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Happy Halloween

Sat 31 October 2009

I've told you folks about my new grill which I like a lot - it cooks fast, evenly, and with little fuss or mess. I've cooked burgers on it before but last evening I put a steak on it. Wow..it did a fabulous job! Cooked perfectly with those grill marks, the steak had a wonderful flavor without being dried out. I do have to be very watchful of the time because this grill cooks things very quickly - the steak took about 3.5 minutes for 'medium'. I'm most pleased with this purchase.

Georgia Tech plays Vanderbilt tonight at 7:30 pm in Nashville, Tennessee. On the FOX News channel this morning I notice a heavy rain event moving through the area but hopefully the rain will be over by game time. The field will be wet unless they covered it with tarp - Georgia Tech covers their field with tarp in an event like this. Tech is favored to win and unless they make mistakes, they will win based on what I know about both teams. Vanderbilt's offense is almost non-existent and of course you know the Yellow Jackets have an offensive that no one has really been able to stop. Plus, the defense is getting better every week. I just hope the team is not reading the press releases about being favored by 10 points.

There are other great games before tonight's game which I will of course be watching. At this point I'm not sure just which games I'll watch - it will depend on the scoring. I like high scoring games that are close like Georgia Tech's game with Florida State - 48 - 42.

It is Halloween so I've purchased some candy in case I get trick or treat kids at my door. Last year was my first year here and I expect a lot of kids...I got just one little girl that John scared with his pirate outfit. I've not got a custom this year - my natural look is scary enough. Based on last year, I don't expect may visitors. Oh, I've decided to give beer to the older guys if I get any - not! Good idea but I don't want to go to jail.

Have you heard about the movie, Paranormal Activity? It is playing in theaters now and apparently is very popular. It has none of the big Hollywood glitz but people who've seen it say it is scary. The reviews say it is more "real" because it does not have the Hollywood staging. Now here comes the zinger - on FOX News this morning they gave a report on the movie. It was made by 3 people - count them - three people so one actor was also a camera man when not acting. Hold onto your seats....the movie cost $11,500 to make and thus far has grossed $65,000,000!!!!! Holy shit batman, can you believe that? The 3 young people who made it have a rather Hugh profit margin I'd say even after promotional costs. I wonder if the Obama thugs will want to take 90% of the profits because they are too successful and have made too much? We wouldn't want citizens to be successful without punishing them for their success now would we Obama?

You folks do know the Florida - Georgia game is today, don't you? I know a lot of you are Florida fans.

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Liberal Hatred

Fri 30 October 2009

I was watching the Hannity program on FOX News last night - I was stunned by what I heard. First I need to tell you that there was a studio audience all from New Jersey there being question by Shawn and Frank Lutz, a pollster. They were asked things like how many voted for Obama - answer was about 70% but remember, New Jersey is a very liberal state so you should expect that. When asked if Obama was doing a good job meeting their expectations only about 35% - 40% said yes. Thus far, I'm not surprised with what was happening.

Then the questioning continued about taxes and programs - most (probably 70%) think that the rich should be taxed a lot more to pay for social programs - still I'm not surprised. It was interesting when Hannity asked what percentage of their income should the "rich" pay in taxes, no one, I mean no one had an answer most just thought it should be more than it current is. When told that the top 1% of income earners currently pay 40% of all federal income taxes they still didn't think the "rich" pay enough. Here's were I started to get surprised because it has always been my belief that most people don't have a clue as to who pays what and if they did their opinion would be different - not with these New Jersey liberals!

The real surprise was when a couple women said it is the Government's job to take care of her and that Government should follow the Marxist belief "from whom according to their ability and to whom according to their need"! Huh? What's up with that? These women must have been filled with hate and jealousy otherwise why would they say that? I wish Shawn would have asked them if they should give up some of what they have to help those who have less. My guess is they'd not only say no, but hell no. Most people - but not all - what other people to give up more but not themselves.

For the most part the crowd was angry at Wall street especially the income of the top producers. Yet, they were not angry at "Arod" or other professional athletes for making millions or even hundreds of millions. No were they angry at the Hollywood crowd and other entertainers - it was just evil Wall Street and high paid CEO's. These two women asked, "how much do these people need"? Huh? What business is it of their's how much people need as opposed to how much they make? Marxists and Socialist like these people really scare me.

If Hannity had been on his toes, he would have explained that hardworking business men/women are the engine that keeps this country growing, not Government. And if these people did not want to succeed and grow, just where in the hell would jobs come from in the first place? If Bill Gates didn't have the burning desire to create a company and grow it, where would the tens of thousands Microsoft employees be work? The same can be said about any of these big evil corporations all of which were started by Americans with a dream. If you take more and more away from these business people, where is their incentive to grow more and hire more people if the fruits of their energy and labor is confiscated by Government?

I also wish Hannity would have asked how many had a retirement plan of some nature then follow it up with is it really your wish for employers and big companies to be taxed to death which in turn will make their retirement plans worth a lot less? I hat to say this but many of these people must be poorly educated and just down have a clue or they are filled with hate, anger, and jealousy. I say this because all of them wanted more for themselves - none wanted to give up more. I was not surprised some thought this way but rather I was surprised at the extreme bitterness, antagonism, and out right hate these people displayed.

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I Voted

Wed 28 October 2009

All is well here in Vero - I've just been really busy of late. It seems I've created a monster in my little website cottage business. One of the folks for whom I built a site wants me to make flyers so they can hand them out. I don't think so - at least not now. One thing is certain, when I don't like doing this anymore, I'll stop. I don't want this business - hobby of mine to become work. Thus far I've not had any issues but I do find folks coming back for more information, updates, or help on something. Most of my effort is not time consuming once I've built a site but if I've built a lot, then it could be time consuming. I must not interfere with playing on my computer with other things or prevent me from watch FOX News and other TV programming.

I went to the City of Vero Beach's voting office to vote early for next week's elections. The only elections are for City Counsel members - two will be elected. The top two vote-getters will win - there is only one person I wanted to vote for so I did not vote for a second. My reasoning is I'd give a vote to someone I do not know. Of course I voted for Debra Fromang, David Fromang's spouse. She is articulate, intelligent, and has the experience. In addition to that, I know both her and David on a social bases which gets me belief I might actually be able to talk to a City Counsel member. BTW, David is Starr's brother and John's uncle whom I've know all of my life.

I've been thinking about trying to sell my laptop on Craig's List. There is nothing wrong with it, I just would like to try Windows 7 and a nice new fast laptop seems a good way to do that. The Dell Inspiron 1720 looks new - it doesn't have a scratch on it and I've rarely used it. I take it to the Keys each Summer but that's about it. Occasionally I'll have it booted while working on another computer so I can do searches and testing. It's a decent machine with a 2.0 GHz processor, 2 GB of RAM, 150 GB hard drive, 17" screen, built in web camera, and a DVD/CD burner. In addition, it has or I can install Microsoft Office 2007, Adobe Creative Suite 4, AVG Security Suite with a 10 year license to mention a few. If someone wanted any of this software, it would be a good buy. I could event install a fresh copy of Vista if a buyer wanted it then install the software I have to offer. What should I ask for the machine? Others with less power, smaller screen, and no valuable software are being listed at $400 to $500. Ton replace the laptop without the software, a purchaser would likely need to spend $800 or more I think. The laptop I would buy will cost about $1300 or a bit more I think. Do you think I could get $600? After all, I could make it just like a new machine with a fresh install of Vista. I'll give that some further thought. I really don't need a new laptop, I just want one.

