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Mini-season is Over

Fri 31 July 2009

The day for the lobster hunters got started rather early - John got a call from Drew before 7 AM saying to get up and come on over. It was a beautiful morning although it got rather windy when they went out. I guess they guys wanted to get an early start while the weather was good although it was rather windy. I was thinking they wanted to start early so they could perhaps finish early giving more time for story telling and adult beverage consumption in the pool. Actually is ended up being the sandbar and not the pool.Yesterday was not as productive as the first but the crew still got a lot of bugs - I think the count was 32.

I don't know about the other guys but I can tell you John was still tired when he got up yesterday morning. Nonetheless, a half a day of constant free diving for lobsters did not stop him from heading to the gym mid-afternoon - that boy is addicted or there's a hot babe working the counter. I've never seen the gym much less go into it. But if that makes John happy, I'm pleased he goes there rather than other possible options.

I had one of my lazy days as well wanting to just watch some TV, communicate a bit on my computer, and of course pool duty. How is it that I can wake up with nothing to do and at the end of the day it is only half done? I've also soaked in John's tub filled with hot water in the past couple of days which is the only time I've done that since the first day we arrived. What have I done (or not done) that has brought this on again? I wish I didn't have to do it but on the other hand, it's not a big deal. Trouble is John's tub was made for a ten year old - it is short, narrow, and not very deep. Oh well, things could be a whole hell of a lot worse!

I've not been doing much with my computer of late except to work on some things for Kathryn and her hot new world class site. Before we actual point her domain name to the new site I need to do some editing and clean-up. There's left over code on her pages from my initial building process.

I do want to mention an urgent Microsoft update that was released yesterday cornering the Internet Explorer browser. The Microsoft's out-of-cycle fixes are actually patching other patches that were released on Patch Tuesday just 16 days ago. According to the the company, this patch is rated "Critical" for IE 6/7/8 on XP and IE 7/8 on Vista. You can get the info and updates here . I downloaded and installed the security patch yesterday.

The crowd went to Bentley's again last evening but I stayed here - I was working on a headache which is still with me this morning. For me, I rank my headaches as mild (no medication), moderate (over the counter headache pills), bad (medication with codeine), and severe (Vicodin) - sometimes I have to start with one level and move to another like yesterday. I'm not sure what the day will bring but I am sure the weather is great - see picture from this morning.

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Successful Day

Thu 30 July 2009

The first day of chasing lobsters was a success - the crew (pictured) got either 42 or 44 lobsters which was a good first day. They left the docks around 8 AM and return about 3:30 PM - the boys were exhausted. But their reward was a fresh lobster tail dinner last night under the Tiki Hut. The crew is going to repeat the lobster hunt today weather permitting.

The dinner was wonderful of course - how can you not like fresh broiled lobster tails? Besides, lobster is a perfect delivery system for melted butter! It wasn't hot last night and there weren't bugs out to bother us. Actually, there was a rather nice breeze coming off the ocean that kept things very pleasant and the bugs away. This lobster dinner thing is an annual ritual and fun for all. Surprisingly, there actually was some left over lobster tails because Mary Ann fixed two tails for each of us and some of us only at one tail - like me for example. I brought a tail back to make lobster salad for lunch tomorrow.

I had pool duty and I was on call in the event they needed a fresh body with a license on one of the boats. The guys didn't quite get their limit so I was not called for lobster duty. My contribution was to take pictures for everyone and I cooked the baked potatoes. I'm a damn good potato baker - it's a skill I've mastered.

Yesterday was a good day to go to World vWide Sportsman - it was virtually empty at 9:30 yesterday.I love the store - all kinds of fishing stuff and fishing clothes. Of course I had to get my annual T-shirt although this time it was not a Guy Harvey - I have Guy Harvey's at home I've not worn yet from past years. I think I might return this morning now that I know what size T-shirt John wears now. He likes to wear medium so his muscles will rip the selves - I'm kidding!

There are some new people who have arrived here at The Palms - we met some of these folks last year. In fact, it seems we meet some of the same Summer visitors year after year - sort of like a home coming. For the most part, there are very few people here now - just some year-round residence all of whom we know.

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Lobster Mini-season Begins

Wed 29 July 2009

Gosh we had some terrible weather yesterday that started around 3:30 AM when I was awakened by wind and thunder - remember, I sleep with ear plugs in so that the late night crowd around the seawall or other noise like John coming in will not wake me. This storm was so intense it did wake me. We had heavy wind and rain most all morning yesterday although it did clear off and the sun came out around 2 PM. With the sun up, the boys went diving.

After diving, the guys went to the sandbar and I took the girls & John to meet them at Holiday Isle. I was invited too but the sandbar is not my thing - about the only thing that happens there is consumption of adult beverages. I don't have a problem being around folks having fun and drinking beer but I'm likely not to want to stay as long as others - I totally understand because I've been there. Besides, I think this is a young person's outing as it should be. All returned with the same number of limbs they left with earlier in the day.

John and I went to World Wide Sports to do some annual shopping and the place was packed like sardines in a can. The wait to check out was about 20 people deep in each of the two check-out lines. There were so many people we couldn't move around so we left within about 15 seconds of walking in. I guess the bad weather kept people from doing other things so they went to World Wide. John and I will return at another time.

Remember when I talked about sending money via a Money gram back to Vero to help someone get out of jail? They only had half of the money needed to pay the bondsman so I sent the other half by charging the funds to my Master Card using Money Gram online. I had a charge for the $275 appear on my card the next day as a "pending" charge. Well something strange happened - the charge disappeared although the funds were sent. I expected it to be posted by now (a week late) but it has not - what's up with that? I'll wait a couple more days but if it does not appear, I'm going to call the bank to see what happened. Strange.

Today is the first day of lobster mini-season - one of the highlights of the trip. It is still dark outside but I can see flashes of lightening and sometimes hear a bit of thunder; there's wind too. None of these weather conditions are good for going out on Tommy's boat in search of "bugs" but if the lobster Gods are with us, the weather will improve later this morning. Reports to follow.

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Tue 28 July 2009

Most of the boys went fishing yesterday out at the "409 hump" - Amy was the only brave girl to go along. They all said they had fun catching 3 black fin tunas and two dolphin one of which was probably 25 to 30 pounds. I didn't see the fish except in pictures but my experience from fishing in the past suggests it was that big. Ryan was the angler who caught the fish but everyone had their picture taken with it - if you didn't know better, one who think John was the angler. Today's picture is the happy crew back at the docks.

Last evening we all had burgers grilled by Tom with fixing's by MaryAnn - frankly it was time for me to have a break from seafood and John agreed. It was great as usual and we ate early enough for me to watch The Closer at 9. I love fresh grilled homemade burgers with mustard.

It was a nice day so I had pool duty stating at noon when Rush came on the radio. Kevin, Kimper, and Ty joined me for pool duty and they stated later than I could because of the sensitivity of my baby-soft skin from the meds. Of course the crowd got in the pool after the fishing trip and before the burgers. John was a bit late getting back from the gym - he didn't leave here until 5 o'clock after being out in the sun all day. That boy has way too much energy! I wish he could bottle some of that energy and give it me - it's not fair for old farts to lose their energy. My get up and go got up and left! John has as much energy as my Dutchie, Syp - Jeez! Adderall helps but the natural stuff in the brain is much better.

It's too early in the day for me to say what will happen. I'm guessing a scuba dive will be on the menu and perhaps some lobster hole scouting - tomorrow is day one of mini-season. I'll full fill my pool duty obligation mid day as long as it's nice again. I also think I'll make a run to World Wide Sports before all the good stuff is sold out when the lobster crowd arrives. I've got to get a new T-shirt or two don't you know.

Tommy is very generous to share his toys with us - boats, tanks, scuba gear, fishing tackle, etc. There is no way I can afford what he does but I try to express my appreciation for John & me being included in the activities whenever I can.

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Lazy Sunday

Mon 27 July 2009

It was a quite Sunday as some of the boys were recovering from Saturday night while others just decided to sleep late. I think a day of rest was a good thing at least as far as the Tiki Hut crew was concerned. We all did manage to make it into the pool after lunch but the boats didn't leave the docks yesterday. Today is another matter.

As I was going for coffee this morning, Tommy, Matt, Drew, John, Ryan, Jeff, and Amy were headed for the docks to go offshore to the "409" in search of Black fin tuna - I'm rather confident they'll catch some. The plan was to leave for the docks a bit after 6 AM but in fact it was around 7 - no worries, the fish will be there. Jeff & Amy made sandwiches for everyone and Matt & Drew got the beer (a necessity for fishing) & bait. I except they'll be gone most all day although John plans on going to the gym when they return.

