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California Wins

Mon 31 August 2009

The final play-off of the Little League world series was yesterday - the California team that beat Georgia in the semi-finals beat Taiwan 6 - 3 in a great game. Some of the play was as good as you will see anywhere especially the defensive play of California in the top of the 4th inning.The bases were loaded, one out, and the batter hit a ground ball to the short stop. The short stop tagged the run going from second to third base and then through the ball to first base for double out! Awesome playing and the games are over for this year.

While I was trying watch a Saturday Little League game on ABC it was interrupted by the boring Kennedy funeral. Tell me, what's the deal with watching black cars drive from this point to that point very very slowly? I'd love to know just how many TV sets were tuned into the Kennedy Show! I understand some people loved and admired him but I bet most of those folks live in his home state but I bet very few people elsewhere in the country cared about the funeral parade. I still don't get why it was a national event - when has there ever been another show like this except for when a US President dies? As I said yesterday, this will now be the Liberal's new marketing tool for unneeded and unwanted big government further intrusion into our lives!

While waiting to watch Little League I did catch a high school football game on ESPN - two teams in Iowa played each other. You know what was truly amazing? I mean really amazing? Both teams were all white! When was the last time you saw any football game with all white players? The game was not more or less exciting than other games I watched but it certainly was unique. Actually the game was real lop-sided with one team scoring about 50 points more than the other.

Really college football begins this week on Thursday night. There are several games on but the one that interests me the most is the South Carolina at North Carolina State on ESPN in HD. I have no idea as to the strength or weakness of either team so at this point I have no expectation. At noon on Saturday Georgia Tech plays Jacksonville State and I'll be able to see it on ESPN 360. This will be the first time I've actually watched something by connecting my computer to my TV.

John called last night with a computer problem - his computer would not boot and that's a problem. He tried all the steps he knew to try before he called the guru, me! My thought would be to boot in the safe mode and do a system restore but it would not do that. The good news is you can use the F8 key to select boot options and fortunately in Vista system restore was an option - I told him to do that and it worked. I warned John about those nefarious sites he visits so maybe he'll heed my warnings now. I've had to learn a lot of this the hard way!

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Enough Already

Sun 30 August 2009

Enough already .... I'm sorry for the friends and family of Teddy Kennedy who are mourning his loss - I'm sure many of them are distraught with his death even though it was not unexpected. What I don't get is all the national attention he's getting - he was a Senator but from just one state. Do any of you remember anytime when a Senator has died and received this media attention? He's been treated like he was a US President and not just a professional politician - he's never held a real job.

Does anyone remember he was involved with the death of Mary Jo back in 1973 ? The likely series of events is he got drunk, drove off a bridge, and left Mary Jo in the car to drown - at least I believe it went something like that. He also was perhaps the angriest Senator in the country always yelling and blaming evil conservatives for perceived wrongs. He more than any other politician caused the great divide in Washington amongst politicians especially the never ending hate and angry from the liberals. Perhaps he should be honored but to pretend all America morns his death is simply ludicrous - I'd bet the farm many many more Americans disliked him than liked him. Now let's watch the arrogant liberals use his death as a marketing tool for their dangerous and unwanted policies.

Yesterday I talked about backing up your hard drive and or your documents which fortunately I do. Well I looked into what I might do to recovery my deleted files which lead me to forums talking about recovery. There are software programs that say they can find deleted files and restore them so naturally I wanted to try one. I knew I needed one that did not need to be installed on my computer because that might permanently erase my files. What I did find is a wonderful small utility called Restoration that is only 229 kb in size and can be run from a flash drive. I tried it and damn...it worked! It was one of the few that did not need to be installed and it was free! Shazam!

You know I get this news letter called Windows Secrets, right? It is full of valuable information about operating systems, software, and security. These are the folks that tell me about cool stuff that I pass along to you. The latest cool thing is something called NoScript which is an add-on for Firefox - this thing is cool! This extension automatically blocks JavaScript and Adobe media files on a site-by-site or source-by-source basis, allowing you to override the blocks as needed. NoScript can also thwart clickjacking attempts and other Web nasties. You can create your own 'white list' of sites as you visit them but be protected until you allow the script. I've been using it for several days and thus far I really like it.

There are some minor drawbacks to this Firefox extension - sometimes you are not able to do something on a page until you 'allow' scripts on the page. You also are shown a list of scripts on the page which you can pick and choose the ones you want to block. A lot of the scripts link to other URL's and for the most part are not needed to see the page. The option to temporary unblock is available as well as the option to always block which is the default option. For Firefox users, I think this is a must.

You know what I've been thinking about doing with my 3rd desk top machine? I've been thinking about installing Windows 7 operating system on it as a trial which you can get from Microsoft. The 'trial' is set to expire in 30 days but the news letter above told me how to extend that for 3 more months. Now I want to see if I can split the hard drive leaving XP Pro on one side then put Windows 7 on the other. I think I read somewhere that this may be a problem - I'll look into it.

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Backup Your Files

Sat 29 August 2009

Thank Buddha I learned to back up my files and folders years ago when this world famous website, BillsView, has hacked and hijacked. I had to rebuild my site from scratch although it was easier the second time. Well yesterday I thought I was in my external hard drive documents and wanted to replace a folder with an updated version so I clicked delete. The folder was too big for my recycle bin so Windows asked me if I really wanted to delete it and I clicked yes. Holy sh*t ...I just deleted the real folder on my C drive - a folder that contained a lot of work I've done on websites which would be a nightmare to reproduce. Of course I could always download the working site files from the internet but this fold contained a lot more.

The good news is I really had a copy of the folder on my Western Digital external drive and the only thing I lost was about a weeks work which is not a big deal. So I copied the big fold back onto my C drive from my H drive with very little loss. I would have been one unhappy camper had I lost it all!!!

It is my practice to back up my files and folders every so often - maybe a matter of weeks between backups. The truth is not all that much changes on my computer needing backup - just new files I make or downloads from the internet. If you boys and girls do not have a backup of your documents you should do it now. Just think of all the music files, pictures, and porn that would be lost if something happened like a computer crash. I have external hard drives which you can get for under $100. I'm sure you've heard of Carbonite online backup service as well. Either way, it would be prudent to do it now rather than regret later.

I've been asked to speak at a meeting tonight which I enjoy doing - the only issue is that I don't like going out at night like I used to. You know the bogeyman comes out at night, don't you? Well I can make an exception for this group of people - they will be amazed with my pearls of wisdom I'm sure. Too bad most of you can't come to experience my awesome speaking skills!

Today will be mostly be a TV day, not a computer day. There are Saturday morning replays of some of this past week's series and of course the Little League play-off's. I've been threading to rent a movie and this may be the day. If I like the rental concept , I might do what Ryan has done...join Netflix. I'm anxious to see how a DVD plays on this TV I have - up until now all my movie watching on this TV has come from Comcast or DirectTV. We shall see.

One thing I've found myself doing more and more of lately and that is watching programming only in HD. When I watch HD then switch back to pain old digital TV the difference is amazing. On the other hand, if I start out watching just digital TV I don't seem to notice how poor it is compared to HD. And now Comcast is broadcasting in the highest resolution available - something like 1920 x 1080. Fortunately my TV indeed has that high resolution too. I'm going to love college football this fall.

I'm having a headache day - it started yesterday. Damn!

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Georgia Loses

Fri 28 August 2009

Just Damn! Georgia lost to California the Little League play-off game last night 11 - 10 but damn it was an exciting game.California won the game with a stolen base on a wild pitch at the bottom of the last inning - Georgia team has been eliminated from the 2009 Little League World Series of baseball. But I'll still watch the games on Saturday nonetheless.

