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Officially Old

Fri 30 April 2010

Yesterday was the 33rd anniversary of my 29th birthday - now that I'm eligible for Social Security I'm "officially" an old fart. The good news is that I'm one of the youngest old farts around having just attained the status. Let me take this time to thank all you boys and girls who work everyday to help fund my gov'ment old fart's income. Also, I would encourage to make babies such that in 18 years they too can help fund SS.

Yesterday was indeed busy - I stayed on the phone most of the day and into the evening with calls of congratulations and amazement that I've made it to my ripe old age. It truly very nice to hear from all of my admiring fans. Have you noticed humility is not one of my strong points? I can't help it - it's hard to be humble when you are me!! HaHaHaHa.

TB took me to lunch at the Lobster Shanty over on the river - of course I had Caesar salad and shrimp. The day was beautiful although today it's overcast with very light rain - the weekend should be nice. For my birthday I bought myself something really exciting...4 new tires for my car. You know you're getting old when you can get excited about tires! With the mileage I drive every year, these tires will still look new 3 years from now - I'll never need to buy new tires for this car again.

I have a recommendation for you - don't keep your rubbing alcohol next to your mouthwash! Without paying attention I tried using rubbing alcohol as mouthwash - believe me, it killed every germ in my mouth. I do know of something worse than rubbing alcohol and that would be gasoline - avoid gasoline in your mouth too. See what wise things I've learned over the years?

This week I went out at about 6:12 AM to watch the space station as it went over South Florida. It was very bright and fast moving across the morning sky. I've seen satellites before but I don't recall seeing the space station - cool. Except for the moon, it was the brightest thing in the sky. Once again I'm proving it doesn't take much to excite future officially old farts.

I watched a movie called "This is it" which was to be the name of Michael Jackson's last concert tour but he died 5 days before the tour started. The movie was basically all the songs he was going to sing recorder in the rehearsals for the concert. I'm thinking it was just like a concert except without screaming fans and colorful stage props. I really didn't think I would like it much in the beginning but as the movie went on, I found myself deeply into the movie. There is one inescapable conclusion I got from watching this movie - Michael Jackson has more talent in music industry than anyone I've ever seen. He is so far out ahead of those in 2nd place it's truly amazing. Sure I've seen his music videos before but I always thought with a lot of production people just about anyone could make a good music video. Wrong! In this movie it became very obvious that everything you see and heard came from Michael Jackson. He is the one guy with all the talent - his voice and dancing amazed me. It is true that Jackson was one weird dude but he also was one hell of a talented wired dude. I rarely say this but this movie is one I'll watch again.

Today's picture was taken a few years ago - do you think I've changed much?

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Terrible Monday

Tue 27 April 2010

Jesh...yesterday was a bad day for me - no energy and headaches at the same time. It could have been caused at least in part by the lousy, cloudy, rainy day. There's scientific proof changes in atmosphere pressure can cause headaches - these pressure changes come with weather changes. So I attribute some of the way I felt to the day itself. On the other hand is a bright sunny day and like the day, I feel brighter. I hope it lasts.

While staying in yesterday I watched the last two episodes of 24 - I didn't see that ending coming. As I stated earlier, Jack's daughter is a real dumb-ass and his wife is a nagging worry all the time person. This job he has as a Fed is his life - I can't imagine him keeping his job if his wife was such a worrier and his daughter so dumb. I will not tell you how it ends in case you've not seen the end as yet. Now I wonder what season 2 will be like - does it take up after season 1? I'll find out soon - I've got the first 6 seasons on an external hard drive.

It amazes me how much data I've collected over the years requiring storage. Part of the data is just redundancy of the hard drives on computers 1, 2, 3, and 4. Knowing computers do crash, I've decided a long time ago to store things externally. I've got a new 4 port USB adapter card to put into my new computer with the thought of attaching 3 external hard drives to it. This way I can access old data from older computers all in one place.

