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Cupcakes from Kathryn

Tue 29 September 2009

As I was getting ready to take my hot soaking bath before bed last night, the laundry room refrigerator started to 'sing' again. So, I used that tried and true repair technique, I hit the back of the freezer wall with my fist. It stopped but started up again so repeated and the same thing happened. So I tried to unscrew the back wall but I could not get the screws to budge. I hit it again but the noise continued but at a lower volume - it seems it's time to replace that refrigerator. My fix before bed was to move Sally Cat's litter box into the hall and shut the laundry room door to reduce the volume as I was going to bed. That's where my AC handler is located but I wisely had a louvered panel put in when the house was remodeled. Now this morning there is no sound at all - what's up with that? I had planned to go to Home Depot to buy a new unit but I think I'll wait until I hear it again...if I hear it again. Things like this usually do not fix themselves just like water leaks don't fix themselves. Well see what today brings. I do need a refrigerator there to hold all my drinks & beer and more importantly, my ice cream stash.

Yesterday I helped Kathryn with her computer and finally found a solution to the font size issue on her monitor. I tried before and her professional computer guy tried but we both failed. The computer guy suggested that the code I used for Kathryn's site needed changing with regard to fonts. There are standard codes used to identify the size of a font relative to the 'standard' size - those codes are H1, H2, H3, and so on. On Kathryn's page I didn't make the fonts relative but gave specific sizes to H1,H2, H# so I changed the code to make it 'relative' but that did not work which told me it was a monitor issue for sure. Finally I thought of a browser setting instead of a monitor setting that might help if changed and bingo, it fixed it. I learn something new everyday which fuels my energy and sense of satisfaction.

After lunch Kathryn brought me a box of gourmet cupcakes from a new shop that opened next to the Maryland fried chicken store. The cupcakes are very rich, full of sugar just like I like. The best way to get me on your side is through my stomach especially with ice cream, cakes, and chocolate. I sure have a sweet tooth which I inherited from my Dad and I increased it about 8 years ago when I started going for coffee in the mornings. I'll have to go by and check out the store myself. I wonder just how many cupcakes you need to sell to stay in business - it doesn't seem as if this will be very easy but who knows?

Starr came buy for a visit yesterday afternoon as she often does especially when she goes to the library. She is so busy doing so many things it boggles my mind but I guess that's what mothers do. She's always on the go, working, shopping, attending functions, helping others, and of course she's always doing something for Alex or John - especially Alex because he's at home and started college a few weeks ago. It is exhausting to hear what she does, it would wear me out. But sitting in from of a computer doing coding, building website, fixing machines, and researching this or that might drive others crazy too.

I've got to stop now as it's time for meeting my friends for coffee.

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Flu Shot

Mon 28 September 2009

Just got back from running my Monday morning errands which took up the morning - it's time for lunch and Russ Limbaugh. I find Monday mornings after coffee is a perfect time to get things done, at least for me. My first stop was at Target where I was looking for an indoor grill-like device on which I can "grill" steaks, burgers, etc. Well I didn't find anything that would do what I wanted but I did see a grill skillet with groves which reminded me I have one of those somewhere. So while I didn't get what I thought I wanted, I did get a solution worth trying - I've never used this skillet before.

Then I went to Office Depot seeking a headset only to find their offerings were very limited. The online store has dozens and dozens from witch to choose but in the Vero store there were only about 6 - 3 of the 6 were not worth considering. So, I'll continue my search but I'm thinking online is going to be my best answer.

Then on to Publix for some food - I don't eat much but I do eat every three days whether I'm hungry or not. I found blue bell ice cream on sale - my favorite store-bought ice cream - so of course I got a couple half gallons. While checking out, the lady who was bagging my groceries was told she could go on break so rather than finishing bagging, she just walked away! I'd rather bag myself so it is not a big deal but if this women was working for me, she would not be working for me anymore. What a worthless employee IMHO.

Then I went next door to have a battery put in my Swiss Army watch which should take about 5 minutes. There was were some blue-hairs looking at a ring and they looked, looked, and continued to look as I was walking out the door. Normally I would be unhappy that someone dare to take my time but I said to myself, self...if you were the jeweler, you too would spend time with the potential buys of an expensive ring rather than replacing a battery. And if I were the buyers, I too might take the time I thought I needed to decide. Well actually, when I go into a jewelry store, I know what I want before I walk in like the time I bought my Rolex in Switzerland in September, 1981.

Then as I was getting back onto state road 60, I noticed a sign in front of Walgreen's saying "get your flu shot here" - I was surprised because they were not suppose to start until October 1. I pulled in thinking that if none knew about the shots, there would not be a line - I was correct. After filling out the paperwork, I got my shot and left. I've been doing this for 20 years and since that time I've never had the flu - bad colds, but not the flu. Now I guess I need to get a shot for the N1H1 flu once they are available.

Once I returned, I had a call from Kathryn asking me to explain the issues I found with her computer with her "computer guy", Dan, while he was there. I explained the logon problem with her website's control panel and reproduced it this morning. Then I tried my website and couldn't logon there either. I could log on via a proxy from Kathryn's computer which suggests to me it is highly likely her IP is blocked somehow. I'll look into it more later today - time for lunch.

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Kicking Game Sucks

Sun 27 September 2009

I'm a happy camper this morning after Georgia Tech beat North Carolina yesterday in Atlanta when they were the underdogs. I think Tech plays better when they are underdogs - if they are favorite to win, too many players read the press and believe it. I even watched the whole game without getting a knot in my stomach. There where some bad things about the game like the field goal kicker missed two field goals well with in his range - that should not happen. Also, two GT kick-off's went out of bounds giving UNC the ball on the 40 yard line and not the 20 - that should not happen. And then a tech player with dreadlocks flowing from under his helmet got pulled to the ground by his hair on a run that could have gone all the way. Jeez!

The team continues to make mistakes and certainly will lose more games in the future - perhaps next week against Florida State in Tallahassee. Then again, FSU lost to South Florida and that was not suppose to happen. The team that beat Tech last week, Miami, lost to Virginia Tech and that was not suppose to happen. What I've noticed this year is there doesn't seem to be the usual concentration of powerful teams - the only really powerful team I see is the University of Florida. This is certainly an interesting season.

The word is in from Tulip lain - it was a sprinkler leak. Every time the sprinkler system came on, a leak under the banana trees released a lot of water. I'm surprised it was not noticed but Kathryn tells me the tress are sort off by themselves. Leaks can be costly in a house but outside the costs can and usually are much higher.

I still have not gone to fetch the items I mentioned yesterday and likely will not go today. I think I'll wait until after coffee in the morning to make the rounds. Today I'll pick a movie, watch TV, and work on my computer - oh wait, that's pretty much what I do everyday. I've got some projects in process but for the most part I need a response from individuals before I go any further. I did teach myself anew trick in Flash - I learned how to edit a URL in a flash movie. It took me a couple of hours of trial and error until I got it but in the process I learned a lot. This is the manor in which I learn everything - research then trial, error, more error, then I usually get it. I'm still not ready to learn to build a flash movie but once I find a flash object I like, I can change the text and the pictures to suit my needs. Fun, huh?