As predicted, my dermatologist found three spots to freeze - this is the first time he's used liquid Nitrogen on me. The other times I've had spots he's actually cut them out and put stitches in because they appeared deeper and of a different type cancer cell. These were my 'normal' pre-cancer cells which I treat myself sometimes with TCA - an acid used to burn away areas of the skin. It cost me $300 which I guess is $100 per spot? JeeZ! I should have been a dermatologists. The good news is nothing else is going on now.

Remember those reddish bruise-like areas on my face I've been talking about? This is a surprise but my doctor told me that the likely cause is my hitting or scratching my face while asleep resulting in a minor bruise looking spots. They do come over night, don't hurt, and like a bruise go away in a few days. Who would have thunk [sic] it? It certainly makes sense now that I think about it.

The other day I mentioned this website in Atlanta who's owner does not like. Apparently some guy came in and changed the site she used to have without her knowledge much less her permission. She is really unhappy although the site functions as it should based on my testing. It appears someone might have done all this to generate a fee for himself. It is clear to me a lot of work went into the site but it is a template and as such has "tons" of unnecessary coding and scripts the owner of the site does not use. I think the guy might have gotten this template then edited it with a WYSIWYG editor. The bottom line is she wants it changed but I said I did not want to edit that confusing template and she should get someone else to do that. She then said she wants it changed, she does not want to keep the template, and she wants the site to be neater and smaller - I can do neat and small.

So, yesterday morning I did not think I'd be doing anything for her but this morning things have changed. The first thing I told her to do and explained how to do it is get control of her domain name from the dude that created this problem. It seems he has the username and password for the domain name account and will not give it to her! The good news is she owns the domain name and thus the company where the domain name is parked should give her a new username and password. Once she has control of the domain name I can point the domain to a different server with a different site leaving this big template behind. I've never come across anything like this before so it should be interesting to see exactly what happens, huh?

Yesterday I bought the DirectTV sports package so I can get a gazillion college games which I thought was going to start last night but it did not. The two channels the game was scheduled to be on did not show the game - was it played I wonder?

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Dermatologist Today

Thu 27 August 2009

A Vero Beach High School classmate asked if I had my senior year picture - I looked and I found it. I was HOT, huh? What the hell happened over the past 40+ years? Could it be the lifestyle I lived...nah! Could it be I was so hot that God had to cool me down...yea, that's it. I was making the world a tough place for other guys - I had to cool down to make it fair for everyone else.

I'm going to my dermatologist this morning for my regular semi-annual visit. I've got a couple of spots I( want him to look at in particular and a couple that are just interesting. I expect that he'll find the two I've found to be keratosis - pre-cancer cells. I tend to get a lot of these type cells. I also have a couple of things I'm not at all sure what's going on but I'll know after my appointment I bet. Also, do you boys and girls remember the reddish areas I got on my face in the Keys this Summer that went away in a couple days? I get these things from time to time so I'll ask about them as well. They don't hurt and usually last just two or three days. What's that all about?

Tom and MaryAnn are back in Atlanta - they both are doing well. I was going to take MaryAnn a piece of that wonderful chocolate-fudge cake with cheesecake in the middle but now that she's in Atlanta I guess I'll be forced to eat it myself. They will be back in September but all the boys are coming un for Labor Day - I'll alter the mothers of Vero to lock up their daughters.

Remember the website I built for the guy here in Vero that is marketing a heath - energy drink? Well he's also involved with a e-mail marketing tool called Talk Fusion and is a principle in the organization. This video e-mail service is the best one I've seen and could be a great marketing tool for business or any groups someone might want to keep informed about this or that like clubs for example. There is a good opportunity to make some serious income through marketing the Talk Fusion program - I'd be happy to put you in touch with Ray so he can fill you in on the opportunities. I see this as a method of making money outside of your normal 9 to 5 job.

Ted Kennedy died and I do feel compassion for his family and friends. I did not agree with his political views at all - no surprise there, huh? In fact, I think he is the root of all this divisive hate when he personally attacked Judge Bork and Jude Thomas during their confirmation hearings. He's the one that went out of his way to make personal attacks on these men and things have been down hill ever since. Before Kennedy's attacks people in Congress could and did disagree but they were not vicious about it until Teddy started it all. Don't you remember how angry Kennedy was all the time? And why is it the Liberals are still angry as hell when they control the Congress and the White House? Have you noticed how full of hate people like Pelosi, Frank, and Reid are? How they hold regular Americans who don't agree with what they are trying to do to us as evil, hateful, dumb asses? Their arrogance is astonishing to me.

I'm working myself up into a tizzy so I'll stop now.

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Fresh Market

Wed 26 August 2009

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Georgia Wins Again

Tue 25 August 2009

After listen to Danyl Johnston yesterday I found myself watching similar videos on YouTube for the next couple hours. Gosh there are some really talented young men and woman that come from the daily mundane jobs to perform on a TV talent show and then absolutely blow the audience away. It is really cool to watch their excitement when they are well received. Perhaps I'll surf YouTube a bit again today.

It was a close but GREAT game the Georgia Little League team played yesterday afternoon against Washington. The Washington team got out ahead 1 - 0 early in the game but Georgia tied them about the 3rd inning. Then the Washington team got another run and were leading 2 - 1 in the last inning so it looked as if this game was going into the loss column for Georgia when they were down 2 - 1 in the last inning with 2 outs. But then the team came back as the last batter got a hit bring in 2 runners putting Georgia up 3 - 2 which is how the game ended after Washington was not able to score again . What a game!

Georgia is the number 1 seed in group a as the play-off's continue. I think they'll lose at some point and if I had to guess I would say they'll lost to Southern California. The games continue all week starting again today at noon.

For some reason Comcast blocks e-mails sent to me from my website Billspost.com, I do get mail from BillsView.com without any trouble. The URL BillsPost.com is forwarded to BillsView.com but I do indeed have that site hosted on a server - it is where I do a lot of online testing and where I keep a back-up of BillsView.com. I thought it was the server but it is Comcast causing the problem. I plan on looking into this issue a little later today.

I've been listening to talk radio and watching FOX News a lot of recent - I sort of stopped most of that while in the Keys. There are real serious conflicts between what the leftist liberals want to do to the country and what the country actually wants. Frankly I think a lot of folks are either asleep or don't care what happens but fortunately there are many regular citizens that do care and they are speaking up. It is unbelievable to me that the Liberal Democrats in Congress would try to force this damn Obamacare down the throats of all Americans with only a simple majority in the Senate!!! It would seem logical to me that if the Government is going to take over health care representing about 20% of GDP the Congress would want the 'normal' 60% of the Senate to agree to it - but when are Liberals logical? Of all the evil Socialist - Marxists changes Obama is shoving down our throats, the health care thing is the worst by far. If Obama succeeds in getting this Hugh expensive new entitlement passed, we are in a lot of trouble - I mean a lot! I'm scared and you should be too.

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Danyl Johnston

Mon 24 August 2009

Do you feel it? Do you have this sense that the Summer is about to end? I do. For me the official end of Summer is Labor Day weekend and the beginning of college football. I almost always live in anticipation of one or two months ahead for where I am at the time - the things that keep me in the present are events like Little League play-off's. BTW, the play-off's continue today and for most f this week I believe.

Well John is gone - he left yesterday to head off to college in Tallahassee. I'm sure as hell going to miss him but I can not over emphasize how so very pleased I am he's decide to go away to college. The experiences he will have and friendships he will make will likely be a major influence on his life from here on out. If you live in the same town in which you grew up and attend college, you have the same friends and experiences as in high school. I'm looking forward to hearing about the discoveries that are ahead for John.

