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High School Graduation

Sun 31 May 2009

Didn't do much yesterday - in fact I didn't leave the house except to walk to the post office. On Saturdays I like getting up later than the usual 5AM during the week and for some reason I'm actually able to stay in bed. At about 7AM I picked up a movie called "Heist' and didn't get up for breakfast until the movie was over. Breakfast was buttermilk pancakes with fresh strawberries on top - remember my mentioning the fresh fruit I picked up this past week?

Call me crazy but I do house cleaning on Saturdays although my house cleaning service will be here on Monday. Knowing they are coming in two days why do I clean? It's that obsession I have to keep things clean and orderly I guess and with Sally Cat roaming my house depositing hair everywhere there is always cleaning to be done.

I did go out to my storeroom yesterday and as I was walking back into my house the older guy living to the West of my house caught me and wanted to talk. This guy - Dean - is ok but I hate to listen to him because he's so depressing. He tells me about all his aches and pains, how sick his wife is, and how angry he is with the world. Nothing is good in his world..nothing. He talks and talks and talks all about himself or other things for which I have no interest. I'd rather be in front of my TV, at least I can turn it off! Oh, and another thing, he won't let me say anything with interrupting me before I'm through with my statement. Oh well.

It was graduation day in Vero - John's brother, Alex, and my cousin's son, Tucker, both graduated from Vero Beach High School. Both plan on interring the Indian Rive State College in the Fall, complete their two year associate's degree, then finish a 4 year degree at a bigger college like John is doing although the college now offers a 4 year's bachelor's degree. With economics tight for everyone, going to the local college for the first two years makes all the sense in the world. As many of you will remember, the first two years of college is about the same no matter what major you choose. Of course the first two years of an engineering school is different that a liberal arts school so it would be difficult to transfer to an engineering & science school from a liberal arts school - the reverse would not be true. I hope these two guys do well.

They will be in for a rude awaking when they get to college because kids in college want to be there and the professors do not "dumb-down" the course to the lowest common denominator as teachers do in high school. You see you have to attend high school until you are 16 but you don't have to attend college at all. High school teachers just want their students to pass for the most part without respect to proper preparation for life after high school. Too bad - it was not that way when I went to high school then the teachers actually cared.

Take Jason for example. I like the kid but he doesn't have a high school diploma because he dropped out. He doesn't have a driver's license and he's a felon at 23 (or 24). When it comes to employment, he's at the bottom of the totem pole compared to kids with a high school degree, a driver's license, and no criminal record. I hope for the best for him but as you can see, where you are in life is guided by the choices you made along the way - Jason made very poor choices. Remember boys and girls, where you are 5, 10, or 20 years from now will depend on the choices you make today! Damn I'm wise, huh?

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Hacker Lad

Sat 30 May 2009

As advertised, Ace came over to take care of a few projects for me but needs to come back with some clear silicon and a paint brush. What he did only took about 30 minutes including hanging a Rayburn and a utility strip to hold things in my storeroom. BTW, how come my storeroom is full in less than a year?

Do you folks remember when BillsView.com was hacked into about 3 years ago? Do you remember I tracked done the teenager in the UK that did the hacking? Well he has send he's sorry he did it but I do understand that teenagers engage in this sort of mischievous behavior. I did have to rebuild my site but other than that, no damage was done. I learned I need to back-up all my files offline (I do this quarterly) and improve the security of my site. I also learned a bit about hacking because I wanted to know how he got access in the first place.

Recently he asked me to look at his site, WayneShears.com. I like the clean and structured look of his site and the WordPress template he's using is good - it has a lot of plug-in options and is one of the standards in the Blog world. What I found I found amazing is a video of an extraordinary gymnast, Damien Walters. This guy reminds me of the skilled cyclist, Andy MacAskill. Anyway, here is a link to Wayne's page where you can find the video - click here.

Well I'm done with building websites for now until the next person wanting a website come along. Ray did mention he and his wife know of a lady that wants a website pertaining to here elder-care business. That's all I know for now - of course I'd be happy to do it. Knowing that Ray is pleased with his site I suspect he'll give me a good referral. It would also be nice if I get the go-ahead to complete the sites I built for my paint contractor and landscape contractor - I got the sites about 95% completed just awaiting some final text or image details from them. Oh, well.

Another typical rainy day yesterday - I guess we are in that pattern for now. Of course Monday is the beginning of hurricane season but I'm ready. I guess I should really hook up my generator to the house in order to confirm all the connections work properly - maybe I'll do that latter this morning. I know the generator works I just don't know if the connection to my circuit panel works properly. Let's hope there aren't any hurricanes between July 15th and the beginning of August. I remember we were ordered to evacuate the Keys a few years back because of a pending hit by a hurricane.

Starr came over for a visit while her house was overtaken by the boys playing music......loud! John and his buddies jam about 3 times a week with their guitars, drums, etc. Anyway, Starr told me that Piper Aircraft was going to lay off another 200 after already laying off 500 last Fall. They're making the new PiperJet and this plant but thanks to Obama, no one is ordering private jets anymore - they don't want to be ridiculed by Obama. The hotels in Las Vegas have laid off huge amounts of their work force because Obama was critical of companies and citizens going to Vegas for meetings, conventions, and fun. Under the Obama administration you are not allowed to have fun! I really loath Bama's principles and practices! Our country is being wrecked by Obama without chance of recovery.

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OMG....Lost Internet

Fri 29 May 2009

When I got up at 5:30 AM yesterday morning to post on BillsView.com, I discovered I did not access to the internet. So I went through the routine of re-booting my modem and router but that did not work. The next thing to do was call Comcast - a recording said there were outages in my neighborhood. The outages lasted until 11:30 at which time I was back online. So if you missed your morning review of BillsView.com, that's why.

Every afternoon this week we've had thunderstorms, wind, and rain. I think the area has received over 8" in the past week. Earlier I was saying we needed rain but now there seems to be no end. What I've noticed as I drive around is that brown dead-looking lawns have turned green once again. No beach duty yesterday nor will I go today.

Rumor has it that Ace will be here this morning to work on those projects I've accumulated unless of course he has an emergency. In the past 8 days there has been one event after another to keep him from coming over. I'm hoping today will be the day.

It's that time of the year again - the time when a variety of fresh fruit can be found in the markets around Vero. Yesterday I bought strawberries, blueberries, and my favorite...peaches. The blueberries are large and sweet. The strawberries have amazing flavor. I'll have to wait until the peaches ripen before I can report on them. I love fresh fruit so I'll enjoy the next few months when good fruit is available.

Yesterday I think I completed onesuperjuice.com - at this point I'm not working on any additional pages. I'll ask for payment in a week or two but for now I just want things to settle down. Ray continues to be pleased which of course makes me pleased and I'll get paid for my work. He's already given me $500 as a partial payment - I think he'll owe me at least another $500 when everything is said and done.

I'm getting fed up to here with all the dame advertisements by law firms seeking plaintiffs with Mesothelioma. This must be a big buck law suite opportunity because several different law firms want your business. They have the right to advertise like anyone else but I'm seeing 2 to 4 ads each hour no matter what channel I'm watching. In fact, I've noticed an abundant amount of advertisements for legal services, many more that I ever saw in Atlanta. Florida must be a plaintiff-friendly State in which to sue somebody.

Yesterday I picked up a new prescription for the bran name version of Adderall. I think the generic version doesn't work as well for me as the name brand. Today will be the first day on the new prescription so I'll report back in about a week. I did search Google for anything I could find comparing the brand name to the generic and without exception other folks using the medication reported the generic as being inferior. I understand these reports are random but even then you would think someone reports a positive result but I couldn't find even one.

My lawn and landscaping is looking pretty good now after the rain and fertilizer that was put on my lawn 3 weeks ago. James keeps it cut and well manicured IMO. I allowed him to put a sign out on my lawn advertising his lawn care business. I want to help him out but I also understand he'll go the extra mile to make my place look good if his name is on the sign. You can click on the image for a larger image.

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Breaking Bad

Thu 28 May 2009

Do any of you watch the AMC series, "Breaking Bad"? John got me hooked on it so I've be following it from the get-go. This is a drama, not a funny show like Burn Notice, Monk, or House - it does get intense from time to time. It comes on at 10:00PM Sunday night which is a horrible time for me but the good news is it is available on Comcast OnDemand. This next week's show will be the last for this "season" although I can never tell anymore what makes up a season. Oh...and much to my disappointment, this Summer's season of Monk will be the last season - what's up with that? The program is wildly successful, has high ratings, but the USA network is canceling the series? What brain trust made that decision I wonder?

Coming next week when June starts there will be a return of Burn Notice as well as a few new series. Has anyone but me noticed the good programs are on cable networks and not the broadcast networks? I could only get A&E, USA, and TNN with no other channels - except FOX News of course, and be totally happy. I can't tell you how rare it is for me to watch any broadcast channels. I don't like all those 30 minute sitcoms, the broadcast news, or any of the series but that's just me.