My cat sally sure seems to want more attention more often. She used to just sort of be there but now she is almost always in the same room I'm in and usually lying very close by. Heck, she even gets on the back of my bathtub when I do my pre-sleep hot bath treatments. She's on my desk and regularly sits between me and my computer screen on my keyboard which is not good - she's sat on hot keys before and screwed up e stuff I was doing at the time. Well, that's what cats do.

The days are certainly getting shorter around here. I'm having to change my landscape lights about every ten days to come on earlier because it's getting dark earlier. But I like the Fall and shorter days - what I don't like is getting up in the dark while I get ready for coffee. Oh, well.

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Out of Gas?

Sat 26 September 2009

The Yellow Jackets take on North Carolina today at noon in Atlanta - I can see the game in HD on Comcast. I've checked the betting line on the game and it is almost even with a slight 3 point edge to Georgia Tech which in my mind means nothing. It will be a matter of how the team wants to play today because I know they can play well when really want to do so. I'm hoping the coaching staff can get them fired-up and hungry for a win.

When talking to Kathryn about her website yesterday she shared with me their power/water bill on Tulip Lane - OMG...it was outrageous! I don't think I need to post how much it was just believe me when I say it was high mostly because of the water usage. With the amount of water they consumed - or at least were charged for using - it is clear to TB, Kathryn , and me there must be a leak somewhere or Tommy is trying to make the canal behind his house a fresh water canal. Plumbers were coming but as of this morning I've nit heard the result. My guess is a leak in their sprinkler system.

Got an e-mail from Lina this morning as she proudly announced she was able to install a program I could not install after repeated attempts - good for her! It was the Adobe Flash Player needed to view so many things on the internet and required for some games Lina plays. It would not install for me - it failed after 5 or 6 attempts. I even tried to download the executable onto my machine so I could send it to her's but Adobe won't allow you just to download without installing. Anyway, Lina did it - I know not how - but she did.

I stayed up to after midnight last night working on a project. I didn't need to stay up but time flew by and when I looked up it was 12:15 AM -Jeez! I'll pay for it today but sometimes I get involved in doing something I'm just not aware of time. These "timeless" events I love because I would be aware of the time if I did not like what I was doing. Of course my dogged pursuit of a project is rather common so I'm really not surprised. If it were not for Sally cat I might have gone on even longer.

I've got several things I need to do but I might just wait until Monday and spend the day here with college football. I want to buy a electric indoor grilling device, a headset for use with the word recognition software Kathryn is going to share with me, a big container of round-up for keeping the weeds off the North side of my house, and a battery for one of my watches. I may just wait until Monday after my coffee meeting because none of it needs to be done today. I also need to go to Publix for some fruit and bread - maybe I'll check out the Fresh Market for these items.

A rather big guy came to my back door saying his truck ran out of gas and he needed to get to Sebastian. I may have been born at night but it was not last night - I recognized it for what it was, a scam to get $$. He said he needed $10 so I gave it to him so he'd just go away at which point he asked for $5 more. What? You need $15 worth of gas to get to Sebastian? I declined to give him more at which point he said he'd pay me back - I believe that as much as I believe Obama is a God-fearing, American-loving conservative!!

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Lina's Computer

Fri 25 September 2009

When I went to pick up Captain Matt's old college computer his mother is using, I discovered it was working ok although a bit slow. It is her inability to access AOL mail that was the problem. After trying all the AOL recommended solutions, I decided to install Firefox to see if it some how was a browser issue - sure enough, Firefox worked perfectly and is faster than internet explorer. My guess is that matt has accumulated a bunch of crap that has attached itself to the IE browser. With a clean fresh install of Firefox I think Lina is good to go until her new machine arrives. Oh did I mention - Matt is buying his mom a new computer.

Yesterday afternoon I stayed away from my computer and other's computers as well choosing to watch some things on TV. I found a foreign movie from Finland that was sub-titled in English so I decided to watch it.It was good enough that I watched the whole thing which often does not happen. Then of course I had to catch FOX News for a few hours - Fox is the only TV news outlet that is not in the tank for Obama. It's dangerous when the media shoves news out through their liberal point of view without telling the whole story or in some cases not telling the story at all. I find it prudent to gather news from more than one source especially if that source is the liberal media reporting from the fringe left.

The South Carolina - Mississippi state game was sooooo boring I had to leave the game. Into the 3rd quarter the score was 9 - 3 ...I like high scoring offensive battles. it turns out the SC won the game beating #4 ranked Mississippi 17 - 10. I hope tomorrow I can find more exciting games to watch including North Carolina vs Georgia Tech in Atlanta at noon. I don't have a clue as to how good either team is really. I'll watch it until and unless I get too much anxiety building up. Why do I get so anxious - it's just a game!

When I woke up this morning I heard a loud whining noise - I mean loud. It turns out my back-up refrigerator in the laundry room was singing like crazy. It certainly looked like I was going to need a replacement until I used that professional fix of opening the freezer door and then hit the back of the freezer with my fist. It worked but for how long? The things that cause noise like this in the first place usually do not get better but rather worse. It's not a big deal - that refrigerator is only used to keep beer, soft drinks, steaks, and ice cream of course. It was the one I bought about 2 years before the big renovation for not a lot of money. Very basic but it servers it's purpose.

Kathrym has offered to give me her Dragon Naturally speaking software for me to use once she noticed I peck on my computers keyboard with one finger - I never learned to type and I've only used a computer for about 6 years. I get along fine but she thinks I could use this voice recognition software when I want to type my posts, e-mails, etc. Of course it would never work for coding but text should work well. actually I tried an older version of this software years ago on my first computer and to my amazement it worked rather well. since then I think the software has gotten better and I probably have a better understanding of how to use it. Maybe I can fetch it fromKathryn today to give me yet another poject.

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Am I Working Again?

Thu 24 September 2009

Am I back to full time employment for the first Tim in 23 years? It certainly seems that way because most everyday I spend an average working day of 8 hours trying to help others with their computers or build websites. Of course if I didn't like doing it I would not do it - you see I really enjoy the learning and discovery process I go through each time I take on a project. Since the time I got my first computer were I asked Bill Voegeli to come set it up for me till now when people like Bill ask for my help. I must admit, you really have to be a geek to enjoy this stuff as I do. The good news is I can stop anytime, it doesn't cost me anything, and I get the reward of helping others - heck, some even pay me.

Case in point - yesterday I spent most of the morning in Kathryn's office going over her new website and fine tuning her pages. She requested I put a news scroll on her 'splash page' and add a news Blog to the content of the site - both have been done as I'm typing this. You can have a look at SingerJohnston.com to see for yourself. I.m particularity pleased with the way I was able to seamlessly integrate a Blog page into her site using a system that is easy for Kathryn to use when posting. What do you think?

