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Memorial Day

Mon 31 May 2010

I know. I know. I've been away for a couple days - it's a holiday weekend. Really that's not a good excuse because pretty much every weekend is the same when you are an old retired fart. For those of you still working and contributing to the social security ponzi scheme I want you to know I appreciate your efforts. Next month I should actually receive my first old fart's payment - YaHoo.

This is Memorial Day here in the US - a day to honor the brave men and women who gave their lives in defense of freedom. I am truly thankful to these folks and the thousands of others still on active duty. It's just a real damn shame the President doesn't like the military or freedom - GD socialist pig! Today I'm not going to permit Obama or his minions to occupy even the tiniest portion of my mind...not today.

Because it is Memorial Day I decided to look up the Gettysburg Address. Why you ask? Because more Americans died fighting each other than in all other wars put together! So it occurred to me I might want to see what President Lincoln had to say when he attended the dedication of the Soldiers' National Cemetery at Gettysburg on Nov.19, 1863. Too bad Obama isn't going to Arlington National Cemetery like previous Presidents. There was another politician who spoke before Lincoln for over two hours - Lincoln's address took 2 minutes. I bet you don't even know who the other dude was - even I had to look it up! I find Lincoln's Address to be profound and very moving on this Memorial Day. You should do yourself a favor and read those 10 sentences call the Gettysburg Address.

What I do plan to do is watch some British mystery series and maybe even a movie. It's a nice sunny day here in Vero but I plan to stay at home. My housecleaning folks may bring a computer by for me to try to salvage and I think the Barnes boys may drop in for a visit but I'm not sure they will have time. Starr brought me some Bar-B-Q ribs with rice and garlic bread this weekend so now I'm set with a typical holiday cook-out meal. I love my personal meals-on-wheels program.

There's a young man whom I'm trying to help in my coffee group - he asked if I would. We visited for a couple hours on Friday and I have to say, I'm not sure he needs my help. Of course everyone needs my wisdom but my point is I'm not sure he rises about others. Of course I'm most please to make myself available even in the midst of my exceedingly busy schedule. It will take a few more conversations over coffee before I can better understand how I can best help him. This is not a chore for me - I'm actually enjoying what I'm doing.

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Obama Sickens Me

Wed 26 May 2010

I've been trying to avoid letting the blight on American known as the Obama regime get my worked up - I've already permitted myself to get distressed too much already. It sickens me to see Obama and his willing progressive partners in Congress do what they are doing to this country. They have placed America on a road to economic collapse while socializing our country! I'm very resentful and angry at the powers in Washington.

It seems to me Obama doesn't give a rat's ass about anything except promoting his own socialist agenda. He is in constant campaign mode while ignoring the everyday responsibility of the President. What do I mean you ask? Well a few weeks ago Nashville had the worst flooding on record where hundreds of lives were lost and over $500 billion in property damage. Did Obama go there? No! Did he give it any air time? No! He completely ignored it and the media ignored him ignoring it.

Then here comes the oil spill in the Gulf - Obama hasn't been there either even though it started about 40 days ago. From what I can see, Obama's administration has done very little to help and they have blocked Louisiana from helping it's self because of some damn environmental studies required. What about the environmental affect of the damn spill?! The only thing Obama has done is point his corrupt finger at BP promising to make them pay.

Then there's this Arizona law which Obama, his attorney general, and his head of homeland security have all denounced but when asked, they all confessed they hadn't even read the law. Does anyone but me see a problem with US Attorney General Eric Holder saying he may sue Arizona over a law he hasn't bothered to even read? These people have been on TV news shows saying things about the law which are indeed factually wrong! The people advising Obama are incompetent and liars - these are not good people.

Did you know Obama has played more golf since he's been in office than either Bush or Clinton did in their 8 years in office? Did you know Obama hasn't had a press conference since July of last year?! When he's asked questions here or there he ignores them because he blows it without a script to read. Obama's handlers know that he does very poorly when asked questions to which the answer has not already been made by a staffer.

Yesterday I mentioned the newest problem with Obama's White House - the issue about what was offered to Congressman Sestak not to run for the Senate. Much to my surprise, even the Obama-loving media has tried to get answers - the White House has simply said something to the affect "we've looked into it and nothing is wrong". What?!! They checked themselves and they're OK! From what I've read and heard, this could very quickly become Sestak-gate!

