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Obama Depresses Me

Thu 30 April 2009

I guess I need to express myself about Obama's 100 days in office yesterday. The damn thing is the media covered him and not me on my birthday - what the heck is up with that? Don't the media understand? Jeez!

Someone asked me yesterday why I hate Obama - the premise of their question was wrong. I do not "hate" Obama as so many left wing kooks hated Bush, I just hate his dangerous policies. I'm sure his friends and family like him for the nice man he appears to be. It is is fanatical push to impose his far left ideals on us citizens. Nationalizing the banks and automobile companies is not consistent with the values that built America in the first place. Opening our secrets to our enemies and then apologizing for it is just damn dumb. Going around to other countries to apologize for the evil United States is damn right un-American. He keeps on talking about "our values" - just what values does he mean in the first place? It is his values that are in question here, not the citizens of America!

Yesterday the Main Stream Media had an all day orgasm over Obama - it made me sick. I'd like to ask this very simple question - just what do you think Obama has done to our country in the past 100 days you think is so great? I'd also like you to explain to me why you think it's so great. Is it tripling the deficit? Is it giving away America's security secrets? Is it nationalizing some private industries? Is it apologizing for evil America? Is it sending Air Force One to buzz New York City for a f*cking photo costing tax payers over $300,000? Is it telling the unions they will no longer be audited? Is it his great ability to say what is on a teleprompter? Is it his "blame Bush" attitude on any and everything he thinks is bad? Is it his willingness to create the largest expansion in entitlement programs without debate? Is it the huge burden he's placing on your children and your children's children? Is it the cute dog he got for his kids? Is it his willingness to put people who don't have a clue or have a law-breaking past in his administration? Tell me, just what is it that makes you think Obama is great?! There may be an answer to this with which I agree - just give me the answer as you see it.

While editing some files on my server where BillsView.com is hosted, I found a lot of "comments" that were nothing more than links to pharmacies and the like. These are not dangerous in my opinion but they do take up space and once they get to a certain level they hinder my ability to edit my posts. So yesterday I deleted all the comments on my server - folks rarely look at old posts much less the comments on old posts. I could block the IP's from which they come but the IP's continue to change. So you can still make comments but don't get your feelings hurt if I delete them after a few weeks.

It was a beautiful day in Vero yesterday so for the second day in a row I went to the beach. There was a nice breeze blowing with a cloudless sky. For the next several days I'll not go back until I've given myself a break. Remember there are only about 75 days before it will be time to go down to paradise - I've got to be ready. John has been ready for months given his job as a lifeguard.

How do you like my hot new bathing suit I bought myself for my birthday? I also received a key lime pie hand delivered by TB and a WONDERFUL cake baked by my cousin, Alice - Yummy.

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Hatch Day

Wed 29 April 2009

Today is the date I was hatch a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. As you can see by my picture, I've not changed much in the past 55 years or so - I'm not sure how old I was but I sure was cute, huh? Shut up! I can hear you asking now...you're saying "what the hell happened?" Well boys and girls life happened that's what. If you went through as many years of destructive behavior as I did, you'd be happy to look as hot as I still do! So there - put that in your pipe and smoke it.

Do you know what else happens or happened today? Adolph Hitler shot himself in the head on this date and today marks Obama's 100th day in office - I'm not trying to draw a comparison between the two men but both have done a great deal of damage to citizens of their country. Both men forced their personal beliefs on the population as a whole changing the lives of the common folk forever. On a much happier note, The Netherlands have a national holiday in my honor - it's also Queen's day there as well.

Today is special because I first blessed the people of planet earth 61 years ago today. But it is also special to me because I'm now just one year away from being able to apply for early old fart's retirement benefits and suck the lifeblood out of the poor soles contributing to my cause. Thank you very much to each and every one of you who's currently forced to contribute to the bankrupt program called Social Security. You may think that you too will benefit from the program but by the time you are old enough, you won't be old enough because the retirement age will have gone up. Besides, all of us baby-boomers will have used every penny you put into the system even the increased contribution requirements just over the horizon.

After almost two weeks I've come to the realization that 10mg of Adderall XR is probably not enough to significantly help with my fatigue/tired feeling although I will say the Wellbutrin has boosted my mood. The 10mg of XR is about the same as taking two 5mg tablets of IR (immediate release) twice a day only without the roller coaster affect. So I sent a FAX to my doctor to ask if I could try 2 - 10mg of the XR Adderall for a few days to see if that is better which I hope it will be. This morning was the first day of my new trial so it is too early in the day to tell what affect it will have.

Why didn't I just try it without asking? Because I want my doctor to be involved with my taking this stuff - he said "we" will decide what to do to help me. Of course I could do this without asking but I want to be able to illustrate to my doctor I can follow instructions especially as it relates to a schedule II controlled substance. Besides if it works better as I fully expect it will, I want to be able to report that on my next appointment without surprising my doctor.

Yesterday I went to the beach for the very first time this season. The wind was blowing so it was not as hot sitting there as it could have been. As is my practice, I spent just a hour there but will return for another hour soon - after all, I've got to get ready for Islamorada.

Before I go I'd like to suggest you check out my rant on Obama's first 100 days - click on the Political View link.

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John's Job at JI

Tue 28 April 2009

John came by for a visit after his last day at John's Island. He knew his job was "seasonal" so this was not unexpected except to say he thought the middle of may not the end of April would be his last day. The work at JI has been good for him, he's been paid well, and they've treated him well. As a going away gift they gave him the keys to a new 320i BMW - not! He left under good terms so the door is open for returning at some point in the future if the opportunity arrives. Heck, after college maybe he can become the chief finical officer (aka CFO) for John's Island,inc.

This week is finials week for John - it seems he has a test everyday. This will leave him with just two courses before admission to FSU which he'd like to take in the Summer session. There is a problem - these two course are sequential meaning the first one must be done before he can take the second one. If he can, he'd like to convince FSU to let him start the Fall session and take that course along with others then. Frankly I don't see any real reason why they should not accommodate him, do you? I really want him to go "off to college" to experience college life on a campus away from home.

For the last couple days I've been working on a website for the Verve guy - I started from scratch using notebook and writing all the code. I've developed an prototype of the "look" he wanted without respect to developing the CSS file for the page - it looks very basic. Trouble is I don't like it - it is not my "style" but I'm not the one for whom I'm doing it. So before we meet again, my plan is to write the code for the 'look' I like just to give him an alternative. There are many distributors around the country that have their own site but I doubt if he's looked at many. By the way, they are all very similar with little imagination but then again maybe that is what he wants to appear to be part of the Verve family? Maybe I'll see him again this week.

The news continues to be very depressing to me because of the permanent and ineradicable damage Obama is doing to our country. This goes beyond a difference is philosophy but rather permanent wreckage in our safety. What do you mean you ask? The Obama administration is trying to bring criminal charges against members of national security agencies like the FBI, CIA, and NSA. If you are a member of one of these agencies operating under the rules of an administration just how much risk would you take if you think the next administration will charge you criminally for doing your job just because they do not like what the previous administration has done!!! Obama is the first president ever in the history of our country to take political differences and criminalize them. Once it's done the first time, there is no going back......ever!

My only solution is to watch less of the news and then only the FOX News channel - the other networks are so in love with Obama they can't see the Forrest for the trees. They don't report the news as such but rather recall events thought their liberal filters. Oh wise one...how do you know this you ask? Well I've watch the CBS Evening opinion and NBC's World Opinion Tonight then later read accounts of the same stories resulting in a different understanding of events all together. It's really a shame that the next generation will not have things as good as did my generation. But when you are a "follower" and not a "supporter" you might just discover how bad things are after it is too late.

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Random Thoughts

Mon 27 April 2009

Yesterday I had Jason come over to clean my gutters around my carport - frankly I was surprised at how much debris he collected out of the gutters. With the seasons now I'm not likely to get much additional collection of debris at least not until the Fall. Here I have plain old gutters while in Atlanta I had gutter guards and damn pleased I did.

Talking about gutters causes me to wonder just how the new owners of 900 are doing. My wish for them is that they enjoy the house as much as I did for 34 years.That house was fun for me and I'm glad I lived there. Frankly I was ready for a change so here I am in the Dolphin House with new everything. I've not had contact with the guys except for once when they did not know how to turn off the old alarm system when it went off one Sunday morning. I'm curious on how it went off in the first place? At this point I'm just happy to move on with my Vero house set up after utilizing all my experiences from 900. Many of you were just teenagers when first arriving at my Atlanta river lodge - remember ?

The gas smell with which I had a problem in my John's Island storeroom is all but gone. There is still a bit of lingering odor but for the most part it is gone. Covering the vents on the gas tanks for my blower and generator has solved the problem, A few more days of just opening the room up with the fan blowing air in should eliminate any lingering odors - I'm glad my mind finely figured out what was going on.

When I talked with son Syp in Holland he told me that Sjak is having a tough pregnancy like she did with Yari - I'm sure she'd like to download son #2 today if she could. Unfortunately for her she's going to have to go through this again until she pops out a girl - thus far Syp has only been able to make boys. I guess she'll wait a couple of years again like she did with Yari but that's a real bitch for Syp when he can only have "relations" with Sjak every 3 years! Oh well, these are the consequences of have such powerful swimmers!

I've discovered something rather interesting to me about my new meds. It seems they work better when I eat more protein but perhaps I'm just imaging that...I just don't know. There are clinical reasons to believe that is the case because eating does indeed release endorphins in your brain and proteins last longer than do carbohydrates in your system. So I'm going to do a test with breakfast as soon as I get t Publix - I'm going to buy bacon and eggs to have in the mornings instead of my usual routine of cereal, fruit, or oatmeal. You see I don't want to take any more meds than I am now so I'm going to use other techniques to produce a release of endorphins.

