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Jackets Win!!

Sun 30 November 2008

It was a beautiful day here in the Village of Vero Beach yesterday and it was a beautiful day in Athens Georgia where Georgia Tech stunned the fans at the University of Georgia by beating the Bulldogs 45 - 42. I was in shock because I just knew Georgia was going to win when they were up 28 - 12 at half time. Georgia played a lot better than Georgia Tech in the first half but the Yellow Jacket's coach sure said something during halftime that got the team going. It was a beautiful thing to see and was the first time in 7 years Georgia Tech beat Georgia. YaaHoo. I'm a very happy camper even if Georgia Tech got knocked out of the ACC play-off's when Virginia Tech beat Virginia.

The regular season for college football is over now although there will be plenty of games still to be played including the various bowl games. This was the best season for me in many years in part because of the success of the Yellow Jackets but also because I've just enjoyed watch college football in HD on my new TV. I'm glad I'm in Vero now feeling very much settled into the Vero Villa. I do wish it were a bit cooler here but I must admit the weather is much better here in the Fall than in Atlanta.

I've started my migration to Christmas Holiday mode now that Thanksgiving is behind us. I bought a large poinsettia to place at my back door so my guesses will be greeted with the Christmas spirit. John says he's coming over on Tuesday afternoon to set up my artificial tree out on my porch. Today I plan on changing out my neon signs and replace the parrot & ice cream sundae with a neon Santa and a neon snowman. Tomorrow or the next day I should get a real Christmas tree shaped decoration from L.L.Bean I plan to put in my office; I also plan to put some colorful LED Christmas lights on the decoration.I also have a real wreath I'll put in my bedroom suite and an artificial one I'll put on my front door.

I've got some other stuff to put up like lights and I expect to buy some poinsettias for inside my house. A few candles here and there are likely as well. So I'll be all geared for the holidays here in the Vero Villa. In case any of you want to buy me something for Christmas my size is 350E.

So have you all figured it out yet? The Dutchies are moving into their new house because they will need the room. There is something in the water over there in Holiday which causes young women like Sjak to get pregnant. Yep, Yari is going to have a sibling with which he can play here sometime next year. Syp says they are hoping for a girl or a boy but don't know as yet just what's in the oven. Wouldn't it be great to have a big new mortgage, a new house needing new stuff, a family already, and one addition on the way without having a job? I can certainly see why Syp had some anxiety last week before he knew he had a position with a new employer.

I was watching TV about to go to sleep last night when all of a sudden I hear as beep, beep, beep coming from the are of my back door - office. It as a sound I'd not heard before so naturally I was very curious. It turned out to be an 'alarm' on my weather station but I've not sure as to why it was sending me an alarm. The only thing I could figure out is the barometric pressure dropped a certain number of points that it caused the alert. My weather station can be set to send an alarm whenever there is a change in temperature, wind speed, barometric pressure, etc. beyond a certain point. In this case I think the pressure dropped several points in a very short period of time but I'm not sure. Another mystery for me to solve.

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Dutchie News

Sat 29 November 2008

Word from across the big pond in Dutchieland - Syp's employer - an advertising agency - went bankrupt a week ago because their clients either went bankrupt or stop using their services. So on a Friday Syp found out he was out of a job. That's the bad news. The good news is that he found a new job within a week! Frankly I'm not surprised because Syp is very talented - what I am surprised about is how very quickly he found a job doing the same sort of things he was before. He basically does graphic design for advertising firms and with a slowing economy he is very happy to get full-time employment.

Just imagine how you'd feel having bought a new house with a bigger mortgage, a growing family, and no job....Jeez! I told him he'd better do well so he can take care of me when I get older and can just sit in a chair and drool on myself. Syp, Sjak, and Yari will be moving into their new old house December 15th with more room including the Cherry wing. Trouble is when Syp & Sjak make more tricycle motors there will be less room for me not to mention the attention kids require. Are you folks picking up on my hint here?

Remember my jumping through hoops trying to find a new rug for my livingroom - well something rather amazing happened on Friday. You see, this whole process got started when I got a quarterly clearance mailer from the company from which I purchased my other rugs now here in the Vero Villa - they were having yet another sale. Before I found a rug I really liked, but hesitated 20 minutes and by the time I clicked to buy it someone else had beaten me to it. So I went on a search and identified about a half a dozen other rugs I liked limiting the selection down to two. However, I've not ordered one with the idea of trying to get my Atlanta rug sent to me - I still have not found Tim (who has the rug I hope) although Drew has found numbers for him. Anyway, the one rug I like popped back up on a clearance again so without hesitation I put in my order - there was only one - bingo...I got it! Imagine that...out of the tens of thousands of people who got the e-mail, I was sitting in front of my computer at the right time early on Friday morning to be the one luck buyer. This process has come full circle and I'm a happy camper today.

So what happens if I don't like the way it looks once I get it in my living room you ask? Well maybe I can sell it on Craigslist like I did my TV, put it on consignment, or find some other means of selling it. The vendor allows returns for an exchange or credit except for these clearance items. Nonetheless, I'm not concerned because this rug is one I selected in the first place and my first impressions are usually good. The description is as follows.

The grandeur of the autumn harvest comes to life in the Pietra Collection, a welcome mix of Persian and Indian inspirations. Resplendent blossoms and wings of wheat float across the soft pile in warm flaxen, fiery and forest tones. Designs of cascading leaves will perfectly adorn your home, regardless of the season.

My research/shopping skills did not stop with the new Persian rug - I found another money saving opportunity. I noticed that my new artificial Christmas tree went on sale this 3 day holiday weekend for 33% off what I paid for it just 3 weeks ago. So I went back to the store and they cheerfully refunded the difference which I promptly spent on other things in the store. They were at least smart enough not to do it on the phone so as to get me inside looking around again. I wonder if I can take it back after Christmas for a 100% refund - just kidding. I am sure they'll put the tree on sale after Christmas at half price. if they have any left; I doubt they'd refund that difference - I wouldn't expect it.

Today's picture was taken at Thanksgiving - doesn't TB look really really happy? Now that's one content looking man IMO. Click on the image to enlarge it if you like.

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Great Thanksgiving

Fri 28 November 2008

Kathryn's Thanksgiving dinner was every bit as good as I expected and then some. The turkies were especially good - they were both cooked on a grill over a low heat for hours. No, they were not dry. She had many of the dishes I associate with Thanksgiving including sweet potatos, peas, mash potatos, and stuffing balls (these are new to me). It was quite a feat to cook for and serve over 20 people but she did it and did it rather well.

Before I headed over to the Barnes River Estate for that wonderful turkey dinner Tommy called to ask if I had some Crown - well of course. It turns out some of the guests wanted some crown and guess what...the liquor stores were closed for Thansgiving. Doesn't seem a bit funny that the one guy with a full, un-opend handle of Crown is also a regulary attendee of the morning coffee klatch? We both found this to be rather humous and needless to say, his guests were very pleased.

The Village of Vero Beach is beginning to get into the swing of Christmas. There are decorations hanging on light poles, Christmas trees in the park, and stores have all their decorations up ready to greet the shoppers as today is the big day-after-Thanksgiving shopping day known as Black Friday. I have to admit this little town is getting in the spirit of things but something's not right...it is still to warm IMHO.

If you've ever bought anything online, especially from a 'major' retailer, then your inbox has been flooded with holiday sales. today certainly is a great day to pick up some bargins and if you buy things online as I tend to do, you'll avoid the shopping craz. I'm thinking about going to the Vero Mall not to shop but to watch the hordes of people as they scurry about looking for gifts and bargins - I used to do this in Atlanta and it was fun as long as I really wasn't trying to find something. Then of course there are several great college football games starting at noon today - it's like have two College Football Saturdays this week What are you folks going to do today?

About a month ago I sent a contribution to the Vero Beach High School Orchestra because Bridget plays the cello in the orchestra. Before you ask...yes there is an official orchestra which if you come to think about it is pretty cool for a high school. Anyway, I've received a couple of very nice thank you notes from two members of the group. Needless to say, I was surprised the kids even knew I made a donation - it was very nice to be surprised.

Remember my mentioning a threat on the internet knowing as Sinowal/Mebroot ? I think this is the same Trojan that got into the Pentagon recently as well as thousands of computers around the United States and elsewhere. The sneaky "drive-by download" known as Sinowal has been, uh, credited with stealing more than 500,000 bank-account passwords, credit-card numbers, and other sensitive financial information. It seems Sinowal gets into a computer via un-patched third party software. Well the same newsletter that alerted me to this virus has also suggested a new free software application that will assist you in keeping your machine updated and patched. It is a software scanner - Secunia's free Personal Software Inspector and you can get it here . I've downloaded and run the program - it is simple and I believe will be very helpful in keeping my machines up to date and patched. If you like, you can use their online scanner but I installed the actually software for ongoing protection and updates. Of course you MAC uses (Syp) don't need to worry.

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Thanksgiving Greetings

Thu 27 November 2008

Later today I'm going over to the Vero branch of the Barnes-Brennan clan for what I'm sure will be a fabulous Thanksgiving dinner. Kathryn is such a great chef and this year I understand she's got a couple sous-chef types to assist her. I've not got a clue what she'll be fixing but I am certain the cuisine will be wonderful. I plan to take some plastic containers for a bit of take-home left-over goodies assuming there will be some. My past experience has taught me to believe she'll fix food for about twice as many people as she plans to feed - that's just Kathryn for you.

Tommy told me they are expecting about 20 people! Most will be related to Kathryn and many I've met before. But I don't remember meeting 20 people so this should be interesting. Where are they going to put that many people? The Barnes River estate is very nice but 20 folks in one room is a lot even if it is a big and open space. This should be very interesting.

While watching FOX and Friends yesterday morning I saw the Georgia Tech Marching Band on the show. It seems the Georgia Tech Band will be in the Macy's Day Parade today. I normally don't watch the parade but I might just keep it on in the background in hopes of seeing the band. They will be dressed in white so you know what to look for if you too watch the parade.

