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Busy Monday

Mon 30 November 2009

I've been busy all morning which is 'normal' for my Mondays. There was coffee then off to Publix to buy things including more coffee for my coffee klatch. Then to the car wash, post office, and bank - I wanted to get some of those $100 bill samples they were giving away. When I got back to Mia Casa, I found Matt called about his Grandmothers's computer so we spent time on the phone trying to figure out why here D drive (DVD drive) would not work and never has worked on this new computer. After awhile we concluded the best thing will be to call Dell - it is a new machine. If needed, I'll go out to their house and talk with Dell service while sitting in front of the computer - I will need to be able to insert a CD.

Captain Matt said they had a mixed fishing day yesterday catching a few dolphins but no sailfish. Matt said they had strikes which could have been a billfish but you never know unless you see the creature. Most of the dolphin were under 5 pounds but they did get a bigger one although 30% of the fish was gone by the time they got it to the boat - a shark had a nibble. Oh, well.

This morning I hooked up my new DOCSIS 3.0 modem with the hope of getting faster speeds. The initial results suggest to me there's really not much difference but then the jury is still out. It will be able to take advantage of new things when online but my major reason for getting it was speed. I'll have a better idea over the next few days and will report again.

I watched another movie - The International. It was a good movie with Clive Owen and Naomi Watts fighting international bankers and arms dealers. It kept my attention through out the movie with a good balance of suspense and mystery. It was on a premium satellite network call Stars - I did not rent it online but I might get a movie later today.

It's time to have lunch as I do once a week on Monday's. Nothing else to report right now and besides, I am hungry.

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Good News - Bad News

Sun 29 November 2009

I've got good news and bad news - which do you want first? The bad news is that Georgia Tech lost to Georgia last night 30 -24. I could give you all the reasons why but the bottom line is Georgia had more points when the game ended. The next outing for Tech will be the ACC play-off against Clemson - I think next Saturday. If the Yellow Jackets can stay healthy and if they don't make mistakes, they could when the game. Unfortunately that's a lot of "if's" which could be said about last night's game. Nonetheless, I am happy with Georgia Tech's season and as I said in the beginning, the Jackets will lose some games. In fact, their record was better than I hoped for back in September. I can't believe the regular college season is over.

The good news is John & I went shopping for a blue blazer and things could not have gone better. We had not trouble parking at the mall, there were no long lines, and we found the perfect blazer in the first store we looked - Macy's. The Barnes boys independent of each other said that was the place to look - they have the widest selection which we found to be true. There were probably a half dozen blue blazers from which to choose - John and I both agreed the Ralph Lauren jacket looked the best (see image - that's not John by the way). The good news continues ...they had a blazer in John's size of 46 long which I thought might be hard to find. In fact, I think the only 46 long was the Lauren blazer which we liked the best anyway. Here comes the real bonus - not only did it look good, fit well, but it was on sale too! I almost never ever find items I actually go to find on sale. The shopping trip was over in less than a hour so we went to the beach to have lunch amongst the tourists and snowbirds.

I spent the afternoon watching football games and messing with John's computer - I reinstalled Office 2007 which got whipped out when I reinstalled Vista a few months ago. I learn something every time I mess with a computer and this time was no exception. When I went to install Office, the installer game me options I'd not seen before and did not ask for the license key. I think I discovered that licensing information is not deleted when you reinstall the operating system although the programs were. Something new for me.

Tommy, Drew, and Matt when fishing early this morning and they invited me. I knew I would be up late watching the Tech game so while I was happy to be invited, I decided to recover from the late night TV watching. My hope is they have good luck even without me - the last time I went, Matt & Drew caught a sailfish. Reports tomorrow.

Today I have an all day "Monk" marathon I can watch, some computer things to do, and I might just rent another movie.

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Shopping & Football

Sat 28 November 2009

Yesterday was one of those fabulous days we get in Vero this time of the year. There was not a cloud in the blue-blue sky, the temperature was in the lower 60's , and the humidity was low as well - I love those kind of days. It is about time to cool down - we've had above normal temperatures in part of this Fall. Could it be global warming? Not! Just the expected changes this planet experiences all of the time.

I didn't get out much yesterday but that didn't stop me from enjoying the day. I decided to get a movie to watch so I went online to Amazon to look at their huge selection. I stumbled across a move called "Gran Torino" which was produced & directed by Clinton Eastwood who by the way was the lead character in the movie. I've yet to find an Eastwood movie I did not like so I rented it online then watched it on my big TV using my laptop to stream the video file. Damn things sure are simple if you want to rent a movie without going to the video store. The movie did not disappoint me but it also was not his best. Certainly worth the view.

What day is it boys and girls? Why it's college football Saturday and the last football Saturday for many colleges around the country including Georgia Tech. Just damn! The Yellow Jackets don't start their game with Georgia until 8 pm tonight - I don't like night games but you know I'll have to watch it unless it looks real bad for Georgia Tech which means I'll go to another channel. I've not checked the betting lines on this game because I just don't want to know. Besides, you never know what will happen in this annual game no matter what the experts say.

In about a hour, I'm going to fetch John so we can head to the mall in hunt for a blue blazer. I asked the Barnes boys where they would go in Vero and they all independently said either Macy's or Dillard's in Vero's mall - the 'beach' shops are more for older farts like their dad. Of course I went online to check out what each store carries finding Macy's has the better selection at least online. You never know until you actually shop - something I almost never ever do - in store to look at choices and try them on. I buy a lot of stuff - when I buy anything at all - from Lands End, J. Crew, or LL Bean - once you know their products, size variations, and quality this option is best for me. However, I don't object to going shopping with others as look as I'm not on the hunt and getting agitated - seems to me I've gone shopping with Syp every year he's visited.

Another thing about shopping - when buying for someone else, I never know what they may or may not like. My trick with Syp was to go shopping when he was looking and then go back to buy what he really liked but did not buy for himself. Wendy and Starr often reveal what they like without going shopping although I think women just love getting gifts no matter what they are! Sometimes I'll buy a gift for someone else that is something I really like without knowing they would like it as well - besides, how could it be possible someone would not like what I like? They must be defective!

After shopping I've got a whole heck of a lot of college games to watch this afternoon before Tech's game tonight. I might to pick up some hot wings to go with my peanuts then park myself in front of my TV. I might even rent another movie online if by some remote chance I can't find a game I want to watch - can that actually happen?