My personal theory - and you know I'm always right - is to do things to help me without more medications. That would include a protein rich diet, walking around for the first time in years, watch things that make me laugh or enjoy via files on my computer, and doing things I enjoy now that I'm getting back my energy and will to do so. What do you mean o' great one you ask? Well, going fishing was a positive thing, going on the air boat rid was positive, working to build websites is fun for me, etc. I think I can help myself by what I do - thinking I can help myself is very helpful as well. Are you getting this?

And finally this funny : The U.S. Navy has stated that the Navy Seals could have acted faster and rescued the Captain of the Maersk Alabama sooner, but had to wait until the White House could confirm that none of the pirates were related to Obama!

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Tried to go Fishing

Sun 26 April 2009

Yesterday I went with Tommy, Matt, Flynn, and Charlie deep sea fishing out of the Ft.Pierce inlet. Unfortunately the seas were so rough with the wind blowing at 10 - 12 mph and forecasted to get over 20mph by late morning we decided perhaps another day would be better and safer - I agree with Tommy on this. TB has been going fishing for over 40 years having made hundreds or even thousands of trip and when he things we should come back I'm not going to second guess him. I've made hundreds of trips with some of them being risky or bad experiences. Of course the boys were disappointed having come from Atlanta but that's just how things were.

We did clear the inlet and headed out in seas that had to be 5' at times - improvement was not in the forecast. At 6:15am we left the dock and returned about 9:30 so we did have a nice ride in the river and a good time just yucking it up. The only thing that was caught yesterday was a buzz by late morning - no fish but plenty of beer. I'm just happy my meds put me in a frame of mine to want to go in the first place! Oh, I did manage to give myself a small but deep laceration on the base of my left thumb - it was bleeding pretty good.

After our return I came home, watched a little TV, and then took a morning nap around 10:30 having been up sine 4AM. How can you do that you ask with the meds? The dosages of Adderall are so low that it does not interfere with napping - what interferes more is the Wellbutrin. But when I'm tired I can sleep although I'm still getting used to the Wellbutrin. The thing I see is so important is the new meds keep me wanting to do things - like go fishing this morning. The feeling of "fatigue" has been significantly reduced but not entirely - I'll have to give Wellbutrin longer to work properly. Here I want to point out there is a world of difference from having fatigue verses being tired. Thee latter is what everyone gets after being up for a long time or working a lot. The former was with me almost all the time with out regard to sleep or doing things. I can fix tired with sleep - on the other hand sleep does not help the fatigue and sense of just being lethargic at all.

Captain Matt and the crew went to Sebastian for an afternoon of sun, fun, beers, and food but before he left he went out to his Mother's house to download and run the remote TeamViewer utility. Now he can help his mother and grandparents from Atlanta or I can help them from my desktop as well. This remote control utility is really cool - if you want to help someone miles away, you too can do it with TeamViewer - it's a free application for personal use. One caution...you should trust the person to whom you grant access to your computer because they may mess things up or play a trick on you. You boys and girls know how devilish I can be for fun but I've not done anything bad. You see I could send a file to your computer containing a Trojan which would grant me access to your machine without your permission! Bad boy.

Everyone on the boat today was fired up about going to paradise this Summer. It seems Captain Matt has a friend (imagine that) who has GPS numbers for a honey hole he is willing to give to Matt because he's not going this Summer. How great would it be to get the maximum number of bugs before noon based on all the lobster licenses? Yes I already have my fishing license with a bug stamp, do you?

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Banking Issues

Sat 25 April 2009

I like my bank, Bank of America, and have no intentions of ever changing as long as they don't go belly-up because of Obama' medalling. I did have an issue yesterday that got resolved yesterday to my satisfaction. You see when I opened a safety deposit box in which to store my tanzanite, the BOA customer service rep suggested I needed a Florida checking account now that I live here. At that point I should have asked why but I did not so I got a Florida account which I was also told did not have monthly service fees and it didn't but only for the first year. I thought it would never have fees - wrong! I noticed my account getting lower because of the $20 monthly charge on an account I've never used.

So I went to the bank to close the account and ask for a credit for the service fees which I did indeed get. I turned in my never used in fact never opened box of checks but he could not refund the $49 to me - an outside vendor prints their checks. I was unhappy with myself for not asking why I needed a Florida account in the first place. But I was also unhappy with the rep that told me I needed one when I did not. I'm alright with the solution - next time, if there is a next time, I'll ask more questions.

Did I tell you that Georgia Tech Jeff's company was bought by the two senior partners and then they dismissed (aka. fired) their 4 junior partners including Jeff. That was about 2 weeks ago - the whole deal smells. Yesterday Jeff got an offer he is taking from a company that was considering buying all of Jeff's former company. He is like Syp in that he landed on his feet in just two weeks while we are in the midst of an economic Obama-lead meltdown. The good news is that one of our better lobster hunters will be down in the Keys this Summer for mini-season. Of course he'll bring Amy and Sammy the dog with him.

Of course I've not received my lease from Donna yet but neither has Tommy or Tom. We are not concerned because Donna always comes through for us. Besides, in this economy owners are happy to rent their apartments. These apartments were selling for $500,000 to $600,000 for a two bedroom about 3 years ago - now I've been told you can get a two bedroom under $200,000! The values have dropped but the owner's monthly fees have gone up along with the taxes. If you wanted a place there now would be a good time to buy. For me, I'm happy with leasing when I want to go down.

Here's a letter I should send to Obama - trouble is he doesn't give a damn:

Mr. President ,

Thank you for helping my neighbors with their mortgage payments. You know, the ones down the street who in the good times refinanced their house several times and bought SUV's, ATV's, RV's, a pool, a big screen TV, two Wave Runners and a Harley. But I was wondering, since I am paying my mortgage and theirs, could you arrange for me to borrow the Harley now and then?

Bill of Vero

P.S. They also need help with their credit cards . When do you want me to start making those payments?

P.P.S.. I almost forgot - they didn't file their income tax return this year. Should I go ahead and file for them or will you be appointing them to cabinet posts?

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Amazing Danny MacAskill

Fri 24 April 2009

I want to start today's Blog with a link to something which appeared in my e-mail before 7 am yesterday morning. It inspired me and really set my mood for the day - very upbeat (the meds helped too I'm sure). Here's a young dude from Scotland that has done things with a bike I've never seen before. Oh sure, I've seen those BX competitions and videos of "street riders" but this guy, Danny MacAskill (age 23), is in a class all of his own - he is beyond fantastic, he is the gold standard in stunt cycling. Maybe you boys and girls have viewed things like this before but I have not. His video, Inspired Bicycles, clocked over a million hits in a 24 hour period - he should be one of the new YouTube stars. Have a look at Danny MacAskill's video it was certainly worth my time and you know how valuable and important my time is! BTW, the music called, "The Funeral" by 'Band of Horses' is my kind of music too. Here's an article about him too.

Yesterday I had more visitors than usual. Gloria Gibbons, Darby's younger sister, came over after my coffee meeting to request my help on her computer. She has a new ISP and needs her e-mail account to be set up which of course I know how to do. But my fat head got in the way because once I set up the account in Outlook, I did not go any farther which was my mistake (second time since 1972) because her new ISP, AT&T, does things differently. They do not use the same ports for sending and receiving as 99.9% of all other e-mail servers so I didn't bother to check that out. I did find their correct URL's for their POP3 servers which were a bit strange too - different than most mail servers. Unfortunately I did not discover this to after Gloria let when I did what I should have done in the first place, a search on the proper set-up for AT&T. Well now I know.

Then Starr came by when here brother dropped her off while he went to Ft. Pierce - Starr and Gloria who've known each other since forever had a good visit while I was running Gloria's anti-virus program for the first time sine she bought the machine in November. She got it installed properly, she just overlooked putting in her license key. My guess is this is a common error folks make when they buy the 'boxed' version of software instead of buying it online. We got rid of some infections, cleaned her temp files, but I initially failed on the Outlook set up.

I was to take Starr home but son John came to fetch her after class. They were headed to clean the carpets at her home then return the carpet cleaner. I want to visit a bit more with John once he has time about FSU and general things. It's scary to think but his little brother Alex will graduate from Vero Beach High School in about a month. Jeez! I think Alec is going to the regional state college but he first has to actually take some measures to get admitted - Alec is real laid back. Perhaps older brother John should light a fire under his butt - do you hear that John?

Then Wendy calls on Skype with some computer issues so I logged onto her computer from my computer to remotely control it why she watched and we talked on Skype - how cool is that? The main thing was to update and clean up her machines - there was not a big specific problem. If you have a Windows machine and have a problem, perhaps I can help from my elegant executive office here in Vero at the Dolphin House.

Warning to the good folks of Vero and surrounding area - Captain Matt will be here this evening along with his personal chef, Charlie. They are popping in just to fish tomorrow and perhaps part of Sunday but I doubt it. I've arranged perfect weather for their fishing on Saturday.

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Active Wednesday

Thu 23 April 2009

Tom Brennan called to seek my help in replacing their Comcast HD box - because of his recent surgery it is difficult for him to contort his body in the fashion needed in order to complete this project. He'd have to bend down, stick half of his body in a cabinet, left some other equipment, and then repeat once he got the new box. For me that was not a problem and I'm very happy to have helped. What was amazing about the whole process was my interaction with the people at Comcast - it could not have gone any smoother than it did. Amazing...do you folks remember the nightmare I had with Comcast last summer in the Keys?

After several days of research I did in fact order the real Wellbutrin XL from Canada. It is this Canadian company, Biovail, that created it in the first place and then licensed the name from GlaxoSmithKline. If everything goes as expected, I should get a package before I go back to see my doctor in two weeks. I think I want to continue on this Wellbutrin for a few months to see what happens.