My view on this 'away to college' thing is of course very screwed based on my own experiences. The people I met, the things I learned, and experiences I had in college shaped my life and made me the wonderful, loveable cool guy I am today. You boys and girls do remember that I went to work for the same firm my fraternity brother, Carey Brown, did right out of school. Carey and I worked together, became partners, grew or own firm and participated in many many Georgia Tech events together. Although I'm self-unemployed now Carey carries on the tradition back in Atlanta.

On a different subject...you guys know how impressed I get when I see ordinary people do extraordinary things, right? Well over the weekend I hear about Danyl Johnston's performance on that British talent show with Simon Crowell. After the performance, Crowell declared Danyl's performance the best 'first audition' he's seen in the 8 years he's been doing this - of course I had to immediately find it on YouTube and I did. This kid is indeed amazing: Danyl Johnston .

I heard from my lawn care guy about the website I built for him - he said he likes it. You never know if someone will like what I build but it's nice when they do. He wants to add some more pictures and a 'contact us' form on his 'Contact' page. I can do that of course but the issue is trying to find a "free host" that handles PHP - the language I use for all my contact forms. Most "free" sites are bare bones when it comes to anything except some free server space - almost no support or any bells & whistles. I have to add, what do you expect for free? Anyway, I've done my research and just may have found the best free hosting site on the internet. I'll have to do more digging into the site which is my plan for this morning. I want the site to be free because I want to give this site to James in a bundle at no charge.

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John's off to School

Sun 23 August 2009

Yesterday Steve came to detail my car as scheduled - I think I'm going to like his work. We had to move my car out of the carport so he could get his truck an trailer in my driveway without it sticking out into the street. We moved my car under the shade of the oak tree and parallel to the road as you can see in today's picture. He spent about 3 hours on the car and except for his pressure washer everything he did was by hand. He put the wax on and took it off with elbow grease not a polisher. He paid attention to detail both inside and outside my car. The leather inside was cleaned without leaving film. He said he was a perfectionist in his work and from what I can see thus far, I tend to agree.

He suggested that my car should be detailed 4 times a year here in Florida instead of the 2 times a year I was doing in Atlanta,. He suggested the sun, heat, and salt air takes a toll on a car more so than in Atlanta. But then I don't leave my car in the sun or by the sea most of the time - it stays in my carport. Well I'll decide what I want to do in 3 or 4months - I might just follow his suggestion. I've found that detailing a car and keeping to maintained adds years to it's life.

There were Little League games on all day starting at noon ass there will be today too. I'm pleased to report the team from Georgia won yet another game and like the one on Friday, they won rather impressively. Georgia has had one heck of a powerful offense up until now - I hope they can keep it going. Georgia has today off I think as they move onto the next round. I'll be watching.

John came by last night to visit, help me out with the Crown I have that's going bad, and watch a bit of Little League with me. He's getting ready to head to school later on today I think so it was time for my talk on going to college. I really expect this to be a great experience for John - going away to college is a lot different than living at home. You leave all the comforts of home, friends, family, etc behind and move to where you know few people, have to do your own laundry, and feed yourself - I'm 100% certain John will adapt.

My suggestion was for him to experience any and every thing he could at college that was not illegal or immoral ...well, not too immoral at least. And I said always remember - Words have meaning and actions have consequences! What he says and does can no longer be dismissed as just some dumb teenager moves - he is accountable for his life and the decisions he makes now will influence his future immensely. I am wise and know all things so I hope John is listening. We are going to have to work on his procrastination syndrome.

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Car Detailing

Sat 22 August 2009

As many of you know, I love poached eggs - it is the very best way to have an egg with the possible exception of Mary Ann's deviled eggs. So I've tried to poach eggs the old fashion way by putting an egg into a pot of boiling water. You know what happens of course - the egg sort of shreds itself. I have tried the vinegar in the water trick but the egg still falls apart. Well yesterday I went to Bed, Bath, Beyond, and Expensive where I discovered a little Teflon device that will hold 3 eggs for poaching - actual picture posted. You put it into boiling water, cover for about 4 minutes, and you get great poached eggs - I had my first this morning. Why did I wait so damn long to buy a device like this?

In about two hours I'm having a guy come over to detail my car here at the house - he is a mobile come-to-your-house service. I found Steve through a referral from James my lawn care guy - they are cousins. The last time I detailed was at the place where I have my car washed - they did a good job but left an oily slipper film on my leather inside. I think they used some sort of spray on cleaning fluid and not good leather polish as I would prefer. So I decided to give Steve a try and this time I will be here to irritate him while he's working. If things go well (and I think they will) he will be my detail guy from now on. Not only will he come to me but his fees are lower than the car wash - less overhead when you have one guy, a pressure washer, and a truck.

Yesterday I worked on my lawyer in Atlanta who's site I've edited and upgraded adding pages and a new look. He's happy because he's moved from the bottom of page 3 in Google's ranking to the middle of page two. He credits all that to me of course because he wasn't moving until I came on the scene. It is true I've done things in an effort to move him up but I believe his active participation in this effort has been a real key. He's provide new text so I could make two new pages and he has given me text to expand on the pages he already has. I know that one of the key parts in Google's algorithm for ranki9ng is unique text-rich pages and a site that updates and changes the pages.

My task today is to figure out how to remove old addresses and telephone numbers from Google Maps - the Atlanta law firm moved. I've discovered you need a Google account and then there are steps we can try to change the info in Google's data base. I've set up the account this morning but I'm awaiting the PIN from Jamie that Google sent to activate the account. Once I get that, I can move ahead into unexplored areas of Google.

Of course I've been watching the Little League play-off's on TV. Yesterday there were 4 games and I watched most of two of them including Georgia's win to move up the elimination ladder. There will be games today including Georgia again playing another team that also won yesterday. I'm still two weeks away from the first college football Saturday.

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TV- Computer

Thu 20 August 2009

So I got my 3rd desktop computer to work properly including connecting to my wireless network. I had a problem at first until I realized I changed routers since the last time I booted this XP Pro machine. Once I "discovered" my new network connecting was easy. It has been months since I booted that machine so I had 26 Microsoft security updates to install. The update feature wanted me to install IE 8 but I passed on that - I've read about issues with IE 8.

Now here's the the problem as I see it with using this machine in connection with my TV. It will work and connect to the TV properly but I still need a mouse and a keyboard to navigate to the site I wish to see on my TV. So I can put the machine behind my TV , connect to the TV, but I'll still need a way of using the computer. As it turns out, I do of course have an extra keyboard and mouse. And I do have cables that will allow me to connect to the machine from 10 feet away. Now the question is do I want to set all this up or simply take my laptop into my bedroom suite when I want to connect my TV to a computer? The laptop has a keyboard and mouse and so all I'd need to do is connect to the screen. I tend to think I'll use the laptop method because it seems a whole lot easier.

Remember the website I built but wanted to ask the owner's permission before I posted a link? Well here it is - click here . What makes this website a first for me is the inclusion of Flash. Of course I did not develop the flash object but rather saw a flash movie I liked on another site. I copied the .flv flash object from my browser's cache, converted it into an editable .fla file, and then changed the pictures and text - I've yet to learn how to create the layers and all the files that go into a flash movie. The new flash movie has no resemblance to the old one except the number of pictures are the same but the pictures are very different.

My shoulders are sore from sitting at my computer for hours and hours yesterday working on something. I think I'll take most of this day off so as to give my shoulder muscles time to recoup before I start on the lawn care site's images. I know what I want to do and how to do it so it's just a mater of time as to when I do it. Perhaps I'll catch a movie or two on TV today.