Yesterday morning I headed to the beach for my usual hour of perpetration for the Keys this Summer. It was beautiful but hot because there was not much in the way of a breeze. The beach was almost empty except for the skim-boarders at Conn beach. When I was a teenager way back in the dark ages, we used to ride a surf board from offshore to the shore. Now the teenagers ride their boards from the shore to offshore - no one 'surfs' anymore. The kids provide entertainment as they go through their antics. Today's picture was taken yesterday on the boardwalk - many of you will recognize this including my little Dutchie buddy. Click on it to see a bigger image.

One of the meds I'm taking is the generic version and it doesn't seem to work as well as the name brand. So yesterday I call my doctor to request a prescription for the name brand - I'm to pick it up after coffee this morning. This may be my imagination but as I've always said, perception in the eye's of the perceiver is reality to the perceiver. I'm going to give the real thing a test ride for a couple of weeks to see if I can tell the difference. It will take a couple weeks because some days are just better than others anyway and I don't want a small sampling to point my to any incorrect conclusion.

Yesterday afternoon around 4PM we had one heck of a thunderstorm. I heard a loud crack of lightning and poof...my power went out. I decided just to wait until it came back on but after 30 minutes I was beginning to wonder just when power would be restored. In Atlanta, if the power was off for 10 minutes then you could bet it be off for a couple hours or longer. I said to myself - self, this would be a good time to test my generator on the my house circuit. I got it out and for 10 minutes or longer I tried to start it but couldn't. I had the full lever on, the choke on, and the main switch on. No go. Then I remembered I always turn the fuel supply off at the tank as well as turning it off at the engine. I turned it on and the generator started immediately but by this time my house power was back on. So I just hooked a vacuum cleaner up to the generator to put a load on it then let it run for about 15 minutes. Next time I hope I remember the fuel is turned off in two places!

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Amy's Redfish

Wed 27 May 2009

Yesterday Sally Cat managed to knock the framed picture of the wall behind Syp's old apartment where he had made graffiti art with an image of my face in the center...remember that one? She knocked onto the tile floor and I discovered glass does not bounce. I took it in yesterday to have new glass placed in the frame. That is my very favorite framed picture not only because the art work is terrific but it must have taken Syp hours to create it it. Funny thing is the cat came running into my bedroom to hide under the bed knowing she did something wrong. Here's a thumbnail image of Syp's work - you can click on it to see a larger image.

Georgia Tech Jeff and his manager, Amy, went to Happyville (aka Niceville) Florida over the past weekend to visit Jeff's parents. While there they went fishing in shallow water where Amy caught the 32" redfish as you can see in today's image. The unusual thing is she caught it with artificial bass bate - the green lure still stuck in the fish's mouth. Redfish are good to eat but I'm not sure what a big one like this would taste like. Jeff did not mention if they ate it or released it. That's one big redfish I want you to know - you can click on the image.

For his part, Jeff started the soon to be World Famous sport of Professional Catfish Fishing - I'm confident this new sport will take off. You see Jeff and his Mom competed to see who could catch the largest totally worthless catfish - Jeff won. What I did find interesting is they caught the catfish using artificial lures which I've never heard of before now. I did not know catfish will fit plastic but apparently they will. Catfish are bottom feeders so you wouldn't think a piece of plastic on the bottom would get them too excited but it seems that's wrong. Jeff did not send me a picture of his catch.

My website, TanzaniteAmerica.com has actually become popular and is on the first page some of search engines depending on the terms you use. Last week I think I mention the gal in Miami with 5000 carats of Tanzanite she wanted to sell - I think she was a fraud. Yesterday I was contacted by a guy in Tanzania that has a 110 carat pear shaped Tanzanite he wants to sell and I think he is legit. He sent me images of the stone...the damn thing is so big it looks like a quail egg! It is so big that if you did not want to make a piece of jewelry then you could use it for a paper weight. It is so big the Tanzanian Government asses property take on it. Of course this is gemstone is way out of my range - I could not buy it but if I did I don't know to whom I'd sell it. Perhaps a New York auction house? I forwarded the information along to Bangkok Mark.

Since I added CAPTCHA to my 'Comments' section I've not gotten any spam in comments. I think this is going to be a good thing because a build up in spam affects some of the software when it exceeds a certain volume. The first time this happened I went nuts trying to find out what was wrong with posting on my site. Thankfully the author of the basic code told me what I needed to do to remedy the problem and that was to delete all the spam. Now I don't think I'll get as much spam because it requires a human to post although I expect I'll still get some.

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Nice Memorial Day

Tue 26 May 2009

As advertised , I brought good weather to Vero for Memorial Day - it was a cloudless, warm morning although the 'typical' afternoon thunder clouds moved in. Yesterday felt like a normal Summer day here. The mornings are usual clear but clouds build up as the sun heats the air. This pattern should continue for this week.

After coffee I went to Wally World to pick up a few items. Normally I create a list then when it gets big enough I go fetch the items. Things like cat litter, cat food, bottled water, etc are always available for a good bit less than what you find in Publix. When it comes to food shopping, I still prefer Publix by far.

Knowing that it might cloud up in the afternoon, I went to the beach in the morning. It was beautiful over there but damn it was hot without an ocean breeze to cool things down. The beach was full of sun worshipers much more than any other time this year. The ocean was so nice I almost went into the water but not just yet. There were a whole bevy of teenagers doing that surf-boarding thing which is entertaining for me to watch. I spent about a hour and 20 minutes there yesterday as my tolerance for the sun's rays has increased.

In the afternoon I discovered a "Intervention" marathon on the A&E network which of course I can identify with some of the people in the series. If you've not watched this program and you live in the U.S., I'd suggest you watch it once to see just how bad things get for some people. There was this gal that was drinking bottle after bottle of mouthwash for the alcohol content of about 20% to 24%...that's at least 4 times the alcohol found in beer and 2 or 3 times what you find in wine. What I don't get is if you have the resources, why not go for the real thing? I don't get it.

My cousin Alice told me about a fruit stand up in Wabasso that has some fresh peaches from Georgia. I love peaches. After coffee this morning I think I'll ride up there to get some. Trouble is, peaches do not last like bananas do not last so I can't buy too many. Alice tells me this year's crop is exceptionally good. I can't stand it, I gots [sic] to have some - report to follow.

Once again, I think there is a chance Ace will be here this morning, but I'm not sure. I've not heard from him which is a bit unusual - when he's not coming he usually calls or sends an e-mail. When I called him on Sunday, I got his voice mail and he's not called me back. Perhaps something is going on which I don't know about? The only thing with him saying he's going to be here is that I come back from coffee and wait for him when it's my practice to complete my running around early in the morning. Like should I go get peaches after coffee or come back here to wait and see if he can come? Oh, well...I'll get it sorted.

Today's picture is what the beach looked like yesterday although this picture was taken over a year ago. I just wanted you dudes and dudettes who are land-locked to know what the ocean looks like in case you've forgotten.

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John - FSU

Mon 25 May 2009

John came by Saturday night for a nice visit and to bring me a couple quarts of to-die-for ice cream from that ice cream shop across the street from Conn beach. Have I ever mentioned how much I love ice cream? I did not have any on the spot but I sure as heck plan to get into it tonight - I think I'll have to sample a little of both flavors to confirm it is as good as I remember. Patrick Henry once said "give me liberty, or give me death" - perhaps it is 'Give me ice cream & chocolate, or give me death'. Without ice cream & chocolate what is the meaning of life in the first place?

Anyway, John and I talked about FSU in the Fall and the issue of that one class he needs to get an AA degree from Indian River Stat College. John believes that he can go to FSU while at the same time take that one class at a community college close to FSU. This may or may not be correct so now, not later, is the time to confront the issue so as to give extra time for a resolution if needed. I told John he should get into his land-yacht, drive to Tallahassee, then meet with the folks in the admissions office. You can get more done sitting across the table from someone then talking to an assistant to the administrative assistant to someone who has authority with respect to admissions. I hope he takes my sage advice and takes a trip to FSU in the next week or two. Better to find out now rather than relying on what others may have said but have no authority to act.

Another thing we talked about is the trip to Islamorada in July - he is really looking forward to it like many of you are. Since John was her I got an e-mail from Donna about my lease for the first time since I requested one a couple, three months ago. While I still don't have the lease at least it has moved to the front burner. She asked me about the dates and what I was going to pay based on our earlier discussions - I'm hoping she will not want more money but if she does, I won't have a problem with that. I even told her I'd pay her full commission for a month's rent although I'm leasing for a shorter period. Stay tuned.

When John was here he asked if I wanted to go to a celebration with him this afternoon - one of his cousins just graduated from medical school and is having a party. I'd like to go if that works out so I can see some of John's aunts and uncles I've not seen in 40 years. I'm sure they'll remember me ...how could anyone forget the joy of being in my presence even after 40 years. I'm not sure I'll recognize some of them because they were young kids the last time I say them. It should be interesting if it comes off.

Once again we had an overcast day yesterday but no more rain. Maybe I'll part the clouds today to let the sunshine of my spirit fall onto those around me. The good news is the sunshine will benefit even those not around me which is just a bonus. I've not had beach duty in over a week.