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Windows 7

Mon 26 October 2009

The schedule gods have done it again - they've scheduled the Georgia Tech - Vanderbilt game for 7:30 Saturday night. I don't like night games because they keep me up late and when they are over, it's hard to go to sleep no matter if Georgia Tech wins or loses - I' always wired after a game. However, it is more tolerable if Tech wins because at least when I do go to sleep, I'll be in a good mood and have great dreams. As of now, the game is on CSS and ESPN360 but not on regular broadcasts or ESPN. At lest I will be able to see it and I think CSS does have a HD option.

Do you know Windows 7 is now released to the public and is being installed on new shipments from computer manufactures? I would love to get a machine with Windows 7 on it just because it's the newest hottest operating system from Microsoft. The machines I have now work fine but newer is better, isn't it? Well, not always - I don't think Vista is better than XP and in fact I'd rather not use it. However the word on Windows & is good thus far based on reviews I've read. And, you know that Microsoft will stop supporting XP very soon now that Windows 7 is out.

I've been looking at new machines for Windows 7 rather than upgrading one of my present machines. Of course I'd want to try the latest improvements in processors which apparently is Intel CoreTM i5 processors or Intel CoreTM i7 processors. The Intel Core 2 Quad Q8300 is also fast and might even be more practicable for me. You see, even though there are faster processors capable of multi-tasking, I'm not sure I use my computer in a fashion where by the extra power and speed would be noticeable. Rarely do I do several things at one time requiring a lot of muscle - the Adobe programs are probably the most demanding. For now I'll do nothing. I'll wait for a buying opportunity as I'm sure they will come along.

Part of Saturday and all of yesterday I had one of my headache events. The good news is I had meds to help me through it and now today all is back to normal. I don't have a clue what causes these events but then people with migraines don't know what causes them either. At least they are treatable.

Over night I sleep longer than I have in a long time - in fact I can't remember the last time I got 9 1/2 hours of sleep. In part, I think the medication I was taking for my headache made me drowsy but that's not the total; reason in my opinion. Yesterday was rather a mind-numb day in that I wasn't working on a project but just watching TV. Plus I did not take an stimulants during the day in part because of the headaches. Today I feel fine.

I've been talking tom Wendy a lot over the past several days - she's in the US making her rounds. I thought I'd post here picture so you can remember who she is.

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Yellow Jackets are Convincing

Sun 25 October 2009

Of course I'm most pleased this morning with Georgia Tech's win over Virginia, a team they've not beaten at Virginia for over 10 years I believe. It's not just the win that I'm happy about but also the belief I know have that the Georgia Tech offense can score against anybody and in the process control the ball for a great part of the game. Also, the defense has gotten better each week as teams Tech plays score less and less against them. In the beginning of the season, it was the team that scored last that won because the games were so close. Not anymore - Georgia Tech is beginning to really be the team to beat in the ACC. What can I say...the offense is awesome!

Funny thing, I found the Georgia Tech game to be less interesting to me then other games because of Tech's dominance. In fact, if it were not "my team", I probably would not have watched the whole game. The Clemson - Miami and Tennessee - Alabama games were much more interesting. BTW, Miami lost against Clemson and that is a good thing. I noticed how the top rated teams in the country - Florida & Alabama - struggled to win their games but win the did none the less. Too bad the Tennessee field goal got blocked or Alabama would have lost. But that's not what happened. Each week the games get more interesting not only because of the play but the impact on standings.

I found a new TV series I like - it debuted on the USA network Friday night at 10 pm - past my bedtime but I watched none the less. The series has a great concept and the characters are very likeable. Of course it has mystery mixed with humor similar to Burn Notice. Know that the Monk series is going to end, at least I like the new series coming in. I still wonder why such a popular show as Monk is ending - I'm thinking it must be $$$.

The PC-Cillon antivirus software on my laptop was to expire next month which means another annual payment. I like PC-Cillon except the version on my laptop does not have a firewall like the one on my desktop. So, I decide to install AVG Internet Security Suite 10 - this is the latest release of the same program I put on John's and Lina's computer. AVG is easy to use and effective against most nasty things crawling around the internet. This version 10 was just released but I of course found it at my usually program source for commercial software "on the cheap' sort of speak.

The set-up went well and the license key I used worked so I was good to go so I did a scan. Unfortunately during the scan I got a "warning" from the bowels of my computer causing it to reboot. This is not the same thing as a crash or BSOD - it is one step before crashing. I tried the scan again which yielded the same results. Normally such warnings are caused by incompatible drivers which suggests to me I need to update some drivers. But here is the funny thing - this has happened before and as best I can remember it was after I installed Adobe CS 4 while in Islamorada this past Summer. The think the warning came from the same source but I won't know unless it happens again.

Rather than get all bothered, I ran a scan in the safe mode without a glitch and then scanned individual files while booted in the normal mode - still no problems. I have not tried a complete scan in the normal boot mode again so I'll be interested to see what happens and if I get a warning again, I'll write down the info.

Does anyone believe as I do that the government is over-reacting to the H1N1 virus? It is bad of course but not as bad as the regular seasonal virus. So why all the fuss about this being so dangerous when in fact it is not? I think the Obama Administration wants another 'crisis' in order to seize more control of our lives. I would not think this way if the White House chief of staff had not said a crisis should not be wasted - meaning we can seize more power during a "crisis". Then this morning I found Obama declared it a national emergency - something that is rarely used by a president. This is a ploy to divert attention from Obama's failures and poor leadership onto something else most citizens can understand...the flu. This White House is evil, power hungry, and attacks anyone who disagrees with them. I used to think Obama would just not be a good president - now I think he is as dangerous to our freedoms as our foreign enemies.

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Wonderful Pork Roast

Fri 23 October 2009

Last night I had some of the pork roast Kathryn sent over to me and as expected, it was wonderful. Not over-cooked, full of flavor, and tender as it could be. I've cooked pork roasts before but mine never come out like his did - why is that? Why is it that some people can just make everything taste great while others like me struggle. TB has been slimming down a bit but I've not got a clue as to how he can do that with Kathryn's cooking! Oh, I cooked some jasmine rice to go with the pork - it's hard to screw up rice although I've succeed in doing so in the past.

There was an exciting game on ESPN last night - Florida State played North Carolina in an ACC match-up. The first have of the game belonged to NC but the second half belonged to FSU. In the end, FSU came from way behind to beat NC 21 - 17. I watched most of the game through the beginning of the 4th quarter when it was time for me to go to bed.