My "Archives" are getting close to a year old so I'm thinking about archiving my "Archives" leaving only those months of this year. Why does it make a difference you ask? There are certain things I do when I logon to my BillsView control panel for posting and editing that takes longer the more archives I have available. The issue is I can edit any of my archives which means they all have to load when I logon. The truth is I don't think you folks look at anything back more than a week old and I don't edit anything back more than a week - so why have them there? Of course I'll keep them in a zip file on a portable flash drive for back-up to the online storage I use. In fact everything on my site is backed-up, packed in a zipped file, and put on two different external hard drives.

Yesterday a guy who I knew in High School dropped by just to visit. That was nice although I must admit we've all changed over the past 43 years. I'm still hot of course but some are not as fortunate. We were talking about a classmate, the name I shall not post, that has spent the last 40 years in the sun and now looks like a very over done piece of bacon. Of course my generation never heard of skin cancer - we used to put baby oil with iodine on our bodies to magnify the sun. If I only knew then what I know now things would have been different - I would have put on cream to block a lot of the sun's aging affects.

My good friend Charlie referred me to someone who wants a website - I met with Ray yesterday afternoon. First thing I have to say is he sure is enthusiastic about the product for which he wishes to have his own site. The company manufacturing the product has a very well design site to which he and other vendors have access. I came away with the understanding he wants a 'portal' into the company's site where he has his own editable pages created by the company. I must say they've done an excellent job. I think I can help him but first I want to learn more and see what's already out there.

I know. I know. You want to know what product I'm talking about, don't you?. Well here's a link to the home page of Vemma an nutrition/energy drink. I'll let you visit the site to learn more and as soon as I taste the sample Ray gave me I'll report back. Stay tuned!

Captain Matt Alert...I understand Captain Matt and first mate & chef Charlie are coming in town Friday to terrorize the good folks of Vero and try to catch some poor unsuspecting sweet fishes on Saturday. Details to follow.

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Mercedes Dealership

Wed 22 April 2009

First thing yesterday I drove to Ft.Pierce to have my car serviced - the Mercedes dealership is very nice but then I guess you should expect that. They had a customer service lounge with comfortable chairs, a TV (unfortunately tuned CNN), coffee, goodies to eat, magazines, and a WiFi connection. Yes I had the presence of mind to bring my lab top and I'm very glad I did. You see when I logged onto their WiFi the first page that comes up is the Mercedes dealership page. So I looked around the page and found a 20% off coupon for the service I was having done. Shazam - I took my laptop up to the service guy, showed him the coupon, and he knocked 20% the service cost.Cool!

As the guy checked my car he found a minor oil leak on top of my engine around some cover. It was not bad but I know leaks never get better - they only get worse so I had the seals replaced. I also found my charcoal air conditioning filters were dirty so those filters got replaced as well.What I like about this place is they took me out into their spotlessly clean shop to show me everything before it was done - I could clearly see what was going on.

I like this place very much and I will come back. But as is almost always the case when you have your car service, they find other issues as I mentioned above. This time the BIG issue was the $335 to change out the seals - the seals were $68, the rest was 2 hours of labor charge. I also had my break fluid and filters replace for another $125. The guy said I could wait but my Mercedes experience is to fix things before they go totally bad. The grand total was over $750 but with the way I drive that should keep me good to go until next year. While I was driving back to Vero my car seemed to be better...whatever the hell that means! Maybe I just want it to be better after $750, huh?

I've been having a stuffy nose for quite some time now - some days are worse than others. I think it is that 4-legged hair factory I live with named Sally Cat that is the source of the problem. I mentioned it to my doctor during my annual exam - he said 95% of all people are allergic to cat dander at some level.I've been using nose spray that works but he told me to stop - it's addictive of course! When TB was over - here's a guy that was born with a stuffy nose - he told me that with the allergy shots and prescription nose spray the thing that works best for him is to wash his nasal cavity out by using a water pick set on low and a saline solution ie. salt and water. So I tried that and the day I did my nose was more stopped up then ever...but the next few days were the best days ever. Today I'm going to try it again - report to follow.

Yesterday was hot here in Vero while I was doing all my running around. But it is late April and this is Florida - what should I expect?!

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Service Today

Tue 21 April 2009

In a few minutes I'm headed to the Mercedes-Benz dealership in Ft. Pierce to have my car serviced. It is not a 'major' service but one I should do if I intend on keeping my car in good shape. They will rotate the tires, change the oil and filters, lube everything, and most importantly perhaps is hook my car up to the Mercedes testing machine to check it's health - kind of like a physical. Hopefully this will be done in less than two hours.

I'll miss having coffee this morning but I wanted to be the first person in line when they open at 8 AM. I do have an appointment for that time as well. Yesterday's coffee meeting was one of those exceptional ones - most are rather "normal" but not yesterday. I sure am glad I was present to participate. You know I may only need to GOP for coffee once a week but I'm not sure which day would be best for me so I go every weekday and sometimes on the weekends. I'm not going to tell you what went on but it was good.

My friend Charlie - as in CleanHouseVero.com Charlie - has a friend who's created a package containing 15 anti-bacterial soap tablets. When you want a tablet you simply push one out through the aluminum wrapping like you would medicine or chewing gum. The question is how do you market this product that by the way has a patient? I think the very best test marketing you could do is point-of-sale in a checkout line at a 7-11, Home Depot, K-mart, car wash, etc. Put a box of twenty out with a very nice eye-catching graphics on the box. I've also thought about people who may want to wash their hands but are without soap...construction workers or farmers for example. People with ready access to water but no access to soap - that's why these soap-less, water-less lotions have been marketed. You have any thoughts?

Yesterday I was trying to decide if the Canadian company Biovail made their Wellbutrin XL up to the GlaxoSmithKline standards - well I got my answer. I spent hours doing research on the internet and kept on finding things that suggested Biovail might actually have created Wellbutrin XL in the first place. I found this, "Specialty pharmaceutical firm Biovail concentrates on making improved versions of existing drugs using its oral drug delivery technologies, such as extended release and oral disintegration formulations." and this, " Biovail developed the formulation for Wellbutrin XL(R) and, in October 2001, entered into a distribution-and-supply agreement with GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) for the United States and the rest of the world,excluding Canada". But this was the final confirmation, "Biovail developed Wellbutrin XL(R) and licensed the product's worldwide (excluding Canada) sales and distribution rights to GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) in October 2001. Under the terms of the agreement, Biovail manufactures and supplies all of GSK's trade and sample supply requirements."

What I've discovered is Biovail created the product in the first place and makes it for GlaxoSmithKline. So I walked into my bathroom, looked on my Wellbutrin bottle, and found it said, "manufactured by Biovail of Canada! DUH! I should have looked there in the first place. So what does this mean? It means I can order Wellbutrin XL from Canada at 1/5th the cost of the same product at Publix. I can save $2500/year with pills costing $1.71 each instead of $8.85 each. Jeez! Are any of you taking expensive drugs and paying for it yourself like I am? Consider Canada.

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My New Meds

Mon 20 April 2009

It's Spring so I decided now was the time I should cut back all my tall Thai plants. These add color to my landscaping but over the past year they've gotten way too tall and the lower leaves have turned brown. We tested what would happen if we cut them back and as expected, they grew new colorful heads. I did ask James to leave only about 15" out of the ground so we'll see how that works. While he was here on Friday, James also trimmed the other bushes as well. With the 'growing season' upon us and my plants firmly established I think trimming will have to become more regular.

I continue to get compliments from random folks as they go by - I did a great job on the design. I can hear you questioning me! Yes boys and girls, I did the design but Walter installed the plants. Walter also suggested some plants from which to choose of course because I'd forgotten the growth pattern of some. Nonetheless it was my great design talent that has the yard looking so good - Walter did install everything very well. The "jungle" area around my John's Island storeroom is really filling in and in deed is jungle-like. I'm most pleased at this point.

If you like pictures of animals set to music, I've uploaded a power point file to my sever for you to download and view. It is simply named animals.pps and you can get it here . You will need a power point player or program to view the slide show while listening to the music - it will not auto play unless you have power point. The presentation is pleasant but I'm not one to send things like this around by e-mail which is how I got it in the first place. It's 3.6mb in size.

Last night I discovered 4 lights burned out in my landscape lighting circuit. There was one up front by the door and then all 3 on a single circuit which runs to the West of my driveway and behind my storeroom. When all lights on one circuit go out at the same time, I smell a rat. Maybe there was an overload on the system or maybe some critter ate through the wires. When I get back from coffee this morning I'll replace them all and see what happens.

I've been doing some extensive research about my new drugs which has lead me to the conclusion that the name brands and not generics is what I should take for the best results. I can order from Drugstore.com and save about 20% over the local costs but you've got to jump through a lot more hoops especially with the Adderall. The one thing I'm not sure of is the comparison of the brand name Wellbutrin as manufactured bb GlaxoSmithKline verses Biovail of Canada which has a licensing agreement with GSK. It would seem to me that the original manufacturer, GSK, would insist the drug be made the same way if it carries the name brand, wouldn't you agree? Well the Canadian Wellbutrin is a lot less expensive than the GlaxoSmithKline version - it is not considered a 'generic' but the real thing. I'll talk to my Doc to see what his understanding is because I could save $2000 a year in prescription costs.

The next issue is Adderall which once again I want the extended release real thing at least that's what I'm thinking now. Funny but the website Drugstore.com sells 20 - 10mg capsules for the same price as 20 - 30mg capsules. Now comes the issue of splitting the little beads inside the capsules into 3 equal parts which I clearly can do. The drawback is the coating on the little beads are different to cause the drug to be absorbed differently so as to have an extended release affect. My research suggests that I can split them up with the likelihood of getting an even distribution - I'll see what Doc has to say about that.

I'm a mess aren't I?