Ace sent me an e-mail saying he would be here this morning. I'm not sure he remembered it is Memorial day or if that matters to him - I guess I'll find out after coffee this morning. These things I want done are not urgent but I do want them completed sometime soon.

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Carport Creature

Sun 24 May 2009

Yesterday was a lazy day for me and I was sleepy-tired most of the day. For some reason I stayed up past 11PM on Friday night then got up at my usual 5:30 - 6:00 on Saturday morning. I laid in bed but of course could not go back to sleep - once I awake in the morning it is almost impossible for me to sleep again. Then I decided not to take an Adderall for the day to see how I felt compared to the last couple of days. There is a clear difference as you would expect in fact I'm thinking even a higher dosage of Adderall XR might be what works best for me. I'll give it more time just to see how things go but I may test the theory myself.

It rained yesterday morning but not in the afternoon - it remained cloudy all day. Because it was cloudy it was not as hot as it had been so when Jason came over asking if I needed anything done I put him to work. He spent over three hours cleaning out dead debris from in and around my plants as well as pruning dead parts off my various plants. He did a really good job resulting in a 'cleaned up' look I like. He also got on the North side of my house to pull some vines off plants and growing up the side of my house. This was a good project and one I've been thinking about for weeks.

The last time in rained a lot I got an infestation of bull ants all over my tile floors and this time was no different. I must have sucked 25 or 30 ants into my duster buster. If they decide to sting you, it can really hurt so I avoid them hence the dust buster. They only get into my house after a lot of rain which suggests their nest is flooded. Not a big deal, just a nuisance.

It's too early to tell what today will be like but I'm hoping for sunshine. If the sun is out later I'll go to the beach for awhile before folks get home from church. Then again, I bet the young folks on the beach do not even go to church although they often sleep in on Sunday mornings. All the rain has cause dead-looking lawns to green up and plants to perk up - rain is like viagra for plants.

I watched a good movie yesterday Robert De Niro, Ed Norton, and Marlin Brando although I can't remember the name of the move. It was about a heist in Canada where Norton tried to pull one over on De Niro but it ended up being just the opposite. It was thrilling enough to watch and much better than depressing news. I'm going to find a movie today or maybe even two.

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Holiday Weekend

Sat 23 May 2009

It's Memorial Day weekend with lots of things going on here in Vero - parades, cook-outs, beach parties, etc. My hope is that the weather this weekend improves over the past few days although we did need the rain. Yesterday I headed to the beach after doing some things around here only to be driven away by rain after about 35 minutes and I mean heavy rain.The thing about yesterday's rain compared to the other days is there was a lot of wind blowing. I could set out my back door into my carport and get wet from the rain blowing in from the front of the carport - those of you who've been here now that would require a good blow.

I've not got any great plans for the weekend but if the weather is good later today I'll go back to the beach for awhile. There should be some good stuff on TV over the weekend like marathons of programs I like or new movie releases on HBO or Starz. I understand Ty is flying to Atlanta to join his brothers in terrorizing Dumpwoody [sic] - it seems to me someone might have mentioned a concert as well. Be safe guys so you can come down to the Keys this Summer and buy me a seafood dinner or two or three.

Remember the session I had with Gloria Gibbons trying to get her Outlook to talk to the AT&T mail servers? As I suspected, she had an incorrect password so I'll get with her again to change the settings in Outlook. That's the problem you run into when you let someone else set your password. It was the same password she was using with Bell South except AT&T requires both numbers and letters and her old password was just letters so her husband added a '1' at the end. Hopefully this will be the key to solving her connection problem.

According to John's mother, some interesting things are happening to him with respect to his job opportunities and school at FSU in the Fall. I'm not clear on the details so before I say anything else I want to get it from the horse's mouth . Rest assured nothing bad is going on to keep John from being in the Keys this Summer. It's my understanding that everything is not flowing quite as smoothly as planed but all of it can be remedied. I'm confident he'll get everything sorted.

Direct TV called to offer 3 free months of Cinemax so I can try the new Cinemax channel offering a new movie every night and a recently released movie every Saturday night. Why not try it I thought after all, the news is nauseating with the take over of the US economy and the reduction in individual freedoms by Obama and his gang of goons. So tonight I'll see what's on at 8 - the new TV guide for this service is not available online yet. Actually I've been finding a movie to watch every now and then so this might be a good service, we shall see.

Ace was having truck problems yesterday so he did not come over. He said he'll be here Monday at 9 but once he remembers it is Memorial Day he might want to wait until Tuesday which of course will be fine with me.I hat to say it by Ace seems to attract bad luck - his trailer was stolen, he damaged his hand with a saw, and now his truck is giving him fits. Some people seem to never run into an obstacle but Ace surely is not one of them.

Did you notice the little home icon I put at the top of the page? I've discovered on some Google searches just a daily post found in the iframe will be returned and not my home page with the I-frame and navigation. So I wanted to add a link to get to BillsView.com. What do you think about the location and size of the GIF image?

In sixty days from now I hope to have the opportunity to take another picture like the one I posted today.

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Verification for Comments

Fri 22 May 2009

Yesterday I spent most all of the day working on BillsView.com and TanzaniteAmerica.com. If you visited my sight you would have seen "*Comments have been temporary disabled* at the top of the page - I disabled my comments function. I talked about the nefarious links being posted in my comments by bots I believe, not humans. The way to get around that is to put in a validation code known as CAPTCHA. This was no easy task because the code that renders BillsView and provides it's functionality is full of folders, sub-folders, and files. Where to add the code for the verification was not at all a simple task - in fact I decided after many failed attempts to check with the guy -NT -who wrote the code in the first place.

Much to my pleasant surprise, the guy who wrote the code added a CAPTCHA plug-in to his Blog system. So I downloaded and installed the plug-in following his instructions but of course created an error right off the bat. Without going into a lot of trial & errors or too much detail the ultimate error is I left a space between the beginning of my page and a .PHP include function! Who would have thunk [sic] it? From my experience I didn't think the code alignment was important and frankly in most cases it is not. Nonetheless I noodled it out and now have a verification function on my 'Comments' page ..cool, huh? There is absolutely no way I could have done this without NT's help - this guy is one heck of a skillful programmer.

As I do from time to time, I did searches on Google using terms that I hope would send seekers to my TanzaniteAmerica.com site. This is an on-going work in process which has yield my ranking on the first Google page with several search words or phrases. When I test a word and can't find my site I then edit my META tags and text with the hope I'll move up the ladder with those words. This process has taught me a good bit about SEO.

Gloria Gibbons came by with her computer - her e-mail client, Outlook 2007, would not retrieve her mail. After searching for solutions I tried several things non of which yielded a positive result. So I thought I'd use the online chat function with AT&T to see f I could resolve the issue. When trying to log on to AT&T the site told us her e-mail address was not recognized. When that happened we both agreed she needed to talk with her husband - an attorney in Miami - to make sure she knows her proper e-mail address and that he has not deleted her account somehow. You can't fix Outlook if you have an incorrect e-mail address or password.

Ace had to postpone coming over to my place until this morning - I expect him around 9. There are a half dozen minor tasks that need to be completed. I postponed working on Ray's site yesterday once I got all caught up in my CAPTCH project. Once I get started on a project I want to continue on the project until it is finish. I expect to work on onesuperjuice.com later this morning.

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Comments Disabled

Thu 21 May 2009

The first thing I want to mention is that I've disabled your ability to make comments but hopefully only temporarily. There are 'bots' that use my comments function as a means of posting links to various sites. I took a random sampling of several of these sites and found they are fraudulent at the very least and possibly dangerous. I certainly would not want any of you good folks to stumble into something nefarious.

TB came by to update his emergency radio transmitter data into the NOAA website. It was easy to change the name of his boat, the size, and other such data. To no one's surprise Tommy continues to get ready for the trip to the Keys this Summer making sure everything is repaired, updated, and ready to go. Actually I think that's a good thing because safety is important and you can't help but feel safe with Tommy on his boat. I've observed in the past that if anything came up, he was prepared.

As advertised I met with Ray about his site, onesuperjuice.com yesterday morning. It was a short meeting who's main purpose was for me tom pick up a magazine in order to put parts of it on his website. He has a few articles and images he'd like posted so I'll have to scan the pages into my machine and then edit the pages via cut and paste with my photo editor. I've not started on it yet but probably will later today. I also edited a couple of pages including the home page where I added another paragraph as Ray wanted. He is very pleased with his website - that makes me happy.

This morning I expect Ace to arrive around 9 AM in order to take care of a few minor tasks for me. I waited until I had enough things to fix before I called him - no need to drive over here every time I have a 30 minute project. I've not seen Ace in months so it will be nice to catch up with him. I know he's recovered from that horrible hand injury but now business is slow for him like it is for a lot of folks.

