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Happy Halloween

Fri 31 October 2008

It's Halloween boys & girls, what are you going to do tonight? As you've figured out by now, John will be over here for a couple hour in order to greet and goblins that come knocking on my door. I think I bought way too much candy but I bought the kind of candy I like so left-over candy will not go to waste. Plus, I've got my coffee crowd that likes any and everything that is sweet. I'm hoping that by 8:30 or so the door bell will be silenced - heck, it may be silent all night but I doubt it.

In case you've not been paying attention, there are some important security updates you should install into your computer if you are running XP or Vista. You can find more information and links to the patches here . Windows Secrets is an online newsletter I get and if you are not on the list, I'd encourage you to sign up for at least the free version. They will not bug you with spam , they do not give out your e-mail, and what they have in their free monthly newsletter is always of interest. This particular security threat apparently is as dangerous as the MSBlaster worm was a few years back.

I like starting my College Football weekend early by watching the ESPN Thursday night game and then the Friday night game as well until new episodes of Monk and Psych return to USA in January which by the way is when College Football will be over for another season. Last night South Florida played at Cincinnati but as usual I feel asleep before the game was over. At least it gave me relief from my moth-like instinct to want to watch political stuff on TV. I'll be glad when the election is over although I fear the political news will continue on and on with endless analysis of why this or that happened and then what it all means. At one time I used to love this stuff but not anymore - I only pay attention so I can help you with guidance when it might be needed.

It's been a beautiful week here in Vero but I have had to use my heater both in my car and home for the first time since last Winter. It only gets cool over night and early morning but nonetheless a heater is needed until about mid-morning. This weekend we are suppose to have warmer and wetter days and nights but the week sure was nice while it lasted.

I spent the afternoon yesterday riding around with TB looking at several groves and the tree farms. I had never seen the Queen Palm farm or the pole barn as far as that goes. The palms all look great - straight, pruned, and healthy. In general Tommy wanted to survey the properties to see what work needed to be done next like mowing, vine removal, etc. All of the Barnes properties looked better than the adjacent properties in that they were better kept and if there was something growing, it looked healthier. I believe he'll make some money on those palms he has in the next couple years if not sooner. It's amazing how you can spend hours just riding around looking at this and that.

An e-mail arrived today from Georgia Tech about the game Thursday night, November 20th which will be on ESPN. They are asking fans to wear white: "In an effort to display our solidarity and create a striking visual presence on ESPN Thursday night, we are asking all fans to wear white to the GT vs. Miami game on November 20th". I'm not sure what I think about that - seems to me it's too much like the Georgia 'black out' which is cool for Georgia fans but I'm not at all sure Tech fans will be as committed.

Another major headline from the Vero Beach Press Journal yesterday: "Squirrel caused outage that slowed voting in Vero". These headlines are priceless so I'll try to bring them to you if I can remember.

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Ace's Accident

Thu 30 October 2008

Ace had an accident a couple days ago while using his table saw to cut some trim at his home. Yep, you guessed it, he got his hand in the saw and cut 3 fingers one of which he lost the tip altogether. He can't explain what happened in that he used all the usual precautions as he has for years. It seems to me this happened on his left hand and while it was bad Ace said it could have been a lot worse. I tried to call yesterday but I did not get an answer - my guess is he was resting and in a semi-awake state after taking the pain medication. Just damn!

Something strange happened on my computer today I can not explain. I was typing my notes to publish on BillsView but got interrupted so I saved them to My Documents. I use WordPad to prepare the notes before I copy and paste them into my website utility. Well I opened the saved notes, typed some more, then saved them again. I went to open them again and they were gone! I checked my Recycle Bin - they were not there and by the way I had not rebooted. WTF? I did a search on my machine but they are just hidden in the bowls of my computer somewhere. I must have done something but I've not got a clue as to what. Strange.

I got my 3 palms transplanted into bigger pots and moved into my bedroom. Outside I thought the palms looked small but once they were in my bedroom and opened up a bit they turned out to be bigger than I expected. Thus far I like the idea of these live palms in there so lets see how long it will take me to kill them.

The new external hard drive is sitting on my file cabinet because I just didn't get around to installing it and transferring my files. I did some research on my KVM switch's abilities and found that I can indeed plug up to 3 USB 2.0 hardware items into it then share the hardware among up to 4 computers all using the same keyboard and mouse. As I have things set up now, I share my keyboard and mouse between my two desktop computers but each machine has it's own back-up external hard drive. With the KVM switch I could plug a web cam, external hard drive, and printer into it and then share them with all 3 computers including my laptop - how cool would that be, huh?

Making the changes I just mention would require me to basically disconnect everything and start my set-up all over. Sooo...while I'm doing that maybe this would be the time to introduce my Linksys 5 port switch and then connect my wireless router to one of the ports and use it as a wireless access point/router behind the switch. Will that work? I think so based on the research I've done and Linksys's own information. It doesn't hurt that both the switch and router are made by Linksys. Do I need all this you ask? Of course not but it sure is entertaining and fun for me to attempt to make all this work.

John has been offered Another job over on the beach at that ice cream place across from the boardwalk on Jaycee beach. While looking for work a month ago this is one of the places he applied and they are just now calling him back. He will keep his lifeguard gig at John's Island on the weekends but this is a place he can work during the week as the dude what closes the place down. I don't know if it will work out for him but I think it would be good experience to have the responsibility of closing the shop at night. Plus, some of the beachites [sic] might discover him and offer him a job as CEO of one of their companies or perhaps just take him as a sex slave - either way it could be a good opportunity. Stay tuned.

As a bit of humor, here is a headline from the Vero Beach Press Journal: "Victoria's Secret thief makes off with over 100 bras". That qualifies for big time news here in Vero. Here are the other two top news items on the page: "Indian River Shores 7-Eleven sells winning MEGA MONEY ticket" and "State helps Vero Beach retiree recoup $217,000 from unauthorized annuity policy". At least it's not more political stuff.