Of course this brings me to tomorrow's college games which get more important as the season moves along. Georgia tech goes to the University of Virginia tomorrow to play UVA at noon. The Yellow Jackets have not beaten UVA in Virginia in several years including the last 3 tries. Having said that, this team is not the same team which lost in the past and if GT plays as well as they can, they should beat UVA. You see, that's what's bothering me...I'm not expecting Georgia Tech to win. You know what my coffee group says - expectations are set-ups for disappointments. So before the game even starts, I need to wrap my head around accepting the outcome in an effort to minimize my disappointment if the lose. The good news is the game starts at noon so I won't be all tied up in a knot when even comes - the last 3 games have been at night.

One of the young guys that comes to coffee from time to time dropped by yesterday morning - I've not seen him in over 6 months. Like many of our coffee klatch, he has come and gone filling the spaces between come with misery. No, it is not Jason but I can't tell you who it is without his permission. I really like this kid - he has a very kind personality and it is fun to talk with him. Although he has had some rough times, he keeps on coming back which in the long run gives he the greatest chance for happiness.

Lately the stock market has been trading in a range just above and just below 10,000. The good news is that I've gained back on paper about half of what I lost on paper - you don't have a realized gain or loss until you sell. I'm just wondering how much damage the Obama Administration can bring to bare in stock values if the things being worked on now pass. Most economists believe the Cap & Tax bill and especially the Obamacare bill will reek havoc on the stock market because of the huge cost/tax increase to businesses and individuals. Increased costs because of government regulations is never ever a good thing for the markets. Profit margins tank without a realized return elsewhere - just more spending, spending, spending. Just damn!

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Congress is Miss-leading Us

Thu 22 October 2009

Last night was a restless night for me - I awoke 4 or 5 times which is not normal. This usually happens men my brain is processing a lot of stuff instead of being shutdown overnight. If I knew a safe way of turning it off, I would about 10 every night. I guess I'll just have to deal with it and move on. Oh, did I mention I woke up just before 5 am in time to watch the O'Reilly Factor from last night before Imus and FOX & friends start at 6 am. You would think that at this point in my life I'd be able to sleep better given the fact I have more sleep time available - it doesn't work that way.

Great news from Comcast, my ISP and cable TV provider. Next week they are adding 25 High Definition channels to their line-up - these are channels already available but not in HD up until now. For the most part, these channels were already available in HD on my DirectTV satellite. If I had to chose between Comcast or Direct TV for television, I'd chose Direct TV - they have more programming, more HD channels, and they are less expensive. The only trouble with DirectTV is you lose the signal during some rainstorms which we get around here especially in the Summer. But, I need a internet provider and Comcast is the very best available in Vero as far as I know. Having both is over-kill for most, but not for me - I watch a lot of TV and want as many options as I can get. Remember, more is better!

Last even Bridget delivered a meals-on-wheels package from Kathryn which contained roasted pork and what I believe is a homemade soup or stew. She is a great cook so I know already I'll like it even though I've not tried it yet. She was more than generous giving me enough for several feedings. I can't eat too much healthy food because I must have room for Blue Bell ice cream. In Florida, Blue Bell is my favorite off the shelf ice cream.

I need to correct something from yesterday's post - I said citizens would be fined between $500 and $1000 dollars for not buying into a $8000 health plan for an individual. I was wrong! A report on the news last night said the "fine" could be as low as $100 to $200. Once again I ask....why would anyone pay $8000/year for something they don't need when you can pay just a couple hundred dollars a year and the get what you whenever you need it? Does this plan make any sense to any of you folks? If it does, can you explain why to me?

Another thing...the Obama Administration claims "health care legislation" needs to be passed right away. It is critical. People are going to die. People are losing their health care because of unemployment. Well if 'heath care' is so damn urgent, why is it that the plans' benefits will not begin until 5 years from now? Why? I can tell you why. You see, the taxes, fees, and Medicare cuts start immediately while benefits don't start for at least 5 years in order to have a 'deficit neutral' program. In other words, the plans call for 10 years of revenue but only 5 year of benefits - does any see a problem with that? After 10 years the plans will run up huge deficits every year forever and you know it will cost a whole hell of a lot more than the projections as does every other government program.

I'm sick of the liberal bastards miss-leading Americans. I'm sick of their arrogant and condescending attitudes. What do you think?

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Lost Freedoms

Wed 21 October 2009

Usually this paged is reserved for talking about my exciting, fun-filled life here in glorious Vero Beach - today I just have to jump in with some comments about the dangerous Obama administration because I think even the most liberal reader while even see my point. Oh yes, I know some of you are you left-leaning liberals who basically hate all things conservative - include reports from outlets considered right of center in the political arena. Because the 'fringe media' aka "mainstream media" are not reporting things happening in and with the Obama administration so my wealth of knowledge may be the only source you read. Here goes.

Recently the White House has declared FOX News a "non-news" outlet because they don't like the factual reporting coming from FOX News. Wait a minute.....when is it the job of the White House to decide what news outlets are "real news" outlets and which are not? The White House went even farther to "warn" other news outlets that for the most part are "in the tank" for the Obama Administration not to purse any news coming from FOX or they might find themselves in the same situation.

Does this bother any of you liberals out there? Does it seem maybe just a bit out of bounds for the White House to condemn and boycott a NEWS outlet just because they don't like the truthful but unfavorable reporting about the Obama Administration? Can anyone say First Amendment? You see, the First Amendment is not in place to protect favorable speech but just the opposite - it is there to protect unfavorable speech. The White House is acting just like Richard Nixon acted in attacking news outlets or even worse, a dictator like Hugo Chavez. In my opinion (which is the correct opinion of course) the Obama Administration has gone over the top and are way, way out of bounds in their action toward FOX News. Even the most liberal of liberals in the news business think the Administration is very wrong on this, after all, what if they don't like something reported by The New York Times, MSMBC, or CNN- who's next on their hate list?


This thin-skinned White House has acted as a bully toward some organization or company they don't like. Take for example the White House attacks and threats towards the health company called Humana Health Care. When Humana sent out a letter to their policyholders and clients suggesting that Obamacare will increase premiums across the board, the White House told them to stop doing that or face consequences. So tell me, since when is it OK for the White House to sensor communications between a company and it's clients? What the hell is up with this? Are we now to believe the White House thinks it is ok to to sensor or attack companies that communicate with their clients if the White House doesn't like the communication?!! The White House has NO business interfering with private business in this manner.

So lets say Obamacare becomes reality - will Obama and his White House thugs think they should control communications between doctor & patient? Will the White House publish a list of things doctors can not say to patients? I know the White House will limit care as they do know with Medicare and the VA Hospital. What other part of our lives will the Obama administration try to control? I can only pray that Obamacare fails - if you think otherwise, then perhaps you've not been informed on just what's in Obamacare.

As many of you know, I was once in the insurance business including providing group health insurance plans for our clients' business. Those were the good old days when you could buy health insurance and not break the bank. Today of course it is much different do in part to the leaps in medical technology and the expense of such leaps. One thing I understood is health insurance for employers worked because all employees were covered - well ones and sick ones. This meant the expenses of coverage was spread among a lot of people. Now along comes Obamacare that mandates everyone buy health insurance or pay a fine also known as a surcharge tax. First, where in the constitution does it say that the Federal Government can mandate citizens to buy ANYTHING? What happened to freedom of choice? Even with Medicare, you don't have to take it if you don't want it without having to pay a fine.