Also this morning I think Gloria Gibbons will come over so as I can help her with her computer. It's not working properly and I bet I can make it where it doesn't work at all..what do you thin? She says she can't get on the internet anymore but she also told me the way she was getting on the internet was by tapping into an unsecured access point (aka router). Could it be that those folks turned their router off because they headed back North for the Summer? Or is there a problem with her network connection? I guess will find out in a few hours.

It didn't rain here yesterday but it was cloudy all of the afternoon so I did not go to the beach. Sometimes it is cloudy here but not cloudy over on the beach. To see what it looks like over there, I can go to www.verobeachcam.com just to see how things look. There is another site available too called Conn Beach Surf Cam - those of you familiar with Ocean Drive along Conn Beach you'll easily recognize the camera's view. Today's picture was taken from the camera yesterday afternoon - you can click on the image. If it is nice this afternoon, I think I'll head over.

So how are my meds working you ask? I can say without a doubt things are better than they were a month ago. Having said that, I'm not sure I've got the right dosages yet so I asked Dr. Director about increasing my Wellbutrin but he didn't want to do that at this time. I'm going to continue to test myself to see if the 20mg of Adderall XR is enough or perhaps I could go up one step - after all, the 20mg of XR is like taking 10 mg of the regular release twice a day except it is slower to get into my system. So for now I'm still checking and testing myself.

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Rain, Rain

Wed 20 May 2009

We have had a lot of much needed rain since my last posting. My own weather station has marked 1.23" in the past 24 hours. Yesterday was overcast all day with periods of rain so I've not been to the beach in a few days now. No worries, it will clear up again and I'll head back over to work on my base for the Keys.

Starr came by for a nice visit - we must have talked for a couple hours. She had a bad day and just wanted to vocalize what had happened - I'm a good listener. I won't go into the details but it started with a dead battery in the morning and went downhill from there. One thing for sure, Starr is one hell of a strong woman with the uncanny ability to handle just about anything thrown at her - she has a lot more patience than do I. She did something very good for me - she made me realize how insignificant my little problems are to those she and others deal with on a daily bases. Being head of household, working, cooking, and raising two boys is by no means a simple task while I'm sitting her fussing over my modem's IP address! Jeez! It helps to have outside influence in order to keep one's prospective in check.

Have any of you noticed the extraneous posts in my Comments sections? It is my belief those are being made by bots and not a real person. So yesterday I went into my comments files on my host server and deleted them. I don't want to turn off the option of making comments so I guess I'll just have to purge the old comments from time to time. You might also noticed I've removed all posts prior to January 1st of this year - I didn't delete them I simply put them in another file for storage.

After coffee this morning I'm going to meet with Ray to view his site and pick up some articles I believe he wants published to his site. For the most part I think I'm done with the initial development meaning I can move onto another project if I had one which I don't at this point. I expect there will be continuing changes, updates, and editing that will be need for onesuperjuice.com - Ray is a dynamic type guy so I expect his website will be a reflection of his activities. This has been an interesting project and one that turned out to be much larger than expected which is not a bad thing - I like the challenges.

It happened again - I laid down to take a much need nap and just as I was about to go in la-la land a beep started in about 10 second apart. What is going on after all I did take my phone off the hook to avoid any type of interruption? Wouldn't you know it...I'm the one responsible for waking myself up. You see I took one of my portable phones off the hook, accessed a dial tone, and then just put it on my chair. The beep I was hearing is the damn wireless phone telling me it had a low battery! What is it with my attempts to take a nap? Is the nap gods out to get me? Jeez!

I decided to upgrade the firmware in the router which was giving me a problem. In the process, I also reset the configuration to the factory defaults. I think this should have reset my old IP but I didn't check it to confirm that assumption. There really is no reason to switch out my routers again so I'll leave my home network set up alone at least for now.

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Problem Fixed

Tue 19 May 2009

Yesterday morning I was able to do something I've never done before - I found a articulate, intelligent, and polite Comcast service representative although I did have to move up the food chain. Her name was Joyce and she actually acted like she was interested in solving my problem plus she was very polite. Remember last week when I mentioned I could not get to my own website from any of my home computers? Comcast said they would fix it in 24 to 48 hours ...wrong! In fact the first person I talked to at Comcast was so incompetent she didn't even understand my problem.

Other people could get to my website here in Vero who also used Comcast. I could get to my website if I went through an online proxy so I concluded it was my modem's IP that somehow was not connecting to BillsView. When Joyce got in the picture and I explained what was happening she agreed with my conclusion but didn't know why. Her solution was to force a new IP address on my router and when she did, I could once again get to BillsView. But get this - when I reconnected my router it retained the old IP that was blocking my access to BillsView but only BillsView. So I tried to force my router to change to the new IP including a total reset but it did not work - what's up with that? I had to conclude there was a snafu in the router's software but once again, it only blocks one site. My solution was simple - exchange my router with one of my back-ups and shazam...all is well again. Now I'm thinking about upgrading the software in the old router but it really doesn't matter with the switch I made.

Yesterday afternoon I returned my three almost dead palms to Lowe's - they refunded my credit card which is better than a store credit. I looked around in their garden shop but didn't like anything I say. Next I went to Home Depot but once again I did not much like the plants there either. So I decided to put my silk plants back in my bedroom suite and wait for another day to buy new live plants.

Yesterday afternoon the much needed rain clouds moved in turning the sky really dark. At times we had some really heavy rain and the weatherman says we may get more during this coming week. At this point I'm glad I went to the beach yesterday because I may not be able to go this week.

Did you notice Jeff & Amy have sent in their deposit for the Keys? I don't really need to send in a deposit because Donna never refunds my deposit but rather just rolls it over for the following year. I did not contact her about the lease yet thinking she'll remember me when handling the leases for the rest of the crowd. If she just forgets I'll follow up later knowing that the apartment is available for me - the owner now lives in Scotland and Donna will not lease it to anyone else. With the slow economy, I bet there will be fewer people in the Keys this year compared to the recent years. Good...more lobster available to crawl into our nets.

TB came by yesterday afternoon for a visit - we spent almost two hours solving the world's problems. He, like a lot of us, is ready to head to the Keys for some diving. We did avoid talking about national politics although we did discuss Vero Beach politics along with other things happening here in Vero. Oh, he did mention Drew's boat has been serviced, cleaned, and is ready for the trip South in a couple months.

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Great Beach Day

Mon 18 May 2009

It was such a beautiful day here yesterday I could not stand not going to the beach, so I did. The problem with going to the beach on a Sunday afternoon is parking but after only one extra pass, I found a spot. I don't remember it being this nice last year at this time but perhaps I was caught up in landscaping and such? There is no doubt that I'm enjoying my trips to the beach - after 41 years in land-locked Atlanta it is about time to get back to my roots.

Skim-boarding seems to be the popular thing to do if you are a male teenager with energy and time. I noticed these guys come and sort of mark their boundaries then like any dominate male they protected their spot from other intruders. There also seems to be a mutual respect that keeps each on their spot so conflicts have not been observed at least not yet. This skim boarding is a lot of work for such a brief ride IMO.

It's about time I raddled Donna Bible's cage - she has not sent me a lease yet although that is not unusual. I think both TB and Tom have gotten their leases in fact I believe I understand that Kevin & Company have as well. Actually I'm not worried it's just my obsessive behavior which wants me to get this all tied up. I think I'll send Donna a FAX because she responds quicker to a FAX than a telephone message in my experience. I've not talked to Jeff to see if he & Amy have theirs yet but I do still think they'll be down.

The three real palms in my bedroom are all but kaput. I got these from Lowe's and like Home Depot they come with a one year guarantee so I'm going to take them back. I'll get credit, not a refund, but that's ok because I just plan to buy 3 more palms to replace these. I'll probably kill the new ones by the end of Summer and go through the process all over again. Once you buy a plant, I don't think there is a limit on how many times you can kill it, replace it, and then kill it again in an un-ending cycle. Perhaps I'll test that theory.

Have any of you heard about this Magic Jack telephone device which costs about $20/year and plugs into a USB port on your commuter? I did some research and found many like the device but many do not. It seems to take over your computer when there is a call but worse, you have to install their software for it to work. If you bother to read the End Users' Agreement you'll discover that once installed you agree to the Spyware that is installed with the phone. This Spyware gathers information on sites you visit and other such data in order to deliver 'targeted' advertisements to you computer. Most people never read the installation agreements and won't understand them if they did. My conclusion is that this appears to be a cheap way to get a second phone line but it 'costs' more in the long run. Plus there are all sorts of things that make it less than what is advertised. Buyer beware!

Today is cleaning day at my house - Charlie and his crew will be over here in a couple house to go over my house top to bottom on the inside. As you know, my obsessive behavior causes me to keep it clean anyway but I don't mop, do windows, or clean bathrooms very well.