Obama nauseates me. He is damaging the country at levels that may be beyond repair. He is a self-centered, thin-skinned elitist and the most incompetent man to ever be elected President.

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Deep Do-Do?

Tue 25 May 2010

Some of you have been complaining about my absents for the past few days - I know how tough your day must be without my sage comments. What can I say? Actually I've not been all that tied up on computers I've just been doing other things.

My newest computer seems to be working fine now days - Dell did the right thing by replacing the all those parts. I still have to unplug my external hard drive upon a reboot because the Microsoft engineers programmed Windows 7 to look first for external media when booting. On the XP machines, you could tell them where to look for booting sequence info. This is no big deal just a nuisance which is not necessary.

John seems to be MIA - I've e-mailed him and called him but he's no where to be found. I bet he was taken hostage by some beautiful babe who wants to have her way with him. John is tough - he'll survive the abuse. Needless to say, he's still up at FSU working but not going to school - at least that's the story his mother and I get. He's 22 for God's sake ....who would know what he's doing. I just hope it's not illegal or harmful.

I'm through episode 8 of season 3 of 24. Jeez there's a lot of twists, turns, misdirection, etc. which keeps me guessing. This season seems to more turns and surprises than the last two seasons. I've been watching one episode per day or every other day - that seems to be a good pattern for me. I think I'll take in a movie later today.

Sunday I went to the beach for a hour and while growing skin cancer on my hot body, I heard someone call out. It was TB - he spotted my car parked over on the beach as he was riding his bike around. Nothing much new except Bridge and her mom went to some camp thing so Tommy is without company except for that little dog. He tells me they may not have time to come down to the Keys with the camps and other summer activities. When I was a teenager, my only activity was beach duty pretty much every day. Oh - there was that summer I learned how to fly then got my pilot's license but beyond that I didn't do a whole lot.

Have you heard the latest about the Obama regime ? It seems there may be some rather serious trouble on the horizon for them. It seems the Obama staff offered to give a job to Pennsylvania's newly elected Democrat Senator if he agreed not to run against Senator Specter in the Democrat primary. Well this guy Sestak beat Spector in the primary and will go on to face a Republican in this Fall's elections. The thing is, what the White House did is against the law. It is so much against the law that it's an impeachable offense! For his part, Sestak is not talking even though he's done nothing wrong. However, he refuses to give up the name and details of this attempted buy-off. If this was a Republican Administration the media would be all over this like white on rice. But the media continues to be in a lovefest with Obama who by any reasonable assessment is the most unexperienced and ill-prepared man ever elected to be POUS. If you know someone one else who should have that title, let me know.

Where this is going I do not know. What I do know is FOX News is on it and FOX News has a huge audience. If this is as bad as it appears to be, I think this may very well be a major crises for Obama. You see, if Sestak was offered a cabinet level job, Obama must have known about it - there is no plausible denial. This may be nothing but then again a minor break-in of an apartment in 1972 brought down a President. Can you say Watergate?

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More Privacy Issues

Thu 20 May 2010

It was just yesterday I talked about privacy on the internet including Facebook and today my favorite newsletter - Windows Secrets - was all about Facebook. I get the paid version of Windows Secrets but I think this was in the free part of the letter. Have a look at what they said - click here. I'm even more concerned about what we don't know.

I order stuff from Amazon thus I get a regular mailing prompting this or that product. Of recent, I've noticed some of those mailings were directed to me because they included items I may have previously reviewed on Amazon. Often I look for computer related items or movies which I might want to see. What this means is Amazon has the ability to collect data from me without even being logged on and then they send me e-mails. The only way I know this can be done is by associating my IP with my e-mail address. If I were logged in that's one thing but using my IP to connect it with my e-mail address? Jeez!

To make things worse, I don't believe you can really get around that practice. Even if you force an IP change, they will record your new IP the next time you order from Amazon and then store the e-mail address associated with the IP. This is not harming me as such but it sure as hell is a practice which gives me a feeling of invasion. Of course my bank nows my IP because when I want to log in from a different IP -the Keys IP for example - I need to answer more than the normal logon questions. This I like for security but just demonstrates what on-line companies know.