Today John and Starr are going to Tallahassee in a rented van with John's stuff for college. I think they will go up, spend the night, and then return tomorrow before noon - Starr got a great deal on a 24 hour van rental. I've not spoken to John in about 10 days but I do know from his mom that his school starts on Monday. I guess he'll be loading up his car and heading to school Sunday night - he always waits until the very last minute to do anything. Look in the dictionary on the word procrastination and you'll see a picture of John! Does he look worried in the picture? I think not.

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Bill Voegeli's Boys

Wed 19 August 2009

Today I'm feeling really tired although I've not got a reason today should be any different then any other day. I have been experimenting with taking the instant release verses the extended release of one of my meds, but that's not the issue now. I did have to get up to get in a hot tub last night even thought I took a nice, hot bath just before going to bed. Maybe I was restless and really did not sleep well in anticipation of College Football beginning in a couple weeks? Well you know, some days are just better than others.

I saw a picture of Bill Voegeli, his three sons, and his Dad on Facebook so I thought I'd post it today. You know seeing those boys grown up is amazing because I remember Bill when he was just 11 years old and now his oldest son is 21 or 22 I think! My how time flies, huh? You just wait, you too will experience the amazement of how quickly kids seem to grow into young adults. I have a picture of me hold John in my arms outside the Ocean Grill when he was about 6 months old - I couldn't hold him now if my life depended on it!

My house keepers will be gone for a month so I've looked into other services to use in the interim. Someone who used my folks gave me a referral to another group here in Vero plus I have the internet on which to search. I used other services before I settled on the one I have been using but none of them were as good in my opinion. If things go well, I'll only need help for about a month and then I can go back to my regular folks - at lest I hope I can.

I've not tested my third desk top machine as to it's wireless functions but perhaps I'll get to it today if I've got the energy. I also got some pictures from James my lawn care guy which I can use on his little site. They are not all that great and in fact the ones I have of my house are much better and brighter. Maybe I can load his images to a photo editor and improve the quality - they look a bit "washed out" now.

Unless I get a burst of energy, I might just be laying on top of my bed watching TV.

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TV - Computer Hook Up

Tue 18 August 2009

What's on my agenda today? Well I think I'll work on the lawn care website after talking to my lawn care guy yesterday when he was here for my weekly service. I've asked James to e-mail me some pictures and as soon as he does I'll create a photo gallery which will be the last thing I want to do. Actually we could pictures up of just about any Vero lawn - who would know?

There are smokers with bad smoker's coughs that come to coffee just about every morning. Cough, cough, cough, cough - it gets irritating when they sit next to me and carry on like that. I understand they're not coughing for any other reason except their lings are full of smoke gunk and their body's are trying to get rid of the gunk. It just goes to demonstrate just how addictive smoking can be when you know you're not well but you continue to repeat the same destructive pattern. I know a bit about repeating a destructive pattern but I also know one can get help if they seek it.

Did I mention I got a check for the website I built recently? It was gratifying to know the owner likes her new site and I also get a bit of ice cream money as well. The site I built for Kathryn is not linked to her domain name yet although it's ready to go. I've e-mailed her about taking this one last step but thus far she's not responded. I think she has been very busy of late and will likely get around to it soon. There really isn't anything I know that needs to be done but I do want to go over everything with her before I change her presences on the internet.

Yesterday I managed to connect my laptop to my 67" TV so I know I'll be able to watch Georgia Tech on ESPN 360. The picture was good but of course it was not HD quality. I'm wondering if I can actually get HD through my computer? I know YouTube has some video in HD but I'm not 100% sure I can take full advantage of that with my video card. Do I need a HD video card installed or will any computer render video in HD if it is sent in HD? I'll look into that and report back. If any of you already know, let me know. I will say that the YouTube videos I've seen that are sent in HD do look bigger, brighter, and better than the normal videos. Have I discovered a new thing for which I can play?

I wonder about all this because I've read somewhere that you need something like a XBox to take full advantage of the movies you can stream to your computer. Places like NetFlix or other DVD rental services. I read an article in The Wall Street Journal a few weeks back that suggested the future of movie rentals will be streaming over the internet and not DVD rentals. I've rented a movie online through DirectTV but I could not select the time I wanted to start it. If you download a movie, you can watch it anytime you want, correct? Or is the movie coded such that it will only play for 24 hours or something like that?

Today I may see if I can move that 3rd desktop I have into my bedroom so that I can have a connection to the internet on my TV screen at any time. I know it will work but the issue is whether or not I can get it to work wirelessly. I've got a Netgear USB plug-in that should work but I think it didn't work the last time I tried. We shall see.

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John's Moving Soon

Mon 17 August 2009

There was a Little League game last night after all - Northern California vs. Southern California. I was rooting for the Northern team but in the 5th inning the Southern team took a lead to win - it was tied 3 - 3 until then. The Southern team had a BIG advantage in that their 12 year old picture was 6'4" and weight 205 lbs. - is that fair? Heck this dude is as big as some pro players at least those not on steroids. Can you imaging what this kid is going to be like when he's about 18 years old? That's what is interesting about these Little League games - kids the same age can vary in size over 100%. There was a 13 year old kid that was 5' and weight 95 pounds. I think there may be a game today.

You know what I've noticed of late more than in the past - there are some coffee klatch attendees that cough through the whole meeting. Smokers. They are smokers with terrible and annoying smoking coughs. Unless they do something about there smoking they are headed for trouble in the future. I sure am glad that is one nasty habit I did not pick up - smoking cigarettes. Today smoking is very expensive - I think some packs are about $5 when they were $.30 when I was a kid. Cigarettes have actually gone up more than gasoline.

Tropical storm Bill is now hurricane Bill with increasing winds. The good news is the latest 5 day forecast has the storm turning to the North before it gets to Florida so I'm hopeful we'll not get hit. It's it a bit unusual to have the first tropical storms of a season not even get started until the middle of August? I'm not complaining mind you I'm just making an observation.

The first real games of the college football season are still more than 2 weeks away. This year - except for one game - games don't start until September which is as it should be in my opinion. Back in my college days games didn't start until about the 3rd weekend in September but we were on the quarter system then. Until the games begin, I can watch replays on TV and of course Little League games.

Starr and John are driving to Tallahassee on Thursday to take John's stuff up to college. They've rented a van for his bed and dresser - I never took a bed to school but rather used the ones in the fraternity house. Then again, John is going to be living in an apartment rather than a dorm or fraternity house so he needs a bed. I'm not sure when he'll drive up for school but I assume it will be this weekend? I think he'll end up at the community college for one term before the bureaucrats at FSU will allow him to enter the school - they wouldn't want to let him in if he is one class short even though he could take the class while at FSU. Oh no, that would make too much sense a violate the bureaucrat's number one rule - make life difficult and unpleasant for the taxpayers funding their salaries. I bet if he were a member of some group he'd be admitted - like illegal alien from Central America for example. Well at least John will be up there and that's a good thing in my correct view.

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Sun 16 August 2009

On the weekends I like to watch a movie in the morning for a couple hours. This morning I watched The Bourne Ultimatum again and it had the same ending as the other times I watched it - what will be the next movie in the series? I must say, they sure did destroy a lot of cars in this movie - Jeez! This was a non-stop chase scene interrupted every once and awhile with the details of the plot. I have the 3 movie Bourne set on CD that John gave me so I can actually watch it anytime.

It seems I've been watching more movies than ever before after returning from the Keys - what's up with that? Am I entering a new movie-watching phase? It could be that watching a movie on my big screen TV in HD with surround Dolby 8.8 just makes the experience more fun. WHatever the reason, it's been entertaining thus far.