Here's one of the MAJOR problems with the plan. If you opt to buy insurance as mandated by Obamacare, then you'll be charged about $8000 per year for an individual and $16,000 to $20,000 for a family of four. But if you refuse, you'll be "fined" $500 to $1000 per year based on current language. Now here comes the catch 22 - Obamacare says that no one can be turned down for care so can you explain to me why health people would pay $8000/year instead of $1000/year?! You see, one could pay $1000 until a sickness occurred then elect to be covered because they could not be turned down. Does this make any sense to any of you? How long would a fire insurance company stay in business if by law they had to cover people who's house is already on fire!?!?

The Obama Administration is the most dangerous entity in our country today because of their destructive policies and practices. It is time for us to wake up, pay attention, and contact Congress. If we don't our country is doomed at least as we've known it for over 233 years! Is this the change you wanted?

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Cooler Here

Tue 20 October 2009

For reasons I can't explain, I slept longer over night than I have since....well, I can't remember. Could it possible be that it cold cool inside my house because the temperatures dropped to about 52 overnight? It is true that colder temperatures do cause you to be drowsy but can these few degrees inside my house make a difference? I'm going to test that theory the next time it cools down overnight by leaving my heater either off or on a low temperature.

I hate calls to solicit money for anything - I'd rather get a letter than a call that interrupts whatever I'm doing especially a nap. A few weeks ago I made the BIG mistake of giving money to a Dick Morris Fund who's object was to stop the take-over of my health care. That was my mistake...I gave money. Since then I've gotten several calls asking for more money. Once you make the mistake of giving in the first place they will hound you to death. The only way to give money is through a money order that can not be traced back. If you use a check or credit card, they can find you and then call, call, and call again. In this case I asked to speak with a supervisor to demand my name be purged from their list. In the future, I hope not to make the same mistake - if I don't give, maybe they will not find me.

I watched a Spanish movie subtitled in English for a couple hours. It was a suspense-thriller type movie that got my attention. I will not bore you with the details - I personally don't like hearing the details about a movie someone else has seen. FYI..the name of the movie was "King of the Mountain" - I've not got a clue if you would hate it or love it.

I discovered an entry in my HijackThis log that looked suspicious so I tried to 'fix' it. Trouble is, it wouldn't go away until I did research which gave me some ideas to try. I found an entry in my start-up list that was not named - the entry was just blank. So, I removed it from the list and sure enough the entry went away in my HJT log. I was hoping this was the culprit which tries to access the internet but gets blocked by my Malwarebytes applications but alas it was not. I've still not located what is trying to "call home" but I'll keep on looking. Whatever it is, it's hiding really well.

As I was wandering through the Vero Beach sheriff's arrest log as I do from time to time, I discovered an 18 year old teenager was arrested for "Misdemeanor Open House Party". Huh? What the heck do you have to do to get arrested for that? What is a Misdemeanor Open House Party anyway? I wonder because TB & Kathryn have had issues with their next door neighbor, Party Hardy, for the noise he makes late at night yet he's never been arrested. So you can see my why I'm amazed at this teenager being arrested for an open house party. Was it too loud? There was no mention of underage drinking although it would not surprise me if in fact there was. And if there was underage consumption of adult beverages, why was that not listed? Sometimes I really wonder about the Sheriff's department priorities.

Starr said she and Alex had a great time visiting John in Tallahassee this past weekend. It was a great opportunity to show Alex what campus life is all about compared to IRSC. Plus I think they all missed one another even though John has gone away before. However, this is likely the longest time away from home and the beginning of what will likely be his permanent move from home. From my point of view, it would be great if John set up shop here in Vero after college but I predict that will not happen - opportunities are greater elsewhere like in Atlanta for example. Time will tell.

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Great Football Day

Sun 18 October 2009

Of course I've a very happy camper this morning after Georgia Tech beat 4th ranked Virginia Tech 28 - 22 last night - I could even watch most of the game without an anxiety attack. I'll watch the whole game on a replay sometime this week to see if Georgia Tech still wins. Now the problem is that I thing the team can win most any game remaining in this season but I'd bet your favorite pet that the team will lose again - that's just how these things go. So I'll be disappointed I just don't know when. Could I be wrong? Unlikely.

There were several games I watched stating at noon and then past the GT game - I was up to past midnight with the excitement of the win. The Florida - Arkansas game was a close one - I bet TB was nervous if he could even stand to watch it. Like me, he gets anxious about these games. So while it was cloudy and turning cooler, I parked myself in front of my TV for most of the day.

Yesterday morning I made a Home Depot run to get a few things like a new light bulb for my water dispenser on the outside of my refrigerator, some counter top polish, and a new rubber plug for the disposal side of my sink - pretty exciting don't you think? While out, I went by Starr's home to feed her cat who was dutifully waiting for me. Then to the PO to pick up a new battery charger - plug-in for my laptop so that I can leave it in my bedroom suite. Often I'll bring my laptop into the room and place it on my writing table which enables me to watch TV and my computer at the same time. Why not just use the laptop battery you ask? It runs down in about 30 - 45 minutes - I need a new battery.

I've tried my new grill with great results - the only problem was that I cooked my burger a bit too long. After a few tests, I'm sure I'll get my timing down and in fact will likely do better than using my stove top. I think I'm going to like this easy to use grill with the only disappointment being I didn't buy it sooner. BTW, that was the only problem with the first HDTV I bought in Atlanta - I should have purchased one sooner. Now that I'm an old fart with a wealth of experience, I'm not going to wait to buy something like a TV or appliances because it's stupid if I eventually buy an item anyway.

Yesterday was a headache day although not a real bad one. Of course I have drugs to kill my headache but I don't like taking them. You see, it would be too easy for me to take them when I really don't need them and/or take more than I need. Which leads me to report that I've not been taking as much Adderall as Dr. Direct suggests I take for the same reason - I may take more than I really need although I've not had that inclination at all.

When I woke up it was 55 outside this morning - cool temperatures for the first time sine back in March. All I can say is it's about time!

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Vero's 90th Birthday

Fri 16 October 2009

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John's Got a Job

Thu 15 October 2009

It's still hot here and I'm getting tired of hot here in the middle of October. Two out of the past 3 days Vero's temperature tied the record high of 91. It's Fall for God's sake - where is the cool weather? Well, word has it that slightly cooler temperatures will head our way this weekend - it might get down to 68 or something.

News from John in Tallahassee - he's got a new job at what has been described to me as an up scale restaurant where he'll be a bar-back. I was pleased to hear he'll be a bar-back as opposed to being on top of the bar! Actually this is the job one does before becoming a bartender if he has that in mind. If the qualifications include consuming alcohol, he certainly qualifies. Frankly, I think his earning potential there is better than any alternative while keeping his clothes on!