Yesterday I was remembering the times I'd ride MARTA out to the airport the day before Thanksgiving just to watch the hundreds of thousands of people scurrying though the terminal on their way to meet friends and family. I was not going anywhere but it was entertaining to watch others.. What a menagerie of people you can find at Hartsfield Airport the Wednesday before Thanksgiving. Last year I did collect one of the travelers when he arrived to spend Thanksgiving with me and enjoy the feast that Mary Ann prepared - that would be John. This year we will not need to travel so far to see one-another.

From yesterday's paper, "Vero Beach's Ocean Grill wins fifth Golden Spoon Award". Those of you who know about the Grill needed to know it's still going strong.

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Fresh Market in Vero

Wed 26 November 2008

As advertised, I put out my red holiday hall runner yesterday morning - it looks good but sure does show anything that gets on it. With Sally's litter box not too far away, she will track a bit of litter so I'll have to keep careful watch. it does give a rather festive entry to my back door hall way which was my intent in the first place. The next thing I'll change is the yellow-gold mums and pumpkins at the back door. After Thanksgiving I'll put something there like a fresh live poinsettia or perhaps even a small, live pine of some nature. I want you folks to feel welcomed when you come to help me with that old moldy Crown I have.

Recently I've been in touch with my real estate buddies in Atlanta - they report things have slowed down since I sold my home last year. I know I( got about 25% less than I would have gotten just two years earlier but perhaps about 10% more than I would be able to get now. No boys and girls, I don't have any regrets in moving - I'm just making an observation of how things change from year to year. I'm very pleased to be in the Vero Villa and while the market was not great for the time I chose to move, my moving was the right thing to do.

Here's some local exciting news about Vero you might like to know. The Fresh Market, a chain of gourmet supermarkets based in North Carolina, will be making its Treasure Coast debut next year on Miracle Mile in Vero Beach. Great, another high-end food market close to where I live with specialties not available in Publix just across the street. The company says, "Vero has a population of educated foodies, which makes it a good fit for The Fresh Market." I don't know that I ever thought of myself as a "foodie" but perhaps I are [sic] one and don't know it..you think? It seems to me there are "Fresh Markets" in Atlanta but I can say I've ever been in one. Probably there're OTP which was usually out of my Buckhead range. One thing I bet for sure is that Kathryn will love going to this place seeking new and fresh items for her culinary artistry.

The dude that purchased my 57" Samsung called last night to tell me how thrilled he was with his purchase. frankly, I was surprised to hear from him unless perhaps he couldn't figure something out. He said he'd never seen such a bright, clear picture as this set has and just wanted to thank me. OK, you're welcome...I'm pleased you're pleased so we all are pleased. I think the real change for him is this was his first high definition set so of course it will look better than his 8 year old projection set. Doh! It was nice of him to call.

I've had it up to here with the Georgia Republican party - they've somehow got my Florida number in their auto-dialing system and I'm constantly getting calls about the run-off. I don't live in Georgia anymore, I can't vote in Georgia anymore, and I did not leave a forwarding telephone number - how the heck did they find me? What bright helper thought it was wise to put a Florida telephone number in their dialing system? I called them and of course got an answering machine so I left a message. I wrote them as well. Damn I hope the calling stops.

My nose has been a bit stuffy the last few days - I hope this is not a sign of something. When I'm getting a cold, the first sign is a sore throat, not a stopped-up nose. Maybe I'm allergic to the nice weather we've been having.

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Haircut Politics

Tue 25 November 2008

Yesterday morning I went to get a trim at 'Bob's' barbershop in Ryanwood plaza - I like that place because there are nothing but women in there and the only charge $12 for cutting all three of the hairs I have left. In comes this blue-hair husband and wife team from New York complaining about President Bush and how all the economic problems we are in is his fault. Boys and girls you would have been proud of me - I didn't jump out of my chair and strangle the old farts to death right there on the spot, although I wanted to do so. Nay, instead I asked him questions requiring specific answers as to how all this was President Bush's fault. You guessed it, the guy couldn't sight one specific thing - he was just a liberal who hates Bush but really doesn't know why.

Of course he is an Obama supporter so I asked him which of Obama's policies he thinks would help the economy and yep...once again he didn't have a clue. Even I could have answered the question if asked and I voted for Senator McCain. It amazes me how people can be so much for someone and against another without a clue as to why. Frankly I want President-elect Obama to succeed - I'm not a hate-filled voter like I found in so many Liberals. I don't like many of the things he said he wants to do but I do want people to have jobs and markets to grow. Jeez!

Brother Drew, who I think will be here in a couple days, sent me a link to his West Coast (of Florida) Villa - it's a damn nice looking place. Here is a link to pictures taken by Tyrone after he added some decorative devices to the villa. Nice, don't you think? I like it because it is so clean and neat looking without a bunch of clutter. But I will add that my Atlanta stagger-decorator would say it needs color, more color. I like it but woman like lots of color. There is color but Gordon would want an accent wall painted brightly, some more colorful decorative devices, and the like. Drew hopes to rent it seasonally so if you know of any prospects, let him know. Today's picture is of Villa-Drew's living room (click to enlarge).

I've started with my transition into holiday mode here at the Vero Villa. Yesterday I put out 'Holiday Time' potpourri in my office and today I'm going to put out the red rug in my back entrance hall to brighten things up a bit. John was asking when I want him to put the tree up suggesting this coming weekend. I also have a real balm wreath for my bedroom suit on the way - I want the aroma and lights to liven that room. I have a neon Santa and a neon snowman for the kitchen which I'll put in place after Thanksgiving. Maybe Friday I'll change things out so as to give the Vero Villa that warm holiday feeling - if that doesn't work then I have Crow Royal that sure as hell will warm your insides.

Wondering what has to happen for Georgia Tech to get in the ACC play-off game I went online to the AJC in Atlanta. One thing needs to happen; Virginia Tech needs to lose to Virginia, then Yellow Jackets will face the Atlantic Division champion (either Florida State or Boston College) in Tampa on Dec. 6 for the ACC championship. Unfortunately hopes resting squarely on Virginia going to Blacksburg on Saturday and pulling an upset which alas is not likely.The Jackets already have clinched a co-championship of the Coastal Division.The Yellow Jacket's annual losing opportunity against Georgia is at noon on Saturday; the game will be on CBS (they have the best HD signal for sports)

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Mon 24 November 2008

The mystery of the strange plant-creature growing in my garden (used that term for you Dutchies) has been solved thanks to my cousin, Alice. It is a weird looking thing and the real name fits it IMHO...VooDoo Lily. Yup, VooDoo Lily - no kidding. The plant-creature is in a large genus of some 170 tropical called Amorphophallus. Alice relays this information to me:

I think I may have found out what your mystery "tree" is on the shed side of your driveway. We went down to Ft Pierce this morning to Heathcote Botanical Gardens fall plant sale. There was a plant just like yours in appearance and they had it labeled VooDoo Lily. Now, not believing that it was lily-like in looks I hunted down one of the Gardens' capable volunteers who told me it was indeed a VooDoo Lily. It is a plant from a bulb and apparently it occasionally produces a slightly odorous flower.

I'm glad to have this mystery finally solved. From what I've read it seems the plant is basically harmless although it is bizarre as hell. I wonder if mine will have a "lily" that omits a "dungy rotten meaty odor" giving it one of it's nicknames, "Old Smelly". Well, I'm not going to cut it down just yet - it is so strange a feel a sort of kinship to it!

This Face Book thing is getting more attention than I imagined. On Sunday there were several 'friend' requests and frankly I don't remember a couple of them. It seems that friends of my friends want to be friends with me too as if there is a race to see who can get the most friends. I'm not in to that so unless I know someone then I'm not going to add them - would you? Perhaps if you are into the networking scene for social or business reasons then I could see the potential use. But hell, I'm an old retired fart from being self-unemployed so my business affiliations are about nil. Oh did I mention I don't live in Atlanta anymore although that is the 'network' to which I belong? This is still in a 'trail mode' as far as I'm concerned.

It's tough being me when I'm so popular and so much in demand. People seek me out for my pearls of wisdom coupled with my endless bullshit - you know what I mean don't you? That's the main reason I shower my thoughts on you here daily because I know some of you might not make it through your day without a dose of me. I understand. Many of you start logging on in the wee hours of the morning hoping I've added my daily post - I know that because I have a utility that tracks the IP's of my visitors. You can view my daily stats here - pretty amazing, huh? Before you ask...no, I've not got a clue who about 90% of these people are. I guess I'm just so hot and exciting they need to follow me. HaHaHaHaHaHa

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Canadian Rules

Sun 23 November 2008

Yesterday was a great College Football day for me - the two teams in the ACC I wanted to win, did win - Clemson and NC State. This helps put the Yellow Jackets in a position to get into the ACC play-off game after the regular season. I'm still not sure who has to lose next week for Georgia Tech to get in the play-offs but it's out of Tech's hands at this point. Next Saturday it will be the match with Georgia but they are not in the ACC. Once I get this figured out I'll let you know. What I do know is Georgia tech will get some sort of a post season bowl bid because they are already 8 - 3 on the season.

John dropped by last night on his way home from lifeguard duty over on John's Island. It was good to see him - like it always is - and he helped me with my Crown problem but only a little. We watched the Boston College - Wake Forrest game before he headed home for chicken on the grill, island style. He reports things are slow, the wind makes beach duty cold, and none of the JI people even get close to the water.