Captain Matt went to the Fish Company to buy some shrimp & scallops for dinner last night - he cooked them as well. Matt could have a back-up career as a chef if the current job doesn't work out - the meal was really great. It was Tommy, Drew, John, Matt, and me for dinner - the others went to Lazy Days where we went on Friday. The good news is that everyone doesn't have to go to the same place at the same time. If things go well today, I suspect grilled black fin will be on the menu tonight.

I have this problem of setting a time or dinner but if it's late I get shaky and often a headache. If I know what time dinner will be, I can adjust my schedule. But when dinner is a hour or more later than expected I sometimes have an bit of a problem. No matter what the good intentions are we often find actual dinner time to be later than expected for a variety of reasons. I think my plan will be to eat when I'm ready to eat then maybe have a sample of dinner later.

Matt's computer needs some help - it is slow and will not connect to my network although it did connect a few days ago. The machine is old and full but not as old and full as Tom's old laptop. I offered to work on it but it was suggested I ought not do that while waiting for Captain Matt to complete cooking his wonderful seafood feast - I know not why. No worries, maybe I can help later today?

It was stormy again yesterday but it looks much nicer here today. I hope the wind and rain will stay calm & away while the guys are fishing. I have pool duty at noon when Rush comes on.

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Stormy Day

Sun 26 July 2009

Yesterday's diving trip was exciting for the crew that went diving. They went to the Eagle for a deep dive and then back to Alligator for a second shallow dive. Reports are that the water was not as clear as it has been and visibility was hampered by the fact it was cloudy. All went well until it was about time to return when a heavy lightening-filled thunderstorm moved in between Tommy's boat and the dock. I was not with them but was told the rain & lightening made things rather exciting. I know I don't like to be in a boat on the water with lightening all around. The good news is everyone got back safely with interesting stories to tell of the rather hair-raising adventure.

It was a stormy day yesterday with nothing but clouds until mid-afternoon when the rain & lightening moved in. I stayed in for the most part except for an outing to the Spanish Garden restaurant to pick up one of their key lime pies. Their pies are home made in Marathon by a women just for this restaurant so you won't get it anywhere else. It is not your traditional key lime pie because it is server cold and the filling is sort of like ice cream in texture but not really ice cream. I decided to buy one to sample for the next few days to determine if I want to take one back with me to Vero.

It was not a "pool" day but the rain didn't stop people from going into the hot tub - the tub is warm and fun in the rain as long as there's no lightening around. I decided to stay out of the water all day but today is a new day.

Jeff and Amy are here and went on the dive trip. After an all night drive they decided it was best to head back to their rental for some rest so they'll be ready for the coming activities. Jeff is a good lobster getter and as far as that goes, so is Amy. There are several seasoned lobster divers so if the weather is in our favor I expect they'll do well this season. If it rains and is cloudy seeing lobsters will be more difficult.

John asked if he could get his nitrox certification while he's here. Of course I think that is a good idea if he can get into a class this coming week which means he may have to ship a day going to the gym. The real question is whether or not a class is available - he'll walk over to the dive shop to check it out this morning.

Kimper and Kevin came by for a visit last night - I've not actually talked to them before then. Both are well and happy to be on holiday here in paradise. They had just come back from dinner with the Brennan clan at Bentley's - the rest of the crew went elsewhere. It was great seeing them one on one rather than at a noisy dinner table. I've chatted with Heather but Ryan is allusive.

Brother Drew and Son John went out together last night and God only knows where they went or what they did. I thought they were going to dinner next door at the Outback but I'm thinking they may have skipped dinner and headed straight to Holiday Isle - I'll get a report later when John gets up I'm sure. At least John is back so I assume Drew is as well.

It is not boring here in Paradise! Today's picture was taken on Friday, not yesterday - what a difference 24 hours makes.

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Pool Duty

Sat 25 July 2009

Yesterday was a get up late and go to Mango Mike's for breakfast at 11:30 AM - that's what happens when you stay up till 4 AM discussing the big bang theory or whatever. Brother Drew actually got up earlier because he had to work most of the day under the Tiki hut looking out at Alligator - tough work but someone has to do it.

John went to the gym after lunch and Matt hung out around here. Tommy returned from Vero early afternoon but there was not a boat trip yesterday although I think a diving trip is planned for around 11 this morning. For the first time since we've been here it is a bit cloudy this morning and it's raining offshore. No worries...what ever the weather now it is likely to change in a few hours.

Yesterday the crowd had pool duty as seen in today's picture (click on the image). It was a beautiful cloudless day yesterday so why not hang out in the pool? Our crowd represents the largest group here as we usually do each Summer - there are not many other residence here at this time.

I had a router issue which got my attention for several hours yesterday - the router would drop connections to our lap tops. I checked everything and concluded it was the router not the modem, computers, or out side influence like a wireless phone for example. The router reset itself for no apparent reason but that was a good thing. When I rest the hardware to factory defaults it started working again although it is not a secure network now - I'm not worried about encryption. I hope the problem is over now.

Did you miss my web site yesterday? It was down for several hours driving me crazy trying to figure out why. Other sites I have hosted on the same sever were working properly. My files on the sever were all in place - the site has not been hacked. I opened a "ticket" with my host server asking for help but after a few hours - before they could respond - the site came back up. It was a server issue.

The Brennan boys with their significant others have arrived - they came in last night after I retired to my apartment to watch TV. We all went to dinner next door at Lazy Days - one of my favorite restaurants here in Islamorada. The place was very busy last night but we got decent service anyway, The food was excellent as usual. Now that the crowd has grown even bigger, I'm not sure where dinner will be consumed tonight - if I were a betting man I'd say Bentleys.

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Arrival Day

Fri 24 July 2009

Let the games begin! John drove to the Miami airport last night to fetch Brother drew and Captain Matt. He reports the flight actually arrive a bit earlier (that's a surprise) so he got the guys and headed back to paradise. I don't know when They arrived here to the apartments but John didn't get back to our apartment until around 4:30 - I think a Crown front moved in last night and into the morning. I know when he got back because I could smell the grilled ham & cheese sand which he made at 4:30. Actually I was happy to see he & the boys got back safely and apparently had a good time together upon return.

I think I might cook some bacon this morning in about a hour to see if John wakes up - that will be fun and I love bacon. I used to use this trick on Syp when he was John's age - I'd cook bacon and Syp would come out of his room attracted by the aroma like flies to light. I love bacon - who doesn't? John bought some at the Winn Dixie yesterday on the by one - get one free sale. Other than the first day here, I've not been back to the Winn Dixie but rather have asked John to pick up things as he returns from his daily trip to the gym.

I've been having router problems here - my router just stops working sometimes for no apparent reason. Yesterday it reset itself to factory defaults - how did that happen? I had to hard wire it to my laptop so I could access the router to reconfigure it. I think it is a router problem and not being caused by any external force. I say that because Tom's computer could not stay connected to my router although Mary Ann's computer sitting right next to it could. Knowing that routers use a 2.4GH frequency and wireless phones do too, I asked if Tom had a wireless phone in his apartment and he did. I told him to unplug the phone to se what happens and sure enough he could stay connected. I don't think my router is influenced by anything like that because it's been working ever since i got her.Hmm?

Tommy is returning this afternoon after a trip to Vero for a few days. he had to take care of some business and get a shot. Now that the crowds are arriving, he'll return to jump into the mix of things. The weather is beautiful so I bet a diving trip will be set up for tomorrow. Maybe a trip today if Matt wakes up and feels like going out on the boat after last night. The boys are young and can handle this stuff - I know I could when I was their age.

Unfortunately I've not divorced myself from all news - I still hear the most of the shit that is going on and it makes me sick. Obama is bringing down most everything that is good about America and turn the country into a socialist state. I can only hope that some Democrats put their country in front of their party's far left agenda.

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Computer Challenges

Thu 23 July 2009

Another day in paradise and I found myself glued to some computer work which, as a nerd, I love. Tom asked if I could help with a couple issues on his new laptop and of course I was more than happy to try. I got started and the next thing I know it's mid-afternoon - for me time flies by when I'm immersed into a project I enjoy.

The first thing Tom wanted is all his files moved from that dinosaur lab top he has to his new machine. He has one of those programs and connecting cables that is suppose to be able to do that but it turned out to be very cumbersome and would not allow him to move pictures as he wanted. So I took that old slow as molasses in winter machine, moved all of his "My Documents" to an external had drive then connected the hard drive to his new machine to upload - it worked perfectly. It took about 45 minutes to download from his old computer and only about 4 minutes to upload to his new machine. Frankly I don't know how he could even use that old computer!