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Thanksgiving Dinner

Fri 27 November 2009

Yesterday was a rather quite day for me until about mid-afternoon when I I went over the river and through the woods to the Barnes River Estate to join the festive Thanksgiving dinner events. The young Barnes boys - Ty, Drew, and Matt - were all in town for this holiday weekend and were tapped for kitchen duty which they performed very well I must say. Kathryn purchased a whole pig which was slowly roasted to a tender, juicy perfection on Tommy's smoker called an Egg. Of course the pig would have been plenty but that would not suit Kathryn so she had a turkey as well.

Kathryn is a fabulous cook and really likes to put a wonderful meal together - yesterday was no except. The dinner was wonderful reminding me of that family dinners I had as a kid growing up. You know...sweet potato casserole, stuffing, and collard greens to mention just a few. I've come to expect a culinary delight from Kathryn and a meal prepared large enough to feed a platoon - she always cooks much more than is ever consumed in one sitting but the good news is Tommy loves left food and I get to bring home a doggy bag for me. I'm so brazen that I've bring my own Tupperware knowing there will be plenty of food and that I'll be offered whatever I wanted to take home - I've got at least two if not three meals in my refrigerator from Kathryn's cooking.

It was fun being with the Barnes clan which gave me an opportunity to find out what is going on with Ty, Drew, and Matt - they are all well and they all have jobs. Unfortunately they'll all be gone by Monday but will return for the Christmas holidays. Actually, it's a good thing they are working so as to contribute to social security which will fund my existence in the future. Do you believe I'll be old enough to get early social security next April? Jeez! When I was actually working for a living I thought folks on social security were really old - now I come to find out that indeed we are old! Funny how that works, huh? I do want to promise all you young social security tax contributors that I intend to collect for a long time - I might still be collecting when you are eligible to start collecting SS if there is anything left by then.

John is in town from college for this weekend - he came by for a visit on Wednesday. He brought me a cool FSU hat which I like and will wear until my beloved Yellow Jackets play the Seminoles at which point I have to put on a GT hat. John is doing well in all sections of his like - he seems to really love college as he should IMHO. His grades are good (so he says), his job is going well, he is active all the time, and he has discovered there are thousands of attractive, intelligent, hot girls his age on a college campus just waiting his call. That's one thing I missed in college - at Georgia Tech in the years I went to school there were less than 100 females in school with a student body of 4,000. To make matter worse, some of the girls had to ware a sign around their neck saying "Female" otherwise you may not know! Today the campus is 40% female and you can tell without the sign.

Joh does not have a blue blazer - how can a young college guy get by without a blue blazer? As far as that goes, how can any guy from the preppie South get by without a blue blazer and khaki pants? If Johnny has time to fit me into his over-booked schedule, we'll go shopping for a blue blazer tomorrow. Frankly, I think the chances are only 50 - 50 he'll have time but if not, I'm sure there are plenty of fine men's shops in Tallahassee where he can go. I explained to John that when you come home from college for Thanksgiving you'll have more things to do and people to see than at just about any other time in your life. I bet he's finding that out today.

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Thanksgiving Day

Thu 26 November 2009

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Liberal Hate

Wed 25 November 2009

Why are liberals so angry all the time? That is a question to which I have no answer - can you even imagine me not having an answer to anything? Jeez! I say that liberals are angry all the time because that's the way they come across to me on TV when interviewed. There are Democrats that seem 'normal' to me - calm, collected, measured, and polite but not so with the liberals in the democrat party especially the "leaders" like Pelosi, Reid, Frank, etc. Then there are the Maxine Waters of the world as well.

You see, what I don't understand is they won. Their party is in charge. They have the House, the Senate, and the White House which should make them happy yet they come across with hate and anger all the time. This of course extends to the really liberal whack-o non-elected but self-appointed spokespersons for liberals - I'm thinking about the entertainer types in particular. Why is it that Hollywood actors deem themselves experts on everything and look down upon us common folk as if we're all ignorant surfs in their kingdom?

One thing I've noticed time and time again is liberals don't like logic or the truth - they know they know their view is the correct view and will adjust the facts to fit their view throwing truth and logic to the wind. Follow me on this one - the next time you see a liberal on TV being interviewed or on a panel, please notice that rather than answer questions, they just interrupt others, talk or shout loudly, and claim us common folk are just to damn dumb. You will see they always interrupt others and talk over them in an effort to drown out the truth or even permit another view which, if different than their view, is wrong.

I've observed what I've said here for a long time but it became focused in my mind after the liberals took control of everything and now they want to control our lives the latest example is this healthcare takeover. A good example of the liberal arrogant hate was front and center yesterday afternoon when I was watching Stuart Varney interview - or try to interview - actor Ed Beckley,Jr on FOX News about the global warming hoax. Beckley yelled, pointed his finger, leaded out of his chair to shout Varney down but never ever addressed the question about the document discoveries - he just knew he was right and wanted nothing to do with this little minor thing called facts! I've come to the undeniable conclusion that facts are the enemy of liberals.

I think I'll stop my rant now - more come in the future.

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Global Warming Hoax

Tue 24 November 2009

Today is more or less like most days for me when I take things as they come. There are no chores or things I need to do like there usually is on Mondays. So I went for coffee and now I've been back at the house reading news releases online and specifically, The Drudge Report - I like this constantly updating site for the news they post and the manor in which it is posted. They do not write the news but instead post links to various news outlets.

I first heard about this over the weekend but Rush also talked about it on his daily radio show. For years, Rush and others have said this global warm bullsh*t Al Gore and the liberal left have been promoting is a hoax. It's a myth. Global warming does not exist. No how's that for an "inconvenient truth" to AlGore? His book is a basically a lie and global warming has been exposed as a HOAX through the activities of some hackers who broke into the computers at the University of East Anglia's Climate Research Unit (aka Hadley CRU) and released 61 megabites of confidential files onto the internet - see story . This has been dubbed "Climategate" by US Senator Inhofe and labeled 'Greatest scandal in modern science'...

You see boys and girls, the hackers got 1079 emails and 72 documents revealing the cover-up by "qualified scientists and professors" to keep the truth from coming out which totally debunks global warming - in fact, the earth is cooling. Senator Inhofe wants an investigation as to how and why the corrupt liberal scientific community would do such a thing. Heck, I know the answer without n investigation - follow the money trail. I'd bet the farm that huge grants and economic support came from those who would profit if there really might be global warming. Can you say General Electric and Al Gore? I also think there are left-wing nut cases who believe mankind is evil and is destroying the planet even if it's not true. I wonder what Obama's "Green czar" things about this? Oh, I know, it's a right wing conspiracy made up be evil conservatives.