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More Tech Stuff

Wed 29 October 2008

Yesterday seemed like a Fall day in Atlanta even though I'm here in Vero. It was 52 when I went for coffee but the wind was blowing so it seemed a good bit cooler - more like 42. I've been told that I should enjoy it while it lasts because it will not last long. Bright, clear, sunny days invigorate me - I hope we have more. It did not get above 60 until afternoon. Perfect football weather too.

When I stop to see Matt on Monday I noticed the Barnes Estate utility truck parked in the driveway so I called Matt to ask if the keys were on the bar counter in the kitchen where all sorts of keys are kept. Turns out that they were not there but were with TB. I called to ask to borrow the truck but he instead came by to fetch me in that cute little red German sports car so we could head out to get the truck and head to Home Depot. I bought 3 palms, 3 larger containers in which to transplant them, and some potting soil. My intent today is to transplant the palms then substitute these real plants for the silk plants I have in my bedroom.

I'm not sure I'll like the substitution but I thought I'd give it a go - after all, I can always plant these 3 palms outside along with the others I already had Walter plant. Unlike my Atlanta house, the Vero Villa gets a good bit of sunlight so I think real plants will live better inside this house than in my Atlanta home. Nonetheless, never under estimate my ability to kill the plants and do so in a very short period of time. Some people have a green thumb...I have a black thumb.

Ace came over to paint the carport ceiling now that he has patched & sanded it. If you did not know exactly where to look, you'd never see the boo-boo. Even with my knowing exactly where to look it is not obvious anything ever happened. Ace did a superb job on repairing the accident. It also helps that it was dry wall up there because that stuff is repairable more so than plywood.

It has been awhile since I bought any new computer gear although you would think that big TV would satisfy me for awhile, huh? I decided to get a new Western Digital My Book (500GB Essential Edition - see image) external hard drive that will boot and shutdown with my computer and if I set it to do so , it will backup additions or changes everyday before it shuts down. It is big enough to hold all the data on both of my desktops so I'm thinking about doing just that - let it hold all my data, pictures, music, files, etc and not keep this stuff on my desktop at all. Now I've already backed up all my data on both computers onto smaller external hard drives so in case this does not work as I expect it to, I can restore all my data. More to follow.

Now comes the interesting part. I have a 4 port Cables to Go KVM switch that also has a 3 port USB 2.0 switch built into it. Sooooo... can I hook my 500GB external hard drive to the switch along with both desktops and my laptop so that all 3 machines can use the one external hard drive? I could actually use my keyboard and mouse on my top desktops and my laptop so why can't I switch the hard drive among the 3 machines? Well, there is one way to find out - try it.

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Another Light Out

Tue 28 October 2008

What...another landscape light burnt out and was one I replaced just a few weeks ago? Hmm...we thinks there is something wrong with the power supplied to the area where these lights burn out. It is not all the areas just two of my 5 separately supplied areas. So I guess I'll have to get Steve over here so he can check those two circuits. In the meantime I'm going to order some more lights to have them on hand as needed - I only have two extras left.

I have a friend of a friend that says he wants to join our coffee club but when it came time to go, he was a no-show. Frankly I was not at all surprised because more often than not people say they want to join but never take the action to do so. There is nothing I can or should do until the guy is ready. The only person who can change his pattern is him, not me, not his kids, not his job, only he can change his behavior. When will this happen you ask? When things get to a point he sees no out except to make a change. I know most of you understand exactly what I mean and before you ask, it isn't someone you know at least I don't think any of you know him.

I decided I needed a fan so after shopping online I headed out to Home Depot to buy a oscillating 18" fan on an adjustable stand (see image) - I think this will give me all the flexibility I want. I had a box fan I brought from Atlanta but it went missing during my remodeling. Home Depot had the right fan at the right price so I bought it then looked at a couple other things.

I've been thinking about getting a large colorful ceramic pot in which I can place live plants and station ITT by my back door. Home Depot had some nice hand-painted pots from Mexico but they are not cheap - most are in the $75 to $100 range. I think a pot with a real live plant would be nice because now I have an artificial palm which looks artificial - funny how that works huh? I'm also thinking about putting real plants in my bedroom instead of the silk palms I now have that look good but I can tell they are not real. Palms are not very expensive here in Florida so I might just buy 3 and see how it works out - will they die in a few weeks or can I actually keep them alive? I notice the Barnes red utility truck is at the Barnes-Brennan Estate and while Matt is working there I bet I can get access to it for hauling the palms. Stay tuned.

Speaking of Matt I dropped by his temporary office on the way to Home depot. he was doing well, was glad to be here in Vero, and of course was very excited to see me. While here he has his plate full so I'll stay out of his way except to plea with him to help me with the Crown I have that is getting old. Usually when Matt, Drew, or Ty are in town they try to help their grandparents with their computer and this trip will not be any different for Matt.

The weather here in Vero is just great I'm pleased to report. You can tell that Fall has arrived - such that it is - here in Vero. This morning is the coolest since last Winter with days expected to be very sunny, dry, and moderate in temperatures. I like it.

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Mon 27 October 2008

I've been thinking about Georgia tech's loss on Saturday and I've come to the unescapable conclusion that I expected the Yellow Jackets to win and they did not. That was my problem...expecting them to win. How many times have I been disappointed because of the expectations I place on others? In my morning coffee group we say that expectations are a set-up for future disappointments and how so very true that is, huh? You know the saying don't you -you should accept the things you can not change, change the things you can, and have the wisdom to know the difference. There is not much I can do now or in the future to change the outcome of a Georgia Tech football game so acceptance is the key to my serenity.