Then he tried to install Office 2007 but when it was installed, he got a message saying it has been installed too many times. He's put it on Kevin's machine, Mary Ann's machine, and his desktop to mention a few - there is some limit built into the software which makes sense. I tried to find the license .DLL and replace it with a new .DLL hoping it would think it was a fresh install - no go. I tried a few other tricks including downloading the home version he had installed from a torrent web site, installing it fresh, then follow the licensing procedure but no go. Clearly Microsoft stores the usage/license data deep in the bowls of some unobscured file where it can not be found or replaced.

After a few hours I moved onto plan B. I once again uninstalled Office 2007 and this time used a registry cleaner to remove old unused entries. I read that if you install an upgrade version of Office, it should work without "remembering" the old installs. I found a torrent of Office 2007 Enterprise edition on a site and from a user I deemed trustworthy - I didn't think the torrent would come with a virus. To download a torrent you need a special program which is free so I installed uTorrent on my laptop to download the .ISO file. Once downloaded I scanned the file for viruses and it came up very clean on over 15 scanners. To "open" the .ISO file you need another special program a copy of which I had on my external hard drive so I installed it on my machine and validated it with a license key I have.

My next task was to "unpack" the .ISO file with the program, PowerISO, then save all the files to a single file I called office. Then I moved that new unpacked file to my external hard drive and then onto Tom's machine. I ran the installer, put in a license key provided, and Tom now has Office 2007 Enterprise addition installed working just as it should. Any of you want to install it on your laptop? John asked me to install it on his which I will do when he wakes up.

We did manage a later afternoon pool duty before supper.Today is just beginning.

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Still Here

Wed 22 July 2009

Yesterday morning I thought we might be headed back to Vero so that John could take care of some things in Vero. The good news he was able to get what he thought needed to be done by using a marvelous invention called a telephone and help from mom. I've found most things can be done via the phone and help from others although many of us like to do things our way. There for awhile I thought John would be sucked into the Vero black hole.He thankfully concluded that staying here was better than ending the trip.

I didn't sleep well Monday night because something was bothering me and I got a call from my friend in Vero around 11:45 to thank me for my help. I'm happy to help but I would have preferred the call at say 4:00 in the afternoon instead of midnight - I'm not sure why they called so late but it got me up and kept me up. Yesterday was a 'tired' day for me - I didn't even go into the pool. I'm not sure what today will bring.

John and I fetched a chair for Tom up in Key Largo - the couch in his apartment is a bit uncomfortable. So why not buy a comfortable chair for his visit here this year? He's doing well but of course is taking things easy as you would expect.

Tom & Mary Ann took John & I to dinner last night at a wonderful little restaurant called Spanish Garden (see picture). It is owned and run by two guys, is located next to Uncles, and was truly a great experience. They don't have anything fried on the menu and it really is a Spanish style restaurant. We had Tapas ordering 4 different dishes and a great salad with goat cheese and sun dried tomatoes. The owner/chef brought out two dishes at a time and we all shared. Tapas is like ordering 4 appetizers at Uncle's and then sharing it. I think Tapas means small meal in Spanish?

The restaurant was clean, quaint, quiet, and very pleasant - I'd love to return. What a great experience compared to clanging dishes, loud people, large plates, and fried stuff or fish covered with sauce. Don't get me wrong, yellow tail with sauce is good it's just that this was a wonderful dining experience for us all.

Tom asked me if I could help him with his new computer by transferring his files from that laptop he's had since God created the heavens and earth. I'm going to transfer everything to my external hard drive then upload it to his new machine - at least that's my plan. I'll take on the project once I return from coffee. I've got a couple other things I want to check out for Tom - more info to follow.

Still no rain, nice days, and clear nights. I hope it continues.

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Tue 21 July 2009

The villa came is down - we may be headed home today.

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Wild Weekend

Mon 20 July 2009

What a wild weekend we had here in paradise with Captain Matt, Wildman Flynn, and their friend Steve - a dude they knew from Vero. The guys played hard but they left yesterday with all their body parts still attached and no new holes in their body. They routine was to sleep until the crack of noon, get up, have food - they called breakfast but was lunch for me - then start their day on Cracker. All that is normal but for them, their day didn't end until the next day usually before the sun came up. They all wanted to stay but they'll be back this weekend.

John left the crew usually by 10 or 11 then went to bed sober. He's been parting with them during the day and into the early evening but not going out to the Tiki Hut at midnight. He's been tame and very helpful to Tommy with regard to moving things around or boat duty. Yesterday he sleep until about 10 - that's the latest yet - and is still asleep of course. My guess is he'll get up in a hour or so, have breakfast, and then off to the gym.

Last night John & I went to Outback for dinner - TB wanted to eat left-overs so he stayed in. I love the coconut shrimp with a creaser salad - John had surf & turf - we were back by 8:30 or 8:45 in time for me to watch a program at nine. There are programs on every night I like to watch usually starting at 9. For some reason I've been staying up until 11 before lights out - what's up with that?

We went to Holiday Isle on the boat yesterday to have lunch - surprisingly the boat was faster than a car because of all the Sunday traffic heading North. I have to say that I think the blackened dolphin sandwich at Holiday Isle is as good as any on the island. Some time this week we'll go to Lor-e-lei so I can compare the two.

It's still early here and another beautiful cloudless day. No clue as to what we'll do today as yet but I'm sure it will include seafood, pool duty, and computer time. With my hot sensitive body I have to be careful in the sun because of the meds - I put on more suntan lotion and a higher number than ever before. Thus far all is well.

Villa Cam is on

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New Arrivals

Sun 19 July 2009

Captain Matt and Wild man Flynn arrived early Saturday morning - Matt's plane was delayed out of Atlanta because of rain and Friday traffic. When they arrived here, Tommy had two full grouper dinners from Uncles waiting for them - beats left over pizza don't you think? It was a late night or should I say early morning so they didn't get up until the crack of noon or there about. With a late start to the day, Matt, Flynn, and John just headed to the sandbar for an afternoon of babe fishing and consumption of adult beverages. I was invited but thought it prudent not to go.

Tommy purchased some fresh shrimp to cook for dinner when the crew returned. Surprise. Surprise. They came back later than expected, there were things to do, so the 7:00 dinner was pushed back until later - how much later I do not know for sure because a felt weak, tired, and hungry so I ate here in the apartment around 8:30. I enjoy the wonderful things Tommy fixes but I sometimes can't keep waiting and waiting - no matter what time we're scheduled to eat, you can almost guarantee it will be at least a hour or more later. I don't eat much but I do have to keep a schedule.

I've not got a clue as to what will happen today. It's 8:30 and everyone is still asleep - I went for coffee at 6:45 as usual. Matt wanted to go fishing but with a flight out of Miami later today I don't know if that will happen. No worries...he'll be back Thursday night with 10 days of fun ahead of him. I think Flynn will come back as well. As long as they're having fun, it doesn't much matter what the fun is now does it?

Yesterday I went to Winn Dixie with TB & Ty then worked on some ideas for a web site. Later in the afternoon Tommy, Ty, and I had pool duty. BTW, the pool is very nice - not too cool for me.

Late yesterday I got an e-mail asking for me to call back to Vero. It seems someone I know was in jail and didn't have enough money to get out so I sent some cash via Money gram. I don't know why they were in jail because I did not ask nor was I told. I figured they needed my help and the circumstances of why they needed help didn't much matter. Maybe I'll learn more in the next few days?

The weather continues to be beautiful here although Tommy told me rain is forecasted for this coming week. That would be ok as long as it is nice again starting next weekend and for mini-season.

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Sat 18 July 2009

We left the apartments yesterday morning around 10:30 for a ride out to Alligator and a dive for John& TB. The sky was clear, there was little breeze, and the water was beautiful. We were lucky to find a boat just about ready to leave so we got our own buoy. After the normal first dive of the season fuss, John & Tommy went down while I remained on the boat.They were down about 50 minutes and said it was beautiful. My wish is that the weather and water remain this great for mini-season.

While on the boat I tried to turn on the radio to listen to some AM talk shows. This was not an easy task nor were there instructions to help. One would think you'd see buttons with letters like AM, FM, CD, etc but noooooo none of that. The radio was in code but if you push enough buttons in a variety of sequences, you can get the radio on - this was surprising difficult without a clue as to the meaning of the letters on the dozen or more buttons. Of course I expect Captain Matt and Brother Drew to know but I didn't.

Before going out I went for coffee as usual. There was a lady from Lookout Mountain, Tenn that when she found out I was lived in Atlanta for 41 years asked me if I knew someone. So what is the chance she and I would know the same person in Atlanta given the area has about 4 million people? Shazam - she new Bill Thurman Jr. who is a guy I worked with for the first few years in my insurance career - we both worked for Bill's father. Turns out she is the sister of Bill's best friend whom I did meet about 35 years ago. Amazing don't you think?

