitcoin's exchange rate will grow faster than some alternative investments in the next few years.

This week I'm having my roof and house pressure washed. The guy said he would be here any day but has yet to show up. Apparently he does contract work for the government which has to be done in a very timely manner. Therefore he's not sure which days he'll be working for the government and which days he can work on his pressure washing business. He said he may start today but it's 10:30 and I doubt he'll come now but one never knows. It's time to have this procedure done.

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This Week

Thu 15 May 2014

Yesterday, I went to my internist for my regular annual physical. He declared me rude, gross, obnoxious and just plain ugly but unfortunately couldn't do anything to help me. It seems I will be hopelessly stuck with these conditions for the rest of my life. Other than that everything else seemed to be rather normal for a man my age in my condition. My PSA readings were a little high but not out of the acceptable range. Just about a month ago I was .4 of a point lower. I'll continue to go to my urologist twice a year for testing knowing that my father had prostate cancer and the chances are that I will as well.

In the past I've used Efudix on my face to kill pre-cancerous cells. I've gone through this process twice and asked my dermatologist if I could do the same thing for my arms. He said I could but advised me most of his patients do not follow the three-week process. Of course I did - he told me I was only the third patient of his in over 25 years of practice that actually completed the process. On my last visit this year I ask about doing it all my chest and he said I could but no one has really successfully completed the process. He said it was a larger area and chest hair gets in the way. When talking to my doctor yesterday he couldn't think of any reason why I should at least give it a try.

Yesterday afternoon I shaved all the hair off of my chest, took a shower (even though it was not Saturday) and then started with the Efudix treatment. I'm to put it on twice a day for about three weeks. I may not complete the process but it certainly won't do any harm to try. If I do complete the process I will have gotten rid of tons of precancerous skin cells. More will be revealed.

In the past several weeks the Bitcoin exchange rate has remained in the $450 range. The lowest it has gotten this year is about $422 but only for a brief few hours. My anticipation is that it will remain in the $450 range until news causes it to move up or down. It is my hope and anticipation that if it drops $420 might be the bottom. On the other hand, I expect the range to be moving in an upward direction as time passes.

My belief in the value of Bitcoin increasing stems from the fact that more and more people are using this digital currency and each day there are several positive articles about Bitcoin and its uses. Some say that Bitcoin is a godsend to third world countries. Clearly it's less expensive to use for vendors than credit cards. When more of the uncertainty (real or imagined) fades from the Bitcoin community I'm optimistic that the value will grow based on increased usage and a finite supply.

Either tomorrow or early next week I will have my roof and house pressure washed. Actually my house is in pretty good condition but the guy doing the service made me an offer I could not refuse. He was referred to me by my landscape guy (Walt) whom I trust on such matters. In fact Walt was here earlier this week to have fresh mulch spread among my plants and trees; I'm most pleased with the results.

This past weekend I put a new solid-state hard drive into Catherine's older computer from her office. She is more than pleased with the speed one can obtain from a solid-state drive thus eliminating any potential for a new computer. If you have a computer that is working okay but doesn't seem to be as fast as you like the answer is not a new computer but rather to install a solid-state drive. I think a SSD's come ahead of more RAM or a new processor.

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Fri 09 May 2014

I had a phenomenal experience yesterday. You know of course I've traveled the world and have lived on every continent for a month or more (except Antarctica). I've seen and experienced things most people only see on National Geographic. Having said that, at this time in my life what I saw brought tears of joy, excitement and patriotism far above the wonderful things I've experienced.

The Navy's Blue Angles are here in Vero for an air show on Saturday & Sunday but have been training. These magnificent F-18A's painted in blue were flying so low over my house I thought I could reach out and touch them. My house is very close to the airport but that's not a problem - there are no commercial flights into Vero because the Beach population bring their own jets and take up all the space.

I stood outside for over a hour in unconditional awe watching these magnificent warplanes being piloted by the best of the best. They did things I've never ever even imagined before. I had to remember to breath I was so captivated by what I was witnessing.

LOUD! FAST! AWESOME! The last time I can remember being so awe-struck was on the night of the 20th of July, 1969 when I was watching TV at the PIKE house on the Georgia Tech campus. Then stepped outside on a warm, clear (for Atlanta) night with nearly a full moon looked up and could hear the TV when Neil Armstrong set foot on the moon. That is a moment indelibly imprinted in my brain. The Blue Angles are too. Seeing them only a few hundred feet above me has to be experienced - it can not be appropriately described with mere words.

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