All that is easy to say but much more difficult to put into practice. This weekend will be different in that I expect the Yellow Jackets to lose against the Florida State Criminals...oops, it is the Florida State Seminoles. The game will be televised nationally on ABC so most of you can see the game as well. The unfortunate thing with Georgia Tech is they may very well have won all the games they will win this season. I guess things could be worse, I could be by a University of Tennessee fan where Saturday football is a religion and you 'expect' to win every game.

I got an e-mail flyer from Circuit City offering a 10% off their products for online ordering. I was curious so I looked at my Samsung to see what it would now cost and with their new lower price, I'd still spend about $300 more. I know the time will come when I can buy the TV for less but I've reached the conclusion that the only disappointment I have is that I did not buy it sooner. You see, it is worth whatever I paid to have it now which by the way is the same feeling I have about my car. It is nice to not look back and wonder if you got the 'best deal' but rather to be happy with the item no matter what you paid.

Can it be? Is it possible the temperatures will fall over night into the 50's or perhaps even lower in Vero the next couple days? According to the weather forecast I get online, it should be rather cool Tuesday morning when I get up - wouldn't that be a nice change? With all the wind, rain, and heat I'm very ready for it to cool off; trouble is it will usually not stay cool except for a couple days. Yesterday was a nice, bright, sunny day and it was not as hot as it has been this past week. Maybe it's Captain Matt who's bringing the cooler weather with him from Atlanta?

Matt is in Florida this week part of which he'll be here in Vero and later in the week he heads south for a bachelor party & wedding - not his though, at least not yet. Perhaps he'll do me the favor of making sure my Crown does not go bad while he's in town. I know John will help me on Friday when he heads over to had out treats. You know I can't ever remember having Crown but then again there are a lot of things I don't remember from those days. The stuff is pricey so I stuck to most Smirnoff which I kept in my freezer ready to go without having to dilute it with mixers. I still keep vodka in my freezer only it's Absolute in case I have a guest that wants some.

Ace was over last Thursday to do some more patch work on my carport ceiling. It takes a couple times to fill a hole with mud, sand it, and then fill it again before a final sand and painting. I expect he'll be back in the next day or two to finish. Here is a picture from last week.

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Landscape Lights

Sun 26 October 2008

Another burn-out on my landscape lighting - what's up with that? This is the 5th bulb since the lights were put in late Spring. These lights should last at least a few years based on the time I run them. All this leads me to believe the power to the bulbs is too high causing them to burn out so soon. I can get my electrician, Steve, back over to check the current although his service call will likely be $100 + which means I can replace about 10 or 12 lights instead. However, I'd like to add one light on one circuit and he will be able to tell me if that is possible. I can not have more that 300 watts per circuit but Steve recommends not more than 250 watts per circuit to prevent overheating. Overheating of the transformer has not been a problem. There are 3 - 300 watt circuits serviced by the transformer. You boys & girls get all that? I know GT Jeff did.

The first half of Saturday was a nicer day that Friday here where the tropics begin. More sunshine with a lot less wind & rain but it was still hot and muggy. Then the rains came early in the afternoon and stuck with us most of the rest of the day. The weather guru's say that we are to get a clearing and cooler week ahead - it's about damn time. I don't need cold, but cool with lower humidity would certainly be welcomed. There is no such thing as Fall in Vero, there is just 'not - so - hot' Summer. As I get older I think I'll grow to appreciate Vero's weather even more.

Have you noticed that I took down one of the two Villa Cams on this site? I decide that two cameras basically pointing in the same area within a few feet was sort of useless and that if I wanted a second camera it should be for a different area like inside the house or at the front of the house. I came to this decision yesterday as I was watching the Georgia Tech - Virginia game just as Tech was on the 3 yard line and about to score but instead fumbled the f*cking ball. It was at that point I got irritated, left the room, and worked on my computer as the Yellow Jackets went on to lose 24 - 17 at Tech's Homecoming game.

Didn't I say a few days ago there was a bad feeling in the air when Georgia Tech was suppose to beat Virginia by two touchdowns? Tech was also ranked in the top 25 for the first time this year. Those two things along with Yellow Jacket turn-over's at the most in opportune time lead to the defeat. Besides the game was not in HSD on the satellite so I'd rather watch the LSU - Georgia game anyway.

One thing I learned yesterday is that unless I vent the area where the DirectTV receive sits, it will overheat and stop receiving images from the satellites. When that happens I need to turn the equipment off, cool it down with a fan, then reboot the receiver. The cooling fan I have in the entertainment cabinet is obviously not enough when the DirectTV receiver is on for extending times like watching a football game. I've read on the internet that these receivers are faulty in this way but I'm not sure what if anything I'll do about it. Stay tuned.

I think Captain Matt will be in town today so that's why I posted a picture of him hard at work this Summer in Islamorada.

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Sat 25 October 2008

TGIS - Thank Goodness It's Saturday and College Football day. That means there will be something I enjoy watching on all day without having to see any news. The one thing I'm not sure how I'm going to avoid is those damn political commercials. Maybe if I watch the games on my satellite I'll get fewer political adds and more commercials for junk food, cars, and TV's. I'll be watching the games in HD but unfortunately the Georgia Tech - Virginia game is not in HD on DirectTV although ESPNU is sending a HD signal out...what's up with that?

John came by for a visit the other night - we talked about who he was going to cast his ballot for in the elections after which we settled in to watch the first half of the Auburn - West Virginia game together. I told John who I voted for and why I voted for them. Of course I wanted to influence him to vote for Senator McCain and backed it up with reasons why I support him. I told John that no matter who he votes for he should be able to answer the question why. Just to say you are for change in my view is not enough. What kind of change? He did not say one way or the other what he was going to do and I did not ask - what people say and what they do are not always the same.