,p>Turns out this lady lives here in Islamorada and in Tennessee but mostly here now. She is a member of a club called The Fishing Club and offered to set things up so we could go for dinner there. We'll have to pay but it's a place none of us has been which apparently is good. I'll wait until Mary Ann & Tom get here because I think they would like to try a new eatery here in Islamorada.

I believe Captain Matt and Flynn arrived last night but I did not stay up for them. They plan on fishing but I'm not sure when. Tommy thinks Sunday will be a better day so they can spend today getting "organized". My bet is Matt will want to go today after all, that's whast he flew down here from Atlanta to do this weekend.

Ty arrived last night around 7:30 and wanted tuna at Uncle's - so we all went to Uncle's for dinner. It was as good as expected and I'm pleased to report there where no loud drunks in the main dining room. Tommy even ordered grouper diners to go for both Captain Matt and Wild Man Flunn so they will have something to eat at midnight. My guess is they will have eaten before they get here but of course kids always have room for food.

It is still early so I've not heard from any of the monkeys yet today.

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First Day

Fri 17 July 2009

Yesterday I created a MP3 player for a web page then quickly built a very simple page where you can listen to John's demo CD with an intro & two songs. John actually wrote the songs - he and his three band buddies cut the CD last week. I posted to late yesterday but in case you missed it, here is a link to the page . Remember, there was no design put into this page - I just wrote some very simple code to render the one picture and the MP3 player.

My doctor called in (or maybe sent a FAX ) for enough Wellburtin to keep me going down here. It was a remarkable simple process and easier than the alternatives I had. John went to get a haircut and to check out the gym so he picked up the prescription at CVS for me. At least now I may not go any more whacky that normal.

Tommy's boat arrived mid-afternoon in one piece. He and John unloaded the gear on the boat - fishing & diving stuff - and brought it back to TB's apartment. Then of course there was some clean-up and adjusting to do on the boat with more planned for today. I think we're going out to Alligator to either snorkel or dive depending on what TB wants to do. Of course now that the boat is here it needs to be used don't you think?

John joined the gym again although he'll only be here for part of the month - he obsesses on the work out routine he has. I can understand about the obsessing thing although working out is not my interest at the moment. While here, he goes to the gym at least 4 or 5 times a week but not on Sundays - it's close.

The coffee meeting this morning was small but fun. There is a very successful businessman that rides up on his scooter but could be chauffeured in his Bentley if he wanted. What a nice guy who's full of very entertaining stories. I've known him from many years in the past when visiting here but it's always nice to see people again. There also was a lady who when she found I'm a 41 year Atlanta resident asked if I knew a person who was her brother's best friend - that person was Bill Thurman Jr. Hell, not only did I know him but he and I went to work for his dad when we got out of college. I've lost touch with Bill but there were about 3 years in a row when we saw each other at work every day. What a small world, huh?

This woman who's name I shall not disclose invited me to go to the The Islamorada Fishing Club for dinner saying I'm her guest. No, she did not offer to pay for me and the boys but she has arranged for us to try a new and different private club for dinner. I bet Mary Ann and Tom would like to try it so I may just wait until they get here next week to go - I could take them, TB, and myself. What an amazing meeting, huh?

It's drop dead beautiful here so I'm going to move on to today's fun in paradise. Later.

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Arrived in Paradise

Thu 16 July 2009

It's Thursday, this must be Islamorada aka. Paradise.We made it down in good time with no problems. I successfully got my attack cat into the villa without being noticed. Everything here is like I left it last year - needed a new paint job and furniture but if the owner did that he'd likely want to go up on rent.

I went for coffee this morning to find the same people there today as where there when I left a year ago. I would have slept in this morning but my alarm cat decided I needed to get up. I was not sleepy last night and once in bed I fell asleep for about 30 or 40 minutes then woke up again. I wanted to get back asleep but I just couldn't so....I used the hot bath method to see if that would help and it did. John's bathroom has a tub but mine does not so I went in there for my soaking. There was plenty of hot water but the tub here is not nearly as deep as mine in Vero so I could completely submerge my body. None the less it got me relaxed and within a matter of just a few minutes I went to sleep and stayed asleep except for the two times Sally decided I should scratch her - I was able to go back to sleep.

When John and I went to the Winn Dixie we picked up some pork chops for TB to grill last night - he did a great job. After a pool soaking and then a hot tub soaking he grilled around 8:30 which puts dinner later than I like. It was wonderful but I would liked to have eaten earlier - I'm going to see what I can do to change the dinner hour.

As you can see, I have internet connection but I did have to hook up my own Comcast access because the weak router in the office doesn't get a signal here. No worries, I called Comcast and they had me up and running in a couple hours although I did need to call back. When I gave the Comcast agent my modem's MAC number I was told I'd be able to connect. When I tried, Comcast wanted me to download their 3.65MB installation package which I did not want to do. I called service, got an intelligent guy on the line, and got connected. Life is good and my wireless is set up for those who may want to use it. Beg and I'll give you the access code!

Tommy's boat should arrive earlier afternoon if all goes as expected. John is on call to go help launch it and unload it - there are tanks and fishing equipment on the boat. The plan is to go out to alligator tomorrow for the first dive of the year. I've agreed to be the boat sitter while Tommy & John go under into the beautiful world at Alligator.I'm happy to do that knowing how much fun diving is when you are relatively new at it. Besides, maybe I can get TB to cook for us again.

When I got up this morning to go to coffee I wanted to take my meds but somehow I managed to forget to bring my bottle of Wellburitin - how did I manage to do that because I remember putting the pills in a separate bottle just for the trip. I would just skip the meds for a few days to see how I feel except I don't think I should just stop. My plan is to call Dr. Director's office this morning when they open and ask that they call in a prescription to the CVS pharmacy here in Islamorada. Alternatively, I could ask my cousin Alice to get into my house, grab the bottle, and then give it to Mary Ann & Tom to bring down tomorrow. I've got a plan and a backup.

Jeff called when I got back from coffee to see how things are going. He, Amy, and Sammy will be here a week from Saturday.

John's 3 song demo- click here

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Leaving This Morning

Wed 15 July 2009

I'm going to pick up John shortly for our trip to paradise - he'll be driving of course. In fact, except for my morning coffee outings, I may not get behind the wheel of my car again until I drop John off back here in Vero when we return. When I was young I liked to drive but now I don't even like going to Publix or Wally World. I guess it's an old fart thing.

Well I guess I'm as ready as I can be for this year's trip - I'm hoping my meds put me in a space where I have energy and want to do things. Sometimes in the past I've just felt like doing nothing even though I'm in paradise. Dr. Director has helped me a lot and things are much better. One thing I've been doing over the past several weeks is I soak in a very hot tub just as I try to go to sleep. I have this tingling all over my hot bod and I've not got a clue as to why. This tingling usually only manifests it's self as I'm going to bed. I know what you're thinking - restless body syndrome. Actually this is a bit different and not as severe although still bothersome. I'm wondering if it's the 300mg of Wellbutrin? Maybe I'll try some different things while in the Keys?

When John was here on Monday we talked about a lot of stuff including his school this Fall. He tells me everything is submitted and this week he should hear from FSU. Now that he changed his major to International Affairs, I'm more optimistic that he will get in without having to sit a semester out while he takes one more course. The truth is that getting in is important because once in your are generally able to move from school to school although I think International Affairs sounds pretty sexy - I wonder what he can do with that degree? Doctor, Indian Chief, or Chippendale Boy...who knows?

I'm not sure when I'll be back online in the Keys - if things go well, that should be this afternoon. With the big problem I had last year getting online I'm not as optimistic as I'd like to be. I'm not counting on The Palms for wireless but rather my own connection. It will be a very pleasant surprise if The Palms has a wireless system that will work for me. I'll know just after lunch today I suppose

Have you every looked for a file folder and it was not where it used to be? Sometimes I accidentally move a file folder or worse, delete it. That happened with my main 'website design' folder yesterday and I could not find it. It was gone. I looked in my Recycle Bin but it was not there. I looked in other folders but still could not find it. I back things up so I looked on my external hard drive and fortunately found a copy there. It had not been updated in weeks but none the less I got most stuff back. What a pain, huh?

I've posted the pictures Syp sent me to my PhotoAlbum here so you can see them all but I also post the one from the hospital today to wet your appetite to see the others. They are all great especially the ones with Yari holding his little brother. Syp tells me Djem is a calm little baby - he must take after his mom. On the other hand, Yari was a rather active little baby so he must have taken after his energy-filled dad. I hope Djem remains calm during his first year so as mommy and daddy don't wear themselves out like the did with Yari. Time will tell, huh?

