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Steve's Sauce

Sun 22 August 2010

Sorry boys and girls I've not posted in awhile - I've been particularly busy and sometimes just do not have the energy or inclination to put together a brief but important synopsis of my activities. I know many of you are having withdrawal pain - try a very hot soaking bath for about 30 minutes. Soaking hot baths really relax me when I can't go to sleep because of all the crap going through my mind.

The Little League World Series is now in play - I've been watching some of the games. Maybe it's just me but the players seem better this year than last year. These are better executed games from a technical standpoint but the boys still cry when they make a big mistake. I've not seen any monsters this year at least not yet. In years past, there have been boys 12 and 13 years old who were 6'2" tall and 180 pounds! At noon today the games begin again.

Speaking of TV, Comcast has added additional HD channels to their line-up but DirectTV still has more HD than does Comcast. I watch them both depending on what I want to watch - I've got a good movie package with DirectTV and they offer more HD. However, if we get a big thunder boomer, I sometimes lose the satellite signal. I always like to have a back-up. If we were to have a storm which knocks out power my generator and DirectTV will still be up and running along with the rest of my house.

For the past 2 or 3 days I've been helping Wendy and Starr with their computers. Starr's computer is slower than molasses in winter so I put a new hard drive in captain Matt's old college machine then installed windows - it's running clean and fast now. I brought Starr's original computer to my house in order to download pictures & files and then I'm going to put a new hard drive in it.

Wendy's home desk top was slow too so we did the same thing in that she downloaded her data then reinstalled Windows without a new hard drive. The trouble is Wendy is in Ft. Lauderdale and I'm in Vero so when something went a bit wrong it was hard to fix it remotely but we did. It turns out once the XP operating system was reinstalled, some of the drivers were missing. I took control of her machine from here then found the missing drivers on the Dell site - all seems to be OK now.

John was to get initiated into ATO at 10PM last night - I assume that happened. I'm so very pleased John has gotten involved with a fraternity but I'm also concerned about all the demands on time. He has girlfriend, school, girlfriend, the gym, girlfriend, work, girlfriend and now ATO. Did I mention John has a girlfriend - they are attached at the hip it seems. He has 4 classes starting tomorrow (Monday) which means something has got to give. Time will tell.

Tomorrow I go to my dentist for my regular biannual cleaning - I think everything is OK. Later this coming week I go to my dermatologist for my regular biannual checking - I probably added a few nice skin cancers while in Islamorada in July. Then next week I go to my psychiatrist for my regular 20 minute chat and prescription renewals. I'm still whacked but I try to be a happy whacked old fart with enough energy to irritate others.

Steve Fromang dropped off a bottle of his latest bar-b-q sauce - it is truly one of the best if not The Best Bar-B-Que sauce I've ever had. No kidding. He's made a label for bottling the sauce so I think he's about ready to start selling it. I told him yesterday the sauce will sell itself - the trick is to get folks to try it in the first place. No joke boys and girls...I really think Steve could hit a bases loaded home run with this sauce. If any of you want a bottle, I'll ask Steve what he has planned for selling the sauce. Try it, you'll like it .... in my opinion. He calls his sauce "Yo Mamma".

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TV Sunday

Sun 15 August 2010

It's an overcast Sunday here in Vero - good day to watch TV. Trouble is almost every day is a good day to watch TV unless I've got a project. I've got a couple projects coming but I'm having to wait on the "clients". Both are revenue generating projects for people I do not know but referred to by satisfied folks whom I've helped. In fact, I have one referral from a buddy in Atlanta I helped which has bloomed into one referral after another. As long as I like the projects I'll keep doing them - when I get to the point I don't like them, I'll quit unless I need to generate income to pay Obama taxes and fees.

I'm into season 4 of "24" - I started last Sunday. Today I got through episode 20 and then stopped - usually I watch 2 to 4 episodes a day. This season #4 may be the best one yet. One thing which is a ongoing theme in the series is the continual conflict among and between the characters especially at the counter terrorist office in LA. This season 4 has a lot of twists and turns and of course lots of people die.

On Friday I took Starr to the Ocean Grill for a 2 1/2 hour lunch - it was a beautiful day as well as being Starr's birthday. The food was great and of course the view was second to none here in Vero. I've never seen Starr drink much and I've never seen her drink a martini but after all, it was her birthday. We both had a shrimp dish - her's was rock shrimp and mine was regular shrimp. Hmmmmm. She - like me - doesn't particularly like birthdays any more except I was able to tell her she is only one year away from early social security which I recommended she take. This SS black hole will get worse until the system is changed but those of us already on it will likely be "grandfathered" into whatever we have once the system is changed.