My computer crashed over night on Sunday - the storms came in which caused power outages. When my computer tried to reboot after the outage, it failed then went into repair mode. When asked if I wanted to do yet another system restore I said no but when I then tried to reboot nothing happened. I mean nothing ever appeared on my monitor - net even a BSOD or DOS alert. Nothing! Fortunately I've learned what to do when that happens after reading computer help forums over the years. The question is what have I done in the last 24 hours and the answer was I installed a 4 port USB 2.0 adapter and a 2 port USB 3.0 adapter (see image). I took both cards out of my computer which in turn allowed it to boot normally. The machine didn't like the drivers for the USB 3.0 card in the first place so I'm almost positive that was the problem. Soon I'll put the USB 2.0 card back in because it didn't need any software to work - the adapter software was already installed from the factory as was my printer and webcam software.

I've been in touch with the engineer with Microsoft about my installation problems which have continued. The next time I get updates, I'll try to install them normally and if that does not work, he wants me to remove all but about 2GB of memory to try again. What the heck does memory have to do with it I ask. He says others have had similar problems which were correct after the memory sticks were moved around. I don't get it but I know how to do what he asks so I'll give it a go. Although this issue is annoying I sort of still like the challenge of finding a solution.

Is today a beach day for me? It could be because it's so sun although there is some wind and the temperatures are still cool after that front moved through.

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Fake Antispyware Program

Sat 24 April 2010

Jeez...did I watch a weird movie or what? The name of the movie you ask? Cypher. It was released in 2002 and is about corporate espionage. The movie had so many twist and turns you really had no idea who was what until the end and even then I'm not sure. It started off rather slow and somewhat boring but I stuck with it and I'm glad I did. Just real strange - I will not bore you with the plot but I will say you might want to watch it when you have a hankering for something really different.

Yesterday I watched Boondock Saints II - I didn't like it as much as the first one but I did like the ending. Just more of the same two dudes killing dozens of bad guys without getting shot. It too had some nice surprises in it even more so than the first movie. But unfortunately the plot was exactly the same so nothing new to watch. I'd skip it if I were you.

I've been having a real problem when I try to return a call to Lina. I don't get through but rather get what sounds like a fast busy signal. Finally I got Lina to get an AT&T guy out but at first he could not find anything wrong. After repeated failed attempts by me to call he, he discovered my telephone number has been blocked! How did that happen? Lina would not have blocked me at least not on purpose. Also, she claims not to have that call blocking feature on her phone. Here's the strange thing - sometimes I do get through while other times I don't. How can the blocking be sometimes off and sometimes on? And another thing, I don't think I'm the only one who has this problem. The AT&T guy gave her a number to call on Monday to cancel the blocking but I have a hunch this is not over yet. Too many strange things have occurred but we'll see what happens next week.

Tom called from Atlanta asking if I could help him with a virus/Trojan on his desktop computer. He some how got the dreaded fake antispyware program - this is the one which keeps popping up saying your computer is infected. It blocks the HTTP port 80, hijacks your browser, and blocks you from running security type programs to clean it out. I've had experience with this nasty thing in the past and after a couple hours of working on the removal, we finally got it out. Rogue security software mainly relies on social engineering in order to defeat the security built into modern operating system and browser software and install itself onto victims' computers. A website may for example display a ficticious warning dialog stating that someone's machines is infected, and encouraging them to install or purchase scareware. This damn thing has been a real problem for a lot of people including John, Wendy, Lina, and more. In fact, it tried to get into my computer too but I knew what to do. You see, it comes into your machine through an open browser and it will not allow you to close the browser as it downloads itself to your machine. If you quick enough, you can open your Task Manager and kill your open browser which in turn will stop it right in its tracks. Unfortunately, most average computer users don't know that in fact, most may not even know what a Task Manger is in the first place or how to run it. At this point I believe Tom's machine is clean again - he has no idea where it came from in the first place.

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Torrent Sites

Fri 23 April 2010

So what have you been up to you ask? My days continue to be filled and at the end of each day I wonder where the hours went. There's not been anything particularly unusual this week but here it is Friday already. I used to not like weekends because among other things my regular 'scheduled' day is different - no Rush in the afternoon for example. But now I've discovered things I like to do or watch on the weekend so I now like weekends. Of course when I was working, I usually loved weekends.