Yesterday there where 4 Little League play-off's on ESPN that started at noon. I watched the first and last games almost in their entirety but got distracted during the other two. Damn the games are fun to watch for me for several reasons not the least of which is the excitement of the players. It is interesting to see them play as well as the arrogant professionals in one minute then fumble like the beginners they are in the next. There aren't any games today but more are coming up.

One thing I've noticed that all the Little Leaguers do is spit. They spit a lot. I mean every few seconds it seems. What's up with that? Why to baseball players spit so much - anyone got a clue? Must be some sort of stress relief ?

It seems Tropical Storm Ana has changed it's track and will head into the Gulf South of the US - the other day it seemed to be headed for Florida. It's looking like it will lose some steam over Cuba at this point. On the other hand, Tropical Storm Bill -don't you just love that name - is projected to be a CAT 2 storm by Wednesday but is still way out in the ocean.The bad news is that it's scheduled to strengthen to a CAT 3 storm and head for the East coast of Florida during the week. This could be a nasty storm for some parts of Florida buy next week.

It is a beautiful sunny day here in Vero and I've not got any plans for today. There is a website for my lawn care guy on which I can work today but that's about it. I've got the site about 75% done now I think although I need to add picture which I do not have and will need to get from James. Of course I can put pictures of the Dolphin House up but that's all. Then again, with the Dolphin House on the site, why add any more?

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Little League Games

Sat 15 August 2009

It's a beautiful Saturday morning here in Vero with a breeze and temperatures in the low 80's not the 90's like it has been. It would be nice if we had some cooler weather but I don't think that is in the cards here in Florida, at least not yet. We've also had some much needed rain - even my irrigation system has not kept up with the dry weather.

Speaking of weather, have you heard about "Bill"? That is the second tropical storm of the season headed our way although the first one of the season, Ana, will be here first. When I say "be here", I mean the 5 day projected track of Ana has it coming ashore just about the Vero Beach area - no joke. Of course it is days away, may change course, and there is no prediction on the strength. Just to be safe I'm going to the market to buy toilet paper, bread, and mike - isn't that what you are suppose to do?

It has begin! The Little League play-off's are on ESPN in HD - I watched the team from Warner Robins, Georgia beat the team from Virginia last night which means Georgia will advance of course. You know that Georgia has won the the Little League World championship several times before. Today there are 4 play-off games starting at noon on ESPN so you can count on me watching some of them. Unlike the major league players that say "f*ck you" and shoot you a bird when the play badly or loose, the Little Leaguers cry. It's not the multi-million dollar contra CRTs for which they play but rather the pure enjoyment and competition of the sport. I feel about the same way about College Football except those guys do get scholarships.

I've been taking a hot soak in my tub each night just before I go to bed and since we returned from Islamorada, I've not needed to get up in the middle of the night to do it. I draw a tub full of water about 20 minutes before I want to go to bed and then sit in it for 8 to 10 minutes. I'm not sure if I'd wake in the middle of the night like in the past but I actually like the process so I'll pursue it at least for now. I go to sleep within a couple minutes and generally sleep through the night without awaking. For years and years I'd always wake at least once in the middle of the night for a trip to the water closet but not anymore. I'll see where this takes me.

Would you like to see my latest web site? I'll post a link but first I think I should ask the owner if it is ok - she values privacy very much because it is so important to her business. I don't think there will be any harm, after all, it is published on the internet for anyone to find. My next project is a very basic site for my lawn care guy - giving him a presence on the internet will potentially bring him more business and will create the image of professionalism. The site will not be fancy but then none of the sites in his business are unless they are those of a national lawn care company.

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Programming Work

Fri 14 August 2009

Remember the new site I published to the internet on Wednesday only to find the organization the owner of the sites uses to host the site does not have .PHP installed on their servers? I still find it very odd that in today's server environment a large firm doesn't have .PHP they instead use a server side language known as .asp - a language I've never used before. Well in the past 36 hours I taught myself enough .asp to replace the .php 'contact page' with a .asp contact page - pretty amazing considering I never ever used .asp before, huh? Actually I found it similar enough to .php that I was able to make the jump after a bit of learning and testing.

I find that the best way for me to learn something is to research a problem when I have a problem rather than stating at the beginning of the book and work through it. Like with my Cannon camera - the user's book is pages and pages long explaining everything about the use of the camera. But many, in fact most, of the options I don't use so I only only the things I need at the time I need them. I may have in depth knowledge of a programming technique but not have a clue about something similar because I've never had to use it. The system works for me.

I went to my dentist yesterday for a semi-annual cleaning and while I was there they took 24 pictures of my teeth from every angle. In the past, my dentist only took 4 x-rays, not 24 x-rays. The good news all is well and nothing extra had to be done yesterday. The process changed my 45 minute cleaning into a two hour visit coasting about twice what I expected. My view is dental maintenance is better than dental repair.

While there I was talking with the office manager - my dentist's wife - about their new website. It is not up yet but it is HUGE. There are pages and pages of text and over a dozen JavaScript files on the pages. It has flash and other needs for Java - a really cool site although it actually comes from a web developer who specializes in dentists. It was interesting that she show me a bill for $80 to have two Outlook Express e-mail clients set up on two computers. When I asked about having a programmer do the .asp work on the site I mentioned above the charge would be $80/hour with no limit. I guess I'm finding that programmers charge $80/hour like plumbers - I'll keep that in the back of my head.

No boys and girls, I'm not going to set up shop but when I'm asked to help people I don't know, I think it reasonable to charge something based on either time or the project. When I build a website, I charge a flat fee - I'm so demanding on perfection it takes me way too long to build a site to charge by the hour. This whole website and computer help thing interests me but I don't want to obligate myself beyond a certain point. I certainly could take a young man (like John) and teach him enough to perhaps make a living. If it were John, I'd of course freely give my time to teach and help him but I think he still plans on making a career as a Chippendale dancer. HaHaHaHa

I'm working on a site for my lawn care guy now - it will be simple but it will give him an internet presence in Vero.

I just like today's picture so I thought I'd post it.

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Ride with TB

Thu 13 August 2009

Wouldn't you know it - I went to my dentist appointment one day early. I'll go back again this morning for the cleaning I have scheduled. The reason they did not call on Tuesday to remind me is I didn't have an appointment - they did call yesterday. Oh, well.

Almost daily I get an invitation from some gal to "become friends" on Skype - clearly they don't know anything about me or else they may not ask in the first place. Most of these come from Asia and of course I block them. Some come with links to a porn site or at least that is what I think they are - I never click on them. So yesterday I adjusted my security settings to block anyone who is not already on my contact list. Thus far I've not gotten any more invitations from lonely women in the Philippines. Theses have become a nuisance. I have no idea how they get my user name in the first place except it could come from my TanzaniteAmerica.com site where I have a Skype link posted. Then who looks at that site from China in the first place?

I continue to be amazed at how little time it takes me to get anywhere in Vero - usually under 10 minutes. In Atlanta, I could hardly go to the Publix in under 10 minutes and it was only 1.5 miles away. Let me promise you, I sure as heck do not miss the travel time and traffic in Atlanta.

Speacking of Atlanta, I found one of my two favorite radio talk show hosts, Neal Boortz, on a local station here. When I looked for him in the past, the closest station was in Orlando which I can not get very well here in Vero. After the dentist this morning, I plan on coming back and tuning in.

Yesterday TB came by to fetch me for a trip to the tree farms and pole barn. Nothing special was going on it was just a chance to get away for awhile and look at the palms. Those trees really look good - when development starts again in this area I bet he'll be able to make a nice profit on the trees. His are straight and well shaped - perfect for landscaping.