The football game was good at least in the first half. John was kind enough to help me out with some of my Crown Royal that may be going bad because no one around here drinks it. I'm so appreciative of him helping to make sure it did not spoil before it got used. I just wish others would help as well. Maybe I'll have visitors like Brother Drew and Captain Matt during the holidays that will help - what do you think?

It was a nasty, rainy, windy day here in Vero yesterday so I did not venture out after having coffee in the morning. I started to get one of those damn headache events so I tried my usual and as it sometimes happens, it was not working. So, I went for the stronger stuff which seemingly did get it under control before it went too far. I wish I knew why this happens - is it worry, stress, lack of enough ice cream, a need for chocolate...just what is it? Today seems to be better thus far.

I heard from Brother Drew who says he does plan on coming to Vero beach for Thanksgiving. I e-mailed Captain Matt who replied to say he's coming down tomorrow for the week but does not know if he'll be here for Thanksgiving - it depends on the situation in Atlanta with his Uncle Tom. I know their Dad really enjoys seeing them so I hope they both will make it. I almost positive Ty will come up from West Palm.

TB dropped by for a nice visit yesterday as he tends to do a couple times a week. He was working on cars yesterday in that his Porsche was in the shop in Melbourne having a battery cable replaced and here in Vero he was driving Tom's car to keep the battery charged. With Tom & Mary Ann in Atlanta, there is no one using the cute little Lexis sports car and with all the electronic stuff on it you need to keep the battery charged. This is a weekly activity for TB so I said I'd drive it a few times a week if he left it here. Frankly I think Tom would prefer it being kept inside their locked garage. I will say there is an eclectic group of folks wandering around my neighborhood but for the most part I think they are benign - thus far things have been safe for me.

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Football, Politics, and Halloween

Fri 24 October 2008

I watched part of the Auburn - West Virginia game last night before I feel asleep. Folks, you owe it to yourself to check out the LED DLP technology the next time you are in the market for a really big TV. I wonder what the next generation will bring to improve this great picture? I understand that things like 5000p are in the works but years away from the market place. I'm looking forward to tomorrow's college football games. The final score was Auburn 17 - West Virginia 34.

I told you folks I voted on Wednesday but that did not stop some Obama supports from knocking on my door yesterday to ask me to vote for him. I thought my best response was to simply tell the truth and say I had already voted. One side of me what to challenge the guy as to why he thought I should vote for Obama but I chose just to ignore the opportunity. I'm fairly confident that his mind was not going to change no matter what I said and the over whelming odds are I'd get irritated. We have a saying at our coffee group that states, " you don't have to go to every fight to which you are invited". Do I want to prove to the guy I'm right or do I want to just ignore it and be happy eating some ice cream - I went for the ice cream.

Funny but that afternoon I got an e-mail from Brother Drew about people being interviewed on the streets of New York for the Howard Stern radio show. When asked who they were going to vote for the interviewer followed-up with Obama voters asking questions that stated McCain's policies or positions and the Obama supporters did not have a clue. You can hear the interviews here . This is simply a verification of my belief that Obama has followers and not supporters who's minds are not likely to change. But you know what, people are free to vote the way they want and that is part of our great Constitutional Republic.

I've been invited by Kathryn to enjoy her wonderful culinary talents on Thanksgiving with the promise I would not bring up politics and I won't. I'm wondering if Tommy's sons will be in town for Thanksgiving or if they will be elsewhere. I'm pretty sure Ty will be here because he only lives about 90 minutes away but I'm not sure about Drew & Matt. I've enjoyed Thanksgiving at the Brennan's home for years when I lived in Atlanta including last year. Maybe Drew and Matt will just stay there and wait until Christmas to come to Vero.

The word is good from Atlanta about Tom's latest test results. He will know in a few weeks what the next step will be in his path to getting better. At least things have settled down at least for now. I just thought I'd mention that for those of you who ask me about him from time to time.

Ace came by yesterday to sand the patched area in my carport then to add some new drywall mud to get a smooth finish. He'll wait until it dries then return to sand & paint it - that might very well be later this morning. He did cut the lower lip off my GT neon sign and it looks great now.

A week from tonight John said he will come over to be my official goblin greeter for Halloween. I suggested he might want to buy some sort of mask or something but on second thought I think he should greet the little goblins as 'Johnny-Porn' - he could open the door while being completely naked to give out candy or any other 'treats' the little goblins might want. I can see that my house would become very very popular among the teenaged girls making the trick or treat rounds that night - I bet they'd go for the non-candy version of John's treats! If I really wanted to scare the little goblins, I could greet them naked at the door! Am I bad or what?

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I Voted

Thu 23 October 2008

The college football rankings are out and I'm scared again -Georgia Tech has made it into the top 25 teams in the country - #21 - which is often a sign they are about to lose a game. Add that to the fact they are favored over the University of Virginia on Saturday and I'm afraid this hype is setting them up for a lose. I think the Yellow Jackets do better when they are the underdogs - I hope I'm wrong this time.

One thing is for sure, I'll be able to watch the game on ESPNU now that I bought the college football package. The bad news is that DirectTV does not carry ESPNU in HD yet so I hope another local station might pick up the game and broadcast it in HD. I'm really spoiled with this new LED set - it is that much better than my other DLP Samsung that I thought was great. I'm pleased I bought this set even though I clearly did not need a new set. This falls into that category of doing something just because I want to and not because I need to. This was the case with my new car - my old car was working just fine, it was just old. The same could be said about the TV except it wasn't really old - just a year but the technology was many years old. I'm just trying to do my share to help the economy along by buying new products. I'm just very patriotic in that way.