Every once and awhile I hear something on the news that I find funny, sad, and unbelievable all at the same time. Saturday I heard a news story on FOX reporting that Canadian airlines could not charge for two seats if a passenger was to fat to sit in just one seat thus requiring a second seat. It's sad there are people so fat that one seat is not big enough... and these people get on airlines to fly places. I've sat next to people who sort of flow over into my seat but no one who was too big for one seat. But where does the Canadian government's liberal judges get their authority to tell a company how to charge for their products or services. If you follow this pretzel logic then when will the government start requiring MacDonalds to charge for just one Big Mac if a fat dude needs two or three to be satisfied? I understand the need to accommodate folks with "disabilities" but at what prices to the provider? Should tall people be given a first class seat at a coach fare because of needed legroom?

This political correctness and attempt to treat all folks the same has gone too far in some cases. I remember a radio talk show host in Atlanta, Neal Boortz, explaining some health inspector requiring "handicap access" to a shower at a public place. Sound reasonable? What if I told you the shower was atop a bar at a strip club where women (or men for all I know) got inside to strip, dance, and "shower"? Does this really need to be wheelchair accessible? Where does someone get the chance to use their brain instead of unquestionable following rules that should not apply in some situations? Jeez!

More evidence of the small town feel - the ~Big~ high school play-off game. Vero won their first play-off game against Park Vista (Boca Raton) Friday night 48-14. Before the game the Park Vista players all ran on the field and jumped up and down on the painted Fighting Indian in the center field. I think it got the Vero players fired up so they made every attempt to run up the score. Next they play Royal Palm Beach, here in Vero. This game will be tougher. I was told it was almost too cold for some up there in the stands last night - the wind made it pretty uncomfortable according to my cousin who attended the game.

Some of my Atlanta cronies have been begging me to join FaceBook so I did. I'm not sure what is going to become of it because I have my own World Famous website you're on now. I guess it's a means for people to find me but that begs the question - do I want to be found? Uh...NO. On the other hand I can use it as a resource to find other folks so in that sense it might be useful. I'm such a hot popular guy that exposing me to even more people could be dangerous, don't you think? I'll see how it goes over a period of time but if I get people lining up outside my door just to get a glimpse of me I may have to do something different.

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Football Saturday'n Stuff

Sat 22 November 2008

With Georgia Tech's stunning victory over Miami on Thursday I'm especially looking forward to watching some important ACC games today. The first one is Clemson at Virginia in which I'm rooting for Clemson given the fact the Yellow Jackets beat Clemson but lost to Virginia. The there's North Carolina State at North Carolina at the same time - noon - and I want NC State to win there. In fact, there are about a half a dozen games I want to follow so you know I'll be in front of the TV starting at noon for most of the day.

And speaking of TV's, I had a guy and his wife come by on Thursday to look at my 57" Samsung - they liked it and I agreed to sell it to them. I got less than I was asking but nonetheless it is money that was just sitting on the floor in my closet. Perhaps someone else would have come along and pay more but then again maybe not. And the longer I waited to sell the older the TV gets and with the poor economic times were're in , who knows what might happen. I have no regrets and the buyers were happy as well. Now is there something else I'd like to sell on CraigsList?

You've heard me say this before but there sure are a lot of fossilized, ailing people roaming about the stores here in Vero. I was in a CVS pharmacy the other day to buy some cold treatments that I will need when I get a cold - I always like to be prepared because when I do have a cold, I don't want to go out. Anyway this lady - who didn't look much older than me - bent down to get something off a shelf just in front of where I was looking and couldn't get up. At first I did not want to risk the chance of embarrassing her by offering to help but after a few seconds of moans and groans her struggling to get up was a failure. I offered to assist which she gladly accepted but I could tell she was indeed embarrassed. I hope some kind sole will be around when I fall and can't get up!

When I walked to get my mail yesterday I found that the Friday Farmer's Market had tripled in size since the last time I walked by about a month ago. there must be over 20 vendors when before there were about 7 or 8. You can get fresh fruits & vegetables of course but also fresh OJ, conch salad, coffee, drinks, bread, pastries, flowers, live plants, honey, dips, and a nice selection of fresh shellfish and crabs. This thing is really starting to grow and with the return of the 'snowbirds' I'm sure it will grow even more. Pretty cool being able to walk about 2 blocks from my house and get fried conch fritters, fruit, and bread with something to drink. Another very nice plus for living in Vero's 'Original Town' as my area is called.

Another nice home town event is happening over this weekend known as Harvest Festival - an event with rides, games, food, etc ( 21 carnival rides, 20 game booths and 12 food concessions according to the paper) as you would find in a typical small town fair. This event has been going on so long that I'm sure the Barnes Boys will remember attending when they were mere children. It's being held at Dogertown which is only a couple miles from where I live. This and the Friday Farmer's Market is the kind of thing I really like about being here instead of in the big busy metropolis of Hotlanta. I'm glad I lived in Atlanta but I'm equally as glad I don't live there anymore. So if any of you are wondering if I miss Atlanta the answer is not only no, but hell no.

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Yellow Jackets Win!

Fri 21 November 2008

The Yellow Jackets beat Miami last night 41 - 23 in a very convincing win. I believe that was the best coached game all year and the team played as well as they probably could. With few mistakes by Georgia Tech and several mistakes by Miami the Yellow Jackets got ahead and stayed ahead the whole game - I'm a very happy camper this morning. Had they played this way all season and had been coached this well, I'm not sure they would be nationally ranked in the top ten. Now a week from Saturday the team takes on their cross state rivals the University of Georgia. If the Yellow Jackets play then like they did last night the game should be a real thriller although I expect Georgia will prevail.

So I was watching a movie on my satellite called "Shooter" with Mark Walburg when my phone rang. Much to my surprise the telephone number and the caller's name was displayed on my TV screen - who knew? I have my satellite receiver connected to my phone line so I can order pay-per-view movies if I like but I didn't know it had the caller ID feature. It will even mute the sound but because I listen via a surround sound receiver/amplifier it didn't mute it - had I been listening to the TV speakers it would have. What will they think of next?

The movie was good and I especially enjoyed it because it was in HD on a big screen in the 16:9 format like in a theater. I think I'm going to cancel the premium channels I get with Comcast and switch to Direct TV - they have more premium channels in HD and cost less - DOH! On Comcast they have only one HD channel for each of HBO, SHO, etc where as Direct TV has several. I never noticed it before until now when I'm getting Showtime for free from Direct TV for the next two months as a promotion. BTW in the movie Mark plays a retired sniper and manages to knock off dozens and dozens of dudes in the movie as he is being wrongly pursued by some evil underbellies of our government.

It is not very often that an online newsletter I receive talks about virus or Trojans but this month they did. Just for your information here is a link to Windows Secrets where they talk about Sinowal, the super-Trojan. I think it worth a couple of minutes to read about it if you buy anything online, use online banking, or have other finical accounts online - I do all three. It seems most of the Sinowal/Mebroot infections got into the afflicted PCs via well-known and already-patched security holes in Adobe Reader, Flash Player, or Apple QuickTime - so make sure your third party software is kept up to date.

The latest word from Atlanta is that Captain Matt will be staying in town for the thanksgiving holidays - I expect he'll be serving Thanksgiving dinner at the annual Hosea Williams shindig with all the brothers and sisters. He's sending Brother drew to Vero as his representative next week. Matt did warn me he'll likely be here for two or three weeks over the Christmas Holidays - I'll alert the local authorities. To prepare for the up-coming holidays I purchased another handle of Crown. Funny thing...I've purchased more Crown in the past 12 months than I did all of my wild years put together. Jeez!

I'm loving this weather we've been having here in Vero - it would be great if it continued until spring just like this week. Cool morning temperatures followed by a mild, sunny, cloudless day with no breeze or a gentle breeze. I think the cold harsh days in Atlanta is something I will not miss.

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Lennie's Raised

Thu 20 November 2008

For those of you familiar with Vero Beach you might be saddened to know that Lennie's was raised yesterday (see image) and now that corner of Highway 60 and 43rd avenue is empty. This was the place my Dad and Tommy's Dad used to hang out fairly regularly after work back when TB & I were in school. The former owner - Lennie - was a close friend of both of our families during his lifetime but alas, Lennie, Marshal, and Leonard are no longer with us at least in life. Frankly the place never was much but it turned into a real dive according to some. It had to be torn down so that 43rd avenue can be widened.

Before I bought my 67" Samsung I had a 56" Samsung that worked just fine...I just wanted something bigger and in the process actual got a better set. Well it was my plan to keep the 56" as a backup but then I started thinking - how often over the 40 years I've owned TV sets have I needed a backup? The only real time was earlier this year when the first 56" set was replaced by a new one in about a week. All other times if a set went bad it was time to get a new one anyway. So I started to think maybe I ought to sell the set rather than just keep it in my closet after all, it does take up a lot of space. So for the first time ever I put an ad on Craigslist and within 36 hours I got two responses - one was for an amount a good bit less than I was asking and the other was from a guy who wants to see it. Neither has come by as yet but I'm guardedly optimistic that I actually might find a buyer willing to pay what I'm asking - $900.

I paid $2000 for the set but what I paid for it has little barring on what I can get for it. I looked online and if I asked say $1500 (which I would like to do) then a potential buyer could have 'new' alternatives for about the same price (this was especially true of my Samsung plasma costing $3200 new). Granted the set has actually only been used for 6 months but all the same, it has to be priced low enough to get the attention of potential buyers if I intend on selling it. The good news is I can wait; I'm under no pressure to sell the set. But if Craigslist turns out to be a winner, I might put other things on there for sale that I'm not using like a DVD, surround sound receiver, etc. We shall see - stay tuned.

Brother Drew informs me he wants to head down here the early part of next week for the Thanksgiving holidays. When he does head down will depend on what's going on at work. I need to do something nice for Drew because of the bounty hunting he's done for me in Atlanta and I'm not sure what else may come up. I'll think of something appropriate like not showing those compromising pictures I have of him with LaTisha to his Mom and Dad. HaHaHaHa. Now as to when Matt might be coming down that is still very much up in the air and depends a lot on what is happening in the Brennan Family Estate in Atlanta. Next week is the week that more information should be coming forth.

