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Bitcoin Mania

Sat 30 November 2013

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Since my last post I've been spending hours each day reading about Bitcoin news in the market place, the ever changing value of Bitcoins and the process of mining Bitcoins. From my research, it seems intuitively clear to me that Bitcoin is not a fad but rather a new currency which will be around for a long time. Because of it's success there will be other digital currency introduced but Bitcoin is where it started in 2009.

Just this week China's Third-Largest Mobile Network Now Accepts Bitcoin - that would be like Sprint accepting BTC here in the US. On the morning of Nov. 29, Bitcoin exceeded the price of gold on Mt. Gox , an event bitcoin advocates say is symbolic for the virtual currency. In case you are wondering the total value of BTC in circulation today exceeds $12 billion dollars. And every day more and more vendors accept BTC as payment. As I mentioned in my last post, Tanzanite America now accepts Bitcoin. As time goes on, I'll talk more about Bitcoin, it's value and Future.

Many people look at Bitcoin as an investment and I can certainly see why. As it is used more and more BTC will go up in value because of demand. The real kicker is there is a finite number of Bitcoins that will ever exist. Unlike precious metals that can be minded or money governments can print, once BTC hit it's maximum number there will be no more which to me means the value will go up. Bitcoin can be used in a domination as small as 0.000001.

As you can tell this has my attention. More information to come.

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Bitcoins to buy Tanzanite

Sun 17 November 2013

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Hello again - I've decided to start updating my blog after a couple of years of inactivity. There's a long story about the past couple of years but today I want to talk about my new project with my Tanzanite web site - TanzaniteAmerica.com. I've decided to accept Bitcoin as payment for my Tanzanite gemstones. To my knowledge I'm the only online Tanzanite dealer accepting Bitcoin.

This past summer I was listen to FOX Business News as I do every morning when a venture capitalist was talking about Bitcoin with exceptional enthusiasm. He said Bitcoin was the new "gold" as a monetary investment and vehicle to buy products and services.

He certainly got my attention so I used my ole pal Google to see what Bitcoin was all about. Basically it is digital currency which is totally anonymous - buyers and sellers don't know anything about each other. It is a universal currency which is used in every country on the plant free of government regulations or central banks' control. It is totally legal.

I decided to buy a Bitcoin and investigate further which I've been doing for the last few months. I'm convinced it is a currency of the future so I wanted to be the first online Tanzanite dealer to accept Bitcoin as payment. For the first time you can buy Tanzanite with Bitcoin and at the moment only my site - Tanzanite Gemstones. Cool huh?

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