One of the new sites I've been working on is up ion the world wide web now - I published it yesterday. The site looks great IMHO but there is an issue - the servers the company uses (not the ones I use) do not have PHP installed so my 'contact us' page will not load. I find PHP to be the best code for server side interaction like forms. Frankly I think it's a bit unusual for a big company that hosts a lot of sites not to have PHP running on their leased servers. The tech guy that works for the company that actually owns the servers is getting in touch with the folks that lease the servers - maybe they will install PHP? If not, I'll figure something else out.

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Lock Tampering?

Wed 12 August 2009

Remember my complaining about sugar ants in my house? These tiny little creatures are basically harmless but a nuisance - they get into very thing. I me3ntioned this to my house keepers and they said their clients like a product called Terro to get rid of these pests. I went to Home Depot about a week ago, bought a bottle of this liquid, and put it out in 3 places. Thus far, I've not seen a sugar ant return! Damn this stuff is good - I wish I had found it earlier.

My lawn care guy said my yard looks dry but I know my irrigation system has been working - I see it in the mornings it runs. I guess it just needs to be run a bit more in this very hot and dry time of the year. While James was here he asked me what I've been doing and when I said I've been building some websites his ears perked up - he would like a site too. I think I'll build a simple site for him as a bonus for the good work he does for me. He could pay me but I'd rather do this for him knowing he'd probably appreciate it more. Now the question is where can I get some free web space on a server for him? He uses Bell south DSL so I'll check with them first. I don't envision this being a major project like some of my others.

Starr is getting better but she still has not totally recovered from the flu. She thinks she wants to get back to some "normal" activities although I think more rest would be better. The major reason people have illnesses that linger is they try to get back to things too quickly. I hope she'll take it easy.

This morning I have a dentist appointment at least that's what I think. Usually the dentist's office will call to remind me but they didn't call yesterday. Maybe I got my mornings wrong or maybe I've got them trained by now to except me to remember even if they don't call - of course they are correct.

I suspect someone of messing with my John's Island storeroom. I left it open for someone who wanted to use my bike pump and asked them to lock it when they were finished - I have an electric keypad lock on that door like I have on my back door. Well I went to get in it yesterday only to find it was not locked. Not only was it not locked, it would not lock! The metal frame around the hole in the door jam where the bolt closes into was moved such that the door would not lock! I had to get a screwdriver and adjust the metal frame so the bolt will go into it. The frame was not lose. It was moved a good bit and needed a screwdriver to fix it. I suspect someone moved it on purpose so that the door would not lock. There didn't appear to be anything missing...yet. The only one I think could have done this is someone I trust at least up until now. I could be wrong of course but you guys remember the last time I was wrong about anything was back in 1972!

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Tech Wins...Again!

Tue 11 August 2009

Did you miss me yesterday? I got started very early on the two websites I'm building and I spent the whole day on them. Both are at a point where I think most of the work is done except for some editing. One of the sites is published to the internet and you can see it here at WinglerLaw.com . I know what you're going to ask ..what's up with the flash? I've not got a clue as to how to make a flash movie but I'm learning how to edit flash objects. My very first attempt to actually edit and publish a flash site is that one on WinglerLaw.

The WinglerLaw site is owned by an Atlanta attorney who was referred to me by another guy who's website I remade. This site is not a totally new site but the layout and some pages are new. Frankly I think I could have started from scratch and spent less time on it. You see it was a template used by Microsoft's Front page program that has not been used since 2005. There is a lot of coding that was used 8 years ago that has since been updated and made easier but I had to work with what I had. All my effort was done with notepad because I don't have the program used to make it in the first place. The owner seems to be pleased and that is what counts.

I got two dozen new landscape lights in to replace the ones that burn out all the time. I really like the look of my house at night but I had no idea it would require so much effort to keep all the lights on. Heck I thought the bulbs should last not only months but perhaps years - I was wrong. These bulbs don't even last as long as your standard light bulb even though they are low voltage - 12 volts to be exact. It takes effort to keep things nice around here.

I watched the replay of the Georgia Tech - Georgia game from last year - Tech won again in the replay. It was a great game and was a game in which Georgia had more points scored on them than any other regular season game ever! The final was 45 -43 even though Tech was behind by 17 points at the half. Georgia Tech rarely beats Georgia so this was a real pleasure to watch again. It's easier to sit through the whole game when you know your team is going to win even though I didn't recall the final score. Can you tell I'm ready for college football?

It's time to have my car detailed again - I like doing it twice a year. If you keep your car waxed, it will look good and the paint will last longer as I discovered on my other Mercedes. The question is who will do the work? Should I go to the place that did it before or try a guy who has a mobile van and will come to me? The place that did it last time put some oily - like stuff on my leather I did not like at all. Of course I could tell them not to use that crap again but rather some leather polish I have. Then again the mobile guy comes recommended by someone who's recommendations are usually good. Stay tuned.

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Voo-Doo Lily

Sun 09 August 2009

Yesterday I talked about ESPN 360 but at the time I had not installed it but now I have. I'll be able to watch the first Georgia Tech game on my computer or even connect my 67" HDTV to my computer - my Samsung has the computer ports necessary but I really wonder how go the quality would be. One way to find out - try it. The viewing on my monitor is better than I expected! I'm a happy camper now that I have the ESPN 360 option as well as ESPN-U.

I've been eating some fabulous peaches of late but they are from the West Coast - I really haven't found Georgia peaches in the markets and the ones I have found were not all that good. I leave the State and the peach crop goes downhill. It is still full fruit season here in August which I expect will last into the Fall. I love fruit...have I ever mentioned that before?

That VooDoo lily has come back again this year in the same place it was growing last year. It did not have what has been described as a grotesque smelling flower last year so I'm hoping for a flower this year. If do get blessed with a raunchy bloom, I'll of course post pictures. The rest of my landscaping is flourishing almost out of control - my plants get bigger and bigger all the time needing attention to keep them in check. I wanted a lot of plants so now I have them.

I've been working on another website I stopped working on when I went to the Keys. Yesterday I was able to complete the flash movie for the site as I liked it and I'm pleased to report the site's owner thinks it is great too. In stead of have words flash and change with image changes, I concluded a simple steady message would be better for potential visitors than words or text constantly changing. It is clean, neat, and classy in my humble biased opinion - I'll post a link later when more of the site is completed. Now that the "home page" is acceptable it will be just a matter of completing the work for the other pages - I need to add images because I think it best not to have the flash movie on every page.

Yesterday I was working on a headache that got worse in the afternoon. I also had zero energy yesterday even after taking some meds. I could have taken more meds but I concluded something else was going on so I did not - today I've not taken anything except Wellbutrin which I take everyday. Late yesterday and into the evening I did take some things for my headache which is gone this morning. I hope today is good.

Do you folks have Secunia software scanner which tells you when there is an update to your installed software? Most software checks for updates but only once a week or perhaps once a month. This software checks your machine every time you boot to advise you about updates and it gives you a link to download the update. I say this because I think it is an excellent tool for updating security risks as soon as they are available. It is free and can be found here.

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TV Stuff

Sat 08 August 2009

Four weeks from today will be the first Saturday of the 2009 College Football season - I'm very much looking forward to that. The first game Georgia Tech plays is against some smaller college and thus will not be on network television. Damn! It will be on something called ESPN 360 but not everyone can get the site on the internet because some ISP's don't pay for it like Comcast. So I started looking for a work-around through some proxy or something but really couldn't find anything. Then I read that Comcast was bring ESPN 360 to their network in August so I checked it out - glory, glory, I think I will get ESPN 360 after all.