You boys and girls know what is going to be on TV tonight at 7:30 don't you? Georgia Tech has another losing opportunity when they play Miami on ESPN's Thursday Night College Football game of the week. Of course I'll watch it if I can - if the team doesn't make massive plunders at the beginning of the game. As always, the team that can make the fewest mistakes is likely to be the winner. If the Yellow Jackets win, I think they have a shot at winning their division in the ACC. I wish I was optimistic but I'm not.

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Drew the Bounty Hunter

Wed 19 November 2008

My new original manufacturer's wheel came in and after the tire was put on it and balanced it was put on my car. It was an exact match except my other 3 wheels don't look as new and shinny as this one. Give a a few weeks of driving with some rain thrown in and they'll all look about the same. The bottom line was $444 which is a heck of a lot but less than what it would have been if the wheel failed while I was going 50 MPH down the highway. I'm comfortable with the results and like I said, I may have just found a real service station here in Vero.

One of the young guys from my morning coffee klatch and I joined a couple others to have real coffee at 'Sunny Days', the Cuban restaurant just on the corner from my house. I love their cafe con leche - it gets me going and keeps me going for a couple hours. After coffee the guy went with me to get the wheel and make a Publix run - he was not working yesterday and just wanted to hang with me. You folks know I full of lots and lots of totally useless information which I enjoy imparting on some unsuspecting souls. I gave him the old wheel which he says he'll take to convert into cash somewhere; this is something I didn't even thing of doing so I'm pleased he was along to take advantage. I guess he'll just get money for the content of the metal.

My Atlanta contract bounty hunter, Drew, found Tim's son Ronnie and got a cell phone number for me. Remember Tim is the dude with my oriental carpet and dinning room furniture stored in his house or at least I think he still has it. I've called but he's not answered yet and surprisingly does not have voice mail. I thought even those phones where you have to buy minutes at Wal-Mart have the voice mail future - the one I had for a month here did. Then Ronnie actually called me to say his Dad was in Alabama hunting with a bow; I know Tim does that so it didn't sound like a story. Tim is to be back in Atlanta this weekend so I'll call then. Where he is in Alabama there are no cell towers.

As much as I hate to say it, I think my addition to 'more' has rolled into my daily consumption of ice cream. There is not a time in the day when I would not like a bowl of ice cream or a specialty bar like Snickers frozen ice cream. Well one would be ok but one is never enough - more is better. I think I need to cut back so as to not expand my belt line beyond that of my pants. This is not unusual for me - there have been many times in the past when I simply kept on consuming without regard to all the sugar and fat in the kind of ice cream I like. So to show my patriotism in a time of national cutbacks, I'm going to reduce my daily ice cream consumption for the near future. Is there an ice cream anonymous?

This is exciting - I have a new mailman. I don't know if this is temporary or he really is my new guy. I can say I already like him better because thus far he's been coming a couple hours earlier than the other dude. BTW, this was the meanest looking image I could find of Drew in all the pictures I have - would you mess with this guy?

Tueday's best hot headline in the local paper: "Jean Marinaro of Vero Beach named to National Watermelon Promotion Board". Who knew there even was a National Watermelon Promotion Board?

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New Wheel Today?

Tue 18 November 2008

Tommy dropped by and was a sympathetic ear to my wheel issue because he faces the same thing with his little red sports car - every time it gets a boo-boo the cost of repair is always high. He had a minor, almost un-noticeable ding on the left front quarter panel and the repair was hundreds of dollars - I think he'd prefer me not to mention just how much. We are both adults (or at least TB is) and understood what we were getting into when purchasing German cars.

No word from Tim in Atlanta about my rug or anything else as far as that goes. I'm going to ask Brother Drew if he'll go by there again someday after work to see who's living there and if the rug is still there along with my furniture. It was my mistake not having the items stored in a legitimate storage facility in the first place - had I done that I'd know exactly what's going on and probably would have done something sooner. I hope this does not end up being a costly miss-judgment on my part; my judgment is normally flawless wouldn't you agree?

My new service station guy, Wiley, called and said he could not find a new - old wheel for my car so we ordered a new one from Mercedes - the good news it was under $500. Before I gave him the go-ahead, I did my online research as a good computer nerd should do. I could not find a new - old wheel either and found the price Wiley quoted me was the exact same I found online. I did find a variety of 'replica' wheels for less than half that of a Mercedes wheel but decided to get the real thing. Unless I could actually see the wheels and talk with someone about them I thought the prudent decision is to stick with the original equipment. I want the wheel to exactly match in look and in weight. My hopes is the wheel will be ready today.

It's always a good thing to shop the net in order to know the alternatives and costs. Without doing my homework I would have no idea if the price quoted was reasonable based on the market - there is not much that is "reasonable" about a $400 wheel IMHO. The internet sure helps keep things competitive.

Steve the electrician and I talked about a possible solution to my bulb problem on that on landscape circuit. I told him lower wattage bulbs of the PAR 36 size were available and suggested maybe I could just reduce the current that way. He agreed and said I will probably will not be able to tell much difference in the brightness from going down to 25 watts from 35 watts - besides, I'm not trying to guide aircraft into Vero Beach. The lights on that circuit seem to burn brighter than my other lights anyway so a reduction in wattage might just bring them back in line with my others. So I ordered some new 25 watt landscape bulbs to give it a test.

While I was out fooling around in the bushes with my lighting a gecko crawled under my shirt and as I was walking back to the carport attempted to get out. It was not a big deal but at the moment I didn't know what kind of creature was after my hot body! I was jerking and dancing in a fashion only seen in Three Stooges movies; had anyone seen me the natural response would have been to lock your doors and dial 911. I just like unknown crawly live things on my body!

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Wheel Problem

Mon 17 November 2008

I went out to get in my little white car yesterday and noticed the right front tire looked rather low but not flat. So I drove it a few blocks to one of those expensive food marts that sell gas and air to inflate my tire. Without a gauge I was guessing but got it to a round and then went to K-Mart to buy a gauge and one of those emergency aerosol cans. Have you noticed that there aren't many real service stations around anymore? However I did find a Chevron service station on US 1 that was not busy and said they to take off and patch my tire in about 30 minutes. Leaky tires are like leaky anything - they continue to leak until fixed.

I was expecting a tire repair for about $10 or so unless the tire was damaged which would mean $300 for a new tire - WRONG! It turns out my platinum - gold wheel was cracked and so I needed a new wheel. Holy sh*t Batman, what's up with that? How do you crack a wheel without knowing it? Are these new lighter than air wheels that fragile? The unfortunate answer is yes they are - there was a hairline fracture on the wheel.

They took me inside to sit me down and gave me a glass of water before telling me the cost of a new wheel. Take a guess boys and girls. Would you believe about $850 plus tax and mounting? Well, why would I expect any less from a car who's ignition key costs $225?! There is some good news - I may have found a service station I can dub my service station run by a father - son team and the son is in his 40's. I liked the dynamic duo, their apparent knowledge about Mercedes, and their general attitude - these are nice folks. So this morning I'm to get a call to see if I really need a new wheel or maybe I can save a few hundred dollars with a replacement wheel - they are looking into it for me. For the time being I'm using my tiny spare until we can get it fixed which I hope will be in the next couple days.

Remember about a month ago when I was amazed that my doctor gave me a free flu shot? Wrong! I got the bill on Saturday for $55 so it was not free at all. What they should have said is that I would be billed rather than there is no charge now. That's ok...I actually expected to pay and thought something really strange was going on in the first place when I was not charge before I left the office. I got the shot and that's the important thing.

I checked my scanner-printer-copier and noticed I was low on ink.So I went online to order more and had a hard time finding real Brother ink - there are all these substitutes. When I did find an ink pack it was $55 so I decided to try one of the recommended substitutes for less than $20 - I hope it works as well. I tried one 'substitute' ink cartage before on a different machine and did not like it. Maybe this time will be different - the company gives a money back guarantee if you are not pleased.

I decided to back-up BillsView.com and TanzaniteAmerica.com because I haven't done so in well over a year, maybe two years. So I download all the files from both sites via a FTP client and store the back-ups on my new Western Digital 500GB external hard drive. In the process I learned something I did not know before about using FTP - I have to use different settings when downloading images than I use when downloading code - who would have thunk [sic] it? You can transfer using ASCII, Binary, or Auto depending what it is your transfering. ASCII stands for American Standard Code for Information Interchange. Computers can only understand numbers, so an ASCII code is the numerical representation of a character such as 'a' or '@' or an action of some sort. Now I know.

It is starting to feel like Fall around here with cooler temperatures and much dryer air although it does not look like this Fall picture from Tennessee.

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More Discoveries

Sun 16 November 2008

You know one of the things I noticed and particularly like is the abundance of light in the Vero Villa vis-à-vis 900 Peachtree Battle Circle in Atlanta. More light is good. It is cheery. I can see better to read. My real plants like bountiful light. Here I have fewer trees to block the light and a lot more windows to allow the sunlight to flow in. There is a bonus to all the windows as well - people in my hood can glance a peep of me as I parade through the house in birthday suit.

On Friday night Vero Beach High School played their homecoming game demolishing Olympic Heights 56-14. I did not go to the game but I sure as hell could hear it; you see I live only about 6 or 7 blocks from the football stadium where games are played. The band kept on playing more and more as the Fighting Indians (political incorrect I might add) scored again and again. The real fun came around 10 o'clock when there was a fireworks display after the game to rival displays generally found only on the Fourth of July. I mention all this to say I was not unhappy with the noise but actually savored the fact I live in a little town where High School Football is a big deal.