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Djem has Arrived

Tue 14 July 2009

Syp and Sjak have a new son and they named him Djem which is pronounced "jam" - like what you put on bread. Syp tells me they met a couple while on vacation who had a son they named Djem and they liked it. I totally agree - I think it's a cool name. I've got some pictures I'll post son of the growing Arends family - Yari is really getting big. Heck, I think I'll just upload them all to my photoalbum so Wendy, Marilyn, Wheels, etc can look at the baby pictures - you know how women are about baby pictures. Look at the Djem folder.

Djem and mom are doing fine and Yari is becoming a very protective and caring big brother. Now they need a little girl just to round thinks out I think - what do you think? I've been told that's not in the cards but you never know. I remember Sjak saying one was enough and then along came Djem.

My buddy Mike Gately sent me a picture of him with his 14 year old daughter, Rachel. Gosh, I can remember when she was just a young girl playing with dolls and computers and now look at her. How do these kids grow up so fast? Mike says she'll start high school this year so before you turn around she'll have her master's degree in this or that. I think I understand - kids get older and I just remain the same.

I've got all the things I need to have done before I leave completed. I have my mail stopped and a guardian for my house with keys and pass codes. Frankly I don't think anything will happen around here because my house is too visible in downtown Vero on a street with regular traffic both day and night. But, it doesn't hurt to take the steps just in case - I do have a monitored alarm system after all.

John came by yesterday so we could organize and decide when to head down. It looks like 7:30 Wednesday morning is going to be the launch date and time - we'll be in Islamorada in time for a blackened fish sandwich at Lorelei's. John said he talked to Flynn over the weekend and it seems Flynn, his buddy Artie, and Captain Matt are coming in on Friday night to fish over this coming weekend. I sure hope the Southport is there by then and according to Tommy it should be there on Thursday. John is ready to go.

John brought the new CD he and his fellow band members cut over the past week. I was frankly surprised at how good it was. The main song was as good as many I've heard and better than others. I don't think the Dave Mathews Band needs to worry just yet but this CD is a start. A start to what you ask? Heck I've got no idea and the band - The Summer Rush - probably doesn't know either. I like the name of the group as well - what do you think? I don't think the music is uploaded to the internet yet but if and when it is, I'll post a link.

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Adobe Installation

Mon 13 July 2009

Yesterday I worked on a flash object I found on another site - it had images and text. I've found I can edit the text and exchange images for the most part although it does not always come out as expect. I've got a whole heck of a lot to learn when it comes to flash so I've started the process. As we say in my morning coffee group, time takes time. Profound, huh?

I've taken all the plants I hope top keep alive while I'm gone and placed them out side behind my storeroom. There I think they will get enough rain to survive but one never knows. Also it is shady back there which is good for the types of plants I put there. If I left them in the house, I'm almost certain they would die because of lack of attention. I'm not sure they will live there.

Remember when I acquired the Adobe CS4 Professional package back in the early part of this year? Well the two programs I've actually tested seem to continue to work but sometimes I get a warning about not being able to do something. Truth is I don't even understand what it is I can not do. Anyway, as a good geek should, I kept the original download package that came on as a .ISO file. Frankly I'm not exactly sure what a .ISO file is but I do know you need special software to open it.

Yesterday I copied the large (3.6GB) .ISO file back to my C driver from my external drive which by the way took about 15 minutes to copy. Then I unpacked it with the my program called Power ISO which again took about 20 minutes to do. Then I transferred the unpacked installer to a 'My Passport' external hard drive - another 15 minutes then transferred it to my Vista laptop - you guessed it, another 15 minutes. Now I have the Adobe CS 4 install package on my laptop so I clicked to open it. Are you following me here boys and girls? The "extracting" of all the files took another 20 or 30 minutes but now I could try to install it on my Vista machine.

Knowing I could install everything I choose to try just Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver, the only two applications I've actually tried to use. You guessed it, another 20 minutes to install just the two but they did seem to install. Before I opened the program, I added the 16 Adobe servers to my Host file so that the software is blocked from "calling home." Then I replaced the license key .DLL with a different one that was installed and opened the program. It opened and asked for a license key which I generated with a 'keygen' then inserted it into the program. Bingo...it seemed to open and looked ready to use but I was so tired after all this I did not test any files but I plan to test later this morning. If things go as hoped, I'll be able to use Flash and Dreamweaver in the Keys should I choose to do so. I have two different website for which I'm trying to use an edited flash object. Wasn't all the explanation fun?

Donna e-mailed me about wireless internet at The Palms - her source is marginal. Apparently someone staying in my villa #412 had access last month but that to me does not mean The Palms has wireless set up. It could be the dude was getting a signal from the Hampton next door or it could be someone else's signal from their apartment in The Palms. I'm going to take all my gear just in case.

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TB Updates

Sun 12 July 2009

Tommy has called several times from paradise with updates - he thought he was going down to settle in and relax but anything but that has happened. He's been working on getting his boat down there and at this point has given up on the original dude in favor of someone else. With the help of a guy named Artie (friend of Matt & Flynn) who works at the Vero Beach Marina, he got the boat measured properly and now has someone else working on bringing it down. It seems his boat is within a width range where the rules are not as difficult. It's the weekend but by tomorrow, he expects someone to be lined up for towing it down by mid-week. He said if everything else fails, he'd drive back to Vero and run it down. Stay tuned.

TB said that he believes that Donna said The Palms now has wireless internet through out the building. I'm going to call Donna this morning and see what she can tell me. If that fails, I'll call the Palms office tomorrow. Regardless, I'm going to bring my modem, router, and cables just in case even if there is wireless available.

TB went to my apartment yesterday to check things out. He turned on the water but discovered John's bathroom has a running toilet. Tommy said it looks like it needs a new flapper and suggested I call Donna. That would cost the owner $100 with a plumber's service call so I told him just to leave it and I'll deal with it when we get down. Replacing a flapper is usually very easy so John & I can do that and in turn demonstrate to the owner we continue to be good tenants.

Yesterday I had a sore throat and an ear ache but this morning it is gone. Do you remember my ear ache fr0om the Palms last year - I thought it was a problem caused by the pool but maybe not. The important thing is I feel fine this morning so I'm not catching a Summer cold just before our trip - that would really suck.

I worked on a site for someone yesterday by search out dozens of sites developed for people with a similar business. There should be no surprise when I tell you they all are similar in nature. If you went to any news site like CNN or FOX for example, they look the same except for the name. Ditto for newspapers sites, electronic stores, and retailers. So my challenge here will be to try to create a site that his updated and consistent with the profession and owner's vision.

You know I have the Adobe CS4 software on my computer even though I don't now how to effectively use it yet. What I have discovered is that some flash objects I find on other sites I can download the .swf flash movie, use the flash decompiler software I discovered last weekend to produce an editable .fla flash file which I can then load in my Flash 4 program. Some files I can edit and some I've not figured out just yet. The files with a movie within a movie is still above my understanding but 'basic' flash movies with text and pictures I can edit. I've not learned how to add additional images or text but I can replace images and edit text. This is a start and is exactly how I learned to use a image editor - paint.NET - by trial and error...lots and lots of errors. I'll likely learn Flash and Photoshop the same way - I'm too impatient to actually follow instruction material. You see instructions start at the beginning and then develops your understanding of the software. What I do is identify what I actually want to do with the software and then search for the answer. My mind is already full of useless information so I just want to add useful understanding of Adobe, not all the details. Worry not, I'm confident I'll learn as needed.

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The Meeting

Sat 11 July 2009

The business meeting yesterday was a long one - about a hour. As usual, there where only about 8 people there - the same 8 that come every time. The list issue came up resulting in a compromise regarding the e-mail address of those who chose to want to add their e-mail address. Some attending don't like all the junk they get and they think e-mail addresses are an invasion of privacy. That may indeed be true for them but that's not a reason to block others who have a different opinion. So we compromised by adding a "warning" about putting information on the list they don't want others to have.

This list already has telephone numbers on it so how much more will adding an e-mail address invade someone's privacy - after all, you can delete or block e-mails sent to you. I don't know this as fact but I'd bet the barn the ones opposing the e-mail address addition are liberals. Like most liberals, they determine what they think is good and then impose their beliefs on others. Frankly, I don't think it's anyone else's business as to whom I give my e-mail address or telephone number as far as that goes.

The meetings where changed back to monthly from quarterly on a vote of 5 - 2. Of the 5 voting for the change back, this was the first meeting they've ever attended - I wonder if they will come every month. I'll be watching and I promise I'll ask then why they did not attend in the event they miss one. You see I have to go to every meeting a secretary so this is an additional and unnecessary burdened. Besides there is absolutely nothing so important we have to meet every month and if there is something really important, a meeting can be called at anytime.