I voted yesterday and today I'm going to do as ACORN says "vote early and vote often" - just kidding. In case any of you have any doubt, I did vote for Senator McCain for a lot of reasons but among the top of those reasons is his unquestionable loyalty to this country and his vast knowledge garnered from years of experience - I see neither of these qualities in his opponent. Senator Obama does not have the experience nor has he demonstrated love of this country - he has only demonstrated his love for himself and the desire for power. Obama is much more like a rock star with followers than a leader with supporters. Enough said about my voting for President. For the local elections I followed Tommy's lead in voting for the candidates he supports and with him on the amendments except one.

There was something funny in the local paper yesterday morning to illustrate how much the media is in the tank for Obamamama. The headline read, "Democrats surge in early votes in Indian River" but in the story's body you see, "staff tallied 774 Democratic voters to 742 Republican voters and 313 independent voters on Monday" - do you view that as a "surge"? This sort of left-wing bias is pervasive in most all the print & TV media. I know because I watch the networks, read some papers, and follow some blogs. While I may not like it, I don't see anything wrong with MSNBC being so pro-Obama or for that matter, CNN - they are both cable networks. On the other hand, outlets like ABC, NBC, and CBS who use the public airways should report the news, not filter it thought their very liberal-minded views. A lot of the time it is what they don't say or report that is the problem because their reporting is in no way honest. You see, I think you are dishonest if you withhold information just as much as if you told a lie. The network news casts are dishonest and clearly biased in their story telling. The name of the nightly broadcasts (which are declining) should be "The ABC, NBC, CBS Evening Opinion with...."

Also in the paper was a story about the comedian Ron White's marijuana possession arrest a month ago - he flew in on a private jet with one-eighth of an ounce of marijuana and a pipe for smoking marijuana. Although I don't think it should be illegal, it still is and in this town there are some really radical folks that think White is the anti-Christ. I post my opinion online from time to time (that should surprise no one) and you can find my thoughts among others here. I bet you can figure out which one is me.

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I Have to Comment

Wed 22 October 2008

When I opened my front door to get the mail yesterday, there was an Obama sign in the yard next to mine. I wanted to take it down but I thought that would be the wrong thing to do - it sounds like something an Obamamama supporter would do. In fact, TB & I were talking about why we do not put bumper stickers on our cars or signs in our yards - the liberal radicals may do something destructive like key our cars or damage our homes. Liberal activists have a history of violent behavior like the radical right to life crowd does with abortion clinics. I think it is best to quietly support my candidate of choice without drawing attention to myself unless I'm asked of course.

The Obama sign was gone today - I suspect the owner of the property told the Jamaican tenants to take it down. So I wonder what the girl who is in this country on a student visa things is wrong with our country that she buys into Obamamama's "change" campaign? Should we change our policy of allowing foreigners to get a student visa (remember the 9-11 bombers were students)? Should we change the scholarships available to students? Maybe we should allow drug dealers to take over communities like found in her home of Jamaica? Maybe we should restrict her freedoms as an alien? Just what "change" is it that you as a foreigner in my country think we need that Obama has promised? Oh, maybe it's the taxing and then distribution of the wealth from our successful business men & women?

So you know me, when I saw her I asked her which of Obamamama's policies he has proposed that she things would be good for our country while she is permitted to stay here on her student visa. I was not a bit surprised to find she didn't even know any of Obama's policies but just thought that she liked that he stood for "change". Oh, that's it then - change, change it's self without any concern as to the direction of change. I was polite but I'm sure glad she can't legally cast a vote although Obama's buddies at ACORN will certainly try to get her to vote. The sad thing is that I believe she is very 'normal' among Obama's followers - they've not got a clue except that he's for change. Great, huh?

If someone were to ask me why I'm going to vote for Senator McCain I can tell them. BTW, I'd like to point out here that McCain was not my first choice but I do believe we as a country will be safer and better off with him than with the inexperienced Obama who's only history is one of association with radical, hate-filled characters and organizations. I do not trust his judgment based on the judgments he's made in his associations. I do not trust what he says because he has not done what he's promised. And deep down inside, I do not believe he has the same love of this country as most Americans and especially Senator McCain.

I am tired of all the ads and the non-stop coverage of the candidates. The fact that virtually all the media - TV & print - are in the tank for Obama makes it even worse. I'll be glad when the election is over and if Obama wins then he is our President whether I like it or not. But unlike the Liberals, I'm not going to complain endlessly if he is elected President, but I will complain about his policies if I don't like them. Based on what he has said he wants to do, there likely will be a lot I think is wrong but I'm not going to simply oppose any and everything he says just because he said like the Liberals did with President Bush, who by the way is a big disappointment to me on many issues.

I usually don't talk about politics on this page but today I just had to comment - I may have to comment again too. Your comments are welcomed as well.

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Active Around Here

Tue 21 October 2008

It looked like a traffic jam at the Vero Villa yesterday morning. Walt the landscape guy, James the yard maintenance guy, and my house keepers were all here at the same time. It was early in the week for James but he said he got a permit to go hunting this weekend so he was trying to get all his work done in 3 days. Where he got the permit only 70 people are allowed to hunt (deer) and it is only with a bow & arrows. That I think is much more of a challenge than shooting Bambi with a high-powered rifle with a scope. It will take a lot more skill and you need to get a lot closer to shoot your target. He says he dresses the meat and feeds his family & friends with it.

It was my normal Monday housecleaning day and yesterday was nothing special. I always like the sense of a nice clean house once they leave - you know how obsessive I am about keeping things here clean and neat.

Walter showed up with his men and planted the new Areca Palms as a live privacy fence between my house and the alley. The image today is of the palms and if you click on the image you'll see a red dot on top of the palms. These palms will grow and spread such that I doubt if I'll even know the alley is there. They will reduce sound and dust while beautifying the area on the West side of my lot. While Walt was here I scheduled him to return - probably next week - to trim my plants by hand and to put out fresh tree bark around the plants and my Spindle Palms. We surveyed the landscaping leading us to conclude all is going rather well. Some plants tend to grow a bit faster or better than others depending on the amount of sunlight and water they get - imagine that! James would be willing to do whatever trimming I request (in fact he does) but in this case I wanted new ground cover put out and just thought getting Walter's crew to do the minimal amount of trimming I need in the first place just made sense to me.