I thought all along this global warming was an intentional scare by the cooks on the left to further their own agenda. My belief is based on my superior understanding of all things!! Follow me on this - if the planet earth is 5,000,000,000 years old and has gone through many climate changes during that time including ice ages and the big meteor that wiped out the big lizards 160 million years ago then how can 50 or 60 years of data lead to the conclusion there is man-made global warming? Another thing, measurements are certainly not all accurate and all the measurements were taken on land. I don't know if you noticed but the planet is 75% water without temperature data.

I simply have to laugh at the left getting caught in yet another of their self-serving lies. Liberals use the mushroom theory - keep us in the dark and feed us sh*t. I'll look with great glee as to how this plays out.

One other glimmer of hope I'd like to share - Obama's numbers are dropping like a rock.
RASMUSSEN: Obama Poll Drops to New Low: -15
Strongly Approve 27%
Strongly Disapprove 42%
Total Approval 45%

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Mon 23 November 2009

I've been busy all day so this is the first time I've had a chance to post here today. As usual, I started my day with coffee then came back here to call my Dentist's office. I've had an irritation on the roof of my mouth that's been hurting especially when I consume salt - I live salty things especially peanuts. I was able to go right over to his office without a wait - now that's service. This 'hurt' has been bothering me since last week but did seem to be getting better. Nonetheless, if I have an anomaly on my hot bod which lasts more than a few days I always have it checked out. My dentist conclude it was 'trauma' likely caused by burning my mouth or jamming something into it. I do recall having scorched my mouth with hot wings last week so that is likely the culprit. Usually I get better sooner so that's what had me concerned.

I also have a bleeding event between my last two teeth on my upper right side. He said there was a space between these teeth allowing food to get in there and agitate the gum. In particular, I think it is bits of peanuts that get in there irritating the area. Even thought I do brush my teeth every Saturday, I still get the problem. He said if this is anything other than a rare event, he will fix the gap so as to avoid the problem in the future. The end result is I left his office feeling confident things are basically ok.

Next it was a stop at Publix to pick up stuff for the week including 10 cans of coffee fort my coffee klatch. When I find coffee on sale, I buy some - $6 per can is better than $10. Oh, I also got Sally Cat a fresh lemon pepper chicken which I tested for her by having a chicken sandwich for lunch. I really think Publix does the best job on cooked chicken.

When I got back to the house, my house keepers were here so I decided to leave to complete some other chores. First I had a call from Starr who sounded terrible - she has a sinus-head infection thing going on so when I went to Wally World, I bought her some Zertec D then dropped it at her house on the way home. She's had this infection thing for over a week and it's not getting better. I think she needs to rest by getting in bed and staying there for a few days. But of course she's a Mom with that drive to go do things for Alex and John. Those boys are big enough to do things for themselves so Starr can rest. I'm sure they would but Starr does ask them because she wants to do it. You Moms out there probably understand better than us guys, even Dads like Syp.

I get a daily e-mail about electronic/computer stuff on sale. I found a 5ooMB external hard drive for $39 so I decided to look into it - that's a great price. I couldn't find the deal at Office Max but I did stumble across the "Motorola SB6120 SURFboard DOCSIS 3.0 eXtreme Broadband Cable Modem". Extreme? That must be good so I looked into it which took a couple of hours of research. I discovered the news technology in internet speed is called DOCSIS 3.0 - most systems are using DOCSIS 2.0. Motorola claims this modem can be 4 times fast than their earlier modem and it has "channels" which allows layering for other services like video, VOIP, etc. Well, given the fact I like this sort of stuff and that I spend a good bit of time online, I decided to order one from Amazon.com. They are not cheap - they are too new to get much in the way of discounts but nonetheless I decided to give it a go. I read reviews from customers who purchased the device and they were all very good ( reviews here ). Customer ratings ware great with many reporting significant speed increases. I called Comcast to confirm the DOCSIS 3.0 was in Vero - it is. The technician at Comcast said I would get improved speeds at no additional cost from the cable company. I shall know it about a week.

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Icky Saturday

Sun 22 November 2009

Yesterday I didn't feel very good must of the day. I didn't feel sick per se I just had the blahs, was tired, and didn't want to do anything. Yes I took my meds in the morning but I still felt icky. So, what is one to do? For me, I watched several football games clicking back and forty between channels then I watched two movies.

The best game I think for me was Notre Dame verses the University of Connecticut - the Irish were favored to win in their home stadium as this was the last home game of the year for them. Connecticut kept it close and should have won during regular play but got a bad holding call which negated a touchdown. In double overtime, UCon did beat Notre Damn in the biggest win in Ucon history. It was an emotional game on both sides for different reasons and the emotions showed. It now is almost a certainty Coach Weiss is gone at the end of the year fueling more rumors about Florida's coach going to Notre Damn next year - we'll know in a few weeks I would guess.

In other games, I like Mississippi's win over LSU which was a major upsets - I like to root for the underdog a lot of the time. The Oregon - Arizona game was good because the scoring went back and forth with Oregon winning 44 - 41. Clemson beat Virginia so does that mean Georgia Tech will play them again for the ACC championship? I think it does mean that but I'm not sure just yet. In a late game, Kentucky beat Georgia in Athens 34 - 27 which may mean Georgia must beat Georgia Tech next week to be "bowl eligible". I hate to say this but Georgia has a way of upsetting Georgia Tech when Tech is favored as I'm sure they will be. I'll be a wreck during the game next week.

I watched two movies - "Eagle Eye" and "The Day the Earth Stood Still". Eagle Eye was non-stop action with a good plot and lots of special effects. They wrecked more cars in that movie than I could count. The second movie was a real dud in my opinion - it was boring. The first make of the movie 44 years ago was great - I watched it at Tommy's original home one Saturday night while our parents were having a cooking - party event. I think Mary Ann was there too but I.m not positive about that. So I got a good movie and a bad movie - maybe today will be better.

I've got some things I need to do like going to Publix & Wal-Mart but I think I may wait until tomorrow morning. My house keeping people will be here tomorrow and I like being out of the house while they do their thing. It's noisy around here and I just seem to get in the way. I guess Sally Cat will have to do without Publix lemon pepper chicken until tomorrow.