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Happy Birthday Syp

Sun 19 April 2009

My first day with my new meds regiment was good - I had one of my headache days but it was not any different than the headache days I've had in the past. Of course I'm not sure yet but I don't think the new 300mg Wellbutrin had anything to do with it. And you know what - I did not take an Adderall because I didn't feel the need to do so. Dr. director told me to take Adderall "only as needed" and yesterday was not one of those days. Now did the increase in Wellbutrin help, was it the knowledge I have the pills, or was it just one of my better days? I think it is way too soon to say it was the Wellbutrin so I'm thinking it was just a good day for me like last Thursday.

I will have to say one thing for sure - just knowing I have help coming from Dr. Director is a positive thing in my life. It voids those feelings of not having a solution which in turn can in itself cause one to feel down, depressed, or fatigued. Don't get me wrong, my issues are real but we're also talking about the complicated human brain and not a physical ailment like diabetes. Visual images, events, or thoughts can change your mood where as external influences can't change most physical ailments. Time will tell.

There were a heck of a lot of people participating in the annual Hibiscus Festival yesterday. Music, food, exhibits, craft vendors, you name it and you could find it there. This was not a fair so there weren't rides but nonetheless it had a very festive feeling to it. Maybe that in itself helped me have a better day, you think? It did cloud up but that meant it was not has hot as it could have been. Cars will parked on every street in my neighborhood. I sure like the fact I live so close to these sort of things.

Yesterday was Syp's birthday - he's now 37 with a job, a spouse , a kid, another kid on the way, a mortgage, a car, etc. He finds himself living a somewhat "normal" life although years ago I was not sure what he was going to do - he could have moved to Jamaica and become a black man. Syp does have a great blessing other than his family - he has always looked younger than he actually is. When he was young, he saw that as a problem but now it is an asset. I'm blessed too...I don't look a day over 76!

It is amazing to me that Syp first found me by a pool in Kenya while on Safari when he was just a teenager of about 14 or 15. It seems almost like only a few weeks ago and not over 20 years ago! And you know what? Before he has time to think Yari is going to be wanting the keys to the car so he can go out and about with his friends. People have often told me time seems to go by quickly and I never used to believe it but I do now.

My cousin Alice along with Boyd came by yesterday on there way to the festival. I have one of the best parking places in town for festivals - my carport. Alice is the person who bakes cakes for me so I'm more than pleased to have them park here. BTW, they of course could park here without the baked goodies anyway but I sure do like the things she makes. I think they are so good that it would make sense to contract a bakery to produce her specialties in mass then sell them at places like local festivals, the Friday downtown market, and the internet.

Here's a picture of Sjak's two boys - I like this one.

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Great Results

Sat 18 April 2009

Yesterday I went for my annual physical and frankly it could not have been much better. In fact, my doctor started our meeting by saying he could sum up my lab results with one word - that word was "perfect". All the readings where with in the norms and the ratios of of cholesterol were great as he put it although I know my ratios have been even better in the past. My blood pressure was 108/64 and for an old fart you can't get much better than that. This time he took an EKG which once again did not indicate any abnormalities. The only problem I seem to have other than being whacked is my issue with fatigue and lack of interest in doing thigs.

He did double my prescription for Wellbutrin from 150mg/day to 300 mg/day which is the "normal" amount prescribed according to the data I've researched on the internet. Knowing that Wellbutrin is a dopamine re-uptake inhibitor I suggested that adding something that would actual stimulate the release of dopamine with the increase in Wellbutrin might be just what I need. He then said the magic words - I should probably see a Psychiatrist which is exactly what I was going to do in a few hours.

When I arrived at Dr. director's office yesterday afternoon the receptionist could not find my appointment - just damn! But then there was a cancellation so I got to get in to see the doctor right away without a wait. I like this guy and I think he's going to be helpful to my issues. We talked a good bit so that he could find out more about me of course. He said there are several ways to treat depression depending on the cause but with me, the cause seems to be a chemical imbalance and not resulting from external forces. I agree.

The appointment went great resulting in me felling better already. He wanted to increase my Wellbutrin to 300 mg of the XL version but wanted me to take the 'name brand' instead of the generic version I've been taking at the 150mg level. He said it does make a difference in some patients so I'm willing to try anything. He also said to stop taking the Cymbalta thinking that the Wellbutrin is all I need. You know, I think I agree with his assessment and look forward to trying the new protocol. He also thought that a low dosage of Adderall will help until we see how the Wellbutrin works out for me. I'm very optimistic about this path he wants me to follow - I return to see him again in 3 weeks. I finally think I'm going to get relief from these meds - time will tell. The only bad thing is the $475 monthly cost for the two meds. Jeez!

Did you notice the roller coaster picture I posted on Wednesday is back? I sent an e-mail to the PhotoBucket site asking why they took it down in the first place. I didn't get a response but the picture was unblocked when I checked yesterday. I can't imagine what they were thinking to block it in the first place - I can only assume it was some sort of error. In the past, the only think that has been blocked is something that they thought was copyrighted but I'm not even sure about that. Oh, well.

Today there is a big Hibiscus Festival in downtown Vero with all the usual trimmings. There will be music to include vocal harmony, classical, jazz, folk, rock and blues., with food, drink, and displays, etc - I'll likely wander around for awhile to see what it is all about. It's nice to live so close to all downtown activities and restaurants I just wish there was a Publix right down town then I'd use my car even less than I do already. This is a big event I think so there should be lots of festival attendees - I'll know by the cars parked all around my hood. It will begin around 9am then last throughout the day - I hope the weather stays as beautiful as it is now.

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Doctors Appointments Today

Fri 17 April 2009

The national Tea Parties were an overwhelming success by any measure except of course the Main Stream Media. The New York Times put a riot in Iran on the front page but nothing about the unrest among the citizens in our country who, like me, are fed up with out-of-control spending in Washington and the nationalization of private industries like the banks and auto manufacturers. Even here in Vero there were over 3,500 people (see image)to show up at noon yesterday to support this national movement. ( story here ). I'm upbeat about the uprising of regular citizens who want to take our government back from the out of touch politicians in Washington. Of course time will tell what will become of this movement but for now, things are looking brighter.

For reasons I can not explain the website where I host all my images, PhotoBucket, took down my image of the roller coaster from Wednesday. They say I violated the terms of use but for the life of me I don't know why. It was not a vulgar image nor was it a copyright infringement to the best of my knowledge. So I e-mailed the site to ask what was going on because it is not my wish to violate the TOU agreement.

This is the day I've been waiting for - I go for my annual physical this morning and then meet with Dr. Director for the first time this afternoon. This morning I'll get the results of my lab work from last week along with the 'physical' part of my annual physical - I don't expect anything out of the ordinary but that's why I do these things in the first place. I'll bring my doctor up to date on how I'm doing which I believe will lead to a higher dosage of Wellbutrin. This afternoon will be different - I don't know what to expect. Reports to follow.

Every once and awhile I discover something that just gives me goose-bumps all over my hot body (that would be chicken skin for you Dutchies). I say a performance on YouTube from a British talent show that was extraordinary. When this woman walked out on stage she was judged as been rather plain but once she opened her mouth to sing I felt chills running up and down my spine. Judge for youself

You couldn't have asked for a nicer day then the day we had in Vero yesterday. Not a cloud in the sky, a very gentle breeze, low humidity, and very mild - hot hot at all - temperatures. If it were like this year around I'd be happy as a clam. BTW, do you know where the expression "happy as a clam" came from in the first place? It's because a clam always looks like it's smiling - that is not as Captain Matt would say a Billyism, that's for real.

For reasons I can not begin to explain, yesterday was one of the better days I've had in a long time. Maybe the beautiful day had something to do with it but other than that I've not done anything different. It could also be that after 3 weeks of Wellbutrin, the meds are stating to kick in. Studies having shown that in some patients the effectiveness of Wellbutrin takes several weeks to manifest itself - gosh I hope that is what is happening to me now!!

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Pressure Washing

Thu 16 April 2009

Yesterday I watched a lot of FOX News as they reported on Tea Parties around the country. This is the first time in a long time that I can remember such a grass roots effort spontaneously erupting around the country by "normal" tax-paying citizens. When you see rallies, they are usually sponsored and paid for by groups like ACORN or MoveOn.org. I bet the main stream media will discount the efforts as being just a bunch of right wing extremist but in fact these events are attended by members of both parties. It will be interesting to see what recognition these events have on a national bases.

One of the good things about high speed internet is that I can listen to the Neal Boortz show streaming live from Atlanta. The only bad thing is that I need to be close to my computer to listen. When is someone going to invent a wireless internet device that that play streaming audio anywhere in your home? It would not be hard to make such a device but I'm guessing there would not be much demand for such a piece of hardware. See what happens when my mind just wanders.

Yesterday I had my roof cleaned after having just put it up about 18 months ago. It had mildew-looking dark areas that simply needed to be cleaned. Although my friend Charlie of Clean House fame offered to do it for free I elected to try to help Jason by hiring his boss to do the job. I'm sure Charlie would do a great job but frankly I don't feel that he owes me anything - I think he likes his website and wants to do something for me. I'm pleased to have him as a trusted friend and that's good enough for me. Oops, I forgot to mention the canisters of chocolate covered pretzels and Carmel popcorn he gives me - this stuff is great.

This week has not been good for me from the standpoint of fatigue. I've not felt like leaving the house because the thought of doing so is overwhelming to me. I want to go places and do things but I've not got the energy. In the past two days I've taken at least two naps during the day. I hope that tomorrow I'll get some help from the doctor appointments - I'm very pleased I've got two appointments tomorrow. There is a solution but I've just not discovered it yet.

Tommy came by yesterday to chat and report on the Vero Beach Tea Party - he said he was very surprised at just how many people where there. I would have liked to have gone but I was taking one of my needed naps during the time it was being held. Of course we talked about the trip to the Keys this Summer and he mentioned Tom & Mary Ann are likely to go as well. Good!