The last coffee klatch gathering I attended some gal sat next to me with either her father or husband next to her - I could not determine the relationship between the two. What I can say is they emitted bodily sounds I don't think I've ever heard before! Some came from their mouth but some just seemed to escape from deep within their soul. Jeez! At first I was a bit grossed out but then I started to chuckle each time a strange new noise belched out but was generally audible to them and me. Let me tell you boys and girls there is something interesting, strange, or even profound happing everyday at the coffee klatch.

Steve the electrician did not make it over on Friday as I had hoped - no worries, I'm sure he'll get here as soon as he can. I told him my problem was not an emergency and to take care of his customers more desperate than me. In the meantime I replaced the two burned-out lights with the hope and expectation he'll get here to resolve the problem before they burn out as well. These lights cost about $10 each and I've burned through 8 in the past couple months. The landscape lighting is not an inexpensive thing to have considering the initial cost, light replacements, and of course energy consumption. I could replace my lights with LED lights but the damn things would cost about $120 each and I have 18. In the future I will replace them with LED lights once the price falls to where I can justify it - at the rate I'm burning them out it may be sooner than I think.

On Friday night I rode over to the beach with two goals in mind - one was to buy some ice cream from John at Boardwalk Ice Cream and the second was to watch the shuttle launch. The ice cream shop was closed but the shuttle launch was f*cking spectacular!! It was a clear night with a full moon or nearly full moon when that huge ball of fire came up out of the North and headed to the South East. It has been a long time since I watched a launch and I can't ever remember seeing a launch at night. OMG was I in awe of this real life manifestation of pure power and technological wonder as I watched for several minutes. It sent chills up my spine and game me a sense of wonderment I have not experienced in a long time. I may have missed out on the ice cream but I'll never ever forget the sight I witnessed that night.

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Cacauphany of Info

Sat 15 November 2008

We had our monthly coffee klatch business meeting yesterday when I once again brought up the suggestion to changing to a quarterly meeting. The next meeting in December I'm going to make an official motion that we change it. All the meetings I attended in Atlanta never met more frequently than quarterly and my largest group met whenever ! I think the change will attract more attendees and will cause us to be more efficient as a group.

John brought my artificial Christmas tree by and we stuck it in my storeroom until after Thanksgiving. He agreed to be chairman of the assembly committee when it comes time to put it up. I'm actually getting enthused about the upcoming holidays - I just hope I don't burn out before they get here. You know how you can positively anticipate something but the actual event is sometimes a letdown? I want to avoid that. The first great even is eating Kathryn's gourmet Thanksgiving dinner with the riverside Barnes clan and assorted guests.

When putting my tree in the storeroom I noticed my 6 month old storeroom needs cleaning out already. I have stuff in there I have not and will not use so why not sell it or give it away. If I weren't so lazy I'd sell it on eBay but I'm not currently inspired to do that. How about a garage sale or a pawn shop? Hmm...well maybe. I have good things that I just do not have a use for anymore because I've got newer things to replace them. It is amazing I could fill that storeroom up in 6 months.

My 'sleep comfort' bed has caused me to be a bit sore in the morning - what's up with that? Well it turns out either it loses air every slowly or Sally Cat has stepped on or laid on the control device under my bed and deflated it. I tend to think it might be Sally because I've only noticed it in the past week or so. Now I know to watch it and make sure there is enough air in it to give me a firm comfortable rest - soft beds make me hurt more that my normal everyday hurt. Living here in the Vero Villa is still a learning process.

When John was here he mentioned he really liked his John's Island lifeguard job. He meets nice people, they treat him well, the pay him very well, and they feed him everyday he works with great JI food. He says he feels that his job is more 'personable' there than at the county pools. He talks with and assists the patrons at the beach who for the most part stay out of the water...after all, they wouldn't want to get wet and salty, huh? From my point of view his life is pretty well organized for the moment with a healthy balance of school, work, and play.

There has been no word from Tim in Atlanta with respect to my oriental rug. However, I'm not sure he's actually there to get the letter - maybe just his sons are living in the house at the present? I'm going to give it the rest of the weekend and if I don't hear something then perhaps it's time to ask Drew and his posse to go over there again to see just who is living in the house. I've not lose hope about recovering my rug and dinning room furniture just yet.

I talked to Ace yesterday and he reports he's heeling very well. Both his hand specialist and his therapist agree progress is as good as one can expect. He has use of 2 out of the 3 injured fingers although they are still in a splint. My guess is Ace will be back to doing some work within a couple weeks.

Georgia Tech will not play until Thursday night against Miami on ESPN but that will not stop me from watching some great games today including but not limited to: Georgia at Auburn, South Carolina at Florida, and Boston College at Florida State.

This picture taken in California just got my attention so I thought I'd share it. Enlargeable

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Thoughts on the Economy

Fri 14 November 2008

Damn...another of my landscape lights burned out on that one circuit making 2 this week. Both of these lights were less than two weeks old. I got to get this resolved and if things go as planned, my guy Steve Courtney will be over here this morning to see what he can do. I believe there is too light voltage on that circuit that's causing the problem. You see if your bulb is a set wattage - 32 watts in this case - and your volts are two low then your amperage must increase to supply the power needed. Higher than normal amperage will burn out the bulbs quicker so to lower the amperage we've got to increase the volts. It seems that low voltage systems are particularly sensitive to the voltage-amperage combination.

Brother Drew has been in e-mail contact with me expressing then same discussed attitude I have about what seems to be happing in this country today as it relates to economics. It sure appears to me that BIG government is rewarding the economic failures be bailing them out in one way or another. From the poorly run private business to the poorly run city or state governments and everything in between is getting money from the working folks who are doing what they should be doing and at the same time are being taxed for doing the right thing. Let me see if I got this right. If you work hard, pay your bills, support your family then government punishes you with higher and higher taxes for doing the right thing. But if you over extend, miss-manage your personal finances or miss-mange your business, you don't pay your bills or your mortgage then that's ok because Government will reward you by taking the funds from those who do the right thing and give it to you!! If you are a city or state government that spends way beyond your means then don't worry, the poor working taxpayer that lives within his means and pays his bills will bail you out via money confiscated from him via the tax code.

I'm like Drew, I'm pissed off. there is a way out if you get in trouble, it's called bankruptcy. This gives companies and individuals the chance to straighten things out and if they can't then maybe you should liquidate and start over. Does anyone here really believe that giving GM $25 billion will solve anything? F*ck no! It will just burn more good money and keep them afloat for a few months. The US car markers need to bankrupt and do so now if they expect a future - if they keep doing what they've been doing they will keep getting what they've been getting.

I could go on and on but it is my practice not to vent too much about any one thing on this page - especially those things for which I have no control. I can work on my landscape light, Christmas decorations, neon signs, oriental rugs, etc. BTW, for the moment I've shelved looking at new oriental rugs until I discover the disposition of the one I already have. I've not heard from Tim in Atlanta yet but I want to give him a chance to actually get my request to call me given the fact the postal service is two days off as a result of Tuesday's holiday. I may need to call on Brother Drew and his posse again to physically go seek the rug.

I've been doing some research about HD DVD's to see what the latest word is on the two competing technologies. It seems that Blu-Ray and not HD DVD is the winner so it's OK to buy a HD player - just make it a Blu-Ray. Prices have come down dramatically this year (see Samsung price history) but I'm not going to buy one just yet. I first need to convince myself I'll go rent a movie and then sit still long enough to watch it on the DVD player I already have.

Today's picture of Brother Drew was taken this past Summer while fishing 'The Hump' offshore Islamorada. I thing Drew likes doing this more than anything else he can do with his clothes on anyway.

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Thu 13 November 2008

LED's are cool (pun intended). My cousin Alice and her husband Boyd dropped by to bring me some info I requested and to have a look see at my new TV. I've thought the picture was brighter and sharper than my other Samsung DLP but it's always nice to have others confirm what you believe to be true. Both Alice and Boyd said it was indeed a great color picture with clarity and crispness not found in bigger screens. They are both rather reseved in their view but I could tell they indeed liked this set. So if you even think you might want a new TV, do not pass up the Samsung LED HDTV as an option.

I've been amazed with the brightness of the LED technology so I started to look into LED lights as replacement for my standard screw-in light for the lamps in my house. Yes, they do make such a bulb but they are too expensive for me to try right now even though the bulbs would likely live longer than me and consume almost no energy. Basically a 7 watt LED bulb could replace your standard 100 watt bulb but the dame thing costs more than $100. But like the fluorescent replacements that have come down in price relative to their cost when new, I expect LED's to come down as well. In fact, I expect every home in America to use LED lights in the future mainly because they are very low energy consumers and as you all know, energy is an issue these days.

I spent time yesterday uninstalling a couple dozen programs on my old desktop tower - these were programs I never use anymore. I also deleted about 80% of the files I'd saved over the past 6 years on that computer. All the pictures, videos, and audio files took up a lot of space. Now that 80 GB hard drive which was so full the defragment utility would even run is now down to about 25% usage from 90% usage. Don't worry boys and girls, I did first transfer all those files to my new 500 GB external hard drive. The computer is now working much better and faster than before.

While at Lowe's this morning I bought an artificial wreath (see image) to hang on my front door; I like artificial wreaths as much as or better than real ones. I do like real Christmas trees but as you know, I purchased an artificial one of those too. John said he'd pick the tree up and bring it over for me on Tuesday because he didn't have class on Veteran's Day. I've not seen the tree so either he forgot or something more interesting came up to occupy his day. No worries - I don't plan to have it up until after Thanksgiving. Oh, while at Lowe's I saw the first real pointesta flowers for sale and here it is only the second week of December.

I'm sure feeling very poor lately as the US stock market continues to go down, down, down. I'm approaching a 60% loss in my capital since the high in the last year. The news in the markets is not good - what the hell happened to the promise that President-elect Obama was going to wave his hand and fix everything? Frankly I think it will take years to get back the value I loss on paper - the economy is not going to improve until maybe well into next year IMHO. I hope I'm wrong but the last time I was wrong was that day back in 1972. Just Damn!