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Tanzanite America

Sun 17 May 2009

It happened again - my TanzaniteAmerica.com website was blocked by the host server for non-payment of fees. I thought this was fixed Friday evening but on Saturday morning I got the same e-mail saying I owed for the hosting service. Once again I contacted the host via their online 'submit a ticket' form and included the ID of the last ticket, a copy of my paid invoice, and a copy of the e-mail saying everything was fixed. My site was unblocked late Saturday followed by an e-mail saying it was fixed and should not happen again. Well...when I got up this morning guess what? Gotcha - I bet you thought I was going to say it was blocked again but it was not. I think it is indeed fixed this time - one can hope. The hosting company recently changed their online accounting system which In suspect led to this repeated gaff.

Starr called to vocalize her feelings about a party this weekend for those in the VBHS class of 1967 who will or have turned sixty this year - that includes TB of course. She is conflicted because she thinks it's a lot to do about nothing but at the same time is not sure she wants to miss it all together. There are 3 events - one each on Friday night, late Saturday afternoon, and an afternoon picnic on Sunday. My view is go if you want and if you don't want to go don't - pretty simple don't you think? What I've learned in my coffee group is what other people think about you is really none of your business. So do what you think is best for you and what you feel right in doing and don't worry about what others may or may not say.

We'll talk more about these events I'm sure and my guess is she might go to one but not all of them. The Sunday afternoon picnic over at Riverside park here in Vero appears to be the best opportunity to actually talk with your classmates. The event Friday night is going to include a 'DJ' spinning records which means to me...LOUD. I don't do loud anymore. If I want to see my friends, I'd like to be able to talk to them without shouting. But then again, when you are drinking lots of adult beverages and listen to old 60's rock & roll, shouting is natural! Do any of you remember times when I've gotten up in a restaurant and just walked out (after paying of course) because it was too loud? Oh, and how about two toddlers sitting at a table behind me having a contest to see who can scream the loudest! Jeez!

On Friday I got an e-mail from someone who said they had 5,000 carats of Tanzanite - it was from my website so I know that's how they found me. There was a number (Miami area code) asking me to call so I did. On the other end of the line was a woman who clearly was Hispanic saying her 'partner' had 5,000 carats he wanted to sell. I asked some questions than ant buyer might ask but she had no answers at all. First I was highly specious of someone saying they have 5,000 carats but seemed to know almost nothing - I'm not sure that Bangkok Mark would want to consider such a large stash if it were for real. So I applied the duck theory - if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck, and quacks like a duck...it is probably a duck. This looked like, sounded like, and acted like a scam in the making - I just said I can not help and walked away from it.

No beach for me yesterday but if it is nice later today I may go. The beach is active on Sundays but there are no good talk radio programs for me to listen to while sitting in my beach chair. The weather man says there is a chance of rain - I hope so, we need it here.

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Comcast Mystery

Sat 16 May 2009

The mystery continues - I don't know why I can not get to BillsView.com using my Comcast connection at home. I've checked all the usual suspects by rebooting everything I have..modem, router, and computers. I tried on 3 different computers using both Internet Explorer and Firefox - still no go. The mystery deepens at this point because I still can get to my site via an online proxy server but that solution is not acceptable - I want it working like it was up until Thursday. Another thing - this narrows the problem even more - other people I've called here in Vero using Comcast can navigate to my site. I even asked Kathryn who uses Bell South and she had no problem. It would appear the problem is between my modem and a Comcast server.

I get a "timed out" message when I try to get to my site. Is it possible Comcast blocked my modem IP from getting to my website, and if so, why? When talking to Comcast I got a very polite but clueless service rep who was going to 'escalate my issue' - meaning someone with an IQ above room temperature will have a look. I'm convinced there is a solution to this mess - the problem will be in getting someone smart enough to understand the problem in the first place. I don't want to seem unkind but the service rep I talked to asked me to check my security settings in Internet Explorer while at the time I was using Foxfire. That's affirmative action at work for you - just wait until Obama moves that into the health care industry!! How will you like it when your doctor got his or her position because of affirmative action? That's not to say there are not good doctors in affirmative action programs but wouldn't you rather remove the doubt in your mind? Well?

The next problem I had to deal with yesterday was my TanzaniteAmerica.com site - it was being blocked by the host server for non-payment of my annual fee. Well, not only had I paid my annual fee but I paid it for two years. The good news is I had a receipt along with a "transaction number" which I was able to send to them. It took most of the day before they got around to my response, they saw an error was made, and around 5PM yesterday the site was back up. Of course I checked it every hour on the hour - that's just what I do.

After a lemon-pepper chicken sandwich from Publix I took a 15 minute nap then headed to the beach - the picture today is very much what the beach looked like yesterday.The water was a bit rough but as usual, I did not get in it - neither did anyone else as far as I could see. I stayed just for my hour listen to Rush on the radio then headed back to catch some news on FOX. I know. I know. I'm not suppose to watch it but I couldn't help to be amused by the shit Pelosi has gotten her self in with her lies. I don't like this arrogant , power obsessed extreme left wing kook so to see her squirm is fun.

My lawn service guy, James, has a new lawnmower with a bag to catch the cuttings. It is more of a home-owner's lawnmower than the big, heavy commercial one he was using. The lawn looked great after he mowed and trimmed everything yesterday - the grass was more evenly cut. James really does a good job for me - I would not hesitate to recommend him to anyone seeking a lawn service. With the dry weather we've been having, many folks don't have a lawn to mow.

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Better Today

Fri 15 May 2009

The purpose behind getting sick is to remind you how nice it is to be well. You can't fully appreciate wellness by looking at other's experience, you have to go through the process yourself. Yesterday most a day of recovery - I'm not fully recovered just yet but I'm a lot better today. For the better part of the day yesterday I was napping and doing what 'House' does, chew on some pain medication. You know how you feel when you're not well but not really sick too - that was me. It's too early in the day to say what I'll be able to do or not do.

It was another beautiful day here in Vero again and I wanted to go to the beach for my hour in the sun. But I thought it to be prudent to stay in bed instead which I did. One of the reasons people get sick and stay sick is they do not give their body long enough to recover before getting out and about again. Frankly, I though the thunderstorms of the day before marked a change in the weather pattern but it did not.

Ray wanted to use an article published by Men's Journal but he didn't want all the comments that were made by people reading the article. Like the reviews on hardware I read before I buy something, you usually find more negative things than positive things because only the pissed-off people take the time to vent. So I decided to eliminate the comments but keep the article. Here is the Men's Journal original article and here is the edited version I put on Ray's server click here. To do this you can not just copy and paste because all the internal links refer to the Men's Journal sever. So what do you think? Good, huh?

Starr called to say she feels like she's losing here sanity trying to manage the college entrance for Alex and college transfer for John. Like most young people, neither one has much sense of urgency thinking everything will fall into place. With the recent debacle John had with just two classes one would hope he gets the lesson that you need to handle things as soon as possible and before they become a problem. Saying that "I thought...." (fill in the blank) might leave you out in the cold - just "thinking" something is going to happen will not make it happen! If you are over 30, you know what I mean, don't you?

Something strange has happened - I can't logon to my server or see BillsView from my computer unless I use a proxy. What's up with that I wonder? My first thought is that there's a problem with Comcast and getting to the server for some reason. I'm drawn to that conclusion because I can get to it via a proxy on another server meaning the path is different. I tried pinging the site - the ping timed-out. I called Comcast and they could see the site from the service center in Tennessee. I called Mike Gately to pick his brain but we still had no answer. Later today Mike is going to have his IT officer call me. So I'm using a proxy server for this morning's post. I guess I have today's project laid out for me, huh?

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Thu 14 May 2009

It's Thursday morning and I'm here at the Dolphin House rather than having coffee with my friends. You see I've had a 'sick' event and I still do not feel very well this morning so I thought it best to stay in. Besides, I don't want to pass the illness along to others - no, I want it all to myself!

When I woke up early yesterday I had a headache which is not normal for me in the mornings. But, I got up, took a Tylenol III pill, had breakfast (it was pancakes yesterday) then headed for coffee. Up return my headache was still with me so I took another pill and then went to meet with Ray, the owner of onesuperjuice.com. We had a great meeting but I'll go into that later.

Next I headed to Dr. Director's office for my first follow up after my new meds profile but still had the hurts. My meeting with him went great and he's now able to confirm I'm totally whacked! DOH...you guys have known that for a long time. He and I are pleased with my progress so I'm going to continue along the same path unless or until there is a need to change. He was amused by my daily logs and research I've done on Wellbutrin & Adderall. He said he could see the improvement over my first appointment - I agree. At last I have this sense that there is a solution to help with my problem which in itself makes me feel better.

I came back to the house to work on some changes and updates on Ray's website. BTW, he is thrilled with my work which of course he should be. I had a BBJ sandwich and laid down still having a increasing worse headache so I pulled out the big guns in my medicine cabinet for pain. After about a hour I was nauseated with the worst headache of the day thus far. For the next 4 - 5 hours I made several trips to the ceramic throne to vomit until there was nothing left. I felt even worse but could not take medication because it would come up just as fast as it went down.