Today's picture was taken yesterday while the pressuring washing dude was on the North side of my house.

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Tea Party Day

Wed 15 April 2009

If you are like me, you get a lot of stuff sent to you via e-mail. Most of it is of little interest to me but yesterday I got a picture of a "roller coaster" in Ohio I think - the darn thing looks like it would kill people from a heart attach so I decide to post a picture. It has a vertical drop like none I've ever seen before and the rails twist on the way down - can you imagine? Also can you imagine the insurance premium for the operators of this machine which is the real scream machine? Jeez!

Have you ever checked your credit report? I've been checking mine on an annual bases for over 15 years now just to see what's on my report, who's been looking at my report, and to check for errors. The report is free and you can get all three credit services by going to FreeCreditReport.com - it is really free with no strings attached. At that website you don't have to take some sort of trial offer to get the reports. With identity theft such a big thing these days it would not hurt to look there. I also have a modestly price service that "watches" my credit accounts for me incase of an identity theft effort then stops it. It is call Debix - click here and is only $24/year. You may not be as powerful and influential as I am but nonetheless the bad guys may be after you anyway. If you want the service, use promotion code FFGF72T9AS to get 15 months for the price of one year - wow what a deal, huh?

It's tax filing day for those US citizens that have not filed their return as yet. I managed to get my returned filed about a week ago but there were many years when I needed an extension for 90 days. If you seek a filing extension it will be automatically granted but your tax liability will not be extended - it is due tomorrow. It would be almost impossible not to know about the nation wide "tea party" that will take place around the country today as a protest to out-of-control Government spending and the huge debit it is creating. This is not a Democrat or Republican protest, it is an American protest against all elected officials that have facilitated this spending drunkfest.

In case you boys and girls don't remember, I was very unhappy with the damn elected Republicans spending out of control during the Bush Administration and President Bush went along with it - what a disgrace to conservative values. Then along comes the spending kings in Obama, Reid, and Pelosi followed by the Democrat party elected representatives - thankfully all of the Republicans have voted against the spending but I ask, where were they when they were in charge? I'm hoping these "tea parties" will grow into a big movement in America so leveled minded people can take our government back in the elections next year. It's a long way off but I'm optimistic that there will be a congressional shake-up in the 2010 elections. BTW, there is a tea party here in Vero tomorrow - it will be at high noon at the Administration building just about 6 blocks from my house - I plan to walk over to see what goes on. Here's a link to the IndianRiverTeaParty.com site.

The ultimate result of these Hugh deficits created by the politicians is that the cruelest tax off all is just around the corner - that is inflation where everything goes up requiring everyone to pay more for the products and services they get. Mark my words.

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Pirate Bay

Tue 14 April 2009

I've called Donna Bible again about getting my usual apartment beginning at my usual time. John very much wants to go down to join in the festivities surrounding the annual trip to Islamorada and this year he's really legal! I continue to be optimistic about my meds so I'll have the energy and desire to participate as much as possible which by the way probably will not include hours of consuming adult beverages on the sandbar. I'm also scheduled for pool duty as usual so it's looking good for you participants to have the unbridled joy associated with being in my presence.

My landscaping has become mature in just one year - all the plants have grown filling in the areas where there used to be just sand or weeds. In fact my Thai plants have grown tall so I think I'll ask James to cut them back within about 18" of the ground so they can grow all over again. My other plants are kept trimmed so there's not a need to cut them back. Amazingly I've not had any landscape lights burn out in several weeks now. The newer quality GE bulbs along with fewer hours of on time I think has made the difference. The still go off at the same time around 10:30 but now they don't come on until after 8 instead of 5:30 as they do in the Winter.

How many of you have used a file-sharing application like BitTorrent? If you're familiar with the system it might interest you to know that one of the most popular sites, The Pirate Bay, has been charged with copy right violations. I've been following the Swedish trial because I've visited the site where I first found out about the suit. This is the first major international test of file sharing sites and yesterday's WSJ had an article of interest about the ruling coming on Friday. BTW, I'm not sure you'll be able to go to the link - you may need to be an online subscriber like me.

My little what car is telling me it needs to be serviced - this is the first time it has told me it needs routine service. I had some things fixed on it in Atlanta before I came to Vero but since being here the only thing I've done is oil changes and that new rim I bought a few months back. My experience has been that if I service my MB then it will last and last so my tendency is to do the same again. The problem as I see it is the closet dealership is in Ft. Pierce which is tolerable I guess. They will put a computer on my car to check things , change my oil, rotate my tires, and lube this and that. I probably ought to do this sooner as opposed to later or else I'll obsess about it.

TB dropped by yesterday afternoon with yet another meals-on-wheels delivery from chef Kathryn. It is some kind of casserole but Tommy didn't tell me what kind. No matter, it will be delicious I'm sure as they always are when they come from Kathryn's kitchen. My plans are to bake the dish today and dine on it tonight.

Have you filed your tax return yet? In case you're not paying attention, they need to be filed by Wednesday night. Those of you in Georgia now have the wonderful opportunity to pay Georgia Income tax which can be higher than your federal tax. Don't you just love the way Government spends your money for you - they do a much better job than you can do yourself.

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John in Snow

Mon 13 April 2009

Easter in Vero was very pleasant - it was warm and mostly sunny. The Baptist church across the street from me seemed to have a record crowd based on all the cars I found in my hood. I spent most of the day watching various things on TV including episodes of Breaking Bad shown Sunday night at 10 PM on the AMC network. It comes on way past my bedtime but with Comcast cable I can watch some selected TV series at will using their "on demand" feature - it's actually rather cool.

My cousin Alice declared she is about ready to retire - she can retire anytime she wants to with over 30 years working for the Vero Beach Police Department. She works in "records" which means she knows about everybody in Vero who has a police record particularly if they are "known" in the community. She's been rather tight-lipped about it over the years but when I've had an occasion to legitimately find something out she has been most helpful were could. Alice is also my house watcher when I go out of town to the keys and is the person officially on my call list along with Tommy. But of course Tommy is in the Keys with me which he always is, calling him would not help much.

Thinking about my "to call" list there really isn't much reason to have such a list. I live in a populated neighborhood so if there was a fire or loud noise my neighbors would know. I'm also rarely gone from the house more that a few hours at a time so the person to call would be me except I don't have a cell phone. About the only time I engage my alarm system is when I go to the Keys - it is a monitored system such that a central monitoring center would get an alert in case of a break-in, fire, or even smoke. But you know what I've learned over the years with my system in Atlanta - it's good to have but monitoring is really not needing all that much. As long as I had an armed system that made a lot of noise the need for calling a monitoring center is minimal.

Here at the Dolphin House I can arm my system for break-ins but there are other things I do as well. Like in Atlanta, if someone comes into my carport at night 6 - 150 watt bulbs come on - that normally scares people away. If they get into my house through the back door or front door I have motion detectors that make this horrible loud siren-like noise that will not go off until it's un-armed - these detectors are in addition to my house's system. Even if the power goes off, all the systems have battery back-ups. In any event, I always alarm my system if I'm gone for more than 12 hours.

Jason came over all sad and depressed because his grandmother is in the hospital and is not expected to live. He was raised in part by this grandmother so it is hitting him really hard. She's not dead yet but based on what he's told me I'm giving here only a few weeks if that. I did my best to comfort him but sometimes words don't seem to help.

John stopped by last night after work for his Sunday visit and to tell me about his trip to Murphy, North Carolina for the past week. He, and his GF along with a another couple made the 10 hour trip to play in the mountains. I could clearly tell he had a great time hiking, swimming, and even playing in a bit of snow. It seems the area had a late season snowfall which was really special for the two who had never seen snow. Now he's back with a full plate of work and school ahead of him along with taking the steps to transfer to FSU in the Fall.

Notice what a difference a day can make in North Carolina this time of year! The pictures were taken about 36 hours apart.

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Happy Easter

Sun 12 April 2009

Saterday I was totally engery-less...I didn't even leave my glorious master suite except to visit the water closet until mid afternoon. On Saturday mornings starting at 9 o'clock I get to watch Monk, Psych, and The Closer in that order which I did then followed that with a two hour movie. Unfortunately I learned some very distressing news while watch Monk - it seems that no new Monk episodes will be produced after this Summer's season! How can that be? It is a top rated show which wins awards every year. They are called this Summer's season, "The Final Season" - why is that? Damn! I can identify with the character Monk.

As I said, I really felt fatigued yesterday which was a particularly bad day - some days are worse then others. My glimmer of hope is that at the end of the week I'm meeting with professionals that can help me - whether they will or not is another question. I've continued my research on meds and talked to people using some of the meds I want to discuss. The 17th is what I hope will be a magical day for me - it is also the day I think Tom and Mary Ann will be coming down to Vero.

Ty dropped by to bring me a wonderful seafood stew created by chef Kathryn - remember I said yesterday I didn't want to bit the hand that feeds me and that would be Kathryn. She is a great chef so I'm pleased with anything she sends my way. While here, Ty and I talked about the Keys this Summer - it is very plain to me that all the Barnes-Brennan boys are very much looking for to spending at least the week of mini-season which will include part of the week before. I'm thinking about going down around the middle of the month and staying through mini-season. What happens after Friday's doctor visits will have an influence on my final decision but at at this point I'm optimistic.

My copy of the Georgia Tech Alumni magazine arrived announcing the new President of Georgia Tech, George Peterson who is only the 11th president in the entire history of Georgia Tech. I also read that on the last shuttle mission into space 3 of the crew members (7 people) were Georgia Tech graduates! This is not the first time the crew of the space shuttle has had one or more astronauts that are graduates of the North Avenue Trade School, aka Georgia Tech. But I'm not surprised that there are other outstanding graduates of Georgia Tech other than me. You're may think this is a little "out there" but all the graduates of the school have a bond very rarely found in other schools. Graduates of other colleges only have the school's win - loss record in football, basketball, or baseball to bond them together. Clearly Tech's win - loss record in football over the years is not the glue keeping us together. It also appears your chances of being an astronut are greatly improved if you go to Georgia Tech and graduate of course.