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I Was Sick

Fri 20 November 2009

This morning I'm recovering from a two day illness event which has kept me down. On Wednesday morning I had a headache that grew into a major event as the day went on requiring my strongest pain medication which, by the way, did not work all that well. When the Vicodin doesn't work I know I'm in deep do-do. Upon awaking yesterday morning I felt so-so but went for coffee anyway only to leave about 30 minutes into our meeting. I was beginning to feel a bit nauseated and the headaches got worse. By early afternoon the pain meds were not working and indeed I had to vomit several times during the afternoon until there was nothing left in my stomach.

I've had this type of sickness event several times in the past - this time acted just like the other times. Fortunately, I had some prescription anti-nausea suppositories in my refrigerator so late yesterday I stuck one in an orifice where the sun doesn't shine. I've never figured out how you are suppose to get better tasking medication by mouth when you vomit it up as soon as you take it. The suppositories work great, I mean really great. About 8pm last evening I was able to eat a raisin cinnamon bagel and drunk some milk. The worse of all this was I had terrible headaches and could not keep pain medication down long enough to work. I think I need a hydrocodone suppository - I wonder if it's available? A morphine drip would work nicely as well.

I slept until about 8am this morning which is about 4 hours longer than usual - no coffee for me today. I'm feeling much better without headaches or nausea at all. I had cereal with an oatmeal cookie for breakfast. I'm on the way to recovery.

This sickness I just described is not unusual for me - it happens once or twice a year. It's always the same with the symptoms and with the length of time I have it...48 hours. I have no cold-like symptoms nor do I think it's a flu event - I have flu shots and besides, flu last longer. It is associated with those bad headaches I get every once and awhile but on occasion it gets worse. Oh well, at least I'm better today and headed for a laid-back TV

On Wednesday I got a call from Syp while he was driving home from Amsterdam - it was about 10pm his time which means he was working late. Funny thing is that Syp, Mike, and some of rest of you like to take me along when you're on the road somewhere - I like to go along for the ride so keep it up. Syp reported he needs 30 hours in each day to do what needs to be done. Djem & Yari are full-time jobs but Syp already has a full-time job. Syp, Sjak, Yari & Djem are all doing well. I was promised some new pictures of the boys so I'll post them when I get them.

Got a letter from Brother Drew this morning telling me UGA VII died. Actually I feel for the fans who lost what is a great symbol to them. When pets died it's a sad time.

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Holidays Approaching

Wed 18 November 2009

Each time I try my grill I learn something and I like the results. I'm still trying to get the timing down because it cooks so quick. A nice steak takes only 3 minute - 3 1/2 minutes cooks it too much. Plus, I have to remember meat continues to cook after it's taken off the grill. With this device, steaks require less seasoning then would put in the broiler or onto the stove. This is a kitchen device I wish I had purchased years ago.

Did you hear the rumor? The University of Florida football coach will leave Florida for Notre Dame. As I'm tying this it is still a rumor but the newscaster on FOX said the Florida coach wanted to coach the Fighting Irish - whether that's true or not I do not know. Florida has a talented football team but even good talent needs coaching. Notre Dame's record sucks so likely their coach is gone. I sure hope Paul Johnston will stay at Georgia Tech - at least that's my opinion now.

My lawn guy came yesterday spending 2 1/2 hours working on my lawn. He trimmed everything, edged everything, and mowed of course. This time of the year he only comes every two weeks which is fine with me. He did a Fall trimming so nothing much will be needed until next Spring. I went out and took today's image around 10:30 this morning.

For some reason it doesn't seem like the holidays are approaching which I believe in part it's because it's still warm here. When the holidays approached the last 43 years in Atlanta it was always cool if not down right cold. I've not noticed as much in the way of decorations as I remember but then again Atlanta does decorations very well. I do see stuff in stores and people talking about the holidays. One thing that does single holidays is the return of the college guys or young working adults.

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More About Justin Bieber

Tue 17 November 2009

Everytime I look at someone else's computer in an effort to help in some way I learn something. Yesterday Tom asked me about viewing a video file which would not open on his machine. I looked at the file only to discover it had an extension I'd never seen - something like .3GP. What's up with that? Well, it turns out to be a video from a cell phone of all things and of course requires a special application to run it which we found for free on the internet. So why can't cell phones use "normal" video extensions like .wmv, .avi, etc? Jeez! We got it working although the quality was rather poor.

I went out to return the Rosetta Stone files and that's when Tom asked about the video file. While there, I also installed AVG Security Suite on his and Mary Ann's computer. Then I was in for another surprise - I used the same installer for both machines running Vista but AVG installed a bit different on Mary Ann's machine compared to Tom's. What's up with that? why would it not install exactly the same way? The difference was in the prompts you getting during and just after installation. I still don't have a clue.

Remember the Justin Bieber kid I mentioned yesterday? Well, later in the day he was mentioned on FOX News as a hot new teenage singing sensation. I come to find out he has over 60 videos on YouTube but only the most recent ones were professional produced. I found myself looking at several videOS only to discover the kid has an album out now. Just in case you want to look at a few videos... video one video two video three - you'll have to find the others by yourself.

Now permit me to be a bit cynical about the success of young Justin - I wonder just how much of the success this talented young guy should have taken away from him and distributed to others not so talented? Isn't that the Obama way? Take from those who make something of themselves through pure talent or hard work and give it to others who don't choose to work or have no God-given talent is wrong in my opinion but of course you know that by now. The only people Obama wants to exempt are Hollywood actors, sports figures, or trial lawyers. Why do I include trial lawyers you ask? Because in Obamacare, trial lawyers who are now limited to recover losses from denied services can add "pain & suffering" as well under Obamacare. Many people - including me - think it's law suites that are part of the rising cost of health care in the first place and now Obama wants to open the floodgates even wider? Jeez!

Got a call from Johnnyson just to bring me up to date. He says he's doing well in school and he really seems to like his job - like is good for him up there in Tallahassee. Now the question is where he'll be going to school next session - I'm hoping it will be FSU but the jury is still out on that. If not next session then the Summer session for sure - but what about paradise next Summer? Too far away to tell at this point. He will be in Vero next week for Thanksgiving - I think he comes in on Wednesday but at what time I know not. Thank God someone will be here to help with my Crown before it goes bad!!

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Mon 16 November 2009

The past couple of days I've had a terrible toothache or gum ache which I treated with Anbesol (a numbing agent). Yesterday I took my water pick to the area that hurt which resulted in a good bit of bleeding. The last time this happened I had a missing filling which is what I expected again this time since the hurt was going on for two days. This morning I have almost no pain at all suggesting it is not a missing filling but something else. My guess is I got something caught between my teeth which irritated my gum and may even have gotten under my gum next to my teeth like back in 1972 when a popcorn kernel got caught in a similar fashion. Now I think that whatever was causing it was expelled by my water pick yesterday but it will take another day to know for sure.