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My Oriental Rug

Wed 12 November 2008

Brother Drew has been sleuthing for me in Atlanta resulting in finding the house where my oriental rug and dinning room furniture is suppose to be (see picture). I know Tim still lives there because of the cars Drew said he saw and the Chinese pheasant was still in the cage at the front of the house - this is the brightly colored pheasant Tim captured in my front yard while working for me about this time last year. Although no one came to the door at least I now know they are still around so maybe Tim will call me once he gets my letter requesting that he call. If that does not work then we'll follow plan B; don't ask me what plan B is because I've not figured that out just yet.

I really do appreciate Drew's help on this and I hope to get my rug shipped down here as a result. I'm not sure what I will do with it once it is here but better here than there at this point. I always thought it was too big for my living room here at the Vero Villa but maybe not. There is also the issue as to whether or not I'll like the 'look' in this house of that particular rug. The saga continues.

John dropped by with a gift for me last evening - a give that is perfect for me. Can you guess what it was? Ice cream of course from the ice cream shop where he works after a day of saving lives at John's Island. The ice cream is excellent and ranks very high on the list of great ice creams of the world. The single greats attribute a great ice cream has is perfect texture with a creamy smoothness to the tongue and boy has this ice cream got that down perfectly. Of course the 'taste' is important but the texture is the most important thing to me. John brought me two flavors (pistachio & black raspberry) and both were excellent. I've but in a request for the two flavors that are hardest to get just right - vanilla and chocolate chip. It is hard to 'mask' the ice cream with strong flavors if you start with the basics. BTW, this stuff is definitely better than Baskin & Roberts.

I didn't know until this week but John is the 'beach' lifeguard at John's Island, not a guard at the beach pool as I had earlier thought. He says it's the best job he's had because he's treated so well. Apparently the beach club fixes a great lunch for their employees every day, give their guards breaks, and the surrounds are drop-dead beautiful. John likes that job a lot and enjoys the ice cream gig as well. Now my goal is to keep him on track at school while he's not working on the 3 day weekends.

I talked to Lina last night and among the things we discussed is the election. Like me, the outcome is not what we wanted but it is what we got so I've got to go with that. I choose to be optimistic unless or until the Obama Administration gives me reason not to be hopeful of a save and growing economy. There will be practices and policies I will not like but many of them are just that, things I don't agree with in principle but really have very little direct affect on my life. What will affect my outlook is the stock market, inflation, health care, and of course my personal safety. Most other issue probably will not cause me to change what I do one way or the other. I just want confidence restored in a growing stock market, choice in my medical care, and steady growth with low inflation. Tell me, who among you out there would not want those things?

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Rug Hunt

Tue 11 November 2008

Since I posted my dilemma about locating my Old Kashan oriental rug in Atlanta, Brother Drew has generously offer to go by the last known residence of the guy holding the rug to see if he can find it. I've not given up hope and with Drew's help maybe by this time next week we'll know where the rug is at present. Although Drew offered to bring it down, the rug needs to be shipped by common carrier because of it's size. I hope Drew can find Tim or his sons Ronnie and David - but if not, then life goes on for me. Good luck Drew.

The young fella [sic] I mentioned in my coffee klatch called me on Sunday morning wanting to just talk - I told him to come right over which he did. He is a really nice young man that got caught up with the wrong stuff and wrong people but now he's trying to change all that. I especially like the idea of helping someone who has their whole life ahead of them especially if some thing I may say or do will make it better. BTW, this very deed of offering to be a friend who's not judgmental and share some of my experiences is great for me too. And you know I've got a chest full of my wild and sorted tales, don't you. Anyway, after spend half a day soaking up my brilliance and bullshit he went to get something to eat. I saw him yesterday again and hope to see him this morning.

And speaking of young guys to whom I impart my sage advice, John had a full weekend work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 9 in the morning to 10 at night on two jobs. One thing about John, he's not afraid or unwilling to work that's for sure. My hope is that he also realizes that continuing in his education will make the hours he works much more valuable to an employer in the future. Starr continues to be a sub-teacher and tutor for some kids on an individual bases - I think she has 7 kids now.

Yesterday reminds me why people come down to Florida in the Fall & Winter. It was a cool 53F in the morning warming up to a mild, 76 (24C for you Dutchies)during the day with cloudless skies and low humidity. I think we are getting into that time of the year when I'll really appreciate living in Vero instead of Atlanta - besides where else could I be considered among the "young" relative to the Fall/Winter population of Vero. The bad news is the daily crashes at the local Publix by old farts riding those shopping carts will start to increase. It's dangerous to shop with blue hairs who can't hear or see ride around the isle looking for a target like me to hit. Reminds me of my bike-riding days on the streets of Atlanta when I thought I was either invisible, a target, or both.

My electrician, Steve Courtney, sent me the calculations he made concerning my landscape lighting and the outage problem I've been having. He believes the 5 light circuits connected to 3 different power terminals in my 900 watt transformer need to be re-arranged. Something is clearly wrong because I had yet another light burn out over this past weekend on that one 'troubled' circuit making a total of 7 burn-outs over the past 2 or 3 months. Anyway I gave him the green light to see if he can get the load on each circuit so this will not happen again. Oh sure, I'll have burn-outs but not 7 in 3 months!

Here is a picture I took yesterday of my bedroom suite with the new real palms and new Samsung TV in my entertainment unit. Only Matt and John have seen it and they both agree it is big. For a better view, click on the picture.
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Rug Research

Mon 10 November 2008

When Captain Matt came to visit this weekend, he brought me a picture Lina (his mom) had taken of the merry crew - Charlotte, Darby, Starr, and me. I this picture was taken about 15 years ago or maybe longer - probably in the late 1980's or early 1990's. As you can see, Charlotte and I were just as whacked then as we are now. I asked Starr and she agrees that it was about 15 years ago - before I joined the coffee klatch. Should I do a Sid - by - side comparison of this picture and the one taken a week ago?

Remember all the price comparisons I did when researching the new TV I bought? Well I got an e-mail from Circuit City and much to my surprise, the price went up! What's up with that? It's now costing $900 more than I paid for mine when the price should be coming down. Have I maybe stumbled upon something here? Do store price things based on the time of year know that people will be buying the next month for Christmas? If anything, I would have thought they would lower the price to get more shoppers and buyers. BTW, Circuit City will be closing their Vero Beach store - too bad, I liked that store. Nonetheless, we will still have Best Buy and they match Circuit City when challenged.

In my effort to identify a 'traditional' rug for my living room I've been doing extensive research on the internet especially at places I've purchased before which offers a "Lowest Price Promise - 150% Price Match Guarantee"; any place that will match the price of another seller and give you 50% of the purchase price back must be competitive don't you think? Anyway, it is always hard to tell online just what a rug really looks like so after exhaustive looking I narrowed it down to 6 possibilities that were in the size and price range with which I've been looking. I downloaded the image from the website then forwarded the 6 to Walgreen's to have 8"x10" color prints made - the actual pictures give me a much better idea as to the real colors than the image rendered on my monitor.

Now I'm going to leave the pictures on the floor and look at them for a few days. Thus far I've ranked them in order of my preference but no decision has been made yet as to the winner or even if I'll buy one now. Surprisingly the one I liked best out of 6 online is ranked #5 when prints were made. If I order something and don't like it I can get a 100% refund less my shipping charges to return it. Stay tuned.

I talked with Captain Matt as he was driving back to Atlanta late yesterday when he told me that he and his Dad caught 6 dolphin not just 3. If another angular was on board Matt thinks they would have gotten even more. Of course I was to pre-occupied watching the Yellow Jackets loss then to spend a beautiful day on the ocean catch fish with TB & Matt - boy do I have my priorities in order, don't I? I think I'm getting to the point when I'd be happy with just a half day of fishing not a 6 am to 3 pm event.

This morning is the coolest morning in over a week. I hope we have another week like the last one.

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Captain Matt & TB

Sun 09 November 2008

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Coffee with a Groupie

Sat 08 November 2008

Friday was a beautiful day although a bit on the humid side for me - I like a low humidity, plenty of sunshine, and a moderate temperature. Having 2 out of 3 yesterday ain't [sic] all that bad, huh? We may get some rain today but I'll be inside watching college football thus it will not matter. My team takes on the University of North Carolina at noon today at Chapel Hill and North Carolina is favored by a touchdown. Good. I think Georgia Tech plays better when they are not favored and besides, NC has a good team this year with a record of 6 - 2 and a stomping of Boston College 45 - 24 last weekend.

After the meeting yesterday morning one of the new younger members and I went for coffee. He seemed to really want what we have going for us in our group so I'm going to offer whatever help I can in his mission. Helping others is one of the cornerstones of the group and I find it to be most beneficial to me as well. It is always better to attract folks based on what they see rather than trying to promote an agenda. Anyway I gave him my number, showed him where I live, and said he could call or come over anytime day or night. I even said it would be fine to wake me in the middle of the night so you know I must be serious about helping as much as I generally hate to be awakened, right? Let's see how it goes.

I'm within a Nat's hair of pulling the trigger to buy the artificial blue spruce Christmas Tree. I can buy it now with a 90 day return policy if I change my mind. My point here is to get one while they are available because they may get sold out before Christmas. Yea, I know I can it it on the cheap after Christmas but then again there may not be any of this particular tree after Christmas plus I want one for this year. See how I can talk myself into buying things?

I got an e-mail from a place I've purchased rugs before. They were having one of those 'clearance' sales but to my surprise I found a 'traditional' rug I liked. As I was measuring and thinking about buying it, they sold out. Just damn! I did not move quick enough on this hell of a good sale. The $3800 rug was $600. Oh well, hesitate and ye shall lose. Oh I can still buy the rug but at $3800 - I'm not prepared to do that just yet. So I will likely get a new rug but it will not be today. I like the rug I have in the living room but I'm a traditional kind of a guy. Maybe I should have my old Atlanta rug shipped down and see if I like it here? Now there's a thought.