It's property tax time again for my lot in Atlanta and my house here in Vero. The good news for me is my tax liability for the Florida house is much less than what I was paying in Atlanta. Ditto on the insurance for the house as well. Of course the house is less valuable but frankly is much more practical when it comes to size - I really can't complain. My plans are to squat in this house until they need to take me out in a body bag - hopefully a long time from now.

This morning I got an e-mail from someone for whom I built a website - I thought right away it was a scam although the sender's e-mail account was real. First, the alleged sender would not send such a e-mail in my opinion and second, the e-mail format looked like a scam. I contacted the person asking about the e-mail and sure enough, he did not send it. I was not surprised. It was about an online electronics store in China. I don't believe the e-mail was dangerous unless someone actually tried to buy something which means they could steal your credit card number used to purchase an item. I've offered top fix the problem and I'm awaiting a response now.

The simplest thing to do is send an e-mail to everyone in the address book advising about the scam then change the password on the account. You see, the hackers already have the addresses in the address book and they know the e-mail address. Once you know a real e-mail address it is easy to send e-mails that appear to come from that address by using a SMTP client that will cloak the real sender. These internet hackers and scam artists are good.

I looked at the college football betting lines to see what those who put up money think about the Georgia Tech - Virginia Tech game Saturday night. I'm pleased to report that Virginia Tech (#4 in the country) is favored to win - I always think Georgia Tech does better when they are the underdog. If GT can avoid mistakes and beef up their defense, I think Georgia Tech could possible win although it seems unlikely.

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Miss Me?

Wed 14 October 2009

Yesterday was sort of a day off for me - a day I didn't spend hours on my computer either trying to fix things are more site work. actually, I've gotten most of the stuff I'd promised to do or projects I've taken on behind me. There is a lull which feels pretty go now. Worry not, I'm sure I'll be on something else soon.

As reported on Monday, my house keepers did indeed come back with the same attention to detail I've come to expect. They'll put me on the every two week rotation like I've had in the past. As you know, I keep the house clean but I don't dust, I don't do floors, and I don't do windows - my house keepers do. They will be here on Friday to clean my windows inside and out - they certainly need it.

I've referred them to Kathryn who has been looking for some new housekeepers. She said she was impressed with their meeting on Monday afternoon and they will be at the Barnes River estate today for a "first clean". What Kathryn likes about them as do I, they will clean anything - today they'll clean the inside of Kathryn's refrigerator. Well see how things go but I'm pretty sure she'll like them as much as I do.

The DeLonghi Grill I bought was delivered yesterday - it appears to be in perfect shape new in the box. I've not tried it yet but I plan to do so very soon when I cook either a hamburger or a nice steak. I'm hoping this will be the appliance I've been looking for to cook meat inside my house without using the microwave or oven. I don't know about you but I think meat cooked in a microwave sucks! It just tastes bad. For cooking frozen foods, I think microwaves are the best - they just don't seem to do well with fresh meats of any nature.

I got a e-mail from the Mercedes dealership in Ft. pierce announce a $70 rebate on the purchase of 4 new Michelin tires. I gave it consideration but I think I still have a good bit of time left on the tires I have now because I don't go very far. You will find this amazing, but I've not filled my tank with gas since the end of August! If I keep this pace up, I'll go two months on one tank which means I'm not going very far thus my tires should last about 13 more years at this pace. Well, not really but I don't need to buy new tires now for $190 a piece.

I'm still get Malwearbytes alerts saying that access to a questionable site has been block - that's a good thing. The problem is that I don't know what application is trying to contact China! I've searched and searched with no success - I can't find where the bugger is hiding. I've not found the utility that will tell me what program is trying to access the internet although I know some firewalls will do exactly that. My TrenMicro security suite will not tell me what I need to know but the AVG Internet Security suite will. I just hate to uninstall TrenMicro until my license runs out just for this one thing. Hmm...what to do?

Here's a picture of my house at dusk with the landscape lights on - cool, huh?

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House Keepers Return

Mon 12 October 2009

The good news for me this morning is that my housekeepers have returned after being gone for over a month. It sure is nice to have them back because I trust them and they are second to none when comes to attention to detail. Oh sure, I can clean my house in the detailed way they do but I don't want to - I'm too lazy. Besides, I've had a hose keeper since my days at the Cross Creek apartments in Atlanta in 1970. You know I like things to be neat, clean, and tidy - I'm just not interested in doing it myself.

Captain Matt called last night as he was headed back to Atlanta from a golfing weekend in Tallahassee with some of his fraternity brothers from college. He reported he had a great time, played a lot, and stayed out of trouble which is a good thing. One of the games he played was at night with golf balls that glowed when you hit them - how does that work? How can you smack the living daylights out of a bal and then it glows for a few minutes but stops glowing until you fit it again. It's got to be some sort of chemicals that illuminate when agitated don't you think? I've been in tropical waters where you will find creatures that glow once the water is agitated so I assume it's the same thing. Night golf - who would have thunk [sic] it?

I watched a replay of the Georgia Tech - Florida State game yesterday afternoon. It was easier to watch when I knew the outcome but was hard to watch live - my anxiety level builds no matter what happens. I must say that Georgia Tech has a darn good offense but I'm not convinced their defense is all that great. Going against a passing team like Virginia Tech this weekend will be a hell of a challenge. This will be one heck of a challenge for Georgia Tech but if the team can minimize turning the ball over and get the special team up to snuff, they have a chance of winning. I just think the Virginia Tech team has a better defense that did Florida State.

Some of you have been asking about my meds becauseI've not mentioned them in awhile. Well, I think I've arrived at a point where by my meds work, the dosage is correct, and at this point I'm not unhappy with the results. Of course there could be another medication or combination that is better but for now I'm willing to give this protocol a longer time to see what happens.

I've got a ton of things to do so I'm off to Wally world, Publix, and Walgreen's .

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What a Game!

Sun 11 October 2009

TECH WINS 48 - 44!

Holy sh*t batman...what a game! In case you didn't stay up until after midnight watching the Florida State - Georgia Tech game, I'm here to report Georgia Tech won 49 - 44 in an offensive battle. I really like high scoring games especially if my team comes out on top. The bad news about the game is that once again Georgia Tech has confirmed they have a lousy defense against the pass and next week they'll face a powerful Virginia Tech team that passes a lot. BTW, VT beat Boston College yesterday 44 - 12 or something like that.

I knew that Georgia Tech came to win the game because the very first time Georgia Tech had possession of the ball, they went for a first down on 4th down with 3 yards to go for a first and they were just mid-field. I would venture to say that 99.99% of college football coaches would not have gone for a first down with 3 yards to go especially at mid-field on their first possession. Sure if your down by a couple touchdowns with 2 minutes left to play you do that but not with 57 minutes left to play. BTW, Georgia Tech did make the first down - what one hell of a confidence builder for the team.

The other major game last night was booooooooring. It was between the University of Florida and LSU - the #1 and #4 teams in the country. I won't bore you with the boring details but simply say Florida outlasted LSU in a 13 - 3 defensive-fest. Of course a win is a win therefore you Florida fans should be very happy. I just like high scoring games but they also should be close. The Penn State - Eastern Illinois game was high scoring but not close - Penn State won 52 - 3. Unfortunately wee are now about half way through the season when it seems to me like it just started last week!