Early this morning my doorbell rang and woke me up - it was 3 AM. I went to the door to find someone I once knew from my coffee group. He said he wanted to borrow some money to get out of a jam knowing I said I would not lend him money again after the last time he asked. It is my 100% belief he lied about what he needed the funds - it was not to get out of a jam but rather to purchase drugs after all, it was 3 AM. He repeatedly asked to which I repeatedly said no. First I don't believe I would be doing him a favor by making another loan based on what I thought he wanted to use the money - BTW he's not paid the first two loans yet. Secondly if I did, then I'd show him when I said no before I didn't mean it - I'm positive he would return again. I don't wish him ill but I don't want to support his problem.

Tell me...why do I need the volume up when I'm watch a subtitled movie on TV. On the IFC, you can find foreign movies subtitled in English but if I turn the volume don't I don't get the full affect thus I must leave the volume at normal levels. Interesting, huh?

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Wed 19 May 2010

Just yesterday I was talking about privacy issues on the internet - today I found two articles concerning that very issue. Inn fact, the Google issue made the front page of my Wall Street Journal while the Facebook issue I found by reading the Druge Report. If you don't reed the Druge Report everyday, you miss a lot of good stuff - it's fee on line at drugereport.com. All the people in the know read this daily report which by the way is continually being updated through the day - it's a must for me.

As to Google, their first main problem is the Europeans who were the first to discover Google's practice. Google admitted:

Google acknowledged the privacy breach in an apology issued last Friday, saying it had been inadvertently storing fragments of people's online activities over the past four years while expanding its mapping feature, "Street View."
Do you really believe Google, "inadvertently storing fragments of people's online activities"? How can you not know you're getting and storing the data? I think this is a boldfaced lie in attempt to cover-up their heinous acts. Reminds me of the Connecticut Attorney General and Democratic candidate for US Senate Richard Blumenthal totally unsuccessful attempt to make voters believe he "misspoke" when he said he served in Vietnam! Believe me, people in the armed services of the United States damn sure know where they served. Blumenthal is a liar - he didn't misspeak, he wanted to make people think he was a Vietnam vet to pad his resume. He sickens me! BTW, I did not serve in Vietnam either but I've not lied to people by saying I did. Blumenthal is just another left wing liberal who will say anything and do anything to get elected - I hope the good people of Connecticut don't fall for his crap. If you lie about severing in a war, what else will you lie about?

Now comes Facebook. They have made your name, profile picture, gender, current city, networks, Friends List, and all the pages you subscribe to are now publicly available information on Facebook. Is that what you expect? They made the change sort of over night requiring you to block anything you don't want available on the world wide web. This whole issue and the backlash it has caused is in the WSJ today.

Today's image is Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg

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Edge of Darkness

Tue 18 May 2010

Wanting to kick back and watch a good movie I went on the search for something with mystery and surprises. I like government cover-up type movies where you're really not sure who the good guys are from the bad. I downloaded "Edge of darkness" with Mel Gibson - I was not disappointed. This is a good movie from my point of view and I'm glad it's part of my growing video collection. You may find this a bit difficult to believe but I now have over 500GB of videos on two external hard drives. Yes, I said it correctly...500GB!

I've been able to find just about any movie or TV series I want - the internet is an amazing place. One needs to be very careful about downloading files from other computers. I try to limit my sources to known safe sites and people with a good reputation as been honest - too often you can download a virus this way. To my surprise, some how I'm able to find movies which have not even been released on DVD yet - I'm talking about current movies in the theaters now. Cool.

Remember a few posts ago I talked about the privacy issue on the internet? Well today I found out yet another disturbing practice which I think is not only shameful but illegal as well. You know about Google maps and the street level pictures which often come with maps, right? Well it seems Google is collecting more data than they should. It was revealed that Google's Street View cars were collecting more than images and coordinates for its sophisticated GPS site. As much as 600GB of data from Wi-Fi networks -- in more than 30 countries -- has been snagged in Google's fishnet.

Google reports that it did not use the data and didn't know until recently that the "payload" data was being captured.

Google did know that its Street View cars captured the SSID and MAC address of secure wireless networks and maintains that none of the captured data was used in any Google projects. Google stated previously that it has grounded the Street View fleet until the error allowing the capture of data was fixed and it had initiated a third party investigation of the issue.
Be careful boys and girls you never know who is listening!

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Lease Signed

Mon 17 May 2010

Finally I received our lease for Villa 412 at The Palms - it only took 2+ months. Actually it has not been an issue because we all know the only renters there during the annual Islamorada trip is "our" group. Even when I was talking to Donna, she confirmed get an apartment during July is easy. I've signed the lease and then sent it by FAX back to Donna - the full payment with deposit will be due in a couple weeks.