Every once in awhile I hear about a YouTube hit which was the case this morning. On the radio they were talking about Justin Beaver (or Bieber) who's now only 15 but started to put videos of himself on YouTube when he was 11. What makes this interesting is he was "discovered" by Usher and now has cut a real music video which you can find here . There you will find links to other home made videos going back for years. The kid has a future...he's cute, talented, and now discovered.

Yesterday I did install Rosetta Stone from the CD Tom brought to me on one of my computers - the back-up Optimax. To my surprise it installed and never asked for a license key. This is the old 2.0 version but even so I would expect a licensing requirement which once again leads me to believe this is a pirated version of some nature. What I don't like about this version is it will not allow you to download the language libraries but instead requires a CD to be put in every time you want to use it - the 3.0 version Wendy has does allow language downloads. So I copied the language file from the disk to my computer then copied that to a new CD - it did not work. So I tried copying directly from one CD to another which did work for the first 2 CD's but now the 3rd one. There is a error in copying the third CD but no worries, I'm sure I can get it elsewhere if I ever get that far.

This morning I'm taking the CD's back to Tom and while I'm there I'll install AVG Security Suite on his laptop which now has the AVG free version. If Mary Ann wants it I'll do the same for her computer as well. I've got this program on my laptop because my Trend Micro license ran out which required buying a new one. I think AVG is a great alternative - I'll likely put it on my desktop once the Trend Micro PC-cillion expires there as well.

I've been thinking about selling my laptop then buying a new one with more speed and memory. I'm interested in trying Windows 7 out which is what got me started in the first place. Then I said to myself, "self...why not just upgrade to Windows 7?". So I started with the research resulting in mixed views about Windows 7 although the news letter I get says it's pretty cool. Apparently it is faster with more bells & whistles and easier to use than Vista. So, I thought I'd upgrade first before buying a new laptop as a test - if I like it I can then get a new laptop if I want to do so at that time. Frankly there is nothing wrong with the laptop I have except newer and faster is always better even if it's not needed.

There seems to be a variety of opinions as to the best upgrade method so I'll need to do more research before I even try. I found a place where I can buy the upgrade for only $30 - I think it is a valid copy but I don't really know. If you don't have the real thing you're likely not able to update Windows. Stay tuned.

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Rosetta Stone

Sun 15 November 2009

Just a bit after 10am yesterday morning I positioned myself in my big comfortable chair in preparation of College Football Saturday. The first program on my agenda was Espy's College Football preview show for two hours and then the kick-off of Tech's game with Duke. After the first quarter of play I had flash-backs to last week's game with Vanderbilt in which Georgia tech won by 3 points in overtime. After the first quarter, Duke was leading Georgia Tech 10 - 0 but worse yet, the Yellow Jacket's defense was doing a poor job not to mention the offensive could not score. Fortunately the team turned it around starting in the 2nd quarter and ended up beating Duke 49 - 10. The record of Georgia Tech is now 10 - 1 with one game to go against Georgia. This is the best season Tech has had since 1991 no matter what happens next.

There were other good games yesterday where the score was closer which provided more excitement. The Georgia - Auburn game was close until the 4th quarter and even Florida had an early scare against South Carolina. Next week is an off week for Georgia Tech but I promise I'll be in front of the TV next Saturday morning as usual. Now I'm interested in seeing the college rankings later today or tomorrow - I think Georgia Tech might move up a position or two. Let me make this clear - I don't think Georgia Tech can keep up with the teams rated higher like Florida and Alabama so I have no illusions in that regard.

Tom and Mary Ann are back in Vero - they dropped by yesterday to deliver the CD's for this language teaching software called Rosetta Stone. The CD's do not have a license key with them so I'm not sure how this program will work until I install it for a test drive which I might do later today. Captain Matt has it installed on his computer so I called him about the license key at which point he said he didn't have one. This is expensive software so I can't imagine there not being a key unless what they have is a 'cracked' version meaning the license requirement has been passed all together. Matt said they bought this program online from a 're-seller' so it could be a pirated program of sorts just like the one I helped Wendy with last week. I'll know as soon as I try it.

The version of Rosetta Stone Tom has is 2.0 - there is a 3.0 version out which is what Wendy had. So, I got the installation file from Wendy for 3.0 although I'm not sure it will work. frankly, just going with the 2.0 version will give me enough to see if I'll really use it. Besides, I've found a way of getting the latest version and the language libraries from the software source where I got AVG Internet Suite, Windows Office 2007, and Adobe CS4. Getting these applications require work but can be done. You also have to be very careful of these programs because they may contain a virus or Trojan.

This morning I had a young couple (early 30's) come by to talk about a website for their one year old pest control company. These were friends of my lawn care guy (James) and were referred by him. It seems that James knows someone in Vero for just about any service you might seek. I spent almost two hours with them talking about their company and their growth. As you know, I'm not in the habit of building websites for people I do not know without a few but in this case my fee will be very nominal if anything at all. I'm impressed with their enthusiasm for their business so I'll get satisfaction just helping them without a finical carrot. What they want and need will be rather simple I think with probably just 4 pages. The next step is for them to get some info to me in order to get started. Looks like I'm working again!

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Yesterday's Reading

Thu 12 November 2009

Yesterday I read more than I have in a long time - you folks know I don't like to read and when I do it's usually not any longer than an article. Daily I read a few articles in the Wall Street Journal and sometimes the local Vero paper online. I also do a lot of reading online when I'm trying to learn how to do something or fix something. For some reason I spent a few hours reading this, that, and the other thing yesterday without getting bored - what's up with that? So I thought I'd bring a few pearls of wisdom to you today.

One thing I read religiously is a newsletter called Windows Secrets which I get at least twice a month and sometimes more. This newsletter is just full of valuable and concise information about Windows, programs, threats, etc. This is were I discover neat new applications and can find the real facts about which programs work the best. This newsletter and the Wall Street Journal are the only two information sources I actually pay to receive.