I woke up this morning with what felt like a scratched left eyeball - I could barely open my eye and it hurt. The eye drops I have wouldn't do any good but placing a nice cold washcloth on the eye did help. Here a few hours later it is better but not normal yet. I also have what seems like the beginning of a headache day. I took one Tylenol III pill which didn't help a lot - this is sign that things will get worse. At least I'm happy that Georgia Tech won even if I do have a scratched eyeball and headache.

One other thing I want to mention about the college football games on TV in HD....CBS has the very best cameras and broadcasts the brightest, sharpest pictures. They are better than ESPN or ABC and a lot better than CCS or FSN. The difference is very noticeable to me - how about you?

I'm going to take another pill and watch TV - I'll not be on this computer much today.

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Thoughts on Norway

Sat 10 October 2009

It's Saturday in the Fall so it must be college football day. I've glanced at the schedule for today's games on TV and I think I can watch non-stop from noon until after 11pm tonight. Now that there are a few weeks behind us in this season, the games become more interesting and the teams play teams in their conference instead of the out-of-conference games you get early in the season. Of course the two games of most interest to me are the the Georgia Tech - FSU and Florida - LSU games tonight both starting at 8pm. I don't like night games for because I get all tense and then it's hard to go to sleep - this happens whether they win or lose. Let the games begin...I just wish it were cooler here like it should be for college football.

There are some typo's I need to edit on Kathryn's website but until she gives me the list, I declare myself done for the moment. Kathryn certainly is involved in the development and changes in her website - I think I've created a Blog monster. The Blog and FAQ pages are the two news additions and the splash page had a make-over to include a news scroll. Have a look at SingerJohnston.com - check out her Blog and the incredibly long list of frequently asked questions. What do you think?

I have to say this....the Nobel Peace Prize will for ever more be a joke after the selection of Obama - what the hell has he done to deserve that more than the other 203 nominees? Don't get me wrong, I'm among those who things it is a good thing for an American President to win the prize - it is just good for the country even if we are at war in Iraq and elsewhere. My point is that Obama has really not done anything tangible to deserve the prize - he's traveled around the World apologizing for America and he's read a few speeches from a teleprompter that someone else has written. The Norwegian leftist socialist gave him the prize because he's not George Bush IMO. The selection committee has forever down-graded the Peace Prize from which it will never recover - you can't put the toothpaste back in the tube!

I've been to Norway spending almost a month there back in the 70's - I live with a Norwegian family in the village of Sandnessjoen. My parents got to know a barmaid who worked at Lennie's 43rd lounge who was from Norway and when she was going home for a visit, I went too. The country was beautiful beyond my ability to describe it here - the Norwegian fjords are breath-taking much like the tall, blonde hair, blue eyed babes. One thing that is 100% true...the population of Norway are more beautiful and handsome than I found in any of the other countries I've visited and I've visited a lot!

One thing that kept me off guard is this 20 hours of light they have in the Summers - it was always light and when it got dark, it was really not very dark. The people there are healthy handsome, and very homogenous - you did not find people of other ethnic backgrounds. I did not see a single Hispanic, Asian, or black person in the weeks I visited the country - not one! Which, by the way, is why I believe their cradle to grave socialist state works for them - they are all alike. Did you know the average worker can pay 60% to 70% in taxes? Jeez! The strange thing is they seem to like it. I could go on and on about this amazing adventure I had the privilege to have about 35 years ago but I think I'll stop for now. The picture I've posted is a very typical Norwegian scene. Just beautiful.

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Beware of Ads

Fri 09 October 2009

About a week ago I was talking about getting an indoor grill-like appliance to cook meat and chicken. Kathryn e-mailed me to suggest the DeLonghi CGH800-U Sandwich Maker-Grill which she has been using for years. Well, knowing how demanding she is about all things kitchen, I would be foolish not to at least give it a good look. The darn things are about $60 - $70 new at retail stores but of course I did my research to see what I could find. There were several new in the box grills for auction on eBay - they usually went for between $30 and $40. Not being in a hurry, I bid low on several of them and lost except for one. Using my Auction Snapper utility, I placed a bid that would not be submitted until 3 seconds before the auction end - clearly another bidder did the same so at the closing 3 seconds, 4 bids were submitted and although my bid was low, it was high enough to win! I bid a maximum of $17.65 but got it for $16.39 plus shipping ($10) - not bad, huh? With patience, eBay can be a great place to buy things but I've also found I can often buy cheaper elsewhere.

Yesterday I spent the afternoon and early evening working on a new FAQ page for Kathryn's site. I thought this would be a great way to add a lot of key search words to her site, add information & text to the site, and show the visitor that her firm looks out for the injured. She did the Q&A but I coded the whole thing - it should be finished later today. My God can Kathryn be verbose!!

I've been watching Imus in the morning all week on Fox News Channel - I really enjoy the humor. It comes on at 6am and lasts until 9am - I do leave for coffee about 7:25am each morning. If you've never watched or listen to Imus, I think you're missing some great humor but then again, each to his own view. He's on radio at the same time so you need not be in front of a TV.

Tomorrow night there will be a great college football game at 8 o'clock - no, I'm not speaking of Georgia Tech - FSU but rather Florida at LSU. My plans are to watch both games by switching back and forth - the Tech game is on ESPN and the Florida game is on CBS. Florida is #1 in the country and LSU is #4 in the country. If I were a betting man, I'd go with Florida especially if their hot quarterback is well enough to play and I bet he will play. However, if Florida has turn overs, the game could go to LSU. In a close game, interceptions and fumbles usually make the difference.

Did you know that the "sponsored" links on many search engines will take you to a nefarious site? The main news letter to which I subscribe wrote this:

The three largest search sites -- Google, Yahoo, and Bing-- regularly sell security-related keywords to criminals looking to trick you into downloading and installing fake anti-malware products. The crooks then steal your personal information or hold your system for ransom before letting you remove their malware from your machine.

And it's not just search engines. In the most-recent case, NYTimes.com and other established sites hosted malware-infested ads. When malicious ads-- or "malvertisements"-- enter the rotation on these sites, your system may become infected if you merely view the page. This is especially true if your versions of media players based on Java, Flash, or QuickTime are out-of-date.

You need to make sure your machine is protected and applications are up to date.

One thing I do miss about Atlanta is the color changes in the Fall.

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Internet Fraud

Thu 08 October 2009

After reading my report on Monday about recieving an e-mail wanting me to confirm a Facebook sign-up that I did nor request, GT Jeff sent me a link about Facebook fraud. I'm not sure if the fraud reported in Jeff's link was the same thing I got but it did cause me to look into in more. I discovered that the type of false sign-up I got was not uncommon - many people fall for it which leads to identification theft or a direct solution for money.