Then Lina called because she could not get access to her AOL mail online and with the use of TeamViewer I worked on the problem for over a hour with no real success. I know what the error was with respect to AOL so I searched for a repair which I indeed found. But the repair failed. I could access her mail from my machine but not from her's. Remember her original computer died and can not be repaired - it had serious hardware problems like a motherboard meltdown or major hard drive corruption. I put captain Matt's old college computer in for her to use but as one might expect, the Captain managed to get it full of crap over his 4 years in school. I've spent hours and hours on machines trying to remove all the crap, viruses, malware, etc but of course I don't get it all - the newer infections now days are much more difficult to find and remove. So, I've concluded I don't want to spend hours and hours trying so this morning I'm going to fetch the tower, bring it to my office, transfer Matt's documents to an external hard drive, and then reinstall Windows. This worked great for John so I'm hoping it will work here too. If it doesn't, no worries, Matt is going to by his Mom a new machine.

I have other projects on the burner as well. I think I'll reinstall Windows on Starr's computer as well for the same reasons. Then I've got two website projects one requiring input from the owner to be and the other is a update I want to do for my Atlanta attorney if he wants a new site. My plans are to build a splash page and a home page to see if he likes it before I rebuild the whole site - there's no rush on this one.

Well I'm off to get coffee and then head out to Lina's house.

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Vero vs. Atlanta

Wed 23 September 2009

More I learn about the monsoons in Atlanta, the happier I am that I don't live at 900 anymore. It is true to say I really don't miss Atlanta most of the time except two times a year - a few weeks in the Fall with the beautiful leaf changing and a few weeks in the Spring when everything blooms. Florida really doesn't have the dramatic changes in seasons as you find in Atlanta. Nonetheless, this week I'm particularly happy I'm not living in a house with perhaps a few feet of standing water. Unlike flat places like Florida, Atlanta does eventually drain well because it's hilly and water runs downstream. I've been amazed with the video I've seen - there was nothing anywhere close to that in my 41 years living there.

We're having heavy rain this morning but I don't believe it will last all day. The rain is coming from the East which, unless it's a tropical storm, usually doesn't last all that long. The radar shows spotty rain showers moving in but nothing organized. I hope to make it for coffee without getting too wet - I melt don't you know?

When I was out at Starr's house a couple days ago returning John's laptop I repaired so it could ride back to Tallahassee, I need to check something on her computer. Jeez! That desktop is as slow as molasses in the middle of winter! It troughs messages up on boot about updating this or that but when you eventually do get online it takes forever to navigate pages on the internet. Frankly, I don't know how Starr and Alex can tolerate it without trying to fix it to work faster. So I installed Malewarebytes so it would find all the Spyware, adware, browser helpers, and some other nasty things that might be part of the problem. I started the scan but left knowing it would take a couple hours to look deep into the bowels of her computer. When I say Starr yesterday, she said it found nothing! That can not possible be correct, there has to be some bad things on that machine which has not been cleaned in a long time if at all! I'm going to take my laptop and a flash drive I have with all sorts of repair tools on it out there to see what I can do.

Did I mention TB and Kathryn went to watch the Florida - Tennessee game this past weekend? They both reported having a good time and the good news is Florida did win. From 1966 through the mid 1980's, I never missed a Georgia Tech home game. Saturdays in the Fall were always a lot of fun going and participating with the huge numbers of fans at Grant Field. But as time passed, my interest in going to games passed too - I guess it's part of that old fart thing. Even so, there is nothing like actually being at a game for fun and excitement.

John has been to some Florida State games but I don't sense the excitement and enthusiasm for the game like that which TB & I have. Maybe this will come once he's actually going to classes at FSU rather than the community college he's attending now. The more he lives in and among FSU students, the more the excitement he'll sense about the games - at least that's what I think. Time will tell.

Today I'm showing one of the latest pictures I got from Syp 7 Sjak of their cute son, Yari. Doesn't he look so sweet and innocent? Well let me tell you, his Daddy could look sweet and innocent too while a real devilish of a active boy was hidden inside. Click on the picture for a bigger image.

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Atlanta Flooding

Tue 22 September 2009

Many of you boys and girls may not know this but Atlanta has had a down pour of rain causing flooding all over the city. Some of you have asked about my old house up there on Peachtree Battle circle which never flooded in the 34 years I lived there but did come with about 6". Well, I sold my house at the worst possible time in the horrible real estate market in December of 2007 - that's the bad news. The good news is I don't live there now because I'm 100% positive it flooded - I just don't know how many inches or feet of water came into my lower level. I'm guessing about 20" - 30" based on the reports I read in the Atlanta Journal.

Peachtree Creek - The creek's 4:45 a.m. measurement at Atlanta was 19.87 feet. The creeks crest Monday of 23.89 feet was surpassed only a crest of 25.8 feet in 1919. Flood stage is 13 feet, and anything above 20 feet is a major flood.

It was never a mater of if my house would flood but rather when it would flood. I'm sure the guys have flood insurance but nonetheless the house will never be the same - mold, smells, weakened foundation, etc. I'm going to attempt to find out just what did happen so I can report back. Right now I'm suffering under blue a blue sky with a few white puffy clouds here and there.

Click on today's image for a very revealing video.

About 1:30am this morning a car went by my house with his boom box blasting so loud that it woke me up thinking my surround sound stereo had come on at a high level. I tried to turn it off with my remote but it wasn't even on. Rarely do I hear the street at night..in fact, almost never. My house is very well insulated but this was outrageously loud - I can't even imagine what it sounded like outside. I'm sure the ass caused a lot of folks to wake up - I hope the police nabbed his worthless butt.

For the past several days I've been working on a news publishing system for Kathryn's new website. I searched and search until I found a few systems that could work for her, where not too expensive, and were easy to use - by her own admission, Kathryn doesn't understand much at all about websites much less editing and news publishing. I tried one system but it just didn't get the job done. I tried another that worked but it would have been very difficult and time consuming to edit and/or re-write the code to suit her needs. I did find one that seemed perfect.

The time I've been spending is on the installation and editing to fit into her pages. I also had to set up a SQL database with the proper users and passwords. There was a slight flaw which I tried to fix yesterday but ended up crashing the whole installation - I was going to have to start all over. having learned from crashes in the past, I had the system backed up on my local machine so I thought I could just reinstall the files. No go - I caused a "fatal error" in the database permissions that could not be fixed thus requiring a whole new installation. But wait, the "plain" news_index.php still worked so I said to myself - self, why not edit the page that does work with the code from the page that did not work with a PHP call function. I started at about 4 am and by 6 am I got it fixed - not the way intended but very functional all the same. I even found a solution to the problem that caused me to crash the news publishing program in the first place. Yea!!

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Busy, Busy

Sun 20 September 2009

Sorry boys and girls but I've been so busy working on several projects that I've not had time to post here and I know how much you rely on my pearls of wisdom every day. Actually to say I've not had time OS not totally correct - I just have not taken the time would be more accurate. You see, when I get started on a project, I don't want to stop until I'm done or I'm so tired I can't go on. This morning I've not started working on a project although I have 3 in the queue now.