It seems Donna is going to be able to accommodate the Brennan boys and their significant others. I wonder if Ryan will bring James or put him in storage for the 10 day stay. If he does bring James, I'd like to be around when he's particularly unhappy about something - I need to learn how to get more attention when I'm unhappy.

You folks know I've downloaded and saved movies & TV series to an external hard drive. This system works great for me because I have a desk top attached to my big screen TV. However, most folks I know don't have a spare TV or might not even know how to do it. The major requirement is you must have a TV usable as a monitor - most newer TV sets have such an option. I wanted to let Starr see a movie I have but she doesn't have a TV which can be used as a monitor. So....I burned my first .AVI file to a DVD this morning so she can view it with her DVD player. To my pleasant surprise, this was a simple project at least it was on my first try. I didn't even need to get a DVD burner - Windows 7 comes with a basic burner. Cool.

I've started season 3 of "24" - I think I'll only watch one episode per day. No one is safe from getting killed in this series with the exception of Jack Bower. Some of the regulars have already been bumped off in the first 3 episode - some I thought would always be in the series. One thing for sure...the life expectancy for Jack's CTU is very short in this TV thriller. It does keep me interested.

Have any of you ever seen "Foley's War"? It is a great British series which I've come to like as much as Midsomer Murders. The lead character is cool, quite, and really smart. I've downloaded several episodes but last night one newer episode was on public television's "Mystery Theater" which runs on Sunday night at 9 PM. Many of my favorites come from the Mystery Theater series in PBS.

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Computer Fixed

Sat 15 May 2010

A beautiful Saturday morning here in Vero Beach "where the tropics begin". Those of you familiar with Vero know that the town's motto is "where the tropics begin" which was created even before my time if you can imagine that long ago. It's the kind of day I like with temperatures in the 70's with a light breeze - I need to get out today.

Yesterday I went to the beach for a hour - the beach was almost empty between Conn and JC beach areas. The wind was really strong out of the southeast so there was no chance of getting hot. I'm taking a hour here and there to prepare myself for Islamorada this Summer. I've got my dates set but of course I've not received the lease from Donna yet - why am I not surprised. She is a scatter-brain when it comes to details but I know I've got the place. I think TB has also been in touch with her about his lease and options for the Brennan boys when they come for the lobster mini-season. The condo rules require a month's lease but Donna seems to find other options for our group as necessary.

Derek the Dell guy came to my house yesterday to work on the shinny new Dell XPS - the computer worked well unless I ever needed to reboot it or install UBS devices. Derek arrived at the time he said he would then went to work. He is an employee of a company which is sub-contracted by another company which receives contract repair work from Dell. He had to round ring-like things through his lower lips but he knew what he was doing.

I expected him to take my machine in for repair but I was wrong. To my surprise, Dell sent a new mother board, 6 new memory sticks, and a new video card to be installed. Jeez! Except for the hard drive there was nothing left to replace - Derek replaced them all in about 30 minutes. Dell's repair model is to replace everything when they're not really sure what is wrong then take the replaced parts, test them, and use the working or repaired parts again in another machine. That way they only need a guy who can install parts - they don't use a technician capable of testing then replacing only the parts necessary. Interesting but probably very cost efficient in the long run. The bottom line is my computer has all new parts (except for the hard drive) and is working as it should. I'm a happy camper again.

The one thing that came out of this whole episode is I can not reboot while I have an external hard drive attached. The engineers at both Dell & Microsoft said Windows 7 was designed to work that way. Strange. I think the computer should be able to reboot without a external hard drive attached so I'm going to do some looking and testing on methods that might work. Nonetheless, if this is the only issue, I'm still happy with the new Dell.

The picture today is not Derek but that is exactly the two lip rings he had. Derek was a bit older than the guy pictured but not by much - he was probably in the 22 to 25 age range.

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Odds & Ins

Thu 13 May 2010

Yesterday I got a computer call saying the Dell technician would not be able to come but will call as soon as he can. Frankly, I just expected to set up a time yesterday - maybe I'll get a call today. The good news is my machine is working now and I've discovered it might continue to work unless I try to reboot or install something. This has happened before - the machine works until and unless you try to do something. I've got some Microsoft updates I'm not going to install until the tech gets here so I'll be able to demonstrate the problem. I'm also going to request the guy install my two USB adapter cards to confirm the problem is fixed.