My years of working on security forums has taught me to be very suspicious about receiving things I did not ask to receive. Often I'll get an e-mail addressed to me from Bank of America asking me to sign in or verify something and while the e-mail address is correct, the e-mail starts with "Dear Customer" instead of my name - I got one yesterday. In the Facebook event I mentioned, not only was the e-mail addressed properly, it addressed me as Bill Cherry. I checked out the links in the e-mail which all turned out to be valid. This apparently is a new scam really coming from Facebook but for an account I did not request. In the e-mail, the info included a username and password I've never used or would chose - I think it was a back down into the account if I were to establish one. Then, the scam artist could see who my real friends are then contact them via the false account and it would really look like it came from me. Very clever, huh? Here's a report I found.

I knew it was going to happen again but it has been a long time - three landscape lights burned out. With the days becoming shorter, my lights stay on longer and thus burn out sooner. I will say that the real GE bulbs last a lot longer than the cheaper brand x bulbs. The GE bulbs cost twice as much but last 3 or 4 times longer. I've got 3 I should replace and will do so later today.

It's been a few days but mid-morning yesterday my refrigerator stated to whine again. This time I got the tools out to take a plate off the back of the freezer which I was unwilling to do the other night. Wouldn't you know it - I was banging around so much the noise stopped before I got the plate off to have a look. No worries - I'm sure it will give me yet another opportunity to have a look see.

I decided to install the AVG Security suite on my Dell Optimax computer (pictured) I bought from an eBay seller - it had been refurbished with a new 250GB hard drive and 2GB of memory. What I like about this machine is it has almost none of the programs that come pre-installed on a new computer and that's a good thing. And, even more important, it has a really fast 3GHz processor. So, I copied my big Western Digital "My Book" back-up external hard drive to a Buffalo external hard drive that, like the Western Digital, will start and stop as I boot and then shut down the machine. So basically I have a clean machine with all the data from my other computers available via the Buffalo drive leaving the computer with almost no HD usage. Now what am I going to do?Hmmm..

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Coffee Klatch

Wed 07 October 2009

This morning I will be the fearless leader of our coffee klatch - I do that the first Wednesday in each month. attendees will have the joyous opportunity to listen to my pearls of wisdom and other BS. This is always fun for me because I'm never short on words or things to discuss. If you are in Vero, come by sometime - with my influence I can get you in for free.

Yesterday I helped TB move some vehicles around from the Barnes Estate West to the famous pole barn out in the boonies. The guy who was sort of the grove manager for Barnes groves had to retire because of health. It was his nasty dirty Tahoe we took to the barn so the grove crew could clean it up. I think TB plans on selling it once it is in a condition where someone might want to buy it.

as compensation for my help, Tommy brought some paella which I plan to get into later today. Kathryn was in a cooking mood and fixed it the other night for dinner. What is there not to like in this dish? I really enjoy the dish but rarely get a chance to eat it. Heck if you to a restaurant to eat it, you have to call a week in advance (not really but you usually have to call ahead). It must take a long time to prepare.

I've still not installed the dragon voice recognition software as yet - I've been busy on other thinks like Kathryn's website. She called yesterday to say she got the first call to her office from someone who found her website on the internet. The old site was there for years and years and not once did it bring in a potential client. The new site is highly ranked on Google's search engine and of course is a good bit more pleasing to the eye with that professional look - I created it, what do you expect?! Now the goal is to move the site even higher on search engines which will be difficult but progress can be made. The first 90% is not all that difficult, it's the last 10% that is hard.

Yesterday afternoon Tom dropped by for a visit - he and Mary Ann always honk when the drive by and I know it's them. The good news is that Tom is doing well - in fact I don't know how anything could be better. One always has to be vigilant of course but it seems the worst is behind him. That's a good thing.

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Unwanted Facebook Account

Tue 06 October 2009

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Sunday Morning Elitists

Mon 05 October 2009

I've not watched any of the Sunday morning political talk shows in a long time but between movies, I checked in on 'This Week' on ABC and 'Meet the Depressed' on NBC - now I remember why I don't watch them anymore!! What a much of elitist arrogant a-holes that believe the only correct opinion is their opinion and the rest of us are dummies that can't possibly get through life without their profoundly wise declaration of fact. JEEZ!!! To make it even worse, most of them are not only Liberals but some are on the far, far left fringe of society. These holier-than-thou Washington snobs are so out of touch with mainstream America that the only opinions they have is from the supercilious view. Unfortunately, I believe they are just an example of those vainglorious windbags that live inside the Washington bubble. No wonder the country is so divided if all the input you have is from haughty, pompous people like these.

I'm not alone in my opinion that things out here in fly-over country between the Los Angles liberal movie types and the New York - Washington condescending know-it-alls. The majority of America view things a bit right of center, not out on the far left fringe. It's my belief that most Democrats out here in America that actually work for a living are much more centrist than their current contemptuous leadership. They just don't get it. And if they do get it, they want to force their ways on the rest of us who are much more moderate no matter if you are Democrat or republican. It is not just me, the polls overwhelming support what I'm saying. I could go on and on but my blood is already getting above my normal limits.

After several days of being quiet, my laundry room refrigerator started making a noise yesterday morning so I opened the freezer and hit the back wall with the palm of my hand. I'll eventually want to replace the appliance but after looking on the internet I discovered it will cost me over $400 to do so. what I'd really like to get is a unit that has a scratch, dent, or for some reason can't demand the full price - as long as it works I think I'll be ok with that. Or wait until a good sale comes along at Home Depot, Sears, etc. In the meantime, the refrigerator works fine except for that occasional noise. I don't like noise.

There is still something nefarious in my desktop trying to access the internet and I can't find out what it is - I say nefarious because it tries to contact a eastern block country. I don't have anything that's legitimate that should be trying to do that. I've searched and scanned without finding anything. I've looked at running programs when the attempt is made only to discover there's nothing unusual running. Perhaps it uses a legit application to attempt to access the internet. How do I know it's bad you ask? Well I've got the paid version of Malwarebytes that monitors my computer in real time and blocks attempts to access the internet if the IP is on a black list. The search continues. By the way, the IP is in The Republic of Moldova - it is in a range of IP numbers belonging to a Moldova ISP thus is likely an individual rather that a company. Who would know?

A new week so what have I got on my schedule? Nothing really except I have the speech recognition software Kathryn got from her partner so I can install it on my computer. Perhaps I'll start later this morning - I like new programs with which to play.

I just like today's photograph.

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Another Win

Sun 04 October 2009

Last night was a restless night for me because in part I stayed up to watch the Georgia Tech - Mississippi State game until after 11PM and I woke up around 4 AM - if I can't sleep I get up. The game was the kind I like - high scoring with a lot of action. Gear Tech did beat Mississippi State 42-31. The Jackets made some serious mistakes like fumbling the ball on the goal line when it should have been a touchdown. The good news is Mississippi State made more mistakes including two fumble turn-over which GT taking away scoring opportunities.

My team played well but will need to do better to beat some of the teams coming up like Florida State in Tallahassee next weekend. It is true FSU has struggled a bit but they played very well against Miami, the team that ran over GT a couple weeks ago. You never know which team will be up on any given Saturday - I hope the coaches can get the guys prepared and fired-up .