I bought a couple pumpkins to put by my back door as decorative devises as Tommy would say. I think I'll head out to Home Depot to pick up some Fall-looking mums to put with the pumpkins. While at Publix today I found some good candy on sale - buy one, get one free. I only buy candy I like and I would eat as Halloween candy in case there is some left. I also take a bunch of candy to the coffee group to have with our coffee. I wonder if I'll get a few or a lot of Halloween goblins around the Vero Villa?

I didn't hear from Ace yesterday but there is no urgent problem. since he patched the gash in my ceiling it is not nearly as noticeable and now just needs to be finished. I also want my GT neon cut when he's here which I expect will be in the near future - maybe even today.

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Busy Monday

Mon 20 October 2008

I've been thinking about the Georgia Tech game on Saturday and the team's 6 - 1 record. Tell me, why do I have such a empty/poor feeling about the Yellow Jackets with a 6 - 1 season thus far? Why am I not just really elated with the record and the possibility of going to a bowl game post-season? I think it is because of what I believe to be very inconsistent play with that doubt always in my mind of what are they going to screw-up next? It seems to me that Georgia Tech has a very average football team that seems to play other schools when they (the other schools) have a bad day. Gosh I hope I'm wrong and this coming Saturday the Yellow Jackets will have an opportunity to prove me wrong - they play a good tough Virginia team in Atlanta for Georgia Tech's Homecoming game.

I think Ace will come over this morning to sand the patch of my carport's ceiling and then paint it. There is something to be said about drywall - it is very patchable without the need of a total replacement. Had this been plywood, the whole sheet would have been removed and a hew one put in it's place. Here Ace just cleaned the area and filled it with drywall mud. Once completed, I'm confident it will be virtually unnoticeable.

While he's here, I'm going to ask him to cut the 5" lip off the bottom of my GT neon sign. I think it will look better once that is gone and according to the guy who made the sign, it is relatively easy to cut. Ace will have to take the sign down but that will not be a big deal because of the way he put it up in the first place. I'll take a picture of the finished project so you boys and girls can see just what I'm talking about.

Yesterday was a slow day around the Vero villa. I watched a good movie the subject of which was a Hugh con sting - I like those kind of movies because I'm always surprised at the end and usually the 'con' is cool. I forgot the name of it but Dustin Hoffman was one of the subjects of the con. To my surprise, I'm actually enjoying watching TV more now with the new LED DLP set - it is much more 'movie-like' because the screen is so big and you know bigger is better!

Walter the landscape guy called to say he was going to install my new palms this morning. Remember I wanted some additional palms along the alley behind my house to server as a living privacy fence? The weather has been such that Walt could not put them in but today should be a nice, rain-free day. I've asked for enough to block the alley from view and although they may not do that at first, Walter assures me they will grow fast and serve the purpose well. The ones he planted about 6 months ago are growing very nicely so I'm confident he's right. I'll try to remember to take 'before' and 'after' pictures.

I got a call from my friend Betty in Atlanta - you remember Betty don't you? She's doing well but is all beside herself with the political scene and wanted to talk with someone who's point of view is much like hers. Unfortunately she is surrounded with a bunch of liberals in here residence tower and most of her friend are liberals as well. She knows she can always count on me to see through the political hogwash and support her and her views. Basically her life will not change no matter who is elected - she just feels a strong sense of patriotism wanting to support the candidates with similar views. Good for her.

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Political Calls Begin

Sun 19 October 2008

It's started - I'm starting to get the telephone calls from candidates wanting me to vote for them or calls about the various amendments on this year's ballot. We can vote here in Florida beginning on Monday and my plan is to vote early but probably mid-week after coffee one morning. TB has given me the list of candidates he is going to vote for in this election so I'll follow his lead. I really don't know enough about the local politics to make an informed decision besides those who Tommy support are ones I'd likely support if I had all the background anyway. There are several amendments as well most of which TB & I agree on and the ones I'm not totally sure about I'll vote the way Tommy is going to vote except for one.

There are a couple amendments I would probably have voted 'yes' on until I talked with Tommy. He explained his thinking (about land issues and taxing there of) and he's convinced me to vote 'no' although the purpose of the amendments sound good. The devil is in the detail so I'll take Tommy's advice on those as well. The one we disagree on is Amendment 2 which states, "Inasmuch as marriage is the legal union of only one man and one woman as husband and wife, no other legal union that is treated as marriage or the substantial equivalent thereof shall be valid or recognized." I'm going to vote 'No' - I do think "marriage" should be between one man and one woman and had the language stopped there I would have voted yes. But the bible thumpers went too far in saying, " no other legal union that is treated as marriage or the substantial equivalent thereof shall be valid or recognized". There are a lot of old farts like me living with a person of the opposite sex but are not married to them for one reason or another. And of course there are those against same sex partnerships.

Backers say a constitutional ban is needed to ward off "activist judges" and "homosexual groups" who might overturn existing state law prohibiting same-sex marriages. Opponents (see video ) say the murky amendment language threatens domestic partnership benefits and other rights of unmarried couples, both straight and gay. If Syp & Sjak were living in Florida, their 'legal' Dutch partnership would not be recognized in Florida. What happens if they are visiting, one or the other is in an accident and the laws in Florida would not permit one to speak for the other. That is just f*cking wrong in my opinion. And what if I move in with Starr so she can take care of me in my old age? And about gays, I think they should be able to have a legally recognized partnership but something other than what we call "marriage". This will be very interesting to see what happens - I already had one caller asking me to vote 'yes' and I told her in detail why I was voting 'no'. She just said "God bless Yo" and hung up.