Last year when this happened my director gave me an anti-nausea suppository prescription which I still had in my refrigerator - I got one of those puppies out and stuck it where the sun never shines - no more nausea but still had a horrible headache. I tested myself by drinking some water so when it did not come back up, I took another pill and this time it stayed down. I was up and down all night but I think the worst is behind me. This morning I just have that 'rung-out' feeling you have when you're getting over an illness. The headache is there but not so severe to keep me from typing this - besides I know you folks would get sick yourselves if you did not have your daily dose of my pearls of wisdom!

We finally got some much needed rain here in Vero yesterday. Between 6AM and 9AM my weather station measured over a half an inch of rain at my house. There was rain all around the area but this morning we have another cloudless day. I'd like to go to the each but I think I'm staying in all day. I've not got a clue as to what brought on yesterday's episode but it acted more like a food poisoning than a virus. Trouble with that is I didn't eat anything out of the ordinary and I ate at home. Hmmm....

My plan for today is to rest, watch TV, and of course work on this project a bit more. We are at the fine-tuning point at least for the initial website. I'd like to go back over to the beach if I feel up to it and the weather continues to cooperate.

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Morning Appointments

Wed 13 May 2009

My plate is full today and I like that. After coffee this morning I'm going over to meet with Ray about his creatively designed new website, onesuperjuice.com. I might be a bit biased about how cool it is after all, I'm the geek that built it. On this site I have two new things I've not ever done before - a "Tell a Friend" link and a "Free Gift Card" link both of which are written in PHP. The meeting this morning is to bring together what I've done, what I still need to do, and some suggestions I have for expanding his marketing using his shinny new site. I think I'm basically done for now unless Ray has some other things he wants me to do.

Building this site was fun so I'd like to do another one sometime in the not so distant future. When I researched Google and the Vero Beach Business Directory I did not find much in the way of competition. There are a couple of firms levels above my current abilities because they can clearly use Adobe Flash and other website design tools. But for the most part, others around town use basic templates with very little imagination. I confuse I get ideas from templates but by the time I'm through working on a site it is almost unrecognizable from a the template from which I got the idea in the first place. This is not true about the work being done by others from my observation.

And another thing, my services are worth 2 to 3 times what I've set as a few so maybe it is time to rethink my fee? One thing for sure, I do not want to look at this as a "job"...I want to look at it as a project I like doing and oh by the way I get a little spending money too. I'd like to be "The Guy" people would like to have help them but only takes projects that interest me.I already postponed what I was told were people who'd like a site because I only want to work on one at a time. Conceded a bit? Maybe but like Babe Ruth once said, if you can do it, it's not bragging.

Then after meeting with Ray I have an appointment with Dr. Director - it is my first in office follow-up. I feel good about the direction in which I'm going but I'm not ready to say the meds and dosages are right for me just yet. I'll bring my daily log of how I've been feeling for the past 26 days along with other comments I've collected during that time. I've also complete a summary of my research on the to medications, Wellbutrin and Adderall - I wonder how many of his patients do this sort of self-study? I'm looking forward to meeting with Dr. director.

Mike Gately called yesterday to suggest that yesterday was the anniversary for entering the 'tank' - he was correct, it was 7 years ago yesterday and although I do a lot of great things, this can certainly be counted as one of the more valuable ones to me and my friends (both of them). It was Mike who suggested it in the first place not knowing how I would react. I'm very pleased I took his suggestion and I bet some of you are too! I'm still saddened by the fact I could not join the Dutchies in the Keys when they first got here but I 'm convinced it was the right thing.

After my busy morning, I might go to the beach again if the weather is good like it has been. I didn't go yesterday because I thought I should take a day off - crowds of women were starting to gather around my place on the beach causing mayhem and traffic jams. They must have 'scout women' that take turns looking along the beach for my inescapable hot bod! I try to hide myself with a hat (see picture) but it just does not work. You know, it's tough being me!

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Shuttle Launch

Tue 12 May 2009

When are we ever going top stop having such beautiful weather here in Vero? Well of course, but it does not appear to be in the cards for this week. Yesterday I rode over to the beach again for another session in preparation for pool duty later this Summer. There were not nearly as many people there yesterday as there were on Sunday but one would expect that. After all, Sunday is the only day some folks can get to the beach with work and school interfering with beach duty. One of these days I might actually get a toe wet but don't hold your breath - I like 85F or higher.

Sunday I baked some cookies to take to Starr for mother's day - I was going to get her a new car but the dealerships were closed. Cookies require less maintenance that cars and task a whole lot better. Her life is in a flux with John going away to school for the Fall term and Alex graduating from high school in a couple of weeks then off to Indian River State College for at least two years. Before you know it Starr will be an empty-nester like me except the difference being I've always been that way. It's funny how parents always say they want their children to grow up and move on but get stressed when they really do. It happens sooner than you can imagine.

With the website I built finished for now, I found myself looking for another project yesterday. Ray said he knew people who want a site but there is a leap between wanting a site then actually taking the steps to get one. My painter and landscaper still have not followed up on the project with which I'm 90% completed. If I didn't like doing this stuff I'd be angry but instead I'm just disappointed they'd let me go so far only to drop the ball. They say they are too busy but how much time does it take to choose a domain name? I've done all the other work including the text and pictures for their would-be sites. Oh well, you can lead a horse to water......

Now to that which got me excited yesterday afternoon around 2:02PM. The United States launched a shuttle from the Kennedy Space center and this time I had the presences of mind to be outside with a camera. I know. I know. The image is not much but it is the picture I took. It never stops - every time I watch that craft fling itself into space reaching over 18,000 mph I can't help but to get a tingle all over my body. The Dutchies would call that chicken skin. Even in the brightness of the sun in a cloudless sky there is no doubt one is watching something truly extraordinary. You ought to see it at night - it's like the sun came up for a few minutes it's so damn bright.

I did make it back over to the beach for another hour around mid-day - the beach was beautiful. I'm careful not to stay longer than a hour until I can tolerate the exposure to the sun's rays. I was actually tempted to go test the water but decide to save that for another day. It's funny but when you walk over the bluff to go down to the beach the temperature drops several degrees. It's the breeze over the cooler water that keeps the air around the water's edge cooler than out by my car. There were people enjoying the beach but not nearly as many as Sunday. Of course there was the usual gathering of teenaged boys doing this skate-boarding thing at the water's edge. I probably will give my body a rest today.

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To The Beach

Mon 11 May 2009

For the past 10 days or so we've been having "Chamber of Commerce" weather here in Vero. Beautiful blue cloudless skies with a nice breeze most of the time although yesterday it was rather still and hot. If it were a bit cooler with a bit lower humidity I would want this weather all the time. The thing is that with warmer weather comes more heating which in turn evaporates moister into the air and then you get the almost daily Florida thunderstorms. I think this Summer weather pattern is just a few weeks away and for many this is a good thing because it will bring much needed rain. There is a drought going on around here except of course at my house where I have my own well - my house looks like an oasis in a sea of dry lawns.

I hit the beach again yesterday for my usual hour of fun in the sun. The beaches had a lot of folks on them relative to the earlier part of the week when 'normal' folks were working and kids were in school. Our beaches have recovered a lot of sand from the storm of two Summers ago but there is a lot of sand that's been washed away from when I was a kid (a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away). Perhaps I'll return to the beach later today if the weather continues to be as good as it has been.

Yesterday was Mother's Day...did you remember Mom? I went to visit my Mom (and Dad) where they are buried here in Vero. It was not a sad thing for me because both lived a good life and in each of their cases it was time to move on when they died. Mom is buried next to her sister, the mother of my cousin who's the GREAT baker. It seems I was not alone in visiting Mom yesterday - there were other folks doing the same thing.

Both Saturday and Sunday I went without taking Adderall to see how I felt compared to today - I took a pill this morning. I can say without question that the days I don't take the medication my energy level is lower - DOH! My purpose is to continue to test myself like a lab rat in order to determine just what I need or don't need as well as how much I may need. Believe me, I wish I could feel good with energy without taking anything at all. On the other hand, I want to take the proper medications and dosages to get me feeling "normal". I guess I've got the rest of my life to figure that out, huh?

I watched "The Pelican Brief" on TV this weekend - boy was that a good movie. I have seen it before of course but I had forgotten how done it. The thing that troubles me is that I believe this sort of heavy-handed, illegal actions are being conducted by the Obama Administration right now! The president has publicly made threats that no other president in my lifetime has ever done at least against the citizens of the United States. Is there any doubt left in your mind that Obama hates achievement and wants to take from those who've earned there property and give it to those who have not earned it? Is there any doubt that Obama wants to punish achievement and subsidize failure? Is there any doubt that Obama wants to take over whole industries so that HE can pick winners and losers? This angers me and makes me sick - as if you didn't already know!

OK boys and girls - here is your chance to proclaim to all the followers of my world famous website just what you think Obama has done you believe is good for the country, it's citizens, and it's way of life. BTW, I can think of some positive things but I'd have to be a hardened socialist. So please post your view in the 'Comments' area for all to view. I promise I will not delete your comment at least for awhile - I ultimately delete all comments because "spammers" abuse the system with links to drug companies or adult sites.