Since I downloaded the first full season of "24" last week, I've been watch about two episodes per day - more than two just doesn't seem as much fun as waiting until another day. I'm up to about 5 PM on the first day and I now have a greater understanding of the series. First, I still like the series which is not always the case on other series. It is painfully obvious to me that Jack's daughter is a real dumb ass! She continues to do really stupid things putting her mother and father into more danger. Also it seems that about 50% of Jack's department are already dead - they seem to get knocked-off at an alarming rate. They too seem to act rather stupidly given the fact they know people are out to kill them. I'll watch some more today and this weekend.

My new "thing" is to download an ever increasing library of TV series I like or series I think I might like. For example, today I've started downloading "24" season 7 - I've already got 1-6 on an external hard drive. The 24 series is the only 'American' series I've been downloading - the others come from the BBC. The British mysteries are just great IMO. The trouble is most files I want to download take 24 to 48 hours to complete - it's not my internet speed as much as it is the availability of the files I want and how many other people want the same files at the same time. Torrents are just different than regular downloads.

There is one site which only has British TV & movies but u8nfortunately it is "closed" to new members and new members need to be invited by present members - they have a limit of 100,000 total members. I wanted to join this site because they have everything British I want with quick downloads but alas I was not a member nor did I know anyone who could invite me. Then shazam...the site temporarily opened when they did their annual "pruning" meaning they dropped inactive accounts. I was at the right place at the right time which permitted me to join in this small window of time. I'm a very happy camper but there is work to do.

The site has a whole slew of rules and regulations you must follow to stay a member. The biggest rule is you have to maintain a certain upload ratio based on your downloads - in other words, you can't take a download and run without unloading at the same time. Frankly, I do this anyway because I appreciate the people who made my downloads possible. The trouble with this site however is because their membership is so limited, there may not be a request for the files I have thus even though I want to upload, there are no requests. I download season 4 of A Touch of Frost about 36 hours ago and no one has unloaded from me - this yields a piss poor ratio of 0! Hopefully someone will want the files I have in the next 28 days or I'm banned. Also, I'm now limited as to about one other download before I'm blocked. Jeez! This is a great site but hard to confirm with the rules even though I want to do so.

This week I installed a video cam and the Skype program for Lina - now she can video conference with her friends and relatives on Skype. I just got a new cam myself - my old one didn't like Windows 7 - but I've not installed Skype yet. Or should I say I've not reinstalled Skype after it got lost in a system restore last weekend when I was working on my Windows update issue. Perhaps I'll install it today.

TB came by this week to scheme with me about getting all his 'stuff' to Islamorada. We're talking about the red truck, scuba tanks, his grill, etc. There would not be a problem except he's not got any drivers to help. His sons will be in the Bahamas and I've got John to drive me. What to do? I think I've figured it out but as yet I've not told Tommy - no worries, we'll get it done.

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Microsoft Fix

Mon 19 April 2010

This past weekend was darn dreary here in Vero - I hope this week is better. We had two sunless day with drizzle rain on Sunday. I didn't use my car this weekend although I did go outside. On Saturday the annual Hibiscus Festival was held just a block from my house in the park and on the old downtown streets. If I did not go outside or look outside I never would have known it - my house is really well insulated from the elements and sound. I did have some people who thought they needed to park a bit out of the street and on my lawn. It doesn't look like they broke any sprinkler heads.

Last week I got an update notice from Microsoft - it was the usual notice we all get. Unfortunately when I installed the updates, my computer would no longer completely boot - not a good thing. So, I shut down my machine, did a system restore and tried again - same failure. I research the error codes I found in my event viewer but was unsuccessful in resolving my problem. Imagine me not being able to fix the problem without trying a re-install of the operating system so for the first time I contacted Microsoft support. I could not have been more pleased with their response.