After lunch Starr & I tried to help son John with the details of registering at FSU for the Fall term. He's in but there are still hoops to jump through before classes begin. I don't see a problem on the horizon but at the same time these things need to be completed. Next week is the important week for John.

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Friday the 13th

Fri 13 August 2010

It's Friday the 13th...what are you going to do or avoid doing today? It's also Starr's birthday so I'm taking her to lunch at the Ocean Grill or just maybe the Citrus Grillhouse if she wants to try that place. I've never been there but I'm certainly willing to give it a go. It's my understanding it's right on the ocean too like the Grill. I so rarely go out to eat my knowledge of restaurants is very limited. The Ocean Grill is my all time favorite here in Vero.

The same people who own and run the Grill have leased The Patio restaurant and will make it a Mexican restaurant . What?! For those who know can you imagine The Patio as a Mexican Restaurant? I can't. It will open next month so I guess I'll have to give it a go just to see what it is all about. I bet it will be a lot different than Taco Bell!

The Little League play offs started this week which will lead up to the Little League world series later this month. I enjoy watching these games because the young players are not perfect like those in the Major Leagues think they are. Rather than shooting a bird at the crowd when an error is made, the Little League players cry. Yesterday a player hit a home run - the picture cried. These guys also make a lot more mistakes so you never know what is going to happen. I don't think there are games today but there will be tomorrow on ESPN2.

Tuesday I went to vote in the primaries here in Vero. TB was my source of local political information but he and I disagree on the candidates for Governor. I like Rick Scott - TB likes Bill MacCullan. Scott has some very positive adds about what he wants to do - MacCullan just has attack adds against Scott. MacCullan is too much of an old fashion politician while Scott is a very successful business man with conservative views. We shall see.

The Captain Matt computer I refurbished then gave to Starr has died for the moment. We get a warning about the IDE hard drive failure - I think it will need a new hard drive so I bought one on eBay twice the size of the current hard drive. It comes from a used (leased) computer which means it's not new of course but the seller says it's like new. For under $30 including shipping I thought I'd buy it. Between now and the time it arrives I'll work on the current hard drive to see if I can get files off of it then reformat the drive. For the warning, I think the drive itself is corrupt. Stay tuned.

There's a good bit of other stuff going on with me but for today I think it best if I not go any further. Some things need to be private - I wouldn't want everyone to know I'm having a sex change for example!

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Sun 08 August 2010

The weekend has come to an end - I took in a couple movies and a BBC episode of "A Touch of Frost". The movie "Armored" was not very good - I can not recommend it. In fact, sometimes I get invested in time I don't want to stop watching but at the same time I don't like it. This one was just not good along the same lines that Repo Man was not good. The actors in both films were good it's just the story line I didn't much like. The other movie - "The Education of Charlie Bamks" - was just average. Heck I'm spoiled - I want good, exciting, action - filled mystery/intrigue movies.

There's a new 3 episode series on the BBC called "Sherlock" I really like at lest I liked the first episode. I've got the other two episodes downloaded which includes the last one played on Sunday. A search on the internet suggests there may be more episodes - I for one would love to see more. It is the Sherlock Homes theme only set in modern London - the dude playing Sherlock is one smart guy. I'm sure I'll watch the next two soon while hoping for more.

For the first time since I returned from the Keys, it rained here in Vero. We really needed the rain - it's been dry around here. Early Sunday afternoon it got so dark outside it looked like it was 9 PM at night. Hopefully we'll get more rain soon.

I've discovered a new means (new to me anyway) of communicating with those of you using cell phones - I don't own a cell phone but I would if I needed one. I'm able to use my telecommunication ability using only my brain without the need for expensive hardware like a smart phone. When that doesn't work because the person I'm trying to contact is "off" my wave length, I can text them from my computer. There's a utility I've found which will not only send a text message to a cell phone but can actually receive a text message back from the cell phone. Once contact has been established then I can "chat" with a person on a cell phone just like they were on another computer using AIM, Messenger, or Skype. Cool, huh?