Then I get a security e-mail from Trend Micro once a week which outlines the latest internet threats some of which I bring to you. If something seems important I usually mention it - if you read here regularly you'll know that is not too often. For the 3rd or maybe 4th week in a row, Trend Micro has talked about a type of internet threat many of us might come across - you no longer have to go to a nefarious website to get caught. It seems the threat called KOOBFACE is back and more complex than ever before. The long and short of this Trojan is that it can plant itself on what most would think is a "safe" website like Facebook, MySpace, and Twitter. It also plants itself into news sites like The New York times and others. If you want more info, you can look at this Trend Micro article or this from PCWorld yesterday. And then there is the ongoing "fake" anti-virus or anti-malware floating around - some of us have actually gotten infected simple by going to an infected site. The site itself might be valid but it's the advertisements or images that are the nasties - find out more here . I'd have a look if I were you.

Then in the Wall Street Journal yesterday I read an article about yet more nasty provisions in Obamacare - these folks are out of control!

The nonpartisan Joint Committee on Taxation reported that the House version of the healthcare bill specifies that those who don't buy health insurance and do not pay the fine of about 2.5 percent of their income for failing to do so can face a penalty of up to five years in prison!

The bill describes the penalties as follows:

* Section 7203 - Misdemeanor willful failure to pay is punishable by a fine of up to $25,000 and/or imprisonment of up to one year.

* Section 7201 - Felony willful evasion is punishable by a fine of up to $250,000 and/or imprisonment of up to five years." [page 3]

That anyone should face prison for not buying health insurance is simply incredible.

And how much will the stay-out-of-jail insurance cost? The joint committee noted that "according to a recent analysis by the Congressional Budget Office, the lowest-cost family non-group plan under HR 3862 (the Pelosi bill) would cost $15,000 by 2016."

Is any of this getting your attention? Can you just imagine what's in the Bill that you don't know about and will not like? Are you willing to do something about it like call your elected representatives? We are running out of time. Be afraid, very afraid!

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Honor Veterans Today

Wed 11 November 2009

Yesterday was a help others day for me and it started when I went to my cousin's house after coffee to look at his weather station. Boyd and Alice bought a weather station similar to mine but their rain sensor stopped working. Because all the other outdoor sensors work, I concluded it was the rain collector itself and specifically the tiny circuit board inside. So, I got all the serial numbers off the board then e-mailed the manufacture with a request to buy a new board. You can get a new rain sensor and collector unit for about $30 but the board itself shouldn't cost more than $0.25 to make and $5.00 to buy. My bet is they will not sell us just the board but it's worth the effort to ask.

Then I went to my Uncle's house to look at his weather station which may have the same problem. I say may because there could be another issue with his because he replaced the batteries. He would not know that you need to reset the unit after new batteries are put in so I did that - well wait for the next rain to see if that worked. He also did not know how to reset all the readings as well so I did that too. Actually, on this unit, it is not intuitive as to what you should do so he got out the instruction book - trouble is the instruction book was for a different unit. I remembered what to do from the first time I set it up with the correct manual.

When I got home late morning I noticed Wendy has called twice on Skype - I called her back. She's in Atlanta playing with her girlfriends like Wheels and Marilyn while all were staying at Linda's house. I've known all these Deltoids for years and I know some of you have as well. In the last several months Wendy has fancied herself as a junior computer guru which means she tries to help everyone she visits with respect to there computers - she means well and is helpful for the most part. I must give credit to Wendy because she has learned a lot under my expert guidance - she clearly knows a lot more that those she tries to help.

Wendy's zeal to help gets her into a place where she knows no what to do - I understand, I get in the same place with my own computer or while trying to help others. I've learned that Google is my best friend when I've got a problem and I have the time and inclination to work on things. Yesterday Wendy was trying to figure out how to install a 'pirated' version of Rosetta Stone software her friend Linda bout on the streets in Soul, South Korea while flying for Delta. The pirated CD's installed just like the real CD's but unfortunately they did not have instructions for install the 4 CD's. Google and I figured it after I unsuccessfully tried to follow what Wendy had started.

In the process of installing Rosetta Stone, I of course opened the program. This looks like a really cool program for learning another language. I just might install the Spanish library and see if I like using it - I would like to speak Spanish. It seems to me one of the Brennan boys or maybe Tom actually has this program so I'll check there first. Stay tuned.

Today is Veterans Day here in the US. I'm among those millions of Americans that honor and respect the men and women who've served in our military. It sickens me to see far left liberals try to ban the American Flag from buildings, ceremonies, and the like. If they are ashamed of America just leave. We've gotten to the point where the tail wags the dog here in the US. Why small groups of anti-Americans can dictated to the overwhelming Americans who respect the flag is beyond me.

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Things Getting Worse

Mon 09 November 2009

Yesterday I purposely did not watch any of the news or Sunday talk shows but instead watched nothing but mindless entertainment on TV. I did sneak in a few documentaries but for the most part I watched fantasy. The 3 movies in "The Liberian" series were on TNT from about 2 to 8 - that is pure mindless fantasy which is just what I wanted. But this morning when I turned on TV it was back to the same old depressing news - I'm addicted to news.

Of course the first thing on the news was the House passage of the take-over of American's healthcare and freedoms by passing Obamacare. It passed by 2 votes late Saturday night with one single Looney congressman from New Orleans voting for while 46 Democrats voted against it. So now we have that evil extreme liberal hippie from San Francisco - Nancy Pelosi - hailing it passed with bipartisan vote! So if one single republican from liberal new Orleans votes yes and 46 democrats vote no then we are to believe it was bipartisan? If so, I'd say the bipartisan vote was against the bill not for the bill. Tell me, do any of you think that government should take over one sixth of the US economy while taking away your freedoms and rights with a margin of 2 votes? In a democracy the major wins even if the margin is one vote. With such an important vote one would think the majority should be more but it is not at least in the House.

This health care take-over leads me to believe the Obama Administration really doesn't care what Americans want - they just want more power and control of our lives through take-over, increased regulations, and more taxes. Who really believes the government can make better decisions about your life and your money?

The Obama thugs jammed through a "stimulus" bill that they said was needed immediately or unemployment might go above 8%. The bill was forced upon us as an "emergency" because of the Obama belief that should use a crisis to pass things that never would pass otherwise. Now we are at 10.2% unemployment which includes Americans admitting to looking for a job - how many aren't looking and just gave up? The stimulus bill was one huge pork barrel bill having very little to do with stimulus and almost nothing to do with long term growth. If I'm wrong then show me where I'm wrong.

The number one priority to Americans today is jobs followed by the wars, education, transportation with health care being about 6th on the list. Why does Obama spend time n health care takeover rather than jobs? Could it be his selfish "legacy"? Or his core socialist beliefs? I think both but that's just my opinion. If he really wanted to help Americans, he'd do things that help create jobs not increase unemployment.