This reminds me of just how bad and how long my depression/fatigue condition has been going on. The year before I left Atlanta I was invited to go onto the football field (Grant Field) during halftime to be introduced as one of the very small group of Alumni that drove the Ramblin Wreck while a student. Of course I deserve the recognition as you all surely know but I did not have the will or energy to go. I would have been the oldest alumni there who had the honor - much deserved I must admit - to drive the school mascot car and the only kid to drive it for two years in a row! Ah...those were the good old days - college was a great experience in my life and has remained so even now.

Hope you folks have a joyful Easter day - I'm feeling rather good today.

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Sat 11 April 2009

Easter weekend is upon us already - this year seems to be going by very quickly. When you get older each year that passes represents a smaller and smaller percentage of all the years you've live - got that boys and girls? When you are Yari's age a year is a 33% of your whole life. When you are an old fart like me, a year is only 1.6% of the time I've lived...Jeez I'm getting old. Getting old for the moment is a lot better than the alternative.

When Spy was here we would sit out on my driveway after dinner so he could have a whiskey and I could have ice cream. We noticed the lamp across the street seemed to go off and on at random turning into somewhat of a novel for us. I'm watching the lamp even today and it still goes off and on at random. You know how I can get addicted to things - I hope watch this lamp does not turn into a necessary nightly routine as has ice cream and chocolate!

The switch to Wellbutrin has been a positive thing thus far - it is much better than a double dose of Cymbalta. When I meet with my doctor next week for my physical, I think I might suggest we try doubling the Wellbutrin and keeping the Cymbalta the same. Plus I want to talk to him about meds to fight my feeling of being tired. It is my hope that we can find the combination of anti-depressants that will do the trick but until that happens I'd like something else. Frankly I'm not at all optimistic he'll prescribe anything for me.

When I check my e-mail I found a group picture taking at Tommy's surprise birthday party. Tommy is the guy in the white shirt sitting in the chair - duh! We were having a great time when someone suggested we get a group picture taking before the food and additional adult beverages arrived - that was a good plan. I'm the hot looking guy in a blue polo right over Tommy's right shoulder just in case you could not find me. I bent down so as not to draw too much attention to myself - that would have been rude at TB's party. TB's loving spouse gave the party and is sitting next to him but she has requested not to be put on my World Famous site - she things some folks might think it to be unprofessional. She sends meals-on-wheels over to me so I'm not about to 'bit the hand that feeds me' - literally.

This will not surprise those of you who know TB well but he has already started to get ready and obsess about the trip to the Keys this Summer. While visiting me this week he announced it probably be a good idea to have all the scuba gear serviced before the trip. Actually servicing the tanks & regulators is not a bad idea but it seems to me he did that last year too. You know TB...always put safety first. Of course he's already hired the dude who will trailer the Cracker to Islamorada on Friday, July 10th which is the day he too plans to go down.

Yes I'm likely to go down too although I've not signed a lease just yet - I have , however, talked to Donna Bible with the anticipation of going. John has confirmed he will go for two weeks but he won't be able to stay longer because of all the things he has on his plate to go to FSU in the Fall. And he has to work as much as he can this Summer between trips and the classes he'll take to complete his Associate degree at Indian River State College. I just want my meds to be working so I'll want to do things.

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New Toy

Fri 10 April 2009

You know me...I'm all the time piddling around with computer devices. You probably also know that I buy stuff online a good bit. Almost always I can use either PayPal or one of my credit cards but on occasion a vendor might not have accounts set-up or for other reasons especially when I order internationally like software from Germany or generic meds from Hong Kong for example. Well I found something that is new and boy do I like new - being on the leading edge of new technology is cool IMHO.

There is a new device that you can plug in a UPS port and then swipe your credit or debit card - this device is especially useful for those who can not get a credit card but of course could get a debit card including the debit cards like visa you can buy at a store. The device is called MiniTeller. I did my do-diligence by researching the company, product, and vendors that accept such payments. Well I 'gots to haves ones of these' [sic] so I ordered one - delivery is about two weeks. It's sort of like having your own personal ATM machine at home. It's so easy to use according to their site and you never have to give up any of your personal information online. Sorry Dutchies, it is not available in the EU yet.

Every once in awhile I see a video that I think is rather remarkable - I get dozens of videos or vide links sent to me many of which I never watch or don't open. If I were to open everything it would take all day and you folks know how important I am - there are my worshipers needing my guidance. Hmm...I might be going a bit over board but then maybe not. The short video was done without Hollywood special effects - I'm not sure I believe that but like magic, it's fun to be amazed. Here is the YouTube link. What do you think?

When I went to allow the vampires in my doctor's office to suck blood out of me yesterday, they told me my appointment was for today. Nonetheless, they did work me in after about a 20 minute wait which is a shorter wait than I've ever experienced with my Atlanta doctors for scheduled appointments. One thing about the doctor's office is I rarely wait very long to get in or to see my doctor. He's sort of a strange guy in that when I asked him what he liked to be called - expecting him to say his first name - he said "Doctor or Dr. Ulrich works around here." I called my Atlanta doctors by there first name as they did me - they were outgoing but Dr. Ulrich is not...he's a nerd, he's quite, and rarely smiles. The good news is he is like an encyclopedia with instant recall on injures, illnesses, and drugs including the most recent studies - the dude is smart. I'm such an encoragable cut-up I'll get to him. Oh, one thing he and I do sure in common - he is very conservative and dislikes the policies and practices of the Obama Administration thus he can't be all that bad!

Have you seen what Obama wants the car of the future to be? He's got GM hooked up with the folks at Segway to produce a single person "green" car of the future - that is in the near future too. I heard about it on FOX News and found a picture of it to post today. If GM is going to rely on their future making cars like this, GM has no future!

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Bill Cherry Blog

Thu 09 April 2009

This is an interesting thing for which I do not have an answer. First let me remind you I've been doing things to improve my search result rankings through various techniques. Primarily I'm wanting TanzaniteAmerica.com to appear higher on search engines if various words using Tanzanite are "Googled". Well I've done similar things with BillsView in case any of the vast number of fans I have around the globe want to read my daily pearls of wisdom. So I "Googled" Bill Cherry Vero Beach and the first thing I get is a link to my Twitter account - the second thing is this real estate site with Bill Cherry Blog on it. My This site comes in 3rd on my Google search.

Wondering what the heck it was all about I contacted the site's owner, Paul Kitchens. He immediately responded with a very polite e-mail say he didn't have any idea why it was there and will have it taken down. Google will keep the page cashed for awhile but it will eventually disappear. By the way, Paul's real estate site can be found here. He's got a great site IMHO. Here's one of his modest beach front listings Bermuda Bay Lane - nice, huh? Anyway the end result is that my World famous increasing in leaps and bounds website will be easy to find if you simple Google "Bill Cherry Vero Beach"

Around 7:45 this morning I'm driving to my doctor's office so the in-house vampires can suck some blood out of me. They'll run all the usual tests then I'll meet with my doctor at 10 am a week from today to complete my physical and go over the results. By then I should have a clear handle on how my new meds cocktail is working for me. At this point I'm not going to pre-judge what I'll tell him or how I feel. My current thoughts is I'm better than the last try but not nearly as good as I should and want to be.

My guy that puts fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides on my lawn and plants came by yesterday to give my grass a feeding. The grass is already looking pretty damn good with the real growing season just about to begin. The brown spots are gone thanks to Mike's work. Many of his customers down have him come once a week like I do but he tells me the difference is clear - of course he's going to tell me that. He suggests my landscaping looks good year round while others only look good for about half the year. I'll go with that.

My finished tax return was mailed yesterday morning - I like paying taxes (NOT!) because the Obama government does such a good job of spending. The funny thing is I thought my Atlanta Accountant forgot to send my State income tax return as he always does. DOH! I now live in a State that does not have an income tax! After 39 years of paying taxes in Georgia it didn't occur to me I didn't have to pay income tax here - last year was my first full year in Florida.

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Remember the Elboroom?

Wed 08 April 2009

Do any of you old farts remember the Elboroom in Ft. Lauderdale? It is THE bar on the Ft. Lauderdale beach we all went to enjoy adult beverages while on Spring break from college. I know some of you back in Atlanta will remember it because we all spent hours and hours in the place. Well I just found out from the Ft. Lauderdale Flash - aka. Wendy - that the place is still there, is still open, and continues to be the center of activity during Spring break in Ft. Lauderdale. Wendy sent me a link to their website in case any of you have nostalgia and want to check it out. Here is the link to Elboroom.com. Even son John visited the place during his recent trip to Ft. Lauderdale for Spring Break. This place is famous although you probably would not find me in there anymore.

In the past few days I've noticed my anti virus software downloading definition updates several times a day. This is unusual behavior because I'm accustomed to seeing maybe one download at boot but that's all. This means to be that new viruses are being detected on a daily bases - the would be bad guys are really active now. In case you don't have your anti virus set on auto check for updates you should probably change that if you can. Some software will only check at boot or even less frequently like once a week. I use Trend Micro that checks several times a hour although I don't know how many times a hour. The better anti virus programs have 'zero-day' protection meaning there are system checks that are not based solely on signatures.

You know what I've noticed as I've gotten older about my brain - it sometimes takes longer to remember stuff. I was at Tommy's party on Saturday when someone asked the name of my spindle palms but I couldn't remember 'spindle'. I knew the name started with a 's' but that was it. Then about 35 - 40 minutes later it popped into my mind. I've found that I sometimes can't remember something right on the spot but within minutes I can. In fact, I can remember something without thinking about it at the time - it just pops up. Some would say it's because I'm an old fart. My reasoning is that indeed I'm an old fart but being old has given me years and years of data to store. So my brain is like a computer that just needs to search my brain's hard drive to find the answer - kind of like using your 'search' function on your computer. That's my story and I'm sticking to it!