First I got an e-mail saying I would be contacted in 24 hours - I was. They gave me instructions I could follow but someone with less understand about the operating system would have a hard time IMO. The solution failed on both of my attempts. So I report back to Microsoft then I got a call from India - very polite guy but sometimes a bit hard to understand. We worked on it for about a hour but still no go. Then I got an e-mail saying:

"I am sorry to know that the issue has not been resolved yet. Please do not worry; the issue that you have is a unique issue. To ensure that the proper solution is found, I am forwarding this case to the Research Team and they will call you within the next 24 hours to work with you on this issue."
Apparently I stumped them so I actually was talking with an engineer at Microsoft - they were afraid I might be the first of a series of problems so they wanted to fix it in case others contacted them. Well, we did fix it although there's no clear expiation as to why it happened in the first place or if it might happen again. Stay tuned - they are going to keep my "case" open for 3 weeks as other updates come in.

Talked to Syp on Saturday to wish him a happy birthday. He's doing great and as I was speaking to him getting ready to go out to dinner with Sjak. All is well in Dutchie land although it's still rather cool over there. Hmm...must be global warming!

I've now watched the first 10 hours of the first series of 24. I've decided that from here on I'll not watch more than 2 hours at a time. The program is good - lots of people have already been killed in the first 10 hours. Plenty of twists and turns - I like that. Thus far I've already downloaded the first 4 seasons and will download more - it takes about 36 hours or more per download.

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Happy Birthday Syp

Fri 16 April 2010

TGIF, huh? For you folks who are working today, I bet you're glad it's Friday. Back a long time ago in a galaxy far far way when I was working, Fridays were always good days for me especially Fridays in the Fall when there was a college game to attend the next day. Now days are all about the same with the exception of the weekends when the TV programming changes. This weekend I'll likely watch a movie or two and perhaps a few episodes of "24" - I like the 24 thus far with having watched 3 episodes.

Yesterday I watched the balance of the BBC series called "The State Within" - it was darn good in IMO. There were twists and turns all through the 6 part series and you never quite knew who the good guys were until the end. Of course a lot of people got knocked off but that is to be expected. It was so intense at times I think I'll watch it again to see what I missed the first time. I have the 4.09 GB file saved on my computer if any of you want it. The torrent took me hours to download but now that I have it all, it should not take much time for me to upload it so you can download it - I'll probably zip it first.

Thus far I have the first 3 seasons of 24 - each season takes about 24 to 36 hours to download - I leave my machine on over night every night. The downloads also slow my internet way down because I often have as many as 60 to 80 commuters either sending file pieces to me or taking file pieces from me - the download speeds are slow but all those connections suck up my bandwidth. Right now I started the BBC series "State of Play" which all the reviews I,ve read say it's better than the movie State of Play with Russell Crowe - I really liked the movie. It seems I've turned into a movie/series download junkie but no one should be surprised - I'm addicted to more! More of this, that, or the other thing as long as it is more. Jeez am I whacked or what?

Yesterday I chatted with John about the Keys this Summer - he's more excited than he has ever been so of course I wanted to know why. He gave me two good answers - first he has been working more and studying more than any time in the past. The second reason is living in Talahassee has been the first time in his life he did not have access to the ocean. All of his life he could be at the beach in about 10 minutes but not now. He wants the ocean back again which I think is the big deal for him. In fact he might to stay even longer than in the past - time will tell.

Since I put the picture of "James" up a couple days ago, I've been getting lots of comments. People think it's fun which of course is why I made it in the first place. too bade I didn't have more images of Ryan from which to select a head shot because I think I could have done a better job. Using an image editor is fun for me.

Tomorrow is Syp's birthday - he'll be 38 years old. 38!! - Jeez I remember when Wendy and I first met Syp in Northwest Kenya about a quarter of a century ago. Damn time flies (see image of a teenage Syp). From a cute little blonde somewhat out of control teenager to a maturing working adult with two sons, a mortgage, and responsibility. I'm very happy for and proud of Syp - he turned out to be a decent Dutch citizen in spite of knowing me! Happy Birthday Syp.