John sent his computer to Vero with a friend of his who came in for the weekend. Remember, I got the laptop working but it still could not connect wirelessly - you sort of need that wireless thingy for a laptop. I didn't get the machine until noon but had it running perfectly by about 6:30. Oh great guru, how did you do that you ask? John's operating system had some critical flaws that could not be fixed even though I tried. So, I did a clean reinstall of Windows Vista replacing his sick operating system with a fresh clean one - it took me all afternoon to do that.

First I installed Vista that took over a hour but then I installed 66 updates released since the the CD was released. This was a laborious project because it took forever to download the files and then it took even longer to install all the files. Next I installed some security programs like AVG Security Suite, SpywareBlaster, WinPatrol, MalwareBytes, etc. Then of course I installed Firefox, CCleaner, and other useful tools. Now he has a fresh machine, properly protected, and a wireless adaptor that works perfectly. This was my first reinstall of Windows which I found to be easy but time consuming. John's good to go.

Recently I found a interesting little utility while doing research which I believe will be very useful to me.It takes a picture of your registry when you boot and then when you reboot it tells you what has changed with the option of rejecting changes. This will be useful in identifying viruses, Trojans, malware, and other nasty things that might have sneaked into your computer. The draw back to this utility is that it is just a utility meaning the user has to know what to do with the information it provides - it is not for the average user. It is called Tiny Watcher and can be found free here .

Even I get infections with all my caution and security knowledge. I know you find it hard to believe but there occasionally are new nasty things I've not learned about yet. The tiny watcher along with the paid version of MalwareBytes are my two newest security tools. The paid version of MalwareBytes stops outgoing connection requests when the destination IP is questionable. There is something on my machine now that is trying to connect to an IP in China - I know this should not be happening but as of this morning, I don't know what a application is trying to do that. My detective work is need but in the meantime access to China is denied. I think it might be the MyDoom Virus but I'm not sure yet - stay tuned.

I've got news from DutchieLand - Syp's employer went bankrupt - this is the second company he's driven to bankruptcy! The good news is they are reorganizing which means Spy still has a job unlike the last employer he sent crashing in flames. I talked to him on the phone briefly - all is well with the Arends clan. Djem is growing like a weed and Yari is out of control just like his Daddy. I'll chat with him again soon but I can tell you his life is full and he has no spear time. What you you expect with two growing boys and a demanding job?

I thought'd treat you to poppa Syp and baby Djem.

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Computer Repair

Thu 17 September 2009

Where have I been you ask? Well, I've been working on computer issues for John and Lina - when I get started on a project I like to keep on going until I get it resolved or I've gone as far as I can with the tools I have.

John's machine was blocked from getting to the internet by some nasty viruses and a Trojan. Because John's in Tallahassee it is a bit more challenging than working on his computer if he was here. With my TeamViewer application I can work on John's machine but often I would need to reboot after certain cleaning, scanning, etc which up until now meant he would have to be next to his machine to 'allow' me back in. Then I discovered a way to remotely reboot his computer and still have access without John being there - his busy social schedule would not be interrupted while I slaved over his machine.

I needed certain utilities to do y work but without internet access with his browser, I could not download them. No worries - TeamViewer provides a file transfer utility as part of the application so I could send the needed utilities from my computer without browser functionality. After working with HijackThis and installing a maleware scanner I got his computer working again except for his wireless adopter - he now needs to be hard-wired to a router. This sent me into extensive research with the hope of identifying the problem which I did. It seems his Windows Zero Configuration, which is needed to "discover" wireless networks wasn't even in his services - the application was gone! It used to be there so my only explanation is one of the Trojans deleted it. Just Damn! I'd need his computer to work on it more so I suggested he go to the computer help shop at Florida State. At the very least I'd need to boot his computer from the Windows operating system CD then replace the missing application. At worst we will need to reinstall Windows. Stay tuned.

John's problems pail in comparison to Lina's (Barnes boys mom) problems - her computer gets a BSOD just after boot.Without it even booting, I brought the computer to my computer lab to work on it on Wednesday. I did a bunch of research but to let you know just how bad it is, I even get a BSOD in the safe mode for God's sake - the machine would not boot at all. So I put the Windows operating CD in the machine and booted from it and on the first try I was able to get into the machine via the safe mode. Having my astute presences of mind, the first thing I did is download her entire "My Documents" file to a flash drive. Windows delivered a message that the services & registry where broken but it lead me to believe the CD fixed it so I rebooted again without the CD - it crashed. I booted it again with the CD - this time it crashed. I could no longer get into the machine nor would it allow my to reinstall Windows!!! My last hope was to see if the BIOS was corrupt so I was able to get into the BIOS and restore it to factory defaults. I booted - it crashed.

This computer has run it's life span - I think it is time to go to the big computer graveyard in the sky. Any further effort to fix it would likely cost almost as much as a new machine. I think I know what Matt, Drew, and Ty can give their mother for Christmas!

Have you noticed that it is getting darker earlier and the sun comes up later each day? That's ok, it should be that way this time of the year. Oh, of course I need to mention Georgia Tech plays Miami on national TV tonight in Miami - I'm afraid Miami has a powerful offence which Tech will not be able to stop. Georgia Tech does have a chance to win if they figure out there are two halves to each game, not one!

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John's Computer

Mon 14 September 2009

Yesterday I worked on John's computer from about 3 in the afternoon until 9 last night. I was able to do that because I've found AC way of remotely rebooting his machine and then connect anew with TeamViewer - what a useful program. It turns out that John didn't go to Atlanta and because I couldn't logon to his computer Saturday morning I thought he did. What happened was when I went to reboot a program was opened - the Task Manger - that would not close so the machine never rebooted. It wasn't until yesterday when John called did we discover the issue - I learn something each time I make a boo boo.

The computer was unusable for internet access because the browsers did not work. This became a problem when I wanted to download a program onto John's computer in order to help me with my repair effort. Problem solved - I downloaded the applications onto my computer and then transferred it to John's computer via the file transfer utility in teamViewer - cool, huh? Research on Saturday pointed me to the most popular Malware scanners used today called Malwarebytes which I installed and started a 'deep' scan that took 2 hours and 35b minutes. The scan found no less than 32 infections all over his machine including the registry. After fixing all the baddies, his computer works again and all the programs are back to functioning as far as I know. However, the wireless adopted is still dead so I'll work on that as soon as the machine is rebooted. Stay tuned.

A new cleaning service came by to look at my house and give me a quote for their service - I declined their service. They first wanted to charge $240 as a 'new client" first time visit then $120/visit there after. My former service was doing a great job for $60/visit so I'm not anxious to double that. They said it would take two people at least 4 hours to clean my house - I think not. This house is kept clean for the most part - I don't live in AV pigpen for God's sake. I'll seek another service.