I'm pleased to report that my storeroom does not have the strong odor of gasoline as it had just a few days ago. I'm thinking the lighter smell that still remains just has not been completely flushed out as yet. So yesterday I but a fan to blow air into the room with the hope and intent that it will replace the lingering smell of gasoline. With the very cool and dry air, now is the perfect time to do this - I don't want hot humid air forced into the room. BTW, did you know that gas does not have an odor until it is added at the refinery? The smell is added as a safety measure so as to warn people of the presents of gasoline or even natural gas in your house or wherever.

Today I wanted to post a picture of Wendy so you new comers will know who she is. She and I have literally traveled the world together including 5 continents - 6 if you include Costa Rica as part of South America. She is in Dubai now with hubby Hal - he's a captain for the UAE airlines on a Boeing 777 (that's the big one).

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Computer Back-up Battery

Tue 07 April 2009

Yesterday I had a malfunction in my computer set-up - I could not access the internet. The fist thing I checked was my modem and found it indicated it was connected to the internet but not flashing like it does when there is traffic. The next check was my router - it did not have any lights on. Now you need to know that my modem, router, and computer are all connected to my back up battery. The computer and modem were working so I thought maybe the router's 9 volt transformer was not working. I checked the little transformer with an amp meter - no problem there. Damn I though, it must be my router but when I connected it on a different circuit it worked fine. What's up with that?

Knowing that the back-up battery was working on two pieces of hardware I was baffled for a moment until I reset my battery. It did not occur to me that some circuits in the battery would work while others would not. My thought was it was all or none but obviously this is one of the very very rare times I was wrong - the last time was back in July of 1978. So I hooked everything back up but wouldn't you know it - I got a couple cables switched so I still could not connect until I re-configured my router. All is well.

I'm thinking there is a problem with my back-up battery because it went entirely dead while Syp was here. Once I unplugged it then reset it all worked again. It could be I'm getting surges from the Vero Power company that trips the circuit breaker in the battery. Or it could be some of the cells are going bad. My thought is that it's Vero Beach because of what my electrician told me about the electrical service here. It seems to switch between the local power plant and Florida Power and Light. There can be surges upon switching that would be unnoticeable to 110 - 120 volt items but could mess with a circuit breaker in a back up computer battery. Time will tell.

Yesterday I received an e-mail with a file called "original.txt". I don't know who sent it but my security software intercepted it advising it was infected. If you sent it, I'd suggest you scan your Windows based machine now. It says it is a text file but it is not - it is an executable file and will infect your computer. I sure hope you boys and girls have security scanners on your computers unless of course you are a Dutchie with an Apple

I caught another movie on HBO yesterday rather than listen to all the bad news. The movie was called "Insomnia" with Al Pachino and Robin Williams - it was a good flick but not one I'd ever want to watch again. I got caught up in it because I wanted to know what happened and I like Pachino as an actor.

We've had warm days of late but it suppose to get cold - for Vero that is (low 40's) - tonight. I'm hoping it is at least cool with low humidity because I want to 'air out' for storeroom. If my tricks of of yesterday have been a success then I'll not have the smell of gasoline in the room. It's early so I've not checked yet but I will after coffee.

If I'm thinking about going to Islamorada this Summer then I need to start in with my hour visits to Vero's beach. Yes boys and girls, I'm thinking positively about going - I hope Dr. Director can make it enjoyable for me.

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Gas Smell

Mon 06 April 2009

I'm without much energy this morning but I still have to post a few notes or some of you might go into withdrawal symptoms. It was tuff to get started this morning after eight and a half hours of sleep but I got up as usual. I've got my routine so how could an obsessive compulsive guy not follow it? Of to coffee and then back to type these notes.

When we elected a new treasurer, somehow I got put in charge of the coffee - getting it and then storing it until it is needed. No big deal, I can do that and I'll be happy to do that - I just keep the plastic "cans" of coffee in my John's Island storeroom which brings me to a new subject.

My store room has been smelling like gas a bit - I do keep gas stored in there but in tightly closed plastic gas containers. So where does the smell come from I wondered? I think I might know - I noticed something this morning I had not paid any attention to in the past and that is my generator. There is gas in the generator but then again there is a tightly closed cap on top of it. Oops...I just noticed today that the tightly closed cap has a small air hole in it such that gas can flow - via gravity - to the carburetor. I think the smell of gas might very well be coming from the evaporation inside the generator's gas tank via this small hole - you think?

At first I was going to transfer the gas from the tank into a plastic canister that is sealed - at least I think it is sealed well enough. But instead I decided to see if I could block the air vent in the cap on the generator well enough to keep the fumes inside the tank. I covered and wrapped it with several layers of plastic and then put several rubber bands around the cap. As I'm typing this I've got a big fan blowing air into the storeroom to refresh the stale air in there. I know now I'll have to do the same thing with my gas-powered leaf blower. Will this solve the problem? I'll let you know in a few days.

John came by yesterday before he went home to pack and then drive to North Carolina for a couple of days - he'll be back on Wednesday I think. That sure is a long as hell drive just for a couple days IMHO. He has another couple going with him so they can share the driving duties - I assume they're going in the other guy's car because John's car needs tires. Heck, maybe he has tires by now, I don't know. I don't like drive to Wally World so this is a trip I certainly would not take. Going to the Keys or picking up Syp is about the only two things that will get me out of Vero driving my car.

Not much planed for today. My house keepers will be here in just a few minutes for their cleaning of my clean house by a company called Clean House. Catching name I think. I also expect to hear from Jason today because I asked him to ask his boss to schedule a roof cleaning job for me. I'm trying to help Jason by asking him to ask for me but I also think the guy will do a good job...as would Charlie by the way. I'm going back to my storeroom now.

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Tommy's Surprise

Sun 05 April 2009

After yesterday's comment on E-mails, a couple of you got in touch with me. If you are reading this, you are not including in the few folks who do constantly send me forwarded e-mail. For the most part you rarely send me e-mail "junk" so I always read and look at your mail. So please don't think that those comments were meant for you other than my warning about opening forwarded mail - sometimes your friends might unknowingly send you malware, viruses, or Trojans.

Kathryn gave her hubby, TB, a surprise birthday dinner party last night at the elegant Vero Beach Hotel & Club. The whole evening was great fun and although Tommy said he suspected something, we knew he didn't have a clue - not even the slightest idea. Kathryn pulled the whole thing off including going thought all the steps to make it seem like she was cooking a lunch today suggesting Tommy invite a few friends to join them. I was warned I'd be invited so I played along even acting as if I had forgotten his birthday.

The dinner was top drawer, very professionally prepared - especially eye-pleasing, and tasted as good as it looked. We all had a choice to order from a special menu for the event. There were over 20 people in attendance including his sons and several friends that go back to his pre-teenage years. Kathryn had an open bar from 6 until ten - the boys did not miss an opportunity to hit the Crown Royal except for Finn - a beer drinker to the end. Gifts were not allowed but I could not help myself so I brought Tommy a paper back book entitled, "Sex after 60" - all the pages inside were blank! HaHaHaHaHa.

Many of you probably know that TB and I are not fans of President Obama. All you have to do is read my Political View and you'd know that. Tommy is much more reserved about what he says but I know how he thinks. Today's picture is second gift, one I made yesterday via Paint.net - I've not figured Photoshop out just yet - then sent it to Walgreen's to have it made into a print. It was a real hoot to give it to Tommy last night at his surprise party - needless to say, everyone there enjoyed it. Funny, but I think it looks like I added Tommy to the picture, not the other way around. With the lighting it seems Obama belongs because he's brighter looking like TB's boat. Damn it was fun giving that to him.

Everyone had a great time, TB was surprised, and the evening was a great success. Kathryn pulled this off perfectly and I might add, I'm sure it cost her a pretty penny as well to feed that crowd and keep the bar open for 4 hours with young adults that enjoy consuming adult beverages. Even I had two diet Cokes. I'm very pleased Tommy has such a caring wife and best friend inspire of the fact she voted for Obama!

I've not got much on my plate for today - it is a beautiful cloudless day here in Vero. While talking to Captain Matt last night he reminded me how luck he things we are to be living in paradise year round. Looking out at the ocean last night then going out onto the deck where there was a cool fire reminded me it is rather nice to be in this little village on the Treasure Coast of Florida way from the hustle and bustle of Atlanta. I've said before and I'll say it again - Atlanta is the place to be to make a career for yourself. Vero is the place to be once your done or in my case unemployable anymore!

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Forwarded E-mails

Sat 04 April 2009

Charile who runs my house keeping service dropped by to talk about the roof cleaning. He seems to think he should do it for free because I've helped him with his website. Well you guys know I like doing the work and it makes me feel good to help another member of my coffee klatch. So I asked him if he would be upset with me if I helped Jason a bit by using his (Jason's) boss to do the cleaning - I didn't want to hurt Charlie's feelings. He totally understood and said he'd so something else for me like clean my carpets. Great - I like the solution to my concerns. Frankly I don't think Charlie owes me anything because it makes me feel good to think I'm helping another guy.

I called Dr. Director's office to see if there had been a cancellation where by I could get in to see him sooner - no such luck but I'm "on the list". My experience is that the more I call - while not being a pest - the more likely I'll get in. Sometimes a cancellation comes in before the doctor's office calls anyone on their list. Well at least I will have had over 3 weeks with my new cocktail which should help determine what I should try next. It's been a week and it's better than before but way short of satisfactory.