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James Arrived

Wed 14 April 2010

Today I bring you grate news - Heather downloaded a new future taxpayer yesterday in the wee hours of the morning. His name is James Barnes Brennan - both mom and the baby are doing well according to my sources. This is very good news for the Barnes - Brennan clan and for old farts like me as well. You see, those of us who are on the dole (aka social security) need more fresh new taxpayers to fund are government payments. So those of you who are just practicing making babies had better stop practicing and get on with it! Ryan and Heather have set a good example for you to follow so start making more new future taxpayers.

Word has it that James looks a lot like his father - what do you think? (see picture) I believe he does resemble his dad even thought he's only a day old. Now answer a question for me...why do babies want to get downloaded at night when it's dark? James came into this world just after midnight. How often do you hear of a baby arriving in mid-day? Almost never I'd say. I'll need to ask Syp what time his two sons got hatched. Congratulations to Heather and Ryan.

Last evening I was watching Bill O'Reiley on the FOX news channel. He had some female psychologist on the show to talk about how much 'spring break' has gotten out of control for a lot of students. Frankly I'm not sure the spring break celebrants are any more wild than my generation but then I've not been to a spring break fest in about 40 years so things could have changed. One thing Bill said that really got my attention is when he was in college, his crowd went to Ft. Lauderdale just like my crowd. Then he said he spent hours in the bar called the Elbow Room. Jeez...do I ever remember the Elbow Room right on the main strip on the beach. This place was the center of action over 40 years ago and I've been told it's still open today. There are lots of stories I could tell but I'll save that for another time. I wonder if I met Bill back then? Who would know - we were all consuming large quantities of beer. It was a whole hell of a lot of fun.

My new computer5b had its first crash problem yesterday after I tried to install new updates from Microsoft. Upon rebooting, it just did not want to finish the boot process after 10 minutes or more - it was caught in some sort of endless loop. So, I powered it down then tried to boot again which gave me an error and options like "repair" so I did. The machine recovered but the updates still are needing to be installed - I'll try a bit later after my current downloading is completed.

I've decided to start watching the TV series "24" so I'm getting the video files right now. It took over a day to get season 1 downloaded and I'm about 15 hours into season 2. This series is one I think I would like but I've never watched a single episode. After starting with the British mini-series called The State Within recently, I thought 24 would be similar in nature. Of course I've heard a lot about 24 with all the reports being really good - I'll give it a go soon.

Tomorrow I got let the vampires at my doctor's office suck some blood out of my body. It's time for my annual physical and blood work needs to be done before I actually see my doctor a week from tomorrow. Other than being a bit whacked, I don't know of any other issues I have which are not being currently treated. Since my last physical I've added two doctors to my inventory - one psychiatrist and one neurologist. Does this mean I'm really screwed up in the brain? Well ya! I've got the migraine/headache issues plus the need for Wellbutrin & Adderall. Do you see a pattern here? All the Meds I take are for my head but then again I bet no one out there is surprised huh?

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Lazy Weekend

Mon 12 April 2010

It was suppose to be an overcast rainy day here in Vero but the weather folks got it wrong. There are a few white clouds but for the most part it's sunny and a nice 78F this afternoon. For the first time this year, I can feel my body wanting to get outside meaning a trip to the beach. In the near future, I'll be headed over to Con beach to start my preparations for Islamorada this Summer. Besides, my dermatologist will need some nice fresh skin cancer cells to freeze.

Starr came by for a visit to tell me about her weekend in Talahassee with son John. She enjoyed seeing John of course but the visit did not turn out as planned. Seems that some boorish guys John knows from Vero called Friday to announce they were on their way to see John for the weekend as well. These rude guys knew Starr would be there so why would they come - uninvited - to spoil her weekend with her son? They could come any other time but no - they had to come this weekend. Starr did not expect that and although she tried to put a good face on it I know she was very disappointed. It's a good thing I was not there for I would have told these crude primates to stick it where the sun never shines!