Got my blood test results for my CBC (complete blood count) to find nothing was out of the norm. That's good to know but I still have this tired/fatigue issue but the good news is Adderall helps. This morning I had an appointment with Dr. Director ending in no changes in dosage of Adderall but rather in the type I use - he's switched me off the extended release version and back to instant release as needed - one in the morning, one in the afternoon, and one in the middle if needed. I found that around 11 AM, my energy seemed about the same with a 20mg Adderall XL as a 10mg of IR. The end result is I might find myself taking less total dosage during a day but he left it up to me to continue my testing of me, the lab rat.

On Sunday before John called I watched the downloaded movie, The Man from Earth - I think that was the name. It was not full of action but rather took place in a cabin with a group of people one of which claimed to be 14000 years old. It was interesting but not great.

How do you like my banner?.

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Happy Birthday Drew

Sun 13 September 2009

Brother Drew is celebrating his hatch-day with friends and family in Atlanta this weekend - I think he's 40, no....probably 30. I remember him from the time he can't remember me - gosh how kids grow up so fast. It didn't seem like it was fast when I was trying to grow up (but failed) however it seems fast to me now that I'm an old fart. Anyway, I bet the rowdy group of partiers went out for a big time last night - I expect I'll get reports later. I even think John might have gone to Atlanta this weekend to join the party but I've not heard from him although he said he'd call.

I think it might be time for Drew to retire and move back to Vero and become a world-class flats boat fisherman... you know, compete in tournaments and such. On the other hand, it would be even cooler if he became a treasure hunter and found some exciting stuff like Spanish gold coins for example. I'm not sure how excited his Dad would be about such a change but if he struck it big, I'm positive pops would be very happy for him - me too.

College football yesterday was just simply fabulous! I watched several games flipping from one channel to the next - there were so many close and exciting games to watch. What I liked was all the high-scoring games with the ultimate winner having just a few points more than the loser - I don't like watching blowouts like the Florida - Troy State game. I could talk about all the games but the one game though really stood out was the Western Michigan - Michigan State game were Michigan State was the favorite. When it came down to the end of the game with 33 seconds left, Western Michigan scored a touchdown making the score 28 - 27 in favor of Michigan State. The WM team decide to go for two extra points to win the game rather than a sue one extra point to tie the game sending it into overtime. It was a gutsy call with a "we can win" attitude but alas they missed the extra point try.

Now with 33 seconds left, WM had to kick to MS but they kicked an onside kick and got the ball back on the MS 45 yard line. With only seconds left, the WM field goal kicker was going to try a field goal longer than he'd ever kicked - he missed the field goal but he got a do-over because MS was offside bringing the ball 5 yards closer to the goalposts and this time the kicker nailed the field goal - Western Michigan beat the higher ranked Michigan State team 30 - 28. What an exciting game to watch especially the way the WM team demonstrated they came to win with that missed extra point attempt. I think I was excited for WM team as much as they were excited - Michigan State fans were shocked and dumbfounded losing in their own stadium - now you know why I love college football.

Since my last post, John's computer has not been fixed - it can not access the internet. It is impossible to work on a machine remotely unless there is someone standing by to reboot as needed which is often the case when I'm trying to fix something. Then I discovered I can actually reboot remotely with TeamViewer if the utility is set up properly on both machines. I was to work on his computer this weekend but John did not bother to turn it on so I could - he may have gone to Atlanta and taken it with him. Nonetheless, he could have connected in Atlanta but he did not. Oh well, he's the one without a functioning computer, not me! I can only try to help when he decides to turn his machine on so I guess he doesn't think it is important enough to do so now.

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What a Game!

Fri 11 September 2009

Last night I was experiencing mass anxiety during the second half of the Georgia Tech - Clemson game. Holy orangutan dodo batman - I get really worked up with games like this one. I do love close games with a lot of scoring except when it comes to Georgia Tech - then I just want the team to get ahead by a touchdown or two and stay ahead. Last night was a nail-biter for me although that field goal with 56 seconds left made things a whole hell of a lot better. The final score was 30 - 27.

What happened to Tech in the second half? I hope this is not a preview of what's to come. Next week Tech plays powerful Miami and then a couple weeks after that they play Florida State - the two offensive powerhouses in the ACC. The Yellow Jackets' 30-27 win over Clemson was not as consistently riveting, or competitive, from start to finish as Monday's win by Miami at Florida State, but it packaged perhaps as much drama.

Late yesterday afternoon up until about 30 minutes of the Tech game I was working on John's laptop via my remote computer control software. That software called Team Viewer is really cool unless you have to reboot which means you lose the connection and in order to reconnect, you need a new password because the software things it's a new session. Anyway, I got his Internet Explorer to work again but broke his wireless adaptor in some way - I have no clue. The adapter's software says it's working properly and in the network connection tabs it indicates a strong signal. The problem is that when I try to connect wirelessly Windows says it can't find any wireless networks when the computer is right next to one.

This adopter was working prior to a system restore - using system restore should not break it. I even uninstalled the adopter and reinstalled but that didn't work either. To make hatters worse, just before I was going stop and try again today, the laptop got infected with one of those damn Trojans that stars scanning your computer and hijacks your browser - one like Lina, Matt, and I got. Fortunately having learned on Lina's computer I was able to kill it or at least it seems that way - I won't really know until we boot up today and I check things out. Hopefully John will boot up this morning and give me control so I can work on it today.

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New Blood Work

Thu 10 September 2009

I just got from having the lab vampires suck some blood out of my body for testing. No, it was not ordered by a doctor but rather by me using an online testing service I've used before. A long time a go in a galaxy far far away when I was in the insurance business, I discovered that a whole hell of a lot of information can be gleaned from blood work - underwriters told me just how valuable this tool was in assessing risk. I was also told that any given test could show values out of the 'norm' and not necessarily be bad - it is very useful to compare the reads from tests you get over the years to see if a trend can be identified.

So why did I order the test you ask - because a CBC (complete blood count) test will give clear data which can help in diagnosing chronic fatigue issue I have. Basically I may not have enough of this or that which is important in giving one energy. When I get the test back I will not know what it necessarily, but I will be able to see if all the readings are in the 'norm' and if not, I'll call my doctor. I should get the results in a few days.

The folks at Amazon movie rental were of course too smart to allow users to simply copy a movie - my rental went dead yesterday afternoon. So I checked the copy I had on a external hard drive on my desktop and still no go. The movie file is a simple .wmv file but it has coding in it that requires a license before it runs. The license is obtained from the online vender - Amazon - which gives a video player from working without an 'ok' from home. I forget the name of this system but I've read about it before. Oh, well.

Yesterday I ordered an inexpensive wireless keyboard and mouse with the idea of connecting my auxiliary Dell Optimax to my TV and leaving it connected. I could place the machine out of site behind my TV and use it to run movies whenever I want or actually surf the internet as I'm watching TV. I probably will not set this up right away but I couldn't pass up the keyboard sale in case I did want to use it.