Ive been typing this on my laptop this morning because my power is out and has been out for almost a hour. One sure way to get the power back on is for me to drag my generator out and set it up. I may do that because I never have tested the connection to my circuit panel to confirm it works like I expect it to work. I just don't want to create noise on a Saturday morning too early. I'll decide after I type this.

One thing I've learned about building a web site - woman are a lot more particular than are men about the design. Actually that does not surprise me but up until now I never really thought about it.In part, I think the sites I build are neat, attractive, and welcoming to anyone who visits the site. I don't necessarily believe anyone disagrees with that but individual\'s view of what they want may be entirely different than my vision - of course that is fine but leaves me wondering what I should build instead.I find that what I build that looks good may not be appropriate for an individual or business. As my Dad used to say, "that's why they make both Fords and Chevrolet, not everyone likes the same thing". I'm beginning to process some thoughts I have about the sites I build but I'll disclose that later - this is called a 'tease')

Did you hear about TB's boat problem? It seems the professional boat hauler over looked getting a wide load permit to take Tommy\'s boat to the Keys. Worse yet, he was told it will take from 3 to 10 days to get a permit. Maybe it\s just me but I would expect someone who tows - haul things for a living would know that, wouldn't you? It is issue but I'm confident TB will have the Cracker down there this coming week.

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Business Meeting

Fri 10 July 2009

This morning we are going to have our quarterly business meeting - I'm not sure what is going to happen but I will be taking the minutes. I say that because of the brouhaha over my adding e-mails of those members who voluntarily wanted their e-mail added to the membership list. I just did it without asking for some permission through a group meeting. Frankly I think this is a bunch of nonsense suggesting members need to get permission to do things - that's BS. And a few weeks ago we need to get some more chips, no one seemed to be in charge, so I found some on the internet, ordered them, and got reimbursed by the treasurer. I bet someone is not going to like the fact I did that "without permission" via a group vote. BS again! Next thing you know someone will want to set a limit as to how many cups of coffee one can drink!

All of my adult life I've made decisions without organizing a committee for discussion. Grant, some of my decisions might have been poor ones like that one I made back in 1972, but for the most part, I'm the one who suffers the consequences good or bad. When Carey, Lamar, and I were in business together with our 9 employees, we had to decide who was going to be the president of our little company. Carey new someone who ran a business consulting firm so they were brought in - at a hefty fee I might add - to help us decide who was to be President. We all took some tests and met individually with the consultants. After about a week they came back, got the three of us into a room, and presented the result. You guessed it...I "tested" the highest for being the dude what makes the decisions on running our firm. Well that's all good and well in theory but of course when it came to major decisions, we collectively talked about it.

I'm not one who wants to waste time on making decisions nor am I out to please everyone with the decisions I do make. My point here is that I hold one of the only two offices we have and as such I'll do what I believe is the correct thing. Of course you all know I'm always right but not everyone in our coffee klatch understands that just yet. No, I don't want to be the head dude but if given responsibilities I'm going to make decisions. Hell next thing some will want to vote on is how many copies of our group's meetings I should bring to hand out.

I might be wrong (of course I'm not) but I think some folks just seek power over others - like that self-absorbed elitist socialist President we have in Washington. This whole thing reminds me of what a condo association must be like. Or maybe a neighborhood planning committee. Or just about any social - driven organizations as far as that goes. It will be interesting this morning.

TB leaves for the Keys today but I still don't know the status of the red truck. I wonder if he'll have Gene drive it down? I know he wants it down there as soon as possible so waiting until someone else comes down may not suit him. I'm sure I'll find out soon enough. I sure hope the weather cooperates while we are there.

Yesterday while having a burger at lunch I was setting in front of my big TV when I stumbled across the movie, August Nash. Now I've seen that movie before but it grabbed me once again so I watched it a second time. I really like plot behind the movie and the superb acting by the 12 year old lead actor. There was some great music in it including some cello playing. Feel good at the end movies I like and this was clearly one of them.

Michael Jackson has not re-appeared.

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Thu 09 July 2009

Lately I noticed that I don't have much of an appetite that is until I start eating and then I can eat normal - that is 'normal' for me. So even though I'm not sensing a hunger, I find myself having to start eating something and then I have no problem. What's up with that I wonder? My best guess it is the common side affects of Adderall and as long as I recognize that then there is no problem. What I don't want to do is skip eating something at least 3 times a day although you know me...it may not be a lot at any given time. I can always eat ice cream or chocolate no matter what.

Yesterday I filled a small nylon bag with the medications I want and need to take with me. I decided to do it now to make certain I don't forget anything. So in separate pill bottles a put enough of the things I take to last for the trip - I was afraid I might leave something behind if I just threw all my pill bottles in the bag the morning we leave. I'm continuing to stack stuff for the trip on my filing cabinet and except for packing my g-string I don't think there will be a lot added to the stack. I've got computer stuff, cameras, toiletries, a roll of quarters for the laundry - I'll wear the same thing every day but John the fashion-conscious babe magnet will of course what to be crisp and fresh every day. I'm into the old and wrinkled look - it seems to fit me. Stop it! I hear you laughing and agreeing with me!

I've worked on Kathryn's website a bit yesterday adding titles, key words, and a description to each page. I also created a '.xml' site map that I will submit to Google and other search engines once Kathryn is through editing, changing, or adding to the pages I produced. I've read where it is not smart to submit a site too often so waiting for awhile makes sense to me. Kathryn has been busy so I don't know when she'll get around to reviewing my work but when she does, I can edit while in the Keys.

Yesterday I decided I wanted a hamburger for lunch but I didn't want to drive to get one so I ordered take-out at the Cuban coffee shop. The burger was great tasting and looking like it was freshly made by hand, not a frozen patty you get at fast food joints. The burger was good and the twist here is that it was served on Cuban bread, not a bun. Now that's a new one for me and one I liked a lot so I'll do that again. I'm thinking that if I start eating a bigger lunch I'll have more energy at the end of the day. Normally I eat cold fruit mixed in with yogurt or cottage cheese and nuts. It is fresh, cool, and tastes great but there's not a lot of there - there. You'd think I'd have this all figured out after several decades but the twist is that my hot body continues to change - some may suggest it mutates.

I think it is about time for Sjak to download rug rat #2 - Yari's new baby brother. Syp told me she was due in July but I don't remember what time in July. I was going to call Syp yesterday but by the time I remembered, it would have been too late in the land of windmills and wooden shoes. Did you know that Syp's Mom actually has wooden shoes she wears when working in her garden? No joke, wooden shoes are not just for tourists.

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Sun Sensitive

Wed 08 July 2009

The mystery of my prescription refill has been solved - the doctor's office called it in late and as a result the Wally World pharmacy thought it was not to be renewed. Your basic miss-communication my thinks. That still does not make my good buddies with my doctor but at least I don't think he was ignoring me. So for now, I'm not going to make any changes but frankly I might in the future. Why should I pay someone and think they are not responsive to my needs?

I did go to the beach yesterday for my usual hour outing and when I returned my face was red even though I put suntan lotion on it and I was only facing the sun for 30 minutes. I flip onto my stomach so for 30 minutes I had no direct sun on my face. Wow! What this tells me is the meds are indeed making me a lot more sensitive to the sun than I even imagined. That means I'd better be damn careful in the Keys not to really hurt myself. I picked up some new lotion with a higher blocking factor but it may not be high enough. Caution will be the way I need to approach pool duty and boat trips. BTW, the ocean was drop dead beautiful today with the wind out of the West - it even looked clearer than I've seen it at any time this year.

I helped TB yesterday with his musical vehicle dance. He dropped the Tahoe at the Barnes Estate West where I fetched him to take him to pick up the repaired red truck. I think he and John loaded some things on the truck today for the trip down on Friday. My question at this point is who will drive the red truck down? Tommy will drive his Tahoe so he can pull Drew's boat down. I'm sure he has a plan I just don't know what it is.

I continue to put items on the filing cabinet ion my office I want to take down. Each day I remember something or buy something I think I may want or need like stronger suntan lotion, after sun body lotion, visine, and body soap - I may need to bath while I'm there although going in the pool might be good enough. Each year I tell myself I don't need to pack so much stuff so maybe I'll do better this year. One bag is all I'll take with clothes and such with another bag for extraneous stuff like computer gear.

I'm beginning to worry a bit about my air handler in the laundry room. It is making noises that it's not made before but I don't think it will give out just yet. I sure hope it does give out while I'm in the keys even though I'll raise the settings while I'm gone. As a back-up, I think I may turn on my wall mounted unit with a even higher setting so if the main unit goes out, it will come on. It sure is nice to have that back-up unit that frankly is big enough to cool the living room, kitchen , and my bedroom - it's a 16,000 BTU unit.