Let me make an analogy. If you owned a house and wanted to add a room but government was getting ready to change the rules wouldn't you wait to see what the new rules are before you started the new room? Will the regulations about building increase the cost beyond your budget? Will the additional tax be too much for you? Will the government restrict your right to make decisions about the room beyond current restrictions? Well this is what small business - the engine that drives our economy - are facing today. What additional cost will a business have because of socialized health care? What additional taxes will be imposed? What will my energy cost go up to with the 'Cap & Tax' bill? What other Obama restriction will apply? The future is uncertain to business men and women - that's why they are not hiring. In fact, that is why unemployment goes up because businesses want to be as lean as necessary to survive under Obama's rules.

If Obama and his socialists thugs wanted to help the economy they should stop digging the hole deeper. Stop with new rules, new regulations, and new taxes. They should stop socializing the United States into the lowest common denominator. What they should do is give clarity into the future by dropping Obamacare and Cap & Tax. They should reduce the burden already on business by reducing taxes, not increasing taxes. When will sanity return ?

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Too Close

Sun 08 November 2009

I'm just returning from the local hospital where I went last night to have my heart restarted after that Tech game. Jeez! The Yellow Jackets did everything they could to lose the game to a prepared Wake Forrest team - a team ready to "upset" Georgia Tech and almost did. How many times have I said the team making the most mistakes might likely lose? That was Georgia Tech last night with penalty after penalty many of which enabled Wake to score and score they did. I knew it was going to be tough when Tech was favored to win by two touchdowns - the Jackets read too much of their own press.

There came a time when I thought the team would win and that time was in overtime. Down by 3 points with 4th down and about a half a yard to go, the Yellow Jackets went for a first down instead of kicking a safe field goal to send the game into double overtime. If they didn't get the first down the game was over. I think it gave the team a lot of confidence when Tech's coach went for the win when he could have played it 'safe'. Georgia Tech did get a first down and then scored on the very next play to barely get by Wake Forrest 30 - 27. Last night the team played poorly especially on defense. But then the offense looked bad too trying to pass when everyone knows the real key to the Yellow Jackets is the triple option. Oh well, a win is a win no mater how messy.

Yesterday the liberal control House of Representatives passed the 2000+ page take-over of the health industry in America. It now has to go to the Senate but if it passes there then you'll no longer be in control of your own health care decisions - government employees will be in charge. Yea, that's just what I want is some government union member deciding what I can and can not do from what insurance I have to what doctors I see to what procedures I'm allowed. So I ask you liberals out there who are reading this just what is it you like so much about the take-over of America's heath system? Can you please give me the three top reasons on your list? I can certainly give you a half a dozen reasons why I don't like it not the least of which is the huge deficits it will generate.

It is not only my lose of freedom from making decisions with my doctor about my health care that bothers me but it's the expense and huge leap in government control. Does anyone one out there really think this plan will reduce heath costs in the years ahead? Come on, really? Can you name just one government program that has cost less than projected? I'm losing hope of keeping my freedoms and if you don't feel the same way you are either un-informed or just plain stupid!

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One Fine Day

Sat 07 November 2009

Why is it that when it comes top the weekends when I don't go for coffee early in the morning I still get up early as hell - at 4:30 this morning and it's Saturday. Could it be that Sally Cat doesn't know it's the weekend and she puts her nose in my face wanting to be scratched? Or could it be that my built-in clock is stuck on early awaking and can not be rest? I've always gotten up early especially when I was working because the early bird has a better chance of finding a worm - the day is longer. Well for whatever reason, I still get up early even on weekends.

Sometimes when I'm up early on the weekends and I don't want to turn on my computers yet, I can find a good movie. That is not always the case but this morning I discovered a delightful romantic comedy staring George Clooney and Michelle Pfeiffer called "One Fine Day". So I was entertained for two hours with this movie - I generally like romantic comedies and this was no exception. For the most part I really like both actors - George Clooney is funning in most of his movies. What I don't much care for his Clooney's out in left field liberalism but he has the absolute right to be totally wrong. What gets me is why actors believe their opinion is more important than yours or mine. I appreciate actors for the skills not for their political opinions.

Yesterday one of my young buddies from the coffee group came over to - you guessed it - go for more coffee. There is a great little coffee/sandwich shop on Old Dixie which is where we go - this was not the first time. What amazes me is this guy's willingness and even interest in my extended esoteric bloviating (I'm not sure that's a word). He says he feels better after our meetings because he recognizes there's someone more out there than he is. This guy is a good kid that has gotten off a good path but has the ability to get back on the path - he tells me I'm helpful to him in that regard. I get a lot out of our coffee meetings as well. What continues to surprise me about people I run into at coffee -including this guy - is poor vocabulary. I guess I was lucky - I thought school really was a place to learn.

You know it is College Football Saturday - the Yellow Jackets play at 3:30 on ABC and ESPN. Their opponent - Wake Forrest - has a good team but all the same Georgia Tech should be able to win today's game. The problem is that the Tech team has a lot on injuries which will play a major factor in today's game. I'm still optimistic which is probably a bad thing - I'm setting myself up for a disappointment. I said early in the season Georgia Tech will lose games - the thing is there are only 3 games left in which they can lose. Will this be one of them? I certainly hope not.

This morning I need to go to the post office, to the store, and I should wash my dirty car. There is also a project on which I'm working that should take a couple hours so maybe I can wrap all this up before the noon kick-off of the game I'll watch - at this point I don't know which game. Off to do my chores.

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Tuesday's Elections

Thu 05 November 2009

Some of you have been wondering what my take was on the election outcomes - I've already mentioned I was disappointed with Debra Fromang's lose. I think she got caught up in the outrage of high utility bills here in Vero although she was not elected when the decision was made which resulted in the high utility bills. The people of Vero through out the old guys then elected new guys. It is not at all clear to me the "new" guys have a clue!

The election results followed by the media this week were from Virginia, New Jersey, and New York although I also took note that Atlanta elected it's first white mayor in about 30 years - the last one I remember was Sam Marcel. Of course I was pleased to see conservative governors elected particularly in the very liberal New Jersey. As the media has reported, there was a 20% swing from last year when Obama won suggesting voters don't like the "change" Obama is forcing onto Americans. Let's see...take over of big banks, take over of the car industry, tripling of the deficit , the largest 'pork' bill ion history called a stimulus , huge tax increases via 'cap & tax', Czars everywhere, and take over of the health industry. It seems to me voters were tired of Bush and elected Obama because he was not Bush - the Obama Administration must believe the same because they keep blaming their failures on Bush. When Obama got elected, independents voted 60% for him and 40% for McCain - on Tuesday, independents voted 70% for the conservatives and 30% for the liberal even in New Jersey.