John called me yesterday saying his browser would not open a page even though he was connected to the internet - his browser was sick. After trying a few standard thins, I suggested a system restore to a point when it was working. John uninstalled Norton antivirus from his computer and it seems that is about the time the browser stopped working. Norton is a real bitch to uninstall and I'm thinking that was the issue causing the problem like maybe some browser protection that was removed but left the browser permanently protect? John was a virgin to system restore but I walked him through it and the laptop said it was completed. Now we have a new problem - his wireless contention stopped working so there was no way to tell if the browser started working? So today he's going to use an Ethernet connection rather than wireless by going to his neighbor's apartment - John & David do not have their own ISP set up yet. So if the browser works, I'll hopefully be able to logon from here and see if I can fix the wireless service or perhaps make his machine totally un-useable. He's to call me sometime today - stay tuned.

About Obama's long speech last night I want to make one comment for now. Does Obama really think Americans are so dumb as to believe you can add tens of millions to Obamacare and it not cost anymore than it does now? He said his plan would not add to the deficit - I don't think even the far left radical liberals believe that! So if he's lies about that, what else in his plan are also lies? And does anyone really believe he will not cover illegal aliens in this country? Give me a break - the whole speech was full of lies and Obama looked angry when he gave it.

,p>Tech plays tonight at 7:30 on ESPN - be there!
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Sever Problems

Wed 09 September 2009

Yesterday morning started off bad for me when I went to post my morning pearls of wisdom and general bull. I got a 500 error saying I did not have access to my site on the internet - what's up with that? I contacted the folks hosting my site because a 500 error is a server side error. They fixed it on their end but then when I went to BillsView.com, I got a 403 - Access Denied" error...now what? Contacting the host again they said they could see me site fine and when I used a proxy, I could see my site fine. This happened before but my solution was to change my IP which should have given me a clue.

There is a file in the root directory of my site called .htaccess according to the server people they suggested as a possible cause. OK, how do I find it? It turns out you have to change some settings to see 'hidden' files just like you do in Windows - did you know there are a ton of hidden files in Windows? Anyway, this file had over 200 IP addresses in it including mine so I removed my IP and presto, I could get to BillsView. Now the mystery to me is how did these IP Addresses get there in the first place - I've never even opened the file. When I asked that question of my host, they told me to send an e-mail to "abuse" at the firm that actually owns these big servers. I have gotten a response from them yet. Me smells a rat!

Now this morning as I was opening my e-mails, Sally Cat came and sat next to my keyboard but managed to sit on the hotkey that deletes the e-mail in my 'new mail' folder and she did it before I read my e-mail or in fact before I saw who even sent me mail over night. Frankly the majority of the e-mails I get suggest I need to enlarge a certain body part or take pills to enlarge it on demand - not needed at least not yet. So I'm not too concerned about what got deleted but nonetheless I wanted to see if I could find them. No such luck. I ran a 'recovery' program I have on a flash drive which found hundreds, nay thousands of deleted files but not my e-mails. I could sort the files by date so there really many deletion this morning just after boot. There are programs that can recover Outlook or Outlook Express mail but not Pegasus mail - I use Pegasus because of it's flexibility, options, and security. Oh, well!

Yesterday I checked my rented movie discovering it is set to expire this afternoon - 3 days from the time I first watched it. Now it will be interesting to see if it gets deleted - I think it will disappear. The real question is will the copy I put on an external hard drive also go away - I think not. Report to follow tomorrow.

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Matt's Laptop

Tue 08 September 2009

Did you see that game last night between Miami and Florida State? That was a great game full of lots of offense and to my surprise, Miami won. I think I heard this was the first time in 20 years Florida State lost their home opener - a streak can't last forever. What scares me is that Georgia tech has to play both of these teams in the net 30 days and from what I saw last night, Georgia Tech will have a tough time. First, Tech has to beat Clemson on Thursday night and that is not a given.

Yesterday I was cooking a hamburger on the stove when the phone rang so I answered it. In the meantime, the burger began to smoke a bit but by no means was it burned. However it set off my smoke detector that calls home unless it was disarmed - damn what a really loud sound goes off after it chirps loudly for awhile. This had never happened before so I was not 100% how the hell to stop it. The only thing I could do is put in my security code and that seemed to work. I got a message 'call failed" because I put in my code while the system was calling home. What a way to find out the alarm works, huh? BTW, it really didn't take much smoke at all to set it off - it has a low thrush hold for triggering the alarm.

All morning and part of the afternoon I worked on Captain Matt's laptop - it was slow and he thought infected as well. First I went through his startup list and disabled about half of the programs starting at boot that do not need to be running every time the computer is on. It took me awhile to check everything on the list because I didn't know what the applications did or if they were necessary.

I was told there was an infection but I could not find it using my handy HijackThis tool although I did find things that needed to be eliminated. Upon rebooting the machine on the third time an alert from Matt's antivirus program said there was an infection - the same infection Matt has been talking about but it did not show it's evil face until my third boot. When I told the AV program to fix it, the program said it couldn't because it could not find the virus although it was there at one point - this suggests the virus - a Trojan in this case - mutates after booting to try to stay hidden.

I had to get deep down into the bowels and hidden files on the laptop - files that should not normally be available. Sure enough, the virus was not where it once was. But the AVG alert also mentioned another "legitimate" executable in the Pre-fetch fold - executables are not suppose to be in a pre-fetch at all! Although it had a legitimate name, dwwin.exe , it was trying to spoof users. You see, the "legitimate" application came with the computer and therefore should not have a date of September 1 of this year - I found the rat and deleted it. I also found two other executables in Matt's temporary fold - why are there executables in a temporary fold especially ones have the same date as the nasty I just trash? I got rid of them and about 6 other files with the same time stamp all of which where either empty or very small.

I think I fixed the problem but I'm really not sure - these Trojans are very sneaky but I think I got the "mother ship" as it were when I found the one in pre-fetch. So I moved on to defrag the machine that was in such a mess it looked like it had not been defraged for a very long time. The process took over two hours and still was not complete - Matt had to leave so he can finish the process in Atlanta. Same goes for the Disk Clean-up it too was still working as Matt had to leave.

I like doing this stuff - it's actually fun for me. God I'm a real geek, huh? Don't answer that!

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It Worked!

Mon 07 September 2009

Holly sh*t batman - it worked! Yesterday I decided to watch my $1 movie on my big screen with a feed from my computer. It was easy to set up because all the connections are in place. When I started the movie in the Amazon player, it started as it should but when I connected my laptop to my TV it didn't work. I tried it a couple of times but no go. Well, I was not going to let that stop me so I opened the movie in my Windows Media Player and shazam it worked beautifully. I did have to drag my WMP screen wider so it would fill my TV screen but it was no probem - it played perfectly.

The quality was at least as good as any digital signal I get from DirectTV or perhaps even better than a signal from the satellite. But it was not as good as an HD movie but then again, this was not a HD file. I think to play HD from a download you might need an HD player interface like Blue-Ray - I'll do some research. Now the question is will the movie "expire" in some fashion after 3 days - the Amazon player says I have three days of viewing from the time I first viewed. So it will be interesting to see if the Amazon play automatically erases it after 3 days or not. No worries, I copied it to an external hard drive away from my laptop and out of the reach of the Amazon Player. I may need the player to download the movie in the first place but I'm not even sure about that. I've got to do some more research on that aspect as well.