Matt dropped by again yesterday to bring me a picture his Mom had of Darby, Starr, and me so I could scan it into my computer. While he was here he was kind enough to help me with some more Crown before it spoiled. I think he and Tommy are going fishing today and while I was invited to go along, I chose not to on this trip - now watch them catch a bunch of dolphin and a sailfish or two. I'm thinking about meeting one of the young guys for breakfast after our coffee meeting, then go out to Pier 1 for a sale they've got going today. But the real reason is I want to have the opportunity to watch Georgia Tech at noon today even though it may create a great deal of unjustified anxiety for me - I just can't seem to help it. This actually would be a great day to go because Matt is here, it is not too hot or cold, and it's becoming a good time of the year to fish. Report to follow.

Just so you boys and girls know what nice evenings we are having here in Florida, here is a picture taken of Tampa Bay which is directly across the state from Vero Beach.

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Matt Visited

Fri 07 November 2008

It's happened again - I got a guy who says he wants to buy Tanzanite gems from me, suggested a means of payment, but has not responded once I told him the price per carat I'd accept today. That's ok because most of these people are looking for a real steal and I'm not desperate enough to sell the gems at basement bargain prices, at least not yet. I know what the going cost is at wholesale prices and I'm very much in the range but some experts might say low based on the quality of gems. My plan is to hold the gems for several years anyway in the anticipation of the supply of raw material to come to an end. The supply of quality material has already slowed dramatically especially for gems like mine. I consider these stones like real estate - if you have staying power and can hold onto your property you'll always make a handsome return.

I've purchased a couple new live plants for the Vero Villa. One replaces a silk plant in my office while the other is new to a corner of my dinning room. BTW, my dinning room only has one corner so if you've been in my house, you know where the plant is located. I still have one silk plant in my office I'm thinking about replacing with a live one as well. I think I'll keep the palm on the porch and behind the living room couch at for today - ask me again tomorrow.

Captain Matt was gracious enough to drop by last evening and help me out with the Crown I have that's going bad. He wanted to visit and check out the new LED TV - we watched a replay of the second have of the Florida - Georgia game in which Florida stomped all over Georgia 49 to 10. Matt liked the TV, the game, and the crown - see, I'm not such a bad old fart to visit now am I? I even insisted that he try out my 'master's' chair in the bedroom suite while he watched the game.

Matt is doing very well in his business but frankly I think he might be getting a bit tired of all the traveling necessary for his position. If he thinks he's tired of traveling now, just wait until he gets a bit older, gets married, or both! Then again depending on who he marries traveling might be a good thing..HaHaHa. So I would not be surprised if Captain Matt made a change either within his present employer or perhaps in a whole new direction. Once you gain confidence that you are valuable to someone else and can get them to pay you for your help then the limits as to the type of work you do melt away at least that has been my observation. Confidence in one's self is the key.

So I'm beginning to think I'll buy an artificial Christmas tree even thought I've been changing my artificial house plants for real ones of late. I've done extensive research as to the type of artificial tree I might want to buy - the winner is Blue Spruce. I think I've looked at every blue spruce on the internet and strangely there are only about a half dozen different manufactures/types available. There are also only about a half dozen outlets selling them on the net. I've also checked out the offerings at the local retailers - Lowe's, Home Depot, and Wal-Mart. The image today is of the one tree I like the best of them all - any comments boys and girls?

I put a very interesting essay on my 'News' page yesterday that I'd encourage you to read. It is not my words but it did explain this eerie feeling about Obama I've had for sometime but could not put my finger on it. Comment if you would.

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Artificial Christmas Tree?

Thu 06 November 2008

My coffee meeting went well yesterday but why wouldn't it with me as the chairperson? In keeping with the saying of the morning I chose as my topic "Change" - pretty appropriate don't you think? Needless to say, it was not difficult for me or any other attendees to share about their life before and after they joined our coffee klatch. Most of you know exactly what I mean so I'll choose not to go into any more detail than I already have. I sign up to chair the meeting the first Wednesday every month it just happened this was the day after the elections this month.

I've been having a problem with my satellite receiver overheating when I'm watching DirectTV - by the way this is a common, known problem with DirectTV HD receivers. It is a manufacturing flaw in my opinion because a solution could have been built into the receiver like Comcast did with their equipment and my surround sound amplifier-receiver. Perhaps there are new replacement receivers on the market and I plan to look into that but in the meantime I needed a solution. I found a 5" clip-on fan used for cooling small areas like when you're sitting at AV desk or perhaps bedside. I ordered it then promptly disassembled it such that only the fan casing was left then simply placed it directly on top of the receiver cabinet. Another one of my Billy-rigs but off course it gets the job done. The fan was $7.00, shipping was $7.00, so I spent $14.00 to solve the problem. BTW, I did find online a fan designed to sit on top of electronic equipment needing cooling but it was $65.00 + shipping - I like my solution better.

Yesterday I decided to pick up another real plant with the idea of replacing one of my silk plants in my office or put it in a corner in my dinning room to add a bit of color & life. While I was at both Home Depot and Lowes I looked at their selection of Christmas decorations with the idea of buying a wreath for the front door and just maybe n artificial tree for my front porch. I know. I know. here I am replacing my silk plants with real ones so why would I want to buy a artificial tree you ask? The answer is the tree will only be there for the Christmas holidays, it will not drop needles, from the outside you won't be able to tell if it is real or not, I can use it year after year, and if purchased pre-lit the hassle factor should be minimized.

I've not decide to buy an artificial tree just yet but I did find one I like a lot. Some of the trees these days are so natural looking it is hard to tell them from the real thing - remember, the real cut trees are grown and pruned such that some of them look fake (not really but you know what I mean). The thing is I've not had a tree, real or otherwise, in over 10 years while living in Atlanta - I just filled my home with bright red poinsettias. The thing about the Vero Villa is that I'm on a corner with a good bit of traffic on 23rd street so there will be hundreds or perhaps thousands of more people going by here during the holidays than was the case on Peachtree Battle Circle. Besides, the Vero Villa is a beacon in my hood and I've got a reputation to maintain...don't I? It will be good if my house is as festive for the holidays as I try to maintain the quality look year around.

This picture was taken by my cousin Alice when she was in Tennessee last week. It is the beautiful Fall colors that I do miss living here in Florida; maybe next year I'll head to the mountains for a week or two?

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Landscape Work

Wed 05 November 2008

Walter & crew came by yesterday to put out over 20 bags of cypress mulch around my landscaping - it looks really good now. They also trimmed the plants that go around the South and East side of my house resulting in a manicured landscaped Vero Villa. I'm a happy camper when looking at the results. Walter is constantly telling me I have one of the better landscaped homes in Vero but I attribute that to the fact he did the work although I can take credit for the design. Besides, I think some folks around town not to mention over on the island would disagree with him.

My morning coffee club has grown again in part because of the returning snow birds. Yesterday morning we had 36 people and this morning I expect standing room only because I'm the chairman of the meeting today. Those luck attendees while have a real treat listen to my never ending pontification about this, that, and the other thing. I've actually decided what my topic will be this morning - sometimes I just start talking about whatever pops in my mind at the beginning of the meeting. I'm looking forward to this - I like being on stage as it were.

There is a college football game on ESPN or ESPN2 every night this week starting with the Miami Ohio at Buffalo game last night, Northern Illinois at Ball State tonight, and Maryland at Virginia Tech tomorrow night which is the one of most interest to me because it is an ACC game. Georgia Tech plays on Saturday starting at noon against the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. I'm not sure I'll watch it except for the moth-in-the-light syndrome....I'll go there to watch even though I might get burned.

Well, I'm not surprised at the outcome in yesterday's presidential elections. Frankly, I'm thinking my life is not going to change much no matter who was elected but the outcome certainly can affect a lot of you. But you know, I can not change the outcome, it is what it is, and we all are going to have to live with it like it or not. So I'm not going to allow the outcome to occupy space in my mind other than from a standpoint of pure interest in what is happening - I'll try to avoid any emotion as to what is occuring. Strangely but I hope the new president is political enough that he will not act too radical as to piss-off those who's support and votes he may want and need in the future. There are a few positive things I can say about the president-elect but there certainly are many many things with which I disagree. We shall see - more comments to follow. Oh, one very good thing came out of this, we will not be getting new polls every few hours and maybe more non-political nes.

I thought I'd like you folks to have a look-see at the real palms I put in my bedroom suite to replace the silk palms. It will be easy to put the silk palms back but I like real plants and here in the Vero Villa there is a lot more light than I had in my Atlanta home so maybe the real palms will live. Which of the two type plants do you like now that you've seen the comparison?

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Election Day

Tue 04 November 2008

The day has finally come when voters have their last chance to vote in this election unless of course you are a Democrat who can recount votes as many times as needed to get the outcome you desire. But for the most part, I think it will be over by this time tomorrow or at least I certainly hope so. No matter who is the winner, I'm hoping that we can start getting news other than the latest poll that was released minutes ago. It seems that polls are released several times during the day every day - they are not reporting the news but rather are used to make the news. I'm sick of it.

If I believe what the media wants me to believe, I'll be awaking to a President Obama tomorrow. Well if that is the case then then I'll accept the things I can not change. Frankly the new President will probably have very little affect on my life no matter who he is - it is only my beliefs that might give me a problem not my daily life functions. Once it is determined who the President will be for the next four years I'll have something else to say then for the most part drop it on these pages.

Wow...did this week ever start out nice compared to the weekend - it was bright and sunny when I got up. I love getting up, having breakfast, and then heading out for coffee all with the sun up. If I had my way, we would never switch off Eastern Standard time because I'm an early riser year round. If it is light at 6 am and dark at 8 pm in the summer that would be fine with me. I don't like Daylight savings time at all.