This [past weekend I generally stayed away from my computers just to give it a rest - I've not got a project in process at the moment although I've got some things I can do as soon as I choose. Instead, this weekend was a British Mystery weekend meaning I watched some of the British series I've downloaded - I can't find these kind of mysteries on American TV. There are serval British series I've not even explored yet.

Tommy from Comcast came back on Saturday to finish the work on my outside cables. The cable from the splitter going into my office was defective so he replaced it although it was not easy to do so without making a mess. I had to have someone to come out to take down the soffits covering the cables and then have the guy come back on Sunday to put them back. The signal to my office was back to were it should be so at this point I've done everything I can do (I think) to improve my internet speeds. Don't get me wrong, I have decent speeds but faster is always better don't you think? The only other thing I can do at this point is pay Comcast more $$ to provide greater bandwidth to my house. I'm not there yet although I am thinking about testing the higher speeds to see if it's worth it.

I think I'll watch one of the movies In downloaded this weekend.

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Comcast Issues

Fri 09 April 2010

Sorry about being MIA but as in the several weeks, my plate has been full. It seems I get started on a project and the next thing I know it's getting dark. Where does all the time go? Hopefully you good folks have not had a panic attack or sever depression because I've not shared my wisdom since last weekend.

Tomorrow morning I've got 'Tommy' from Comcast returning to work on the cables outside my house - he was here on Thursday because I wanted my connections checked. For about a month now I've been testing my internet speed two or three times about every 3rd day - once in the morning, around mid-day, and then in the evening. There's an on-line service called speedtest.net which provides free testing and archives your results for analysis. At times I get unbelievable fast speeds while at other times my downloads slow down to a crawl. After doing a lot of testing and research, I've concluded the "jitter" on my service is the problem - "jitter" being inconsistent and unreliable service. In fact, my service is below minimums required for VOIP Comcast continues to try to sell to me.

I know my hardware is not the problem - it's my Comcast service. When Tommy came out to check my lines, he found the signal to my TV to be fine but the single to my internet service was below their minimums. In addition to what he found, I shared my testing with him - there is no doubt I need something fixed. Testing pointed to cables outside of my house (see image) which were under the soffit covering. So Yesterday I had a guy remove the soffits so Tommy can do his thing tomorrow. Stay tuned.

Several times this week Walt my landscape guy has brought computers to me for hardware and software issues. Thus far I've been able to get things fixed but there is only so far even I can go with an old machine. Speaking of an old machine, Captain Matt brought his high school antique computer to me not knowing if it would even boot. It did boot but josh it's a dinosaur - Windows 98 with 56MB of RAM!!! I cant even tell how fast the process might be but it is likely in the .5GHz range. However, once I clean it up, this computer will be wonderful for someone who does not have and can not afford one.

My friend Marilynn in Atlanta has asked me to help with her web site some more which I'm happy to do. She made something with Power Point then sent the image to me. The plan was for me to write code reproducing the look of this picture she sent which of course I could do. Doing the process, Marilynn drove my crazy although I'm certain she did not mean to do so. The problem was I got over well over a dozen e-mails requesting edits one edit at a time. For me, that's death by a thousand paper cuts! When building a web site becomes a task and not a project, I'm ready to say quits. Finally I got a page close to what she wanted.

This latest experience building a website has got me convinced I should never do it again for a woman! This is my 3rd site for a women - my experience with each has been the same. Women treat website building like shopping for a dress - they go into every shop and try on every dress before they make a decision. Women are so very particular about fonts, colors, spacing, etc . Men on the other hand just want a site and for the most part like my first effort. Men shop that way too - they generally go into one store to buy what they want. I know I buy, I don't shop but I will check prices on the internet.

This week I downloaded some movies and British TV mysteries to watch. This afternoon I watched the latest James Bond movie which I liked - full of action it was. Yesterday I saw The Boondock Saints which I also liked in fact I'm downloading Boondock Saints II as I'm typing this. My7 movie inventory is growing as is my British mystery shows.