I'm most pleased with this new movie system I've discovered and I'm 100% positive I'll use it again. In fact, I'll look for a movie to download for future viewing this morning so I'll have it. It takes 30+ minutes to download the file.

While I was researching this whole system in the first place I went to a lot of websites for information. One site offered trailers of movies before you actually download a movie - this site did not sell or rent movies, just the trailers. Well I clicked on one and the windows download notification popped up wanting me to download a file. Immediately my radar came up telling me this was not right - usually you click on a movie and it plays automatically without a download. I decided to download the file but when I opened the file I used my Sandboxie tool to isolate what ever I was opening. My radar was correct - it was a Trojan that my antivirus alerted me to right away.

Once I got the name of the virus I found it was a nasty one from Russia packed in an executable called sysguard.exe. This was among the same sort of infection I found on Lina's computer but a lot easier for me to eliminate because it was isolated in Sandboxie and had not installed. I deleted all the files then ran HijackThis where I found 3 browser helpers to eliminate as well. All seems just fine now after I did a complete system scan that took about 90 minutes. The moral of the story is one should use a program like Sandboxie to open any file that might be suspicious. I can see why so many innocent users get infected.

Captain Matt came by yesterday afternoon for a visit and to help me with my Crown before it goes bad if it weren't for Matt, John, Drew. and a few others, the Crown would spoil. We talked about football, computers, and his new I-Phone - that phone is cool and if I wanted a cell phone, that would be it. He's having a bit of a computer problem so he dropped his laptop here last night so I can have a look at it this morning without making it totally unusable! Well, he did say he wants a newer, faster, shinier laptop so if I break it all together that wouldn't be all so bad.

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Tech Wins

Sun 06 September 2009

Wouldn't you know it - when it was time to watch the Tech game on my big screen through my computer, I was in the middle of doing some work on my desktop. So I just watched it on my laptop while working on a project thus I don't have a report as to how well it worked. The laptop was great. It was very good that Tech won 37 - 17 but I've not got an opinion as to how good or bad Georgia Tech will be this year. The game Thursday night against Clemson on ESPN's Thursday Night College Football may give me a better idea. Needless to say, a win is a win.

Of course I watch parts of several other games on DirectTV - there were a lot of options some of which were very obscure teams. Some of these games didn't look any different than a high school game in a small stadium with low attendance - of course they were small schools as well. But you know what, I like watching some of these smaller schools for the same reason I like little league over the pros - they are being played for fun and not for national recognition. There are 3 more games on today.

When watching the Alabama - Virginia Tech game last night, I noticed 100% of Alabama's defense on the field were black players. I'm guessing the reason is the black players are a lot better than their white counterparts - I've not got a problem with that at all. My purpose inn mentioning it is I believe the best person for a job should get the job without respect to race, color, sexual orientation, national origin, political views, etc. I do not believe in quotes. If it were the other way around, you can bet the race-baiting warlords would be screaming racism. Have you noticed the media, liberals, and race warlords thing 'racism' can only be against evil white folks but never the other way around? I'm just saying...

So what got my attention yesterday other than the games you ask? Well I got an e-mail from Georgia Tech - which I get weekly or more during football season - with an offer about getting movies from Blockbuster via mail like Netfilx has done for years so I followed the link with the $8.99/mo. offer. While poking around the Blockbuster site I discovered they do streaming movies online so I thought I'd look into that which lead me to research the hardware needed. Their are boxes you can get for your TV for about $100 but why get a box in the first place I ask? Further research lead me to conclude you don't need a box if you can connect your computer to a TV or simply watch it on your computer monitor. It appears the box is for folks without a computer or folks with a computer but no clue as to how to connect it to a TV.

Then I discovered that Amazon rents movies online on a pay per movie bases but the fees start at $.99 - for me I'd be better off just paying for what I want when I want it. Amazon says I needed to install their "viewer" which I did then I down loaded a movie I wanted to watch for $.99 - I've not actually watched it yet but what I found is it is a simple .wmv file that should play on any video player that accepts .wmv files without the need of Amazon's viewer. Me thinks the Amazon viewer may have a mechanism that will delete the move three days after it's first viewing - you can watch the movie anytime or anywhere without an internet connection.

The movie was downloaded in about 30 minutes - it is about 3GB I think. The files was hidden but of course I know how to find hidden files so I did. When I discovered it was a .wmv file I transferred a copy to one of my external hard drives so the Amazon player would not delete it. That's all I know now - more to come. Jeez I'm a geek, huh?

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College Football Saturday

Sat 05 September 2009

The game last night on ESPN between Kentucky and #1 ranked LSU was great - it was high scoring and went into triple overtime. I guess LSU will not be ranked #1 when the polls come out on Monday because Kentucky beat them 42 - 37 (or something like that.) I hope to see other great games starting at noon today. Georgia Tech plays at 1pm on ESPN 360 so this will be the first time I'll really check out using my big screen TV as a monitor for the game streaming on the internet. There are several games I'm interested in watching but I'm not sure which ones I'll like. Defensive battles are boring - I like high scoring games.

As I'm typing this post this morning, the Barnes - Brennan dudes are headed up to just North of Melbourne, Florida where a long time friend of Mary Ann and Tommy, Reed Knight, has his arms manufacturing plant. They'll take a tour of the factory and perhaps even have the opportunity to fire some weapons including automatic assault rifles. I've owned and fired an AK-47 on full automatic mode and it's a real hoot! My interest in doing that stuff now has waned substantially but I can tell you it was fun when I did it.

I say Reed on the Military channel on TV when a documentary was made about his newest bestest [sic] sniper rifle. Up until now, the assault rifles used by US Military forces needed to be reloaded after every shoot - this one is semi-automatic. What's the big deal you ask? Apparently up until now previous versions of a semi-automatic sniper rifle were not accurate after the first shot - these rifles moved too much reducing accuracy or extending the time needed to aim again. Reed's hot new rifle can rapidly fire with the same accuracy of a single shot rifle - cool, huh? I'll be anxious to hear about their tour later today.

Kevin & Kimper dropped by yesterday after going for breakfast at 11pm - you don't want to get up too early do you? They're doing great and are here for the Labor Day weekend. I fear that the Barnes Estate - West will be party central after the crowd returns from the tour and start watching football games this afternoon. Me thinks there just might be some beer consumption but I'm not sure. I may go out later in the afternoon to see if anyone needs rescuing by someone who likely will not be drinking beer - me!

I like Kimper & Kevin together. As soon as Kimper can make enough money to support Kevin in the style he'd like to become accustomed, they might decide to keep this arrangement up. Kimper can go to work each day and Kevin can play golf after he wakes up at 11am and has breakfast - sounds like a good arrangement to me. But who really knows what tomorrow will bring - I'm not sure what I'll do for the rest of this morning before football starts at noon!