Sally cat has grown to where she wants to be around me all the time - of course you can understand that. Trouble is she likes to sit right in front of me while I'm working on my computer and even sits on my keyboard causing shortcut keys to do something I don't want done. She has even gotten where she will not run and hide if I have visitors and in fact will allow John to pick her up. She is not a lap cat and for that I think I'm glad - being to friendly can be a real pain.

Kathryn asked me if I could "work" on her site while in the keys - but of course. I loaded her website files onto a flash drive along with a few other files that I might need. My laptop does not have the software my desktop has but I've done all the coding manually so I really don't need any additional software. I do like to use Dreamweaver for my final editing because it makes things so damn easy but I can still do it without the program. I'm do things the old fashion way..the hard way.

Michael Jackson still has not risen from the deceased.

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Internet at The Palms

Tue 07 July 2009

So I called Comcast yesterday to set up internet connection for Villa 412 in The Palms. My first problem was that when I dialed the 1-800 number, the computer routed me to my service district (as it should) but Monroe County is in the South Florida district so I started holding for my transfer. When I got a real person on the phone I was able to have my inactive account from last year reviewed and then she said all I need to do when I get there is give them the MAC number for my modem. So why is it I feel uneasy this morning? Will it be as simple as just giving them a MAC number? Well it should be that simple but I just have this bad feeling in my stomach and it's not because of the road-kill I had for dinner last night.

I've started my preparation for the trip even though I still have a good bit of time. Yesterday I gathered all the equipment for my internet set-up including several different types and lengths of cable, my router, my modem, my villa cam, and some switches. I think I have all I need to do what I want to do. And yes boys and girls, I'll have my high gain router antennas with me so you should get a good signal. Also when my post woman came by, I gave her a 'hold mail' request for the period of time I'll be gone. I'd stop my newspaper as well except I don't get a newspaper.

I called Wally World to renew a prescription and was told it was out and they would have to call my 'regular' doctor which they did. When they called back I was told I needed to call my doctor's office which I will this morning. What's up with that I wonder? In the past it has been renewed as requested - why do I need to call now? Well, I'll do so later when the office opens to see what that's all about. Fortunately I'm not out of the meds but then again I don't want to run out in the Keys.

You know, I like my dentist, dermatologist, psychiatrist, but my internist seems standoffish to me. I'm sure he is qualified but when I first met him I asked if he liked to be called by his first name which is how I address my other doctors having asked the same question. His reply was "doctor" works well around here. I don't know about you but I consider this a bit arrogant after all, I did politely ask and I'm the son of a bitch that pays his damn bills. Am I just out of line? I'm going to be very interested on what I find when I call later this morning.

Today has started nice as it has in the past few days but by afternoon, the storms roll into the area. I've been without beach duty for over a 10 days now and as a result I feel the need for some beach duty. I've got to go to Publix and Wally World this morning but maybe I'll head over after that.

One thing I don't like about this time of the year is that of favorite talk show guys are gone on vacation. This week both Glen Beck And Rush Limbaugh are gone as well as Neal Cuvuto (sp) on FOX News at 4 pm daily. Why don't they take time off while I'm in the Keys? Actually I do like to listen to Rush while performing pool duty.

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Getting Ready

Mon 06 July 2009

This morning started early when TB called at 6:45 to as for a ride from a car repair shop to his home - he is getting the power window on the driver's side of the red truck repaired. It seems it works but only when it wants to work so fixing it before the Keys is a good thing. Then I went for coffee as usual and when I returned, TB called to ask for a ride from the boat launch back to his river side estate. He's going to be pulling the boats today in preparation for the trip on Friday.

John is going to help Tommy this morning with pulling the boats and loading this, that, and whatever on the boat for the trip. You probably know TB has hired a big tractor to tow the boat down rather than bulling it with his Tahoe. Frankly that Tahoe has plenty of power but TB thinks it might wear him out towing the big boat. Knowing how demanding towing the other boat I tend to agree with him. The probably is who will be down there on Friday to help Tommy get the stuff off the boat and over to his apartment? He could do it but it would be terrible if he pulled something which hindered his ability to dive. He always has a plan so I'm confident he'll get it resolved.

I've not told Tommy yet but Donna will give him the keys to my apartment so I can get it from him once I arrive. That means we could go down anytime after this coming weekend depending on John's schedule. My plan was to go down on Wednesday, July 15th but it could be as early as Monday. It seems to me John wants to go back up to FSU before heading to the Keys but I'm not sure why. People sure are busy, huh?

The person I mentioned I wanted to update her website wants to look at what I've got in mind. She will be over here on Friday so that we can discuss my work and her site in general. The problem as I see it is she apparently does not own her domain name. That may or may not be a problem - the web firm she's been using for 10 years should transfer it to her name instead of their's. The domain can remain parked at registrar.com but simply add her to the account or change names on the account - I'll look into it so I'll have answers by Friday.

This morning I returned my Tanzanite to my safety deposit box at the bank - I will admit I love looking at those stones. They probably would be safe in my safe here but why take a chance? After the bank I headed to Wally World to turn in a prescription renewal so that I'll have what I need while in the Keys. This prescription is for a schedule II drug so call-ins are not allowed meaning I couldn't get a renewal in the Keys if I needed it. Be prepared.

Kathryn is back from her trip but hasn't contacted me about her new site yet. I'm not worried if she's not worried. The only little catch is the pictures I put up of her and her partner are not her and her partner. My guess is she'll get with me this week but if not, I'll have my laptop with me in the Keys. Which leads me to the task of arranging for internet again this year and hopefully without all the hassles of last year.

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Sun 05 July 2009

My headache event continued yesterday morning and into early afternoon but as is often the case, after 36 hours, it went away and I feel good this morning...wanna feel? Rather than wait too long, I took strong pain meds which chased the headache away and made for a better day. Usually I just stick to Tylenol III until I can't stand it but having been through this before I know what was coming. The real key here is to identify just a headache from a headache event. Headaches are easily managed by Tylenol III but headache events are not.

No meds for me on Saturday except Wellbutrin which I do take everyday and of course the headache meds. I took the day off because frankly I did not sense the need for Adderall when I got up - what's up with that? I only got about 5 hours of sleep so I thought for sure I'd want to take some. Strangely I got about 8 hours of sleep last night (much needed I may add) but this morning I sensed the need I did not yesterday. What's up with that? So rather than a 20mg XR tablet I took a 10mg IR tablet so let's see how the day goes. On Friday morning knowing I had a lot to do, I took two 20mg XR with a great active day as a result but no feeling of "being on something".

The question is whether or not the meds or my work kept me going into early evening. On Friday I discovered a new piece of software that is really cool for me and I played with it most of the day. The only person that may have a full appreciation and understanding of what I'm about to say is Son Syp, Dutchie Design Master. Often I find 'Flash' objects I like on site but I didn't have a clue as to how to edit them into something I wanted - for example change the pictures, text, that sort of thing. Then I got Adobe Flash which is the Flash standard application in the design world - it is also so very very complicated I still don't have a clue. But you know what... 6 years ago I didn't know how to write the code for a link but today I can code sites. So I can learn Flash if I live long enough. Here comes the cool thing, I've found a way to convert a .FLV file into a .FLA file!! I can see your eyes rolling back in your head now. The thing is, you can't edit a .FLV file but you can edit a .FLA file with Adobe Flash. This means that eventually if I find a Flash object I like, I can converted into an editable file, edit it to suit me, then publish it again into a new Flash object for a website. Now do you believe I'm a real geek? Jeez! Who else who get excited about this stuff?

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Independence Day

Sat 04 July 2009

Today we celebrate the independence of America from what is now our closest ally and international partner, the Brits. I started the day earlier than usual by watching a series on The History called the Revolutionary War - a fitting thing to do I thought. What a truly remarkable story is that of America's fight for independence. The rag-tag group of poorly armed and poorly organized farmers, craftsman, and shopkeepers came together to defeat a superior force in size and in training - a British army that before now had defeated all that would oppose them. It was the shear will and love of country coupled with extreme courage that enabled the Americans to defeat a overwhelmingly superior British army.

The series spoke to just how many times the Americans were pushed back and how many times they barely survived in horrible conditions. But survive they did. The story of America's independence is amazing - one can't help but to be proud today of those amazing people. So today I will not permit the liberal loons in Washington who want us dependent on government to ruin my day - I simple will ignore those bastards and in stead enjoy this celebration.