The annual migration of the party monkeys to paradise is only a couple months away. Are you ready? Too bad work interferes with play, huh?

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It's Mother's Day

Sun 10 May 2009

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Project about Finished

Sat 09 May 2009

This website project I've been working on for the past two weeks has been the most extensive project yet. There are twice as many pages than in any other project and the pages are text-rich. All of the text was written by me based on the research I've done on many other pages found via a search engine. Yesterday I loaded the whole site to the sever we're using - I think the page development is over at least for now. The owner tells me there are more products in the pipeline so I expect additions or modifications in the future.

Thus far today I've been editing the META tags of each page so as to make them search engine friendly. It is my intent to edit more of the tags as well as the text itself but I'm going to take a break now to watch a TV program. It is good for me to walk away then come back with fresh eyes - I tend to have more creative ideas then. By the end of the day I will have submitted the URL to all the major search engines. My guess is I'll re-submit next weekend because if I know me, and I do, I'll make more changes next week. So take a look at all the pages on onesuperjuice.com.

John came by to report on the train wreck he's had with regard to his two classes at the IRSC. It seems that both of them were cancelled for lake of interest so he's had to jump through some hoops to get the classes - they are needed for his transfer to FSU in the Fall. One class he picked up on the Port St. Lucie campus and the other he'll have to take online. But knowing how much John wants to go to FSU in the Fall, I think he'll get the job done. What a mess, huh?

Jason's Dad called me around 11 PM last night and of course I was asleep. He wanted to borrow some money - ya, right, I'm going to jump at that opportunity aren't I? NOT! He said he needed it to buy some medicine for Jason - I did not believe a word and told him no right off the bat. He's an alcoholic with a drug addition problem so I think he was just out of drugs. He didn't bother to tell me what was wrong with Jason nor did he explain why this just came up at 11PM! If there is a real problem then dial 911 for medical help. And another thing - if I were to lend him money now there would be a next time and then a next time with still more emergencies. I hope he never calls again but if he does the answer is still no.

Today I've not taken my Adderall to see how I feel compared to the days I do take it. Oh ...there is a difference indeed. My purpose is to see how I do without it and then I'll see how I do with it tomorrow. I've been keeping a daily log so as I can take it to my doctor's appointment on Wednesday. I'm not sure what will come out of the appointment but stay tuned.

I'm ready for pool duty

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Beautiful Here

Fri 08 May 2009

Did you miss me yesterday? I got busy to this, that, and the other thing and before I knew it the day was almost over. Most of the day I was writing code, checking what I wrote, and then correcting the errors in what I wrote - believe me, I make errors. Often they are simple typing errors rather than code errors but on occasion I get lost in the Forrest looking for the trees.

The new site I've been working on now for a couple weeks is almost ready for prime time. I have one more page to produce today and then I'm going through each page to edit as needed and fix the links, key words, and titles of each page. Once I've done that I'll submit the site to search engines with the hope of creating e-commerce for the owner. I like working with this guy because he gives me the ball and lets me run with it - I like projects but I do not like tasks.

It has been beautiful here all week so I did go to the beach for a hour yesterday making that the third time this week. If I keep up this pattern I'll be ready for the Keys when the time comes. John is already there because he's been a lifeguard for months now. If it's nice later on today I may return to the beach again today. Oh, there is a beach now after most of it got washed away by that storm two years ago. Funny how mother nature fixes these things, huh?

My yard is looking really great these days. With the longer hours of sunlight and the milder temperatures, everything is growing well around my house. There is a sort of drought going on in my part of Florida now so many yards look really stressed. Thankfully my well is my key to keeping things growing around here and that's a good thing. I'd hate to think what my water bill would be if I didn't have the well!

Jason has been missing for a bit over a week now which is unusual for him - he normally visits a couple times a week. I'm hoping he's found a job or some other positive event has taken place but frankly I've not got a clue. As I'm sure you can imagine, it is sometimes a bad sign when people disappear without notice. I'll follow up as soon as I know something.

Starr is down to having just two kids to tutor now as the school year winds down. We've been talking about John going to FSU in the Fall while Alex is going to the Indian River State College for a couple years like his big brother did. I'm one in favor of sending kids off to college but then there is this minor issue of costs - colleges cost a lot these days so Starr is correctly trying to avoid the room & board along with the tuition & fees. Most colleges cost more in one year than I spent in four years but then again that was a long time ago.

I'm having good days and some not so good days with the meds I'm taking but my overall sense is one of improvement. Next Wednesday I meet with Dr. Director again for my first of what I think will be several follow-ups. In order to intelligently talk about what's been happening with me I've been keeping a daily log. I wonder how many of his patients show up with a daily log and research on the medications I'm taking? Am I a bit whacked or what?

Nice picture, huh?

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Meeting with Ray

Wed 06 May 2009

For reasons I can not explain, I woke up yesterday just before 4 AM and could not go back to sleep. this happens every once and awhile but thankfully it is not very often. So, I found myself taking a nap in the morning and then just after lunch. This feel now is one of being sleepy for lack of sleep and not that tired - fatigue feeling for which I'm taking medication.

It was a beautiful day here yesterday but I thought I should nap after lunch instead of going to the beach. Nonetheless I just couldn't resist going around 2 o'clock to sit on the beach and listen to the last hour of Rush on the radio. The beach had more people on it yesterday than I think I've seen on any previous visit. I took my camera and got this shot of one of the beauties getting her leather-like skin even worse that it already is. She's one hot babe don't you think? Now you see why I enjoy going to the beach so much, huh?

This morning I'm going to meet with Ray concerning the website I built for him. My intent is to go through each page to see if it renders properly, has the data he wants on it, and the text is correct. The basic pages are done now unless he wishes to add more pages which of course we can do. I need to go through each page to edit the name, description, and key words with the goal of getting him high on search engines in the future - this will take some time and work. We need to discuss just what words he wants the search engines to point to his site once a potential customer looks for the type of product he offers. I'm anxious to see just what he thinks of my work.

Before my 9 AM meeting with Ray I'm going for coffee as usual and because this is the first Wednesday in the month, I'll be our chairperson this morning. I'm not sure what I'm going to talk about but worry not, I'm rarely at a loss for words. Perhaps a discussion of Einstein's general theory of relative and how it is at odds with quantum mechanics - that should cause some eyes to glaze over don't you think? But when I bring in string theory as a solution to the problem, the room should be asleep by then! Maybe I should keep it a bit more basic, huh?

Today is the first day of John's Summer mini-session at the Indian River State College. If things go as he hopes, this will also be the last two classes he takes at the college as it is his intent to go to FSU in the Fall. I'm excited for him going to FSU - the experience of college campus life is something I'm so pleased I experienced. This Fall he'll actually be able to attend college football games featuring the team of his own college. But more important is the contacts he'll make and the learning experiences he'll have.

My yard is looking good these days now that the Spring growing season is here. The grass is green, the shrubs are growing, and James keeps everything neat and trimmed for me. I still get people telling me how nice they think it looks - you know what...the are right!

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Nice Day Here

Tue 05 May 2009

Believe it or not I've been staying busy with my projects and don't seem to have the time to get my posts out as easily as I have in the past. That is a very good thing for me because I've got interest and energy to work on projects - my meds are clearly helping me although they've changed my appearance a bit (see today's photo). I'll go back to see Dr. Director in a week so we can discuss what has been happening. This probably will not surprise you but I've been keeping a daily log of my progress so as to correctly communicate what has been happening.

There are these two website projects on which I'm working now - one is the attorney from New York again and the other is the new Vemma site. I'll meet with the owner of the Vemma site tomorrow - I think I'm about through writing code but there still is a good bit of editing and checking to do. This new site I've written all the code except for the "tell a friend" page - that uses about 20 different files and is written in .php . It is cool I think and what you see is highly edited from the original files. The website is here if you'd like to see it again.

John is excited about going to FSU in the Fall and has signed his lease along with his friend, David Williams, for a duplex - the other half of the duplex is occupied by his friends as well. What concerns me is that I'm convinced that Alysha will move up and in with him. Why am I concerned? First he needs to concentrate on school and not playing house. Second I'm as sure as I can be that this will create a problem with the guy that pays the other half of the rent, David. He says David won't care but then again David hasn't been faced with a third roommate yet and I'm sure his attitude will change. I won't go into details here but trust me, I'm right on this - I'll share my thoughts with John in private.

Yesterday I went to the beach again and I might go back today. It is another beautiful day here in Vero - I mean a drop dead beautiful day.

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Great Sunday

Mon 04 May 2009

If today and the rest of the week turns out to be as good as yesterday, I'll be a happy camper. My mood was good, I had plenty of energy, and I wanted to do stuff - the three things I'm hoping will continue with the Wellbutrin. For the record, I did not take any Adderall on Saturday but took what has become normal for me yesterday. I'm convinced the meds made the difference although it didn't hurt that it was a bight, sunny, cloudless day with a good breeze. The temperatures are still in the lower 80's here.