The computer I was using before this Dell XPS is not working just fine again. I put XP on it because I wanted a good machine with XP for certain programs - my other XP computer was the first computer I ever bought so it's 'full' of stuff. This XP box is clean with only the operating system and a few programs - I did not loads all the Dell crap and other software which comes with a new computer. Things are good now.

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My Weekend

Sun 04 April 2010

Where to begin? There has been so much going on I think starting now and working backwards is about the only way I can remember. You see, my brain's processor needs more RAM after all these years of accumulating mostly esoteric and worthless information. Sometimes it takes me longer now to remember things because I've had to store some of my memory in zip files. Jeez! Am I into the computer lingo or what?

This Easter Sunday afternoon I watched two of my favorite British mysteries - they were great. There were a couple of unterruptions to offer emergency help on computers which of course I'm most happy to do. It's obvious those of us who did not grow up in the PC world are for the most part way behind those who did. The only reason I've learned some stuff is a direct result of being self-unemployed for these years after I joined the coffee group.

While watching the British Mysteries today I discovered something I thought to be true but never tested. It is true that if I download a movie or other video in high definition the file will play back in HD on my TV. If a file contains the HD data then any HD TV can read it. So this got me thinking about the computer hook-up I'm using. I'd bet the computer will render a Blue Ray HD DVD just like a good Blue Ray DVD player. Bingo...no need to buy a Blue Ray player if I thought I needed one. Of course I'll check this out but why would it not work?

This morning I worked on Walt's (landscape guy) old computer I fixed a few weeks ago with a new power supply. It would not completely boot again but this time I think it's something else - after all, he has a new power supply. After extensive research and go old process of elimination, I now think his current problem might be caused by a faulty off-on button. I first unplugged everything then plugged it back in - at first that seemed to fix it but the fix was short lived. After I use the good old universal stand-by repair method - I hit the on - off switch - it seems to be working OK now. After several reboots it has not failed but I think it will until and unless I replace it. More to follow.

Yesterday was a very long day for me starting at about 5:30 AM when I got up to go over to TB's riverside estate - we were going fishing. Matt, Drew, Ty, Tommy and I left his dock around 7:15 although the "scheduled" departure was 6:15 - why am I not surprised. It seemed the boys stayed up to the wee hours of the morning solving the World's problems. It was a very nice day but unexpectedly windy in the ocean - we had 3 - 4 feet seas most all morning although the afternoon it laid down. The trip out to the fishing grounds was rough as well as the first few hours of fishing with the rolling waves. Ugh! I got a bit sea sick but after it laid down, I was fine. Ty had the same problem. It turned out to be a great day although we didn't bring any fish onto the boat. Matt & Drew had wahoos on at the same time - Drew's got off and Matt had the fishing line come loose from the swivel. Then there also two small dolphins which also got off. We did spot 2 or 3 different sharks and I'm talking big sharks - maybe 10' or more. We got back to the docks with as many people as we left with that morning - that's a good thing.

After getting back to TB's dock around 6, I headed home to clean up in order to go to a concert with Starr at the Sunrise Theater in Fort Pierce. You're going to ask what the hell got into my mind when I said I would go - well, Starr asked so I'm pleased to go. Here's the surprise boys and girls - it was a Country - Western concert! Yep, a country - western concert with 3 'main' guys taking turns playing their songs. Two of the three sang just the type of country - western music I dislike the most - that twangy style most commonly associated with that kind of music. We both liked the third guy who sang more modern C-W music - unfortunately he only sang one out of three times.

Not only was the C-W music not to my liking, it was very LOUD too!! I don't do loud very well, especially loud I don't like. Then there was this constant whistling and hollering by the most intoxicated C-W fans. Jeez! I was out of place with a polo shirt and kaki pants - I needed a cowboy hat, jeans, and an obnoxious shirt. Oh, a nice BIG belt buckle would have been nice too. I'm glad I went with Starr - I would not have wanted her to suffer though that without me. We got up and left after we couldn't take anymore. If there was ever any doubt I don't like old time twangy whinny C-W music, let me confirm now - I don't like it.

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