Donna called about my lease for the Keys - I'm going for the whole month of July. She was to FAX the lease to me on Tuesday morning but as of this morning there's no lease - why am I not surprised? John is most anxious to take his vacation from school and work but most of all he just wants to be in my presences - you folks understand of course. I also got an e-mail from GT Jeff who plans to come the week before lobster season - he and Amy want a more relaxing time without the crowds of lobster week.

Walt my landscape guy had his crew clean out the front area on the west side of my driveway and then install some new plants. I took a picture recently of the "before" look so as I can compare the "after" look. Today he's going to install the additional sprinklers and soon some fresh new mulch as ground cover. It's looking better but not quite there yet. The new plants are small but I know they'll grow quickly with my watering and food.

My bathroom sink got clogged - it would barely drain. I put a bottle of Drano into the sink - no luck. It looked like I needed a $95/hour plumber but I wasn't ready to give in yet. While at Wally World getting a prescription filled, I discovered a device which I could stick down into the drain then pull it out - the device was $6 so of course I wanted to give it a go. Looks like I just saved $89 because it worked great. I'm just wondering what clogged it in the first place - certainly it wasn't hair because I don't have any!

Vero's beaches have some hot babes on them.

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Tue 11 May 2010

After another 2+ hours on the phone with Dell tech support, they finally concluded what I concluded earlier - my computer has a hardware problem. They will send a tech to my house whom I believe will replace my motherboard. You know your computer is in deep deep do-do when it freezes while in the BIOS time and time again. You see boys and girls, the BIOS is what starts before the operating system ever starts thus you know it's not a Microsoft operating system problem. Jeez! I was told I'll be contacted in the next day or so - no clue as to how long this will take. The reason I've not posted is my computer would freeze before I could post and thus I lost all my pearls of wisdom time and time again.

Over the weekend Lina had a problem with her nice new HDTV - there was no picture. I spent a couple hours on Saturday evening trying everything to fix it but failed. I know the TV worked because we could hear the channels and we could see the TV logo on the screen. Somehow the TV was not getting the video output from the turner in the TV. On Sunday morning I called Lina to suggest she unplug the TV for two hours - she did and when turned on it worked again. It was some snafu in the TV's software which when powered down for awhile reset to factory defaults. When you're good, your good - what can I say?

Went back to my neurologist on Monday for a follow-up concerning my migraine headaches. I want to try just sumatriptan without naproxen combined with it. Why you ask? Because I can get generic sumatriptan - aka Imitrex - without out having to mortgage my house. The pills are still $8 each but at least they are not $30 each. I hope this works for my migraines but if not, we'll try something else. I'm very hopeful at this point. To get the pills at even the high cost of $8, I had to order from Canada.

I finished watching season 2 of "24" - it was better than season 1 but the ending was a bit of a let down in that it wasn't as exciting and cool as some of the other episodes. It did leave us hanging for season 3 which of course I have already downloaded onto an external hard drive along with seasons 4, 5, and 6. I've not started season 3 yet but likely will start soon.

A lot of other stuff has been going ion but I want to post this before another crash.

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Computer Doesn't Work

Tue 11 May 2010

My computer is not working properly. When I get it working again, I'll be back. At the moment, the machine freezes as I'm typing my pearls of wisdom and information thus I can't type more than a brief couple minutes. Hope to get this fixed soon.

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Fri 07 May 2010

My landscape guy brought his newest computer over so I could un-install a version of Quickbooks and then put the newest 2010 version on his machine. The problem was he dropped it as he was getting it out of his SUV and when connected, the computer would start but the monitor would not come on - it wasn't at all obvious to me what I should try to fix it. He took it to a repair shop so they can charge him $65 just to find the problem. In the meantime I installed Quickbooks on his older machine so he can do his payroll, etc.

While Walt was here we talked about the area of my property which has cherry bushes I want taken out and replaced with "tropical" plants. It's that area the City required me to cut the bush to a height of no more than 36" - I did cut them earlier this year but I just don't like the look. Soon Walt will have his guys pull all the bushes out then install some landscape style grass and a couple other type plants. When done, it's my hope the landscaping will look consistent in nature and more attractive. I'll not have to worry about keeping the hedge trimmed anymore.