Rumor has it that one of my regular worshipers.....er I mean followers seems to have done quite well on the Kentucky Derby on Saturday. How in the hell they chose the winner with a 50 to 1 odds must have been a fluke. It would be prudent not to try betting a lot now because if one damn good win. Fortunately gambling is not one of those things I like very much and I think it is because I have no control on the outcome. It's a good thing too because I'm sure I'd be a homeless mess once I started and my obsessive behavior kicked in! Congratulations to the winner - I think it's a hoot you won. The only thing I've won is getting selected in a jury lottery. Jeez!

For the past several days in particular but over the past couple of weeks in general I've been building a site. Yesterday I put it up on the internet although I'm not finished with it yet - there is a lot of editing and clean-up I need to do as well adding additional content. I've got to title the pages correctly, use the proper descriptions, and make sure I've got good key words and then use them. Wanna [sic] have a look? Try this link to OneSuperJuice.com . Yes boys and girls...I wrote the text by using research and things said on the corporate site but the coding was all mine. If you know how to look you'll notice it is simple.

Yesterday I took in another movie and it was a thriller from start to finish - it was called "Vantage Point." If you have not seen it I'm not going to tell you "you got to see it" as people have told me about movies they've. I will tell you I liked it and it sure as heck was not boring. The theme is very current so that added to the general feel of the movie. At least it is a lot more fun that watching the depressing news created by Obama!

If today is nice around mid-day I think I might go over to the beach to work on my base for the keys. I had two days last week but needed to give it a rest because I did get a bit touchy in spots. I like listen to Rush while sitting on the beach watching the beach goers walk up and down the shoreline. There are some good looking folks there but then again it should be illegal for some to be seen in public especially in a bathing suite. School is still in session so the kids aren't there yet but in a month that will all change and in a month I should be well on my way to a base for the Keys.

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Working on Website

Sun 03 May 2009

The past few days I've been working on the new website from the time I get back from coffee until the end of the day. Once I get started on a project I tend to keep with it until I complete it. I've got several pages up but still have some other pages to build. At this point I'm seeking additional input from the owner of the site. It is also time to decide on a domain name so I can load the files to the site where editing can continue and the owner can check in to see what I'm doing. I'm pleased with the work I've done thus far.

This site was built from scratch although I saw another site that gave me the idea for the 'look'. I even coded the cascading style sheet as I went along - it may not be very neat but it does what I want. Yesterday I spent time editing my code so as to comply with W3C Valid HTML 4.0 Transitional requirements - I got it at 100% passing (I'm proud of myself). I should also confess I had about 80 coding 'errors' when I started. The page rendered fine across Internet Explorer and Firefox but it is nice to be perfect. When I meet with the owner I'm going to have fun in pointing out the corporate site has 36 errors in it! HaHaHaHa.

It was movie day for me as well - I watched two movies from start to finish. Not once did I check a news site - I wonder if there are any Americans left except us here in Vero after the country was engulfed with the pig flu. I know you need to be careful but give me a break - hasn't the media over reacted? My mind leads me to believe this attention is a Obama diversion so as to do things without folks knowing about it. Remember his chief of staff said something to the affect that you should always take advantage of a crises in order to do things you'd never get away with if folks were paying attention. I'm starting to get depressed so I'll drop the subject.

I've been keeping a daily log of my mood and feelings as well as the medication I'm taking. You see sometimes I stop the Adderall to see how I feel with the hope that when the Wellbutrin fully kicks in I won't need the Adderall - I can tell you I've got a ways to go. For me it's best to write down how I feel on each day rather than trying to remember when I meet with Dr. director again a week from Wednesday. Besides...you folks know how obsessive I can be.

John came by for a nice visit and to handle faxing his lease agreements for his place in Tallahassee with his buddy, David. He has what I perceive to be a decent deal and will be with his friends. I've not seen the place but the key thing is he likes it - I'm sure it will be fine. I'm very happy to see him transferring to FSU to get his 4 year degree.

I'm looking forward to Islamorada this Summer as is John. With the hope of having my meds adjusted properly this may be one of the best trips for me in several years. Tommy continues to get ready leaving nothing undone - he's got his boat being trucked down on Friday, July 10th. John and I will be there next week and all the 'boys' the week after that. Heck I might even go to the sandbar this year!

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Busy Today

Sat 02 May 2009

You know what I've discovered that might be of interest you you boys and girls? It is not a good idea to place your mouth wash next to your rubbing alcohol in your bathroom and if you do, at least turn on the lights. I got a rather rude awaking when I started to put rubbing alcohol in my mouth ..Jeez! It is also a good idea to label things if you have several bottles of pills without a label and then read the damn label. I have bottles of this or that all coming from the same pharmacy in bottles the same size. Am I getting to that point when I need to distribute pills in one of those weekly pill boxes? Hell no, at least not yet. Or you could be like my Dad, just don't take pills.

I've noticed the days are getting longer - it is no longer dark when I get out of bed to shave each morning around 7:30. I've also noticed the light lasting longer into the evening which is not an issue with me. I just don't like the idea of going to bed when it is light then waking when it is light - reminds me of the Summer I spent about 3 weeks in Northern Norway when it was light about 16 - 18 hours a day! I loved Norway for lots of reasons but I'm not at all sure I could tolerate Winters then unless I was on the coast where the temperatures are moderated by the ocean. But you know what - all of Norway is on the coast!

An old friend of mine came to have coffee with me yesterday for the first time. I'm hoping he will regularly join me for coffee and discussion. For some, including me for most of my life, I did not have time to stop, relax, and drink coffee with friends as I do today. Some of you know whom I'm talking about but I will not mention his name now or in the future unless he gives me permission to do so. I'm confident you understand.

You know what I discovered yesterday? My computer's firewall was not allowing Microsoft to update my machine. I had to install 13 updates yesterday many of which were security related. Trouble is I can't find the setting in my firewall to permit access and downloads from the Microsoft site unless I first turn off my firewall long enough to download the updates. One of my tasks today is to get into the bowels of TrendMicro's OC-Cillan firewall to see what I can do. If it were Zone Alarm, of course I'd know what to do. I like these sort of little challenges. It is important to keep your Windows machine updated - you Mac users don't have this problem, huh Syp?

I've got a busy dad of coding ahead of me and I want to get right to it. More bloviating by me tomorrow. Oh, it is a drop dead beautiful day here where "The Tropics Begin".

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Building a New Site

Fri 01 May 2009

Yesterday I met with the guy for whom I'm building a website. Of course I did my homework by checking out other related sites, the corporate site, and ran several Google searches. I could not find one site in the top 5 search pages when I 'Googled' the key words one would assume people looking for his type product would use. His site is going to have the proper META tags - many don't even have META tags - and will be built in a fashion that makes search engines happy. Over the past several months I've been working on TanzaniteAmerica.com with rather good results. I indeed know some of the tools needed to create a site with a high ranking on Google, Yahoo, or MSN - about 96% of all searches are done on those 3 search engine.

I did not follow the 'look' he said he wanted (although I did work on it) but rather put a site together that I believe will create the best e-commerce site for his product. There are more pages to produce but we've got a good start - I think he really liked my work. There is someone else he has working on a site for his wife's business but the things she suggested to him are totally wrong IMO. We are talking about someone who builds sites for a living so I was surprised about the things she suggested. When I left the appointment my sense was that I'll be the one to build his site and I left him with questions to ask about why she suggested what she did. Stay tuned.

The product to which I'm referring is Vemma and Verve - healthy juice like drinks with an energy kick. I gave one small bottle to John my own personal lab rat to test it for me. He said he liked it, got a good boost from it, and things it is a good product. I bought some for John and I to test together - yes I bought it, I didn't want to ask for gifts. I am very curious on how it will work so I'll drink some this weekend while I'm not taking Adderall. The guy surely is convinced that it's great stuff so I want to find out for myself.

I don't feel a year older today which is probably a good thing at my advanced age. What I'm looking forward to is the social security I will be eligible to receive starting a year from now - that is to say if Obama doesn't screw things up for me. I think I'm over the hump sort of speak but younger works will get screwed.

My meds seemed to work better for me yesterday than they did on my birthday.By this weekend I should have a better understanding of how things are working for me. I also plan to take an Adderall holiday on Saturday or Sunday or both. It's only after stopping the medication will I fully understand what it does for me when I do take it. I also thing I'm sleep deprived because of the Wellbutrin, not the Adderall. When I slowly catch up I'll do better I think - I'm working on that now. When I do wake up during the night - usually at least twice - I toss and turn trying to get back to sleep. But I have a secret weapon - I get in a hot tub of water for about 10 minutes and I've always dropped back to sleep in just a couple minutes once I get back to bed.

I learned the sleep enhancing activity when I had restless legs. But you don't need to have restless legs and it still works, at least for me. It feels good too - very relaxing. So if you have trouble falling asleep, try soaking in a tub of hot water for about 10 minutes then try to go to sleep. Of course a fifth of Crown Royal would work as well but it takes longer and is a lot more expensive. I'll stick with the tub treatment and this Summer you might find me in the whirlpool just before going to bed.

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