Yesterday I got some new plants - real ones - for the inside of my house because several died while we were in the Keys. Other plants I put outside hoping they would live and they did but unfortunately they became food for snails. While at Home Depot I picked up some stuff to hopefully eliminate my ant problem. I have what are known as 'sugar ants' - small little creatures that like sweet things and you know I have sweet stuff around. It was a product recommended by my house keepers and also by the folks at Home Depot - reports to follow.

I've not got much planned for today except some TV viewing - I may even rent a movie like "The Day the Earth Stood Still". That is an old sci-fi movie from the early 1960's updated with Keanu Reeves. I might actually go pick up the DVD rather than renting it online unless I can figure out how to rewind and pause my Comcast On Demand feature. I've got a great new DVD player I bought to go along with my updated video system when I moved into the house - I guess I should try it again. I have used it to watch some DVD's John game me - the Bourne series of movies.

Now that I'm back from the Keys my interest in getting out in the sun at the beach or elsewhere is dwindling fast. I have a dermatologist appointment in a few weeks to see what great new things I grew over the Summer. I'm also stating back on my acid peels which make me even more sensitive to the sun. Through that in with my meds and it would be safe to say I should avoid the sun. There is always next year.

I talked to Starr yesterday and she is still sick with the flu after 2 weeks. Alex got better but he's only 18 - old farts like me & Starr take more time to recover. She should be resting but she's a mom thinking it is her duty to get up and do things. The more you do the longer it takes to get better. I'm not going to see her until she does get better and I hope John doesn't get sick in the meantime - I would want him to bring it to me. The flu is bad.

I've got a new idea with respect to a website I'm building for someone. Since we returned I've not worked on it again because I didn't like the direction in which it was going before we went to the Keys. Perhaps I'll mess with it today or not.

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Monk - Last Season

Fri 07 August 2009

My house keepers came yesterday to clean my house after being gone for about 6 weeks. Things are back to normal now and they will be coming on a regular bases again beginning a week from Monday. My house never did get dirty as such but I'm not one to mop the floors, clean the blinds, or scrub 5the bath tubs - I do vacuum regularly because Sally Cat deposits hair all over my house and I can't wait until my house keepers return. I also keep the kitchen clean and flush the toilets at least once a week if they are full or not!

I LOVE my big screen TV; I'm appreciating it more now having been in the Keys apartment with an older analog set. The colors are awesome and the picture is bright - I especially appreciate High Definition programming again . The Little League World Series will be great in HD but the real fun will be watching College Football in HD again. Lately I've been watching movies which is rather unusual for me - I've seen about 4 since I've been back which is more than a usually watch in a whole month. Heck, I'm even thinking about renting a movie or two on Comcast or DirectTV.

Speaking of television, the last season of Monk starts tonight at 9 PM so you know where I'll be. The question is why stop one of the most popular & successful series on TV? I bet it has to do with the actors just getting tired of the series in particular the star, Tony Shalhoub. Why else would you stop a money making project? Anyway, there is a Monk Marathon on the USA channel all day today starting at 9 AM this morning. What are you asking? Will I watch any of the marathon? Hell...does a Liberal like spending your money and controlling your life? Doh! I should also mention a new season on Psych also begins tonight after Monk.

Last night there was a "neighborhood Watch Group" meeting scheduled for 6 PM at the public library just 2 blocks from my house. I wasn't sure I needed to go but I went anyway to see what it was all about. When I got there the library was closed because the air conditioning didn't work. The meeting was moved to the police station but I didn't drive there and I notice other potential attendees not going either - I bet it will be rescheduled. I'm not aware of criminal style activities in my hood so that's why I wanted to go in the first place. The police have not discovered me as yet!

John decided he does want the desk I pictured here yesterday - he's a wise young man because that was my first choice as well. We'll probably order it today and have it shipped to his apartment in Tallahassee in time for school. No, he still has not heard from the college - I've asked him to call admissions to find out what's up with that. Maybe today he'll hear?

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No Business Meeting

Thu 06 August 2009

On the regular quarterly business meeting of my coffee group a member made a motion to change back to monthly meetings which unfortunately was passed. I'm the one that made the motion to change to quarterly meetings in the first place because it was my belief monthly meetings were not needed. In fact, the big coffee group in Atlanta I went to daily only had a meeting when someone called one which was about once a year. Well I was prepared with the notes yesterday morning but there were not enough people to actually have a valid business meeting - there were 4 of us including me and the treasurer. The very people who thought it was so critical to have meetings monthly again did not show up at all. Gee...have I made my point or what? The "critical" monthly meeting was canceled for lake of interest!

Frankly there is nothing so important that we should meet monthly after all, if something really important came up, we could call a meeting. I just don't get it. Is it because the tradition was having a monthly meeting? Are there other reason for which I'm not aware? Should I make a motion to change it back to quarterly again? Let's see what happens next month.

I've heard from my house cleaners and I expect them to return this morning after being gone for 8 weeks. Because I keep things tidy anyway this has not been a big issue for me. What I don't do is mop the floors, dust the blinds, and polish all my surfaces as they do on each visit. It will be very nice to have them back this morning.

The lawyer in Atlanta who's website I've edited sent me an e-mail thanking me for moving him higher on the Google search engine results. I've not done a whole lot except to edit some META tags and just a bit of his text. Now that I'm back, I'll pay more attention to other possible edits or changes to move him even higher on the list - he's now on page 2 which is not bad considering how many lawyers are practicing in and around Atlanta. I've also been working on an update look for his site but that will not move him up on Google. I've not gotten back into the design thing yet.

John came by to look at more writing desk options and since he left, I found even more. He wisely wants a writing desk similar to the one I have - simple with room for stuff. Of course the choice is his but who would not want my input? I think he'll mull over the options then let me know which one he wants us to order by week end. One of the desks he's considering is pictured today BTW, it sure would be nice to know he has officially been accepted by FSU although he's going up there no matter what happens. There is still the community college alternative in Tallahassee.

Tommy got his boat back so everything and everybody that were in the Keys has now back home either here in Vero or Atlanta. The group tends to take a lot of 'stuff' in order to have options to play while there.Tommy is generous in sharing the stuff he has with others - we all appreciate that. So what will happen next year - time will tell.

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Desk Hunting

Wed 05 August 2009

Yesterday I picked up my one prescription at Wal-Mart and wanted to buy toothpaste and some air freshener - I do brush my teeth every fee weeks whether they need it or not. The Vero Wal-Mart is being remodeled and to my dismay, they did not have either item I was seeking - can you believe that? The new store is nicer than the old store but now I'm going to have to re-learn the location of things I buy there. I went to Publix to buy the toothpaste and air freshener but couldn't find the air freshener I've been using. Just my luck...they probably stopped making it.

My home mail was delivered after having it held for 3 weeks - there were only two items I even opened. Now that I pay everything online I don't get statements anymore, just advertisements. I did get a CD from Mike Block who's website I built a couple months ago and a check for my work. He also sent me a check for an amount great than just the actually out of pocket costs I had for the domain name and hosting. What he did was not necessary but I do appreciate it.

I called to air conditioning companies to come give me an estimate for my air handler repair. I called the company that put it in back in 2003 and another company recommended by my cousin, Alice the cake baker. A service guy from the installing company came first and after he left I cancelled the second service call. You're not going to believe this but the noise was being created by vibration on the outside compressor and coming in via the gas lines. He "moved" the compressor just a bit and the noise stopped. While he was here he checked everything out resulting in a perfect report - all is well. Here I was prepared to replace the air handler when it was resolved by a $80 service call! The stars must be aligned just right for me. My usual experience is to request a $80 service call and end up with a whole new system.