Walt told me people still compliment on the work he did for me - I wonder if he tells them I'm the one who designed the look? We talked about the new LED landscape lights so I decided to look into them - the wiring and transformer are already in place so all I'd need to do is replace the bulbs or fixtures with bulbs in them already. This would reduce my power consumption for the lights by 85% and the lights should last 10 times as long - 40,000 hours compared to 4,000 hours. You folks remember my lights burning out a lot last year before I switched to GE bulbs. The trouble with my plan is landscape LED lights are new and thus very pricey - each bulb would cost $70 or more meaning it would cost me $1300+ to replace them all. If I got new fixtures with the lights built in, they would cost $130 each meaning I'd spend $2400 to replace them.

I'd love to use LED lights but I'm not willing to spend the money at least at this point. The cost will come down in the future and I currently have two boxes of replacement bulbs (12 in a box). By the time I run through these bulbs, the price for LED lights should come down. In the meantime, my electrician suggested I buy just one LED light to give it a go - I might just do that. The electrician said he heard of issues with LED lights out in the weather all the time - I searched forums but couldn't find anything. This is a project I'll not pursue for awhile.

Yesterday I talked with Dell technical support about the problems I have rebooting when I've got peripherals plugged into USB ports. The guy took control of my computer - as I do with TeamViewer - but he didn't find anything obvious so he updated my BIOS. I've never updated my BIOS on any machine because I've read you should leave it alone unless there's a problem. Upon reboot, the machine worked as it should but when I rebooted this morning I got a problem with my screen resolution - there's still a problem. I'm going to do some testing before the Dell guy calls me back on Monday. I should not have this problem with my USB ports.

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Wed 05 May 2010

When I was watching the news at o-darkhundred this morning, the news reader said a Picasso sold for over $106,000,000 ! Jeez! Over a hundred million dollars for one single painting? If I had the resources, I don't think I'd pay so much for a painting. I could see paying one or two million if I had huge resources but not any more than that. But, I guess this sort of thing makes the world go round, huh? BTW, I never did understand why the Picasso's are so valuable - his art is weird to say the least.

In the mornings both FOX & Friends and Don Imus play bumper music as they trail out for commercials. For the most part, I like the music they play. The other morning I heard the "San Francisco with flowers in your hair" song and thought how my generation still enjoys old as well as new music. It's my opinion parents of baby boomers didn't like more modern music and didn't even list to old music much either. I've never stopped liking new music although I really dislike rap noise - some of you already know that. Plus I'm happy to listen to music at moderate volumes which means I am getting older but I've still got some MoJo left.

I've been watching season #2 of "24" - I like it much better than season #1 thus far - I'm have way through. Usually I only watch 2 episodes at a time just to keep that eager to see the next episode. In season #2, Jacks daughter is still a dumb blonde doing exactly what she shouldn't do causing a whole heck of a lot of trouble. She needs a good "come to Jesus" talk. The second season has had a lot of surprises although I'm only half way through it. For the first time, not all the good guys get killed. I'll likely watch a couple more later today.

Remember me telling you about how surprised and happy I was to get into a membership only torrent site specializing in everything British? They have rules which require users to upload so as to maintain a upload to download value greater than 1. Most torrent sites you'll see say 200 downloading while only 10 or 20 are uploading thus sometimes taking a few days of stead download to get a file. At "TheBox.bz" you'll find 100 people uploading and only 3 or 4 downloading meaning I can get files in a mater of minutes. Now here's the hook I've found - you need to upload to keep go ratios but if there's no one wanting to download, you're stuck. I have 4 torrent files I've made available for upload but no one wants them. I've discovered the key is to download a really new file which others want and thus you can upload. The thing I really like is the availability of rapid downloads of everything British but you really need to upload too which is why there are so many downloads available. Did this make any sense at all?

I think I'll go relax away from my computer for awhile. I've been having new problems with a web cam and it's compatibility with Windows 7 64 bit OS.

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Intrusive Internet

Mon 03 May 2010

Later yesterday I found a replay of the OAR concert in Madison Square Gardens on the Palladia network - this time I watched the whole concert. I like this band's music - music which has words I can actually understand. Music that has words that actually make some sense. Music that has words which tell a story. So many bands now just are loud and very had to understand if at all. If you do understand, the words are a bunch of gobbledygook (that's a real word by the way). I'd watch this band again but I want to add even thought I thought they were great, they could even come close to the performance capabilities of the extremely talented Michael Jackson. That's not a put down on OAR - I think OAR is in the group of great bands like The Beatles, Dave Mathews, Elton John, John Mayer, Jack Jackson, Matchbox Twenty, Neil Diamond, and on and on. I had to throw in Neil Diamond, Elton John, and the Beatles for us old farts.

