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Fri 10 September 2010

Over the past few weeks I find myself staying busy most all days helping folks with their computer issues. As a result, when I'm not working on a computer I want to relax and watch a movie or something else on TV. Until I have time to post here again regularly you'll have to be patient - what I'm doing is important at least to those I try to help.

It's a non-stop effort pretty much every day. Take Wednesday for example - here's what I did.

First I got up around 6AM to spend 30 minutes on my computer before I went to have coffee with my friends. When that was over at 8:30 I took one of the young guys I'm helping - I got yet another one by the way - to drink even more coffee and chat for over a hour. Then on the way home I stopped at Publix to pick up food for me and Sally.

Five minutes after I arrived home Mary Ann came over to ask my help on their wireless network - they couldn't connect to the internet. When I arrived at their home I tested a few of the "usual suspects" but quickly discovered their router was not broadcasting a wireless signal - no wonder they could not connect. Having foresight, I happened to bring another router with me which I installed - all was well as I headed home for a sandwich. Not soon after I got home Tom called me to say their new network would go out requiring a router reboot - this is not good.

This time the router was sending a signal but the signal would drop the internet after a bit of use - what's up with that? I tested the computers with using my computer and I tested the modem as well as the router but alas I could not find the problem. It seemed clear to me the router was malfunctioning so I went to Best Buy with Tom to buy a new router - same brand they had only newer.

When I installed the router my computer connected immediately but because Tom & Mary Ann's laptops were newer, they both had the new "N" router capability which allowed us to push a button on the router to auto-connect. That's all well and good except it did not work - I spent a hour trying to figure out way but could not. So, I connected their computers the old fashion way - I manually connected them without using that damn button. All is well with the new MABnet at their home.

When I returned home, I had a call and e-mail from Matt saying his mother's computer would not connect to the internet and it was wired to the modem. After all the stuff I did, I told Matt I'll go out in the morning after coffee and my dentist appointment. Lina had a serious problem - her network card said the ethernet cable was not connected but it was! I tried a system restore, I uninstalled then reinstalled the drivers for the network card and I checked all the usual places but still no go - I think there was a hardware failure. I took a quick ride to Best Buys where I bought a new network card and then installed it - Lina had the internet back. It was all that simple because I bought a "standard" size PCI card but Lina has a slim line computer tower - it would not fit. What to do? Billy-rig it of course which I did to make it work.

After days like I described, I do not have the energy or inclination to spend yet another hour typing notes to post here - sorry about that. If things slow down I'll have more time.

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Very Busy

Wed 01 September 2010

I know. I know. I've not posted in over a week. I've just been real busy doing other things but I will be back when - and if - things cool down. I've got two website projects which will keep me busy for a couple weeks I think.

I've also been helping folks with their computers which seems to be a blooming industry for me - I will not let it get out of hand.

Things are good here especially with college football starting tomorrow night. As they say, "I'll be back"

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