Yesterday I had the wife of someone I know and her friend come over to show me a tanzanite ring she had bought on a TV auction but has a 30 day return policy. She asked about the quality of the stone having been told on the TV auction is was the best of the best - she also asked to see my tanzanite which I had retrieved from my safety deposit box. The stone in the ring she had was a good stone no doubt but when compared to my gems, the difference were clear. I did conclude the cost of the ring was in line for the size and quality of the gemstone.

Much to my surprise the women spent almost two hours looking at my tanzanite, talking about gems, and actually wanting to look at my whole collection of colored gemstones. I enjoyed their visit because I really like talking about tanzanite - but you boys and girls know that by now, don't you. I was asked to hold two stones in the sense that she might want to buy one and asked me not to sell them without letting her know - I'm not having people beating down my door to buy tanzanite so I'm most happy to oblige her. I've not got a clue as to what she may or may not do but as I've said time and time again, I believe my best interest is to hold the gems for sale in the future.

I woke with a headache yesterday but one Tylenol III did the trick in the morning and then one in the afternoon - this was not a 'headache event' like I sometimes have. This morning I woke up with a headache again and thus far one Tylenol is all that has been needed - time will tell as the day moves along. I've got more news from yesterday and a busy day today. I've discovered some new software which will help me a lot in a certain area in which I'd like to try building a site - tune in tomorrow.

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Losing Freedoms

Fri 03 July 2009

This morning there was a large group having coffee - folks who can't always come have the day off for the Fourth of July celebration this weekend. This holiday has always been one of my favorites because we here in the colonies celebrate our independence from England. The early settlers in America did not want their lives run by some damn bureaucrat in England. Unfortunately we are losing the freedoms Americans have fought for for over 250 years - we are now losing our freedoms to the damn radical liberal bureaucrats in Washington!

If you think I'm just blowing smoke as a conservative, think again. Look what is going on around you and in Washington. When the government takes control of banks, insurance companies, and car companies then it's been taken away from the owners. Now government will dictate how much people can be paid, what cars to build, and how much money can be loaned and at what interest rate.

What is even more scary is this take-out continues with your health care and your home, cars, etc. With Cap & tax, the bureaucrats will tell you what kind of car you can buy through placing emission standards & fuel mileage mandated for new cars. The government will tell you what kid of house you can build and appliances you can buy through conservation standards. And God only knows what happens when government takes over health care and gives coverage to those who do not have it by taxing people who so. Let me ask you a simple question. If all of a sudden there are 30, 40, or 50 million more people with health coverage but the number of doctors and nurses has not changed, what do you think is going to happen? Long waits? Rationing? Or worse yet, some GD bureaucrat dictating who you can see, when you can see them, what treatments you can get, and in fact if you will get treatment at all.

Some of you may think I'm being an alarmist - it is you I'm afraid who just does not have a clue. Liberals want to control every aspect of your lives and make you more dependent on government than you may already be.Tell me, don't you think you should be able to decide what car you buy, what doctor you see, what treatment you get, and how you heat your home? With all of this over the top regulations, I can see the bureaucrats telling you how cool you can keep your house in the Summer or how warm in the Winter.

So with the Fourth of July being tomorrow I'd like to suggest you take time to think about all the freedoms you are losing. Unfortunately, I'm afraid you ain't seen nothing yet!

I've made myself ill - I think I'll have some ice cream while I'm still allowed!

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New Project

Thu 02 July 2009

My buddy at the transcription service in Atlanta for whom I built a website, PeachtreeSuite.com, referred me to a law firm seeking help with their site especially as it relates to SEO. Well, I'm not a SEO expert but I sure have learned a good bit since I've been trying to help myself and others. This lawyer specializes in DUI arrests and wants to be on page one of Google instead of page three when 'Atlanta DUI Attorney' is "Googled". Well being on page 3 out of over 300,000 Google pages for those search words is not bad IMO. He doesn't have 'DUI' in his URL like most others ahead of him so I'm not sure what I could do to improve is postioning.M

I spent a day doing research and trying other search terms only to discover he was on page one for many searches - he already has good positioning. Nonetheless, I do have some ideas that might improve his positioning and he's asked me to try them out. Now comes the problem for me...his host server does not use a cpanel for site administration which up until now is the only thing I've known. The site only has a FTP server for uploading, downloading, and editing - this is a system I've never used. After hours of trying to figure it out I asked for help - when in doubt, read the instructions or ask for help. The guy who servers his site was helpful but clearly he understood how things were done and didn't understand what I didn't understand.

Finally I concluded it was going to be too much trouble for me which would turn what I usually enjoy into work. I politely told the attorney that I did not think I had enough experience in the administration of his host so rather than screw things up, I told him I thought it best I leave things alone. Then the attorney asked me if I could move his whole site to a server with which I did not the administrative process and of course I could do that. I was a bit uncomfortable in taking the site away from his current web guy but if after making sure he did not have contractual problems I would switch his site. Well this bothered me so early this morning I started working on a FTP client in a manner I've never done before - bingo...I figured it out. I discovered a way to edit on his host without all the download - upload hassles using the FileZella program. Heck yesterday I couldn't even figure out how to get into his site's directory much less edit anything. Now I'm not sure my ideas will pay off but I did learn a lot in this whole process.

I had a horribly restless night last night having to get up 4 times to soak in a hot tub. I find that helps me fall back asleep so rather than just lying in bed, I sit in a tub of hot water for ten minutes. I'm not sure why I was restless - it could have been my mind was racing on this project I just mentioned. It could be I ate too much of that great ice cream John got for me too late in the evening giving me a sugar rush. Or it could be I'm cutting in half the sleeping aid I use which by the way was fine earlier in the week. I want to be able to go to sleep and stay asleep then awake rested - wishful thinking on my part. Once again I'm testing myself like a good lab rat should.

It has been rainy, cloudy, and generally nasty this week but today is nice thus far. If it stays nice, I may go for a hour of beach duty - the Islamorada trip is approaching and I want to be ready for the intense sun and pool duty.

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Leftist Take-Over

Wed 01 July 2009

Yet another day and Michael Jackson still has not risen from the deceased to do the "tour to end all tours" scheduled for this Summer. But at least his army of fans will be able to view his skinny body at the end of this week. Did you see where the autopsy report had him at 119 pounds?! Can that possibly be true? Jeez. The so much other important stuff going on that I wish was being reported where the dumb masses can hear or read about it.

Brother Drew sent me an e-mail in amazement that Al Franken got elected to the US Senate. My response is that the voters of Minnesota get what the deserve - a hate filled, angry extreme left wing nut case. Unfortunately he has a vote in the US Senate that will in turn affect all Americans. The Senate is our last hope of stopping the massive government take over of the energy and health care industries. It scares the living daylight out of me that some GD government pinhead pencil pusher will decide who I can see for health care and what treatment I can seek. If you don't think the health care bill is a total government take over you are neither uninformed, stupid, or both. I know Bama says it's not a take over but he lies. He's lied about no increase in taxes. He's lied about the stimulus package. He's lied about unemployment. He's lied about Cap & Tax. He'll say anything - you should what what he actually does. Besides, every f*cking statement he makes has an expiration date on it.

All this massive shit to government control from private control and huge increases in onerous regulations will I hope wake up the voters to the fact their lives are being affected a lot more by the extreme Obama administration and far left liberal legislators than by the death of Michael Jackson. He's dead. Your life as you know it is soon to be dead unless you take steps to stop the changes. Call your senators - there is the last hope of stopping these changes.

Soon I'll be headed for Islamorada with my driver, John. I'm very much looking forward to the trip and I hope I'm not in a funk because of Obama's extremism. I want to enjoy the trip so I'm hoping Congress will be gone for the Summer which by the way I think they will be gone. This will be a time to enjoy the ocean, snorkeling, scuba, fishing, and yes, pool duty. I'm looking forward to my annual sea food diet while in Islamorada - I don't eat much sea food here in Vero because I don't cook it or go out that often to eat it. Lazy Days, Uncles, and Bentleys will see me again this year.

Friday I have someone coming over to look at my Tanzanite and to show me a ring she's purchased on a TV auction with a 30 day return policy - she wants to know just how good the Tanzanite in the ring really is. The TV auction person said it was an AAAA Tanzanite - the official Tanzanite rating scale does not go above AAA. This suggests to me that the auction company either doesn't know about Tanzanite rating or it is a big sales gimmick - I suspect the later. I'll be able to look at it and of course I can tell - I also have real top graded Tanzanite with which to compare. I might be surprised at the quality - it might actually be high but at the moment I'm suspicious.

We've had rain, rain, and more rain this week. It was very humid when I went for coffee this morning under partly cloudy skies. The rain is needed so that's good. The humidity sucks. No beach duty for me in about a week now.

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