If you get a request to text with me, you'll have to 'accept' by texting "yes" - this avoids cell phone users from getting a lot of spam. The request will be from "Cherple" so look for it - if and when you get a request just accept it then you'll be able to receive my pearls of wisdom. The service is free but "regular" texting rates apply based on the cell phone user's plan. Just so you can try it yourself, I've loaded the utility to my this website - you can use it by clicking on "SMS" in my navigation bar.

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Syp's Family

Sat 07 August 2010

Recently I called my little Dutchie buddy Syp - I was hoping to call late enough to wake up his two young sons but I failed. He & Sjak are both doing well as are the two boys, Yari & Djem. Syp reports they grow like weeds always into this, that, and the other thing. I'm glad he & Sjak are handling their first 10 to 12 years of growing - I think I'd go batter than I already am. Syp's mom is at home which is a good thing but still has an illness going on - they go to the doctors this coming week for an update.

You folks know how much I love fruit, right? Well this is the time of year when fresh fruit from the US is at its best. The peaches are really good now as are the melons. Fresh mangos are everywhere here in the sunshine state - people bring them in by the buckets to my coffee meeting. Apples are always available but sometimes better than others. I normally eat two apples a day. If an apple a day keeps the doctor away just think what 2 apples a day will do!

the end of this month I make my doctor rounds again. I have appointments with my dentist, dermatologist, and psychiatrist - these are just "regular" appointments. I see my dentist & dermatologist twice a year but I'm so whacked I need to go to my shrink 4 times a year. I don't particularly like all these appointments but I'd really not like what might happen if I didn't go for check-ups. I've gone to doctors more times since I've been back to Vero than in my whole time in Atlanta - if not, close to it. Jeez!

I've watched some of the movies I've downloaded. One called "Seven Pounds" with Will smith was AWLFUL! DEPRESSING! Who ever wrote this script need serious help IMO. Another movie called "Repo Man" was not very good either - I wouldn't waste my time on it. Same with the import called "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo." I've really picked some losers of late,huh? The exception is a movie called "The Ghost writer" - now that was darn good.

Kathryn sometimes wakes up in the middle of the night only to discover nothing of interest on TV. She told me she wish she could watch some old Clint Eastwood westerns. Ask and ye shall receive. I downloaded 10 of Easterwood's best westerns then transferred the files to her laptop so she can watch the movies at home on her big TV like I do. She is a very happy camper but I'm afraid I've awaked a monster soon to be addicted to downloading movies like am! You know people like me...way too much of a good thing is never enough!!

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Back in Vero

Tue 03 August 2010

OK already - I've heard the roar of complaints because I've taken a week off from sharing my pearls of wisdom with you folks. When I go back from the Keys, I just did not feel the energy to post and I was busy settling back into my Vero lifestyle. I'm just about there but not just yet - maybe by weekend.

My phone has been ill for the last 36 hours or more in that it would only ring once - if at all - when I had a call coming in. Then it got to the point when I did pick it up, there wouldn't be anyone on the line. Add a bunch of irritating static to the mix and I really had a mess. I called AT&T this morning for a repair order - I think it's back to normal now. That was a quick fix.

This morning I visited with Tom & Mary Ann before they headed back to Atlanta. Because Of John's need to get back to FSU, we missed them in the Keys this year. I got a gift of their ice cream so I returned the favor with some fresh baked cookies and a Key lime bar from Debbiy-Doos. No word on when they will return again but I suspect it will be in a few weeks if they can. TB was there this morning as well - I may have to play musical trucks with him. He wants to leave vehicle one then pick up vehicle two or something like that.

When I returned to Vero, I noticed how much later the sun was coming up each day - it's setting earlier as well. You don't notice the change so much when you're in a location but if you leave for a month then return, it is very noticeable. I've had to rest my landscape lights for the changes.

I guess you know by now John is in fact going to FSU for the Fall semester. The school sure waited a long time before they reviewed his admission. Yesterday John called for a chat - I could tell he was a bit befuddled with what's going on at the present. He's uncertain about the courses he'll take, his jobs are still be scheduled, he and David (roommate) are changing their TV & internet service, and on top of that, another guy and his girlfriend want to move in u8ntil they get a new apartment. John is indeed frazzled but this too will pass.

Today Starr came by for a visit - Tommy showed up about the same time. Jeez I'm popular - what can I say. The thing is my house is "half way" between places people go like to the beach, publix, MB's house, etc. Plus, my house is cool and offers a full service bar - someone has to drink that stuff. Trouble is, rarely do any of my guests drink a beer or Crown. I may have to pour the 'old' Crown down the sink unless someone helps me out with it!

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