On Wednesday of this coming week I have an appointment with a guy who runs a cleaning service - he was recommended by someone in my coffee klatch. I want to explain what I want done about every two weeks and see what he'll charge. I know how looking it takes because I've been having it done for 18 months by my other service. Besides, my house is not and does not get dirty although there is Sally cat hair everywhere. The guy says he's a 'green' cleaning company which is fine with me as long as his products get the job done. We shall see.

Pictured today is the neon sign made for my office.

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Football has Begun

Fri 04 September 2009

Another busy day yesterday with places to go and things to do. We had our monthly business meeting after coffee yesterday and for the most part, what we talked about could have waited another month to get resolved which is why I like quarterly meetings. But, the majority voted to do monthly so that's where we are. The good news is the meeting was brief so that's a good thing IMHO.

Whated a fairly good movie about conmen who inter at the end were coned by the head conman. I didn't see that coming. The plot really did build and build until the very end of the movie then all was revealed - I like these type of movies. It got a bit slow in the middle but it was worth the waiting. I've not got a clue what the name of the movie was but it did have actors I recognized - the main character was played by Vince Vaughn.

I went to the neighborhood watch meeting last night and for the most part did not learn anything I didn't already know. It could be useful to some folks but I'm already doing the stuff the police officer suggested -motion sensitive lights outside, looked windows & doors, alarm system, solid doors, etc. I bet I may be one of the very few people in my hood with an alarm system. I thought I might learn something about activity in my neighborhood and I did - mostly minor break-ins from time to time. There will be another meeting next month on guns and the legal use of guns - I think I'll go back for that.

After the meeting I came home to watch the NC State - South Carolina game on TV - I loved watching new college football. The game was not all that good with a 7 - 3 score - defensive battles are not as good as offensive battles IMO. NC State lost but they might have won if the damn SEC referees would have called a very obvious face mask infraction. It was very obvious - the runner's head was jerked halfway around his body for God's sake. Too bad for NC State.

After that game I watched some of the Oregon - Utah State game but went to bed before it was over. I hate that damn blue field Oregon has - it looks awful. There were 3 other games I could get last night matching Division II teams. Tonight there is at least a couple of games and then comes Saturday College Football. I'm excited.

I used a 'contact form' for one of the sites I built to send an e-mail to the owner yesterday. When you send the mail, you are redirected to a 'thank you' page with a link back to the home page. Well the link was dead and I could not change it because I do not have access to the host's ASP file for sending mail so I sent an e-mail requesting this very, very, very simple change in on URL. Wouldn't you know it - the host's professional coder blew it badly. Not only did he not change the link as requested but he redirected a visitor using the contact form to the owner's old site. Apparently he can't tell the difference between index.html and index.htm!! Not only that, but the expert coder did not understand the ASP contact form well enough to know he now has a 'thank you' message over the top of an old page. He clearly did not test his work or he would have discovered his mistake! Un-excusable!! Then the guy has the audacity to tell us there are some coding errors and for $90/hour he'd fix them? You've got to be kidding - no way I would trust the guy's work or in fact if he's even working on the right site for God's sake. BTW, 99.99% of all sites have some coding errors but that does not stop the site from functioning properly. The analogy is finding a few spelling errors in a article - you still understand the article. Jeez!!

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College Football Tonight

Thu 03 September 2009

I've been rather busy in the last couple of days and thus have not taken the time to post. Busy with what you ask? I've been learning more about Google's online tools to help website owners to improve their pages and thus their ranking. I stumbled across these "web master" pages while trying to learn how to remove outdated addresses on Google Maps. I've made the Google Map edits but they've not been implemented as yet. So with the new pages I've found, data about my sites (or sites in my account) is readily available including tips to improve the site from Google's stand point. It has been fun and interesting to do this - I love learning new stuff like this.

We've been have rain with thunder and lightening just about everyday and into the night. The other day I was watching TV, it was sunny outside but all of a sudden one of the loudest claps of lightening I ever hear scared me and sent Sally running for cover in some dark corner. It was as loud as the sound when lightening strikes the church steeple across the street. One surprised me the most is there were clear skies outside and the clouds were West of town. This was an example of clear sky lightening I guess.

You know what tonight is of course - the beginning of college football with the NC State - South Carolina game on ESPN at 7 PM. I'll be watching this game and perhaps others with my DirectTV sports package. There are a Loy of games on ESPN 360 as well especially this weekend. Virtually ever ACC game not televised is on ESPN 360. Cool, huh?

At 6 tonight there is a neighborhood watch meeting I plan to attend. I've not got a clue as to what is happening in my hood so this is a way to find out. There will be police there so I can remind them of the Barnes - Brennan invasion this weekend. I believe all the guys will be here as well as Heather.

I've got a potential project coming along so I want to do some research now - always be prepared as TB would say. Plus I've got to go to Wally World to pick up a prescription and purchase so toiletries - although I only bath with soap on Saturdays, I'm running out of soap. When I soak in my tub, I usually do not bother with soap - I like the chlorine smell my body has from the Vero Beach City water supply.

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Nasty Virus

Tue 01 September 2009

Sunday night Captain Matt called to talk about the computer problem his mom was having and asked if I could help. Hell ya...a geek like me likes this sort of stuff so I went out to Lina's house after coffee Monday morning. She had an infection all right - a real nasty hard to get rid of browser helper among others. This virus would not permit her to surf of internet and was constantly causing pop-ups about infection. It was one of those damn marketers of worthless anti virus programs which try to scare you into buying their product and because you are helpless until you do I'm sure many folks do buy it. It is called Personal Anti Virus and it is anything but!

The damn program would even allow me to download HijackThis to see what was going on until I found a trick. If I tried to open a browser, it would immediately hijack it but if I used a installed program to open a browser, I was able to get to and download HJT. By using an installed program I mean clicking on a home page tap link often found in installed programs. I removed 9 things via HJT, deleted the executable, and then things seem to be ok. Since I've gotten back to the house I've done wore research which leads me to believe there is yet more clean up to do. Have a look at what should be done click here. I'll get with Matt when he gets to town on Friday.

You know the headache event I was having over the weekend - well it's gone now and in fact was almost gone on Sunday. It is not fun at all having these bad events but fortunately I can easy the headache with meds. I just wish I knew what caused them so I can stop doing it. Things could be a lot worse - they could be real migraine headaches which they are not at least in the fullest sense of migraine headaches.

For the first time in weeks, I didn't sleep very well last night. I thought I would sleep better than usual because I was really tired. But When Sally Cat came to meow loudly in my near demanding to be petted at about 1 AM, I could fall right back to sleep as usual. So, I used my old tried and true way of falling asleep - I sat in a hot tub of water for about 10 minutes. I gotten to the point where it is routine for me to sit in a hot tub of water about ten minutes before I want to go to sleep - in fact, I'm doing it nightly now. It works like a charm every night - I get in bed and barely hear my head hitting the pillow. Isn't it nice to find a sleep aid that is not a pharmaceutical and is safe? I will say it is a bit addictive - I like it.

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