There is a lot of difference between watching football on ESPN in HD and watching a game on CSS in HD. The ESPN cameras are sharper and brighter than the Comcast Sport South cameras. The enthusiasm of the announcers for each team is remarkable different - ESPN is very professional while the CSS guys sounded like they were covering a high school game - heck, maybe they ere high school announcers for all I know. The very best games from a camera standpoint can be found on CBS.

Before the games started yesterday I went to set-up the computer Captain Matt bought for his Mom. The new towers are about half the size of the towers I have and weight a good bit less as well. After set up, I installed security software including AVG Internet Security suite among others. This AVG commercial program is great but can be a bit confusing when you first teach it what programs are good to allow internet access and which are not. I'll help Lina if she has questions on this software as it can be challenging when first set up but it is an excellent program.

Kathryn was working on her website yesterday and broke her intro page at least twice that I remember or maybe more. She was attempting to edit some text in a news reporting system but the problem is the news system is written in JavaScript. For those of you who don't know, JavaScript is not forgiving - it has to be 100% correct or it will not work. That means if you add or remove a dot, comma, apostrophe, a letter, etc the system will brake. The good news is I know how to fix the program but it sure has heck can be frustrating. I don't even attempt to code in JavaScript because I can always find what I want from someone who's already written the script - no need to reinvent the wheel.

There were high school and middle school kids out collecting donations or washing cars yesterday at Wal-Mart and the auto supply shop on highway 60 where my family's home was once located. I gave $10 to the young teenage boys raising $$ for the baseball team - it was worth the donation to see how excited they were to get $10 instead of $1 or nothing at all. I also got my car washed by the high school guys because once again, it is fun to be in a community where this sort of stuff happens. Small town life is good for me at this point - I don't miss Atlanta.

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Google Down

Sat 03 October 2009

When I logged on this morning, my Google home page would not completely load and I couldn't get to my Google mail at all! My first thought was something nasty has gotten into my computer but I can get to other websites without a problem. Then I booted my laptop which revealed the same problem - no access to Google mail and Google search was real slow - this means it's a Google website issue and not a computer issue because the results are the same on all my machines. I'm pretty darn sure Google knows about this and my guess is that it will be fixed later in the day. It's really a pisser when Google is soooooo slow but what can I do?

I searched 'Google slow today' on Yahoo which yielded some reports that indeed Google is slow but it did not seem like the reports were very numerous but what you might expect on a regular bases. Of course you know I like mysteries so I perused it even more by trying a proxy but the results were the same. Then I found reports that one of Google's ad servers is down which might cause the page from not loading properly after all, that's how they make money. Stay tuned.

Kathryn presented me with a problem as to why her splash page news scroll crashed. I did not write the JavaScript but rather used a script written by someone else - I've not gotten into writing JavaScript code nor do I plan to when I can find others who have already do it for me. Well it took me about a hour to figure it out but figure it out I did - I'm impressed with myself this morning. When Kathryn broke the script yesterday I had no clue what so ever why. But starring at the code and then trying a few things lead me to the solution - she put an apostrophe in a sentence which screwed up the code but what she did was normal. It turns out that the "news" input can not have an apostrophe in a sentence even to express a possessive noun - who would have thunk [sic] it? It's fixed and once again I've learned an important lesson about JavaScript.

Kathryn did bring me the Dragon Naturally speaking software which I plan on trying soon. This is the voice recognition software that will avail me the opportunity to dictate my pearls of wisdom here on BillsView - it takes me about 30 to 45 minutes to post each morning because I use one finger to type - I never learned to type and don't plan on starting now.

Of course you know it is College Football Saturday and Georgia Tech plays tonight at 6:30 (I think) against Mississippi State at their stadium. It is not covered by the 'normal' outlets but Comcast's sports channel will have it and here in Vero, Comcast's sports channel can be in HD. The question now is will they actually broadcast in HD? Nonetheless, I'll be watching until and unless my anxiety level gets too high at which point I'll switch between games.

Since I started this post, Google has been fixed just as I expected. Good.

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College Life for John

Thu 01 October 2009

John called last night just to check in and bring me up to date in the life & times of a college student. He's doing well, going to class, hanging with his buddies, and for the most part seems to be enjoying college - good for him, he should be enjoying college. He has been rather reckless lately in that he lost his bank card on one day and the later lost his driver's license - both issues have been resolved. Some of you might remember the two girls John met at the Tiki bar at Holiday Isle this past summer during our annual trip top paradise - they said they go to FSU and to look them up in Tallahassee. Well, one of them found John and since the he's had a chance to get together and meet Somme other girls in their circle. The thing I think is both funny and cool is they've given john the nickname of "Keys" - well, it makes since to me, don't you agree? Meeting other folks and increasing your circle of friends is a very important part of college life IMO. It is good to meet and get to know people from outside your small home town - good for John. Oh, he did mention that the Captain may come into Tallahassee for a golf tournament this weekend - heck I didn't even know Matt plays golf!

Update on my old Atlanta home - I called my neighbors yesterday after GT Jeff told me he went around Peachtree Battle Circle and then reported the high water mark to me. The water got several feet higher than I'd ever seen it in the 34 years I lived in the house meaning water had to get into 900. Wrong! The dudes had the presence of mind to get some sandbags and pile them around the lower deck up to about 3'. At the high point the water was up to the top but never came over the sandbags! That's good news for them but can you imagine being in the house and looking out to see the water about waist deep on the other side of the sandbags? Jeez!

Remember my refrigerator noise issue from the other day...well I went about 36 hours without the noise then out of the blue it returned. once again a good swift bang on the back of the freezer compartment with my fist fixed it again at least for now. The noise must be made by the fan motor based on where the sound is coming from in the refrigerator - it doesn't seem to be a compressor noise. If it is not the fan then it is a vibration caused by either the fan or compressor although I still think it is a fan issue. I tried to unscrew the back of the freezer wall from the inside but I couldn't do it with my hand-held screwdriver. The next time I hear the noise, I'll try using my drill if it will fit into the space - maybe then I can see the problem?

I was looking at new refrigerators on the websites of Home Depot, Lowe's, and Sears - all of their refrigerators in the 15 cubic feet range start at $400. Damn! It seems to me I paid less than that when I bought the one I have about 5 years ago - I guess the prices have just gone up. I just want a very basic unit with a freezer on top and about 15 cubic feet. Maybe I'll need to wait for a sale to get one for much less or maybe find either a floor model or one with a dent.

It's October and for the first time since early last Spring the temperature was below 70 F when I got up this morning - it's about time it started cooling off. Back in Atlanta it would have already started to cool down which is what I've learned to expect after living there for 41 years. Now I've got to readjust my thinking into a much warmer climate which by the way I like in the Winters. I still have a lot of warm clothes left over from Atlanta that I'll never ware - looks like Goodwill or some similar organization will be the beneficiary of some of these things. I do want to spend another Winter before I decide what to give away. Maybe Captain Matt can go shopping in my closets for warm clothes like I used to shop in his closet for stuff I liked to wear.

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