Most of the day yesterday I tried to figure out how to have two "submit" buttons on the same page that do different things. The problem is that when I hit either submit button it causes action on the fist "submit" code - have I lost you already? I know there must be a solution but I've yet to find it. Someone has solved this problem and posted it on a help forum I just haven't found it yet. At this point I'm trying to think of an alternative way of accomplishing the same goal. This trial and error approach to learning programming is fun for me - I enjoy the process. I know. I know. I'm a geek.

My cat, Sally, seems to actively watch TV when she is not sleeping which is most of the time BTW. Sometimes she sees something on the screen then jumps off my be charging toward the TV screen. She seems to pay more attention to animals but will charge the screen anyway. I was not aware that cats could "see" a TV screen as a threat or whatever. I can't explain any other reason for this behavior.

How many of you have friends that think they must forward to you every e-mail they get? Most "experienced" computer users have discovered this is not welcomed by most of us. New users are so thrilled that they know how to send and receive e-mail they end up forwarding everything. I have such a buddy in my coffee klatch - he's a great guy but for God's sake I don't need all the e-mails nor do I want them. For me the end result is I just don't read them because they're so plentiful. Now when I get the occasional forward from those who read this famous Blog, then I do look as them because it is rare that I get them. PLEASE do not take this as an invitation to send more!

Another problem with mail that has been forwarded multiple times is that you have no idea if it's infected or not. Dutchies with Mac's don't have to worry but us lowly PC users do. I'm not saying they send infected files on purpose - it's that they just don't know. As you probably know, the #1 way computers get infected is via e-mails. Be careful.

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TB's Birthday

Fri 03 April 2009

Last evening I got a call from my dear friend, Mike Gately. He just called to bring me up to date with his family and so I could complain about my efforts to get the right anti-depressant cocktail. His daughter, Rachel, is at that teenage age when parents become boring and cool people just hang with their friends. I think she is in the 9th grade and like her mother and father is very bright. Mike's family is all well and his business is doing well - this sounds too good to be true. Just wait until Obama deems it wrong to own more than one house, have more than one car, or God forbid, be frugal and make sensible judgments.

Mike is 10 years younger than me so he might escape the unbelievable debit Obama is creating but his kids will not. Knowing Mike I'll bet he'll return from work but not from life - rather he'll travel, be a granddaddy, and break things so he can fix them again. His wife, Laura, loves her work and according to Mike is doing exceptionally well. Good for both of them - I need producers to keep paying social security taxes such that I have a small hope of getting some of my contributions back. This should not be a big deal except the liberals have passed laws allowing people who've never contributed to social security to receive social security benefits - there are millions and millions of people in this category.

When I was talking to Mike I explained the doctors I will be seeing in two weeks and the meds I'm on. My thought is to follow their advice but if it doesn't work come back again and again and again if needed until I do get something that works. My goal is to have a satisfactory resolution before the middle of July - if I'm going down to Islamorada I want to enjoy it. If I'm not feeling better, I can sit here in Vero not feeling better for a lot less money. At the present I'm optimistic.

I continue to spend time trying to make TanzaniteAmerica.com more visible for search engines so as to move up in the rankings. While doing all the research I discovered I should rename some of my .PHP files which I did but in so doing I created a problem for myself. If you clicked on some of the links found in searches it would come back with "page can not be found"! Oops! I have a clever solution I think should work until all my old pages are purged and replaced with the new pages. I created a very small file with the old name that redirects to the new, proper page and does so without you knowing it. I hope that doesn't confuse the search engines but I bet it will. The other option would be to have duplicate files with different names - I don't like that one.

My tax info is now in the hands of my accountant in Atlanta - because I have very little income I don't think I'll owe more than the quarterly estimate payments I've made during the year. I've been thinking I should be able to qualify for some Obama taxpayer money give-a-way. I'm old. I have little income. I'm unemployed. I'm unemployable. I need mo money! I want mo money! Obama should take it from those of you who actually work for what you have and then give it to me. Jeez!

Tommy called last night to say Captain Matt and Brother Drew were coming to town for his birthday on Sunday. Kathryn is going to have a brunch for TB, the boys and has asked me to join them so of course I will. Perhaps there will be others there too, I just don't know. I wish I could tell you more but I'd better not.

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Pressure Washing

Thu 02 April 2009

It's been one week since I started on Wellbutrin - I'm better now than I was before the switch but still not nearly as well as I would like to be. Needless to say, I have to give the new cocktail more time to work it's magic if it will do the trick.I do not plan to return to my doctor prior to my schedule physical on the 17th. It will be interesting on the 17th because I see my 'regular' doctor in the morning and then I have my first appointment with the new doctor on the same day in the afternoon. It will be very interesting to see how they view my treatment based on information provided the same day.

We had a heck of a storm come through Vero the other night. For the first time since last year we had thunder and lightning followed by heavy rain - West Palm Beach had a tornado. I bet TB is happy because his citrus groves needed the rain and it rained more West of town that it did in town. I remember that this was a particularly dangerous time in Georgia because the cold air from the North would clash with the warm air from the south resulting in numerous tornados, heavy rain, and lots of lightning.

My favorite house keeping service wants to pressure wash my roof for me to remove the mildew that's grown there in just one year. Then I have the guy whom Jason works for also wanting to clean the roof for me. This all got started when a third guy randomly stopped buy to offer to clean it for $200 anytime I wanted it done. Well, it does need to be done but who should I get to do it? I think both Charlie and Jason's boss will do a good job for me but I have to admit Charlie has been more persistent. The trouble with Charlie is he wants to do it for me causing me to feel bad about his doing the work - he does enough for me already.

What should I do? The other guy wants to get paid as I would expect that Charlie would want to get paid. He says I do so much for him that it is his wish to do it. OK, so I built him a website but that's something I wanted to do and he has sent me a paying client. Oh, I did put a favorable post on Angie's List which Charlie claims has generated business for him. Here again I put the post there because I felt strongly about the fabulous job he does keeping my house clean - and here's the important part - to my demanding standards.

You know I've mentioned that BillsView.com has become popular with lots of visits most of which I've not got a clue as to who they are. Well out of the blue I got an e-mail from someone who wants work on Messina's site to get it on the first page in a Google search. I don't know how someone can make such a claim on a large service industry. Nonetheless, I did e-mail the person back to inquire about his (or her) service and charges. Of course I've read where other firms on the internet have said they can do the same thing but I remain skeptical. What would happen if say 50 companies all wanting the same results hired the same company - they all couldn't be on the first Google search page. That's what leads me to believe the Google algorithm is so complex there can't be a singular set of rules to accomplish the goal.

I do know that the longer the time your site has been up and running the better it gets rated. Then there are the number of visitors to your site that is also a factor. Unfortunately this site is only a couple months old so it is impossible to show longevity. This is one of the main reasons I put TanzaniteAmerica.com up a few years ago so that I will be in a great position when I choose to really try to market my gemstones. Even now the site gets ranked high on the Google search engine depending on the search terms used. Just using "Tanzanite" as a search term will not show a high placement whereas "Tanzanite FAQ" will.

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April Fool's Day

Wed 01 April 2009

Today is the first day in April and it's also the first Wednesday in April so I'll be chairing the coffee klatch this morning as I do the first Wednesday every month. I've not got a clue what I'll talk about this morning but I'll think of something. Our klatch is starting to shrink in size as the snow birds stat heading back home. The size of our little group changes with the seasons.

After yesterday's meeting I went to Wally World to pick up a couple prescriptions, then to get a hair cut - both of my hairs - and finally to Publix for some fresh items. Most of the time I don't have anything pressing so I often wait to gather the need for a trip before I make it - after all it is about 3 miles from the Dolphin House. I noticed the store was full of Easter things like candy, baskets, and plastic eggs of course. I wonder what the Easter bunny will bring me this year?

TB dropped by yesterday to bring a casserole dish full of some delightful mix of cheese, sausage, pasta, and other goodies. When Kathryn makes a casserole at home she often makes enough to fill up another smaller dish for me. It comes unbaked but with instructions on how to bake it. They are always great - I plan to bake it today. She loves to cook so I'm always ready to be her beefeater. Do you guys know just what a beefeater is? It was a person who always tasted the food for royalty before the royalty ate it too confirm it was not poisoned.

While TB was here we talked about the Keys this Summer. He said he did expect Tom and Mary Ann to make the trip unless something happens to prevent the trip but the outlook is good for now. I hope they do come because I always enjoy their company and the chats we have in the pool usually around 10am then often later in the day around 5pm. It is customer to have cocktail hour in the pool before we have dinner which most of the time is together either at the Palms or one of Islamorada's finer eateries. Brother Drew will be taking me out one night because he won the 'guess the picture' contest on Monday.

What a difference a day makes. Monday was a crisp, cool, cloudless day with low humidity. Yesterday was a much warm day with higher humidity and clouds in the area - more like May than the end of March. Today it should continue with the warmer temperatures.

Now that my New York attorney client has paid for my services I'm trying to do what I can to improve his ranking on search engines. There are things I can do but some things are out of my control like the age of his site, the associations to which he belongs, and to a large degree the things he wishes to say about himself and the firm. If I could change that it the site wouldn't appear as good as it does because I'd make it look more commercial. He has used some very good text IMHO so I'd like to keep it like it is with a few modifications that will fit into the text without seeming contrived.

Yesterday I was getting spammed in the comments area of BillsView so I locked the post after a half a dozen showed up during the day. I can lock any or all of my posts from comments but I usually leave them open - I enjoy hearing from you. On the other hand, many of you are too shy to post online and choose instead to send me an e-mail - most of my regular visitors have my e-mail address. Up until now it has not been a problem but if it becomes one I'll just lock the posts from comments instead asking you to e-mail me if you choose. Stay tuned.

You can expect to see Jeff, Amy, and Sam down in the Keys around lobster mini-season. Jeff is a darn good lobster-getter - I hope he does well again this year.

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