Georgia Tech defeated Clemson 21- 17 although they tried to give it away with fumbles - 3 of them. I was so whacked - out watching the game that I had to leave the room and read some items online at The Wall Street Journal website. I was literally getting a headache and a bad feeling in my stomach. Now you want to hear something really funny - I thought Clemson beat Tech 21 - 17 instead of the other way around! These close games could drive a guy to drinking. Now I'm sorry I didn't watch the rest of the game but I find I can tolerate a lose better if I have less time invested in watching the game.Tech is now 6-1 (3-1), 2nd Atlantic Coast - Coastal.

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College Football Saturday

Sat 18 October 2008

It's College Football Saturday..yea! I've already watched two college games (or most of them,) on my new TV and I can adequately describe how great the picture is on this set. Usually with a bigger picture you lose a certain amount of sharpness - you can 'see' more of the pixels. Much to my surprise, this is not the case with a HD picture on this Samsung. You folks know I love college football so I'm going to love it even more now. My team will be visiting Clemson, South Carolina for the game today with a noon kick-off. The odds makers still have Clemson as favored to win but only by a field goal. If the Yellow Jackets play like they did last weekend, Clemson will beat Tech by a few touchdowns I'm sure. I'll be watching this game and a few others today such as Miami at Duke, Ole Miss at Alabama, Mississippi State at Tennessee, and Vanderbilt at Georgia to mention a few possibilities.

Ace returned as promised yesterday to fix the gash in the carport ceiling and re-wire the switches in my office. You see when I tried to turn on my new GT neon sign, the disposal in the kitchen came on. And when I tried to turn on my ceiling fan, my sprinkler system came on outside. But after a bit of re-wiring all is as it should be. When the paint dries completely in the carport ceiling, I doubt if you'll be able to notice where the gash was in the first place. All is well at the Vero Villa again and my obsessive compulsive disorder as it relates to things working and looking like they should at the Vero villa is back under control again.

Johnnyson has started his new job at John's Island this weekend where he is a lifeguard from 9 to 5 on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This is really a perfect job for his schedule permitting him to work 3 full days and then be a student the other days. The real bonus about working at John's island verse the Indian River County pools is the clientele - he may become the personal sex slave of someone with unlimited use of Dad's jets and vacation villas around the world. What? It could happen! Or maybe he'll rescue some little kid and as a thank you daddy makes John Vice President of a Fortune 500 company - yea, that could happen too. Better yet, he marries into the family owning a Fortune 500 company. Ah...the possibilities are unlimited.

Why is it? Why is it I can be here all day and the phone will not ring and no one will come by until I decide to take a short nap for about 20 or 30 minutes? Why? I don't get it. Well it happened again yesterday when I had just dosed off Starr came by. I want to see Starr but how is it she can pick the exact 30 minutes of the day I want to nap? Same thing with Tommy on Tuesday - he came by just as I fell asleep and woke me up. Why can't my friends come by before noon or after say 1:30? Well the truth is they do come by those other times but it sure seems like there is a big sign that goes on when I try to nap that says 'Come on down'. Jeez. No...I can't go back to sleep - it does not work for me. Being retired from self-unemployment is hard work!

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Fabulous TV Picture

Fri 17 October 2008

I have to say that my new TV is better than I expected it to be in that it renders colors I've never seen on a TV set before. There are shades of green, purple, yellow, etc than none of the TV's I've owned over the years would display. I'm really amazed at the bright, sharp, colorful images it has especially coming from what essentially is a 'projection' TV. I think it would be hard to tell the difference between this TV and a plasma set of the same size. I guess you could say I'm very happy I decided to buy the set and tonight I'll watch my first college football game in HD.

Something else that has amazed me that frankly I've not been following and that is the number of hits I get on this site every day. It now averages about 130 separate hits (meaning separate IP's) from all over the place. I know I'm popular but what's up with so many? My search page also gets used about 50 times a month for all sorts of unusual searches. I think I can account for about 10 or so hits on a daily bases but to have so many - what's up with that? Just in case you think I'm blowing smoke up your skirt, you can have a look for yourself at my database. Surprised aren't you?

Another one of my landscape lights went out last night - that makes number 4 in about 6 months. These lights don't last nearly as long as long as they are suppose to based on the stated life expectancy. No worries, they are easy to replace and not very expensive.

Ace came over as planned yesterday and did the odd jobs I wanted him to do for me. I've got my GT neon sign mounted and the 'trim' around my TV installed such that the set looks like it was built just for the entertainment cabinet. A problem occurred when he backed his trailer under my carport - it did not fit causing a gash about 18" long in my carport ceiling. And, when wiring the switch for the neon sign, it was not wired properly so Ace will come back to fix that and the gash in my carport ceiling this morning. I decided not to put a shelf back because it would have been close to useless with only about a 6" clearance. Ace is really good at making things - I believe his carpentry skills are as good as anyone's and better than most. I get compliments on the crown molding and window seals he fabricated for my house.

The word is out - which one of you told on me? I get about 8 to 10 e-mails everyday about those "package" products or mails about little blue pills. Everyone must know by now that I was standing in the wrong line when God was handing out 'endowment' packages so I just got what little was left over. Oh well, that's life.

My guy who puts out fertilizer, herbicides, and pesticides came by yesterday for his monthly visit. I took a picture of him spreading something on my lawn and decided to post it here today. You can click on the image to get a bigger picture. His name is Michael and he owns a company called Perfection Lawn Care after paying his dues working for one of the big national lawn care companies for several years. He does a good job for for me.

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Work Today

Thu 16 October 2008

Yesterday we saw a change in our weather here in Vero from a damp rainy pattern to a dryer pattern with a nice breeze and plenty of sunshine. The forecast does not call for any rain through the weekend and in fact it might become even dryer and a b it cooler. We have a big bad cold front that might drop the overnight temperatures into the 60's. I do miss the Falls in Atlanta but not the daily leaf-blowing routine I'd be in this time of the year.