The elections give me hope that Americans are waking up and not liking what they see - this is not the change most voters thought they were getting. Americans are recognizing that Obama can read a teleprompter really well and give continuing campaign speeches but falls way short on leadership. Any "leader" that continuing blames poor results on someone else (like blaming Bush) does not demonstrate those traits I look for in a leader. A real leader will try to fix things and not blame others. Trouble is, Obama's plans are making things worse, not better. If you are in a hole, stop digging for God's sake!! Taxing more, spending more, and taking over industries is a bad thing anytime but especially bad in a down economy. The only part of our economy that's growing is Government! Tell me, just how do you actually measure that a job was "saved"?

Particularly distressing is Obama's complete failure when it comes to our military and the wars overseas. Can't this guy make a decision and why in hell does he not follow the recommendation of his generals with decades of experience and knowledge? Does Obama think he'll have a better idea or is this purely a political decision? Frankly I believe Obama doesn't give a rat's ass about the wars but cares only about himself and his political posturing. I'm fed up to here and based on Tuesday's vote outcome, I don't think I'm alone.

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Lots of Stuff

Wed 04 November 2009

I've been busy and a lot has been going on since I last posted so let's get started with my pearls of wisdom and information. In no particular order....

Vero Beach had elections for City Counsel yesterday - the only person I voted for in the elections did not win..Debrah Fromang. It was amazing to me how few votes were necessary to win. There were 7 people running and the two seats were filled by the two top vote getters - one had just over 1000 votes and the other just under a 1000 votes. The total number of people who voted was likely under 2000 in a City of say 60,000 (?). When talking to T (you know who I mean - I just don't want to put his name here), he was not pleased with the outcome saying it could not have been much worse. I guess I'll see for myself over the next couple years.

While on the subject of Vero Beach, I want to report we've not had rain in several weeks until this past Sunday when more than 2.6 inches of rain fell in Vero Beach Monday, doubling a daily rainfall record set in 1982, according to officials with the National Weather Service in Melbourne. A real frog choker it was but needed. According to the paper, the 2.63 inches of rain measured Monday shattered the previous 1.28 inch daily record set in 1982. Having said that, this rain did not come anywhere near the rainfall in Atlanta back in September - wasn't it something like 8" in a day?

Kathryn has invited me to join her, Tommy, and other guests for Thanksgiving again this year. Of course I'll go knowing that not only will it be fun but you know how great Kathryn is when it comes to cooking. A real passion it is for her and I'm more than willing to be her beefeater. I'll even hold my tong when chatting with her liberal relatives unless I get attacked - best just to avoid political discussion all together.

I mentioned being Kathryn's beefeater - do you know what that means boys and girls? No, it does not having anything to do with the gin by the same name but from the dude's picture on the Beefeater bottle, you can get a hint. Many years ago in jolly old England, the royalty always had a beefeater who's purpose was to taste the King's food before the King ate it to make sure it was not poisoned - sort of like the canary in a mine...if the canary died, then there is methane gas around. Anyway, I'll be happy to test all the food just to confirm what we all know - it is great.

One of the on again - off again members of my coffee klatch whom I really don't know all that well called to ask me to lend him some $$. He said he & his wife were having issues, he was out of a job, and he needed to rent a motel room. Frankly I was not buying it but I'm willing to give him the benefit of the doubt so I agreed to loan $100 that quickly became $200. The issue is that he came back for more in less that 24 hours - this time $120. Politely I told him he need not come back to this well again - it has been my experience when people borrow $$ and then again soon, I never get repaid...ever! I hope I'm wrong this time but I'm not optimistic. When you're in a hole, stop digging is what I like to say - this guy continues to dig. I'll not mention where I think the money is going but I bet you all know what I think.

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Tech Looked Bad

Sun 01 November 2009

I watched some very close and exciting games yesterday including the Florida State win over North Carolina State 45 - 43. The Miami - Wake Forrest game was close too 18 - 17..Miami won although the trailed the whole game until the end. Reminds me of Georgia Tech in past years - they would be ahead then lose at the end.

I expected the Georgia Tech - Vanderbilt game to be somewhat boring thinking Tech would start out ahead and then just run up the score but I was wrong! In fact, the game was tied 28 to 28 at the end of the first half. Vanderbilt pulled-off two big plays for touchdowns. In fact, it was not until the 4th quarter that I was even sure Georgia Tech would even beat Vanderbilt, a team that has a rather poor record. The touchdown Gods looked favorably on Tech as the did pull away in the 4th quarter winning 56 - 31. The game was a lot closer than the score would indicate. I thing the GT defense forgot what they were suppose to do! A win is a win even as sloppy as this win was for the Yellow Jackets. On to Wake Forrest this weekend.

It was Halloween last evening and I did get two trick or treat visitors last evening. One was a young boy with his older sister and the second was 4 teenagers with a younger brother of one of them. I had candy so that was a good thing - there's candy left for me this moring..snickers. The night was rather un-eventful as far as Halloween goes but not so with the football games.

By now I guess you know daylight savings time is over so you are to turn your clock back one hour. I heard this stupid nonsense on TV saying, "Oh, you can sleep an extra hour". Bullsh*t! My internal clock did not have a clue so instead of waking around 5 am I woke at 4 am. I can't just stay in bed because the clock changed because I did not change - when I'm up, I'm up! I wish I could just turn over and go back to sleep but there is not a snowball's chance in Hell for me.

Rush Limbaugh is going to be on FOX News Sunday this morning so I will not want to miss that - Rush rarely gives interviews. My plan for the day is to watch TV and more TV with the idea of staying away from my computer. Hopefully I'll be able to take a nice nap later today. A movie with watching will be nice too.

Kathryn's small 10" computer stopped working so I offered to help. She said it gave her a 'black screen of death' but as far as I know, there is no such thing. If your computer crashes, you get a blue screen. It would not boot but I discovered the problem and now it works ok. What happened is the battery almost died so in survival mode, it turned off the screen to save energy. When she tried to run off the AC power source it was a no-go for her. With my ohm meter I discovered a bad connection in the power supply so I think it is good to go now.

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