I've been reflecting on my visit to Charlotte's house this past Saturday night. Her home was so warm and inviting compared to the Vero Villa which now seems rather sterile to me. I don't like mess or junk or clutter, but I think there is something to be said about 'warming-up' my home with color and decorative devices has Tommy would say. My home could use some color which is the thing good old Gordon in Atlanta would say over and over and over again. Every room in my Atlanta home he added color and light which I have to agree did make the home warmer and more welcoming so I think I'll do some things around here as I get a sense or feel for what I might like. Pier 1 would be a good place top start.

Wouldn't you know it - just as I laid down with sally Cat to listen to Rush and take a nap there was a knock at the front door. It was an Obama supporter asking for the worthless escapee that lived here over two years ago. She wanted 'Melissa' to vote for Obama tomorrow but asked me if I would vote for Obama. You can imagine my state of mine having been awakened by an ACORN Obama get out the vote person! I held my tough, said I voted two weeks ago, and Melissa does not live here any more. If I were awake I might have toyed with her mind and ask her questions she either could not or was too embarrassed to answer.

I'm very proud of one of the young guys in my coffee group. As I was leaving this morning I reminded him to vote tomorrow although I knew he had Obama stickers on his car. I also suggested he should be able the answer the question 'Why?' if asked. Damn if he didn't come over to my place a couple hours later to talk about the candidates. I was fair & balanced giving facts then pointing out opinion when I was relating it. He listened, asked good questions, and then thanked me after about 90 minutes. I don't know who he will vote for but now he has more information. I just wish more voters would gather the facts rather than blindly follow a candidate because their friend are, or parents are, or a teacher brain-washes them or their union tells them, etc.

In an effort to keep you informed on the life here in Vero, here are two headlines from yesterday's paper - "Your pets can pose with Santa Claus at Indian River event" and "Class in Vero Beach will teach you to hold your horses" - I didn't realize horse-holding was an issue here in Vero.

I thought you folks would like to see the hostess from Saturday night's dinner event. Here is Charlotte stuck between me and Darby.

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Dinner Party

Mon 03 November 2008

Saturday night my longtime friend, classmate, and whacked woman, Charlotte Terry, invited me to join her intimate group of friends for drinks, visiting, and dinner. I told Charlotte before I arrived that I'd only stay for about a hour but I ended up stay 90 minutes. I don't much care for parties anymore but I do enjoy seeing some long lost friends some of which I've not seen in 45 years. It was a great to see these old Vero Beach friends which for the most part I recognized. Darby brought one of his sisters that I did not recognize at first because the last time I saw her she was 8 or 10.

Hostest Charlotte is a real hoot, a free thinker, fun and funny, smart, and did I mention attractive too? Then there was Lina, the Barnes Boys' mother, Chris Holter, Cathy Redman, Darby, Pattie (Darby's wife), Charlie Reploge - who owns and runs the Ocean Grill - and his wife, Charlotte's husband, John and Charlotte's Mother. I've known all these people most of my life so I was especially pleased to see them again. We've all aged but that's better than the alternative.

I talked with Ace on Saturday and he's maybe not quite as bad as I posted on Saturday but still it was a lot worse injury than I imagined. It turns out the hospital told him to buy a casket because the end was near and the specialist said he would need a bit of recovery but it was not time to buy his grave plot just yet. Listening to the doctors at the hospital had him believing his ram needed to be amputated at the elbow when really there likely not be a need for any further cutting - Ace has done enough of that on his own. The prognosis is much better now but it will take time.

Did you remember to set your clocks back this past weekend. I did but that just means I wake up at 4 am instead of 5 am now. I'm hoping to get my internal clock adjusted to this new time zone this week. I like regular Eastern Standard Time. Now the kids can go to the bus stop when there is light and when I go for coffee I won't need to use the headlights on my car. Good.

Most of the weekend it rained. My newly planted palms liked it and it makes it easy to stay inside curled up in bed watching a good movie. Because it is November now, there are a new list of movies starting this month on the various movie channels. I hope to indulge myself with mindless movies rather than mindless political talking heads for the next few days. After tomorrow the voting will be over - unless of course you are a Democrat and your candidate needs more votes to win. I'm hoping the counting will be over when I wake up on Wednesday and who ever wins, wins - lets just move on. I don't need endless news casts telling me what happened and why it happened and what would have happened or what should have happened. Enough already.

The top picture is of me of course with my buddy, Darby and his younger sister, Gloria. Darby and I went to school together but his sister is a child in her 40's - ah to be young again. You can click on the small image to the left and see a picture of Chris, Lina, Gloria, and Darby - this may be the first picture I've posted of the lady that downloaded Ty, Drew, and Matt. God I'm funny, huh?

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Halloween Report

Sun 02 November 2008

Halloween night turned out to be fun for me because of John's willingness to be my goblin greeter. I don't understand why I got myself worked up about all the frigging potential Halloween visitors I thought I was going to have but the moment John got here my anxiety faded rapidly. And as it turned out the only two people who came to my front door was John's mom, Starr, and some little kid that John scared with his pirate's custom - I think the little girl shrieked in horror and left but John did give her mom some candy. So for all that build-up I had really only one visitor...just one!! Now I have enough candy left over to go on a sugar binge for weeks and weeks. Wisely I bought the type of candy I like so I can keep some and the rest I'll take to coffee next week.

My house looked cool when I replaced all the regular lights with green, red, and blue lights. From the outside it looked pretty festive so much so I'll do it again at Christmas I think. John looked all decked out as well so I was ready and while I did not get but one candy addict, I'm really not disappointed but rather relieved. Besides, John and I had a steak dinner then watched some college football on the big screen so the night was a success in my book.

If any of you have not been able to see the Villa cam I wish you'd let me know. John mentioned it on Friday night and it turns out that Comcast assigned me a new IP address - I wonder what that is all about? I think I had the same IP in Atlanta for years but frankly I'm not positive. Maybe it is because a year ago this month I had Comcast installed here at the Vero Villa and it is an anniversary event ..you think? Anyway, I had to change my IP on my server so that the page that loads the camera knows where to get the streaming video. It should work for you now.

Another landscape light burned out and as you might guess it is on the same circuit the other 4 burned out in the last few weeks. I've not called Steve the electrician yet but I'm going to tomorrow. There must just be too much current going to the circuit because the lights on the other 4 circuits are doing just fine. good thing I order 4 more lights but I can see now maybe I should have ordered more. The good Sylvania lights are about $10 each but the should last 8000 to 10000 hours.

This week I'm very pleased to announce that Georgia Tech beat Florida State 31 - 28 in a nail-bitter of a game. This is the first time the Yellow Jackets have beaten the Florida State Seminoles since 1975 and had lost to them the last 12 years in a row. This was a major victory for Georgia Tech although I thought for sure they where going to lose in the last 45 seconds of game as Florida State was about to score a touchdown on the 3 yard line when they fumbled the ball and Tech covered it. An amazing ending to a high anxiety game for me - I've got to just stop watching and do like TB does which is watch the replay if they win.

a couple hot headlines in the Vero paper yesterday:"Man cleared of voyeurism charge in eatery's bathroom" and "88-year-old Vero Beach woman wakes up to find intruder in bedroom".

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Ace's Injury

Sat 01 November 2008

It's my favorite day of the week - College Football Saturday. At 3:30 this afternoon there will be two games I'd like to see but it depends on the scoring if I'll watch one of them. Georgia Tech plays Florida State and if the Yellow Jackets stay in the game with a chance to win I'll be watching parts of it but not all of it. At the same time, Florida will be play Georgia which should be one hell of a great game. Both teams are nationally ranked in the top ten with one team ahead of the other in each of the two major polls. The point spread favors Georgia by a touchdown but I actually have a gut feeling that Florida will win the game. Then again the gut feeling might just be indigestion! Needless to say I'll start watch games at noon probably starting with Miami at Virginia or Auburn at Ole Miss.

I got an e-mail from Ace's wife Lacy yesterday outline his recovery. I must admit I did not think the injury was as bad as I've come to discover it really is. My stupid thinking was that he'll have some stitches for a couple or three weeks then for the most part things will be back to almost normal with the tips on a couple fingers missing. I was wrong - it is much more significant than that as Lacy explained in her e-mail to me:

He will have to go to the wound care center and hand specialist every day for 2-3 weeks and then depending on how well it is healing, they may be able to do 3 times a week. The Dr told him that if the ring finger is not healing like they would like it to in 2-3 weeks, they will go in and shave the bone that is exposed and make a flap of skin to folder over the end of his finger. It will no longer have a nail, likely will the index finger either. The Dr told him likely 6 months until he is really able to use that hand again. It is a long healing process, especially for Ace's type of work. The meds that have him on make him dizzy and sometimes puney sick. He is able to take aleve along wit h the pain meds to keep swelling down. It is hard to tell the swelling though because they have him in a brace, each finger bandaged and in a sling.

Damn! The doctor said it will be 6 months before he can use the hand again especially in his line of work. I guess the good news is that although the healing time is much longer than I originally thought he will be able to use the hand again. I thought you'd like to know because Ace has done so much work for me and I wanted to correct my belief as posted here a couple days ago about the nature of the injury.

On Halloween I wore my wig and round wire-rim glasses to my coffee meeting giving me that Howard Stern look. What I thought was great is that 3 people came up to after the meeting to tell me they thought I looked like Howard Stern without me announcing my intended look. Sad, but I was the only one there yesterday who even attempted to recognize it was Halloween but the fact that I did was a big hit. I was good enough that some did not even know it was me until I opened my mouth and said something. I'm whacked folks and I continue to act in a fashion proving that I'm whacked but for the most part I'm harmless.

Here are a couple of yesterday headlines in the Vero Beach paper: "Sebastian resident goes to Rome for human rights award" and "John's Island's $20 million private beach club complete". The second one is of interest because that is where John works as a lifeguard. the article is here.

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