John has been on the hunt for a desk to take to college with him later this month. He's found a couple he likes but of course I've done my homework as well. I went to the place where I bought the desk I'm using here as my computer desk and found several other options I'd like to show to him. John will call and come by later this morning so we can discuss this matter. Desks are important when you're in college - they are the center of your universe with all your important 'stuff' on them.

I'm off to have coffee.

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Tue 04 August 2009

The rest of the Islamorada crowd arrived back in Vero yesterday afternoon as expected. I met TB to help him with Drew's boat as it is now launched again. The Cracker will arrive sometime today if things go as planned. Yesterday the tide was so low even the Maverick had a difficult time getting into the canal behind the Tulip Lane estate - Tommy said it was as low as he's seen it.

Yesterday I had places to go and things to do and now it looks like today will be a repeat. I'll pick up my router & modem from Tom - I left them with him so internet access was still available even when I left. I've got to go to Wally World this morning to pick up a prescription so perhaps I can get the hardware then. I also need to get the mail I've had held for the past 3 weeks - I went to my PO Box yesterday and all but one piece of mail was junk. The mail coming to my house is usually a bit more interesting and important.

John's mother, Starr, and his brother have been sick with what sounds like the flu - I hope it is not the N1H1 thing. Flu is bad enough but Summer flu is the worst in my opinion. I always get a flu shot in the Fall and plan to do so again this year once the vaccine is available. According to what I hear on the news, I may also need to get a separate vaccine shot for the H1N1 flu because it is so much different that the "normal" flu. If you don't get a shot I'd ask why not? Why take the chance you'll get sick? I just don't understand why anyone would not want to be vaccinated.

Later today I want to call some air conditioning companies about my air handler. The one I have is working but I think a bearing in the motor is getting bad. I also looked at the condensing coils and they look like they really need to be cleaned or perhaps even replaced. The air handler is about 8 to 10 years old so maybe it is time? My plan is to get at least a couple of estimates as to what work needs to be done and at what cost.

It is a bright beautiful day here in Vero without a cloud in the sky - a day that reminds me why I like living here. Last night a major rain event occurred for about 45 minutes that was really intense but the rain was needed. Even with my irrigation system it is always good to have a nice soaking rain.

While I was gone I got an announcement of the birth of Djem - Syp & Sjak's new little baby boy. In the announcement was this picture of Yari & Djem side by side - I think it is a great picture. I scanned it into my machine so the image is not as good as the original but you get the idea. Cute, huh?

I'm off to Wally World.

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Back to Normal

Mon 03 August 2009

First regular day back in Vero so I've gotten back into my routine by going for coffee this morning - my coffee klatch were happy to see me of course. Nothing has changed there sine I left about 3 weeks ago which I can also say about most things - nothing has changed. But you know what, I have a feeling of comfort returning to my 'normal' life without a ripple in my karma. Let's see what this week brings.

Strangle I've not sleep as well up returning as I did in the Keys - I guess I'm just not used to a smooth bed without lumps in it? I also think the pool duty in The Palms drained some energy everyday making resting not only needed but easier. Could it be that eating later also had an affect? Wouldn't that be ironic in that I like putting on the feed bag around the same predictable time everyday. I'll have to do some testing.

Since I've been home I've needed a hot soaking tub full of water at night to rest well. Actually it is almost a routine with me so I'm wondering just how much I really need it. Except for the first night and last two nights in the Keys, I did not do the hot tub of water thing in Islamorada. What's up with that? The good news is I have a sleep solution that does not require additional meds.

WOW...what a difference a big 67" HDTV makes compared to the one in our condo. It really is amazing the differences in clarity, color, and definition. It is a pure delight to have my Samsung back and I can hardly wait for College Football to begin in a month. I even have been watching movies which I rarely do - usually it is FOX News and certain series on TNT, USA, or TBS.

The house plants I left in the house did not fair very well - I'm going to need to replace them. The ones I took outside before I left also didn't fair very well because some were attacked by snails. I've moved my silk plants back into the house until I can find replacements for the dead or injured plants. I might just buy a few new plants rather than replacing all the silk plants again.Hmmm...

I've ordered two dozen landscape lights for replacements. I have one whole section of 5 lights out in the front of my house on the right side. I'll get around to replacing them later today I think or perhaps early in the morning tomorrow when it is not so hot. Yes boys and girls, it is hot and humid here in Vero. I'm ready for the Fall so that the humidity will come down even though it won't get cold. Oh yes, did I mention College Football is coming this Fall/

I've got some websites on which I can work but I'm just not in to it just yet. I'll have to bring myself back up to where I was before I left and I'm not ready to do that. That's why I like to start and finish a project so as not to lose my concentration or forget the things I've tried that either did not work or I don't like. The exception is Kathryn's project because most of it is done at this point - I just need to actually set up the SingerJohnston.com domain name to point to the new site. First, I think I heed to go over a few things with Kathryn face to face.

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Home Again

Sun 02 August 2009

We've made it safely back to Vero and in record time with John the Flash driving - it took us about 3 hours and 20 minutes to make the trip. The traffic was not bad for us because we left at 8 AM on Sunday morning so we beat the crowds out of the Keys and the expressway was moving well. Actually John was not passing everyone but rather moving with the flow most of the time - I did not look to see what speed 'the flow' was going. When I decide to go somewhere, I want to get up and go rather than sit around and wait - it is my innate nature. Some folks can move slowly, have breakfast or lunch, make some calls then go but not me.

We came home one day early - my lease runs out today. I also had one Wellbutrin left I could have taken today if I were still in the Keys. When we were packing the car yesterday morning getting ready to leave Drew came up the stairs I was coming down with Sally Cat to warn me Jim (a resident) was at the bottom chit-chatting. If I had taken the elevator, he would have seen the cat cage. Then when he left another resident drove up and once again made small talk while I was in the stairwell waiting for him to leave. Those two people yesterday morning were more people I've seen in the morning since we arrived - there is never anyone up and around at that time. Oh well, we escaped without being discovered with Sally.

The trip was fun and for the most part the weather cooperated with us. Although I only went out on the boat once, John went out every time the boat left the docks with Tommy or Captain Matt and on lobster days he went with Drew. I was invited but going to the sandbar is not something that appeals to me anymore. I like to know when we would be back and it is not at all fair to expect others to meet my screwed up schedule - when you go fishing or diving it is hard to say when you will return. The exception was the day Tommy, John, and I went to out so TB & John could dive while I had boat duty which was fine with me.

I still did not have the energy I would have liked to have and much to my own surprise I was reluctant to take Adderall every time I thought it would help. I'm the type who will take a pill if I think I need one however I did not use the meds as much as I thought I might. What's up with that? I thought I'd take something to get me going all the time but I just didn't want to do so - that is a good thing for me in the long run. I'll report later on my thoughts about meds.

We certainly had enough seafood for awhile which of course is one of the reasons for going down to the Keys. Every once and awhile John and I need meat to break the seafood pattern so hamburgers or steaks provided a day off. One night Mary Ann and Tom made hamburgers cooked on Tommy's grill that were fabulous - not the flat frozen kind you get at fast food but thick & juicy. Needless to say, everyone ate well and John ate more than any other human I've seen having snacks every few hours. Jeez that boy can eat a lot!

Upon arrival back in Vero all was well at my house although there are tasks I'll need to do starting today. I have a whole section of landscape lights out, there are vines growing on the North side of my house, my AC air handler needs attention, plants need to be replaced...the list goes on. Nothing major happened. I even think I'll get my house keepers back this week.

The trip was great but it is nice to be back. There is much more going on but for now I think I'll start my tasks - to Publix I'll go to replenish my refrigerator.

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