You know what I've been thinking about lately? There is a whole heck of a lot of info about me and you out there on the internet. Some of that I'm good with because I've put it there with the intent of being found. My name is on BillsView.com and TanzaniteAmerica.com so there's no surprise there. What is a bit of a surprise is how other sites handle my info and others. For example, I received happy birthday greetings from many of my Facebook friends - I guess I should not be surprised. I also got greetings from other sites to which I belong and some of those were unexpected. Sites where I offer technical support or simple need to join to access data.

Did you know Google Buzz integrates with your Gmail account (and other Google services) and turns it into a social experience? A "buzz" is a threaded conversation (with pictures and video and blog links and more) and you can either post publicly (which shows up on your main Google profile) or selectively choose who in your friends list sees your buzz. Surprised?

A security research company - Computer Associates - is sounding the alarm that Facebook's controversial Beacon online ad system goes much further than anyone has imagined in tracking people's Web activities outside the popular social networking site. Beacon will report back to Facebook on members' activities on third-party sites that participate in Beacon even if the users are logged off from Facebook and have declined having their activities broadcast to their Facebook friends. Did you sign up for that? I didn't!!

It seems many sites we use like Gmail, Live.com, Facebook, Twitter, etc. all tell other people more about me than I want them to. Recently Facebook wanted me to join groups I hand no interest in joining like Georgia Tech or VBHS alumni groups. Facebook has this new "Connect with your friends on your favorite websites" which means they somehow know what sites their members might be on if they click an "I like" icon or something like that.

What is really really daunting is the way Google keeps track of the sites you "google" and then visit to get news, buy something, or research data. I read in the Wall Street Journal Google wants to watch the type of things you read then provide similar things on your searches. I don't know about you but I want to choose those things I read as a result of a search without being filtered by Al Gore and his cronies. Oh, you didn't know - Al Gore is a large shareholder and sits on the Board of Directors at Google. But then again, I wouldn't want George Bush filtering my news either. The mainstream media already filters way too much for my liking.

The solution of course is to take all your info off the net where you can and then use a proxy to surf the web.

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Nice Day

Sun 02 May 2010

Today has been one of thse cloudless days with a nice breeze - good for both the tourists and regulars. It is rather warm -85 now. It seems that when May came on Saturday, so did Summer! Are we done with the pleasant mild temperatures and now into the heat of Summer? It was such a nice day I thought about the beach except the radio shows I listen to while at the beach are not on during the weekends. Maybe I'll give it a go if it's nice tomorrow.

After a few days of driving on my shinny new tires which cost too much, I've noticed a smoother ride and better car handling. I got new tires because I thought it was prudent but it's nice to notice an improvement. Now John can drive me to and from the Keys at those high speeds he likes to drive and I'll worry less - oh, I'll still worry but just less. The amount of driving I do probably means I'll not buy tires for this car again.

Has anyone noticed when old farts come to a place where they want to turn right the stop and the turn? This is dangerous - if they are going to turn they should do so without stopping first. I'm talking about turning into a parking lot, driveway, or even onto another road. Just turn for God's sake!! Get out of the road without stopping causing those behind them to stop as well. I didn't notice this much in Atlanta but here in Vero where the average driver is 78, it happens all the time. I'm just newly an old fart but when I get older, tell me not to act like that which for me should not be much of a problem because I already prefer to be driven rather than drive myself.

I've not leased an apartment for the Keys yet although I contacted Donna about a month ago - I guess it's time to follow up. I thought about moving to a different unit but I do like being on the 4th floor close to the front of the building. Besides, the apartment has tile meaning it's easy to sweep up Sally Cat fur. I'm just thinking that unit needs paint and a good cleaning of all the crap which occupies the kitchen cabinets. There must be 100 coffee cups, 20 frying pans, just to mention a few. Everyone who's every stayed there has left something behind it seems. Well heck, I don't know that it is still available except I think it will be unless the owner sold the unit. I need a new mattress in the master bedroom too. I'd better call Donna.

A week from tomorrow I go back to the neurologist for my follow-up. I need some prescriptions for minor, major, and critical headaches. I get all three and use different Meds on different levels. I wish I didn't need anything at all. Oh well, at least there are solutions for my issues - I ought not complain.

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