I got an e-mail from one of my real estate buddies in Atlanta telling me the housing market had dropped another 12% in Buckhead (where I lived) over the past year. That doesn't mean I could not have sold my house had I waited but it does suggest it would have taken a lot longer. So like Syp, I think I should have gotten a lot more and would have under "normal" times but these are not normal times. We do the best we can and then move on - that's what I've done.

Ace had a car problem yesterday so he did not come over as expected. I think he'll be here around 9 AM this morning to hang the GT neon sign, perhaps exchange fan motors in the kitchen exhaust, and help me put a 'finished' look on the entertainment center with the new BIG TV - I mean this TV is BIG. I've pretty much decided not to put the shelve back but rather just put some speaker cloth around the top and sides of the TV.

No, I did not watch the debates last night - I know who I'm going to vote for next week and nothing I hear there would change that. I'm so sick of the media being so deep into Obamamama's favor that I just can't stand to watch it anymore. To listen to the media, you would think that the Messiah was already elected and sworn into office. Well while that may very well happen, it has not happened yet. So I'm going to spend more time watching movies in HD and less time watch the news. I might even rent a few DVD's for the first time in my life - yep, for the first time in my life (amazing huh?).

Tonight I'll get a chance to watch the first live college football game on my new BIG TV in HD. At 7:30 tonight Florida State plays North Carolina State at Raleigh - this should be a good ACC game. In this game Florida State is the favorite by 10 points over NC State. On Saturday, ESPN is carrying the Georgia Tech - Clemson game at noon in HD. It is a home game for Clemson and they are favored but only by a field goal. If the Yellow Jackets play this weekend like they did last Saturday, Clemson will blow them off the field. Maybe a week of practice and workouts can shape the team into a competitive college football team. So I'm going to expect Georgia Tech to lose based on what I've seen and just hope I'm surprised with their play. One thing for sure, if either team turns the ball over too many times they will lose.

Can you believe the young kid pictured here has a son, a permanent girlfriend, and has just bought his second home? Amazing!!

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It's Really Big

Wed 15 October 2008

OMG...the new LED TV is fantastic and big, really big! The picture is brighter and sharper than the picture on my older Samsung DLP and I thought that picture was great. It is like anything else, you don't always now how things really are until you have a yardstick by which to make a comparison. You guys will know what I mean if you've ever taking a shower at the gym with black dudes! Ladies just trust me on that one. Needless to say, my 67" Samsung arrived yesterday and it works flawlessly at least thus far. Even the delivery guy showed up at the designated time believe it or not. I'm am every bit as pleased as I hoped I would be - no regrets but I will have to eat dog food for the rest of this year to help pay for it.

Usually I get unhappy when I'm interrupted as I try to take my after lunch siesta. Knowing that the delivery guy would not be on time I laid down and son of a gun he arrived on time. Then once I got the set unloaded and into my carport, I laid down again knowing that John had agreed to come over after class to help me get it in the house. Then TB walked in with a list of those local candidates he thinks I should support; he was doing me a favor but just as I tried to dose off. After he left, I tried again and this time my computer started squawking telling me someone was calling on Skype - it was Bill Voegeli and his Dad whom I've not seen in years. They were just calling to say hi and I'm glad they did. at this point I gave up on my Tuesday siesta with plans of going to bed a bit earlier than usual.

Ace came by yesterday but he did not have his trailer containing all his tools - it was being painted with his company's name & logo on the side. So we just looked at the web pages he's developing for his business website at GoDaddy. They have online tools that make it very easy for someone to develop a website with knowledge of HTML much less PHP. Ace has put together some great pages on his first stab at it and will be going online soon at AOLMaintenance.com. Many of the images he has chosen to use are the before and after pictures of the Vero Villa. The mutation from what this has was to what it is now is striking and thus is a good representation for Ace.

Ace said he'd come back this morning around 8:30 with his trailer & tools so that he can install my GT neon light and perhaps my new kitchen vent fan. I'm not 100% the fan I bought will fit properly but I think it will. The only bad thing is that I'll have to use the old vent cover because the new one that comes with the fan is too big. Ace was also going to re-install the shelf over my TV to fit the new set but I'm thinking about just not putting it there at all. I think the shelf would be a detraction so just the TV in that big hole might be the preferred answer. I will need to mount the center speaker for the surround sound but that's about it I think.

Yesterday was a busy day and the first half of today will be busy as well. Life is not boring down here in Vero; at least not this week.

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Deliveries Today

Tue 14 October 2008

Did you folks have a paid day off yesterday? I didn't think so but did you know government employees did? I went to pick up a package yesterday only to find the post office was closed - it was Columbus Day. I hope that does not moved my projected deliveries for today back until tomorrow.

Today I think I'm going to receive the new LED HDTV I ordered as well as a new vent fan for my kitchen. I checked both delivery sites for an update this morning and neither had changed their status from yesterday. I like seeing the status as "out for delivery" or "on truck for delivery" - that's what you see on FedEx and UPS. The TV is being shipped by a large common carrier known as R & L carries so I really don't know what to expect. I do know the TV left the Atlanta terminal yesterday morning headed for their West Palm Beach terminal so I remain optimistic.

If I get my deliveries, Ace says he'll be able to come over today. I want him to install my new GT neon sign, the kitchen exhaust fan, and help with the TV. I want to have some side vents made for my entertainment cabinet like the ones I now have for my current TV. It gives it a 'finished' look and should be easy to do. We'll probably just cover some boards cut to fit on both sides with some speaker cloth I have and used before. Then Ace can move the shelf up as high as needed so that the set fits properly. I sure hope we can do all this today.

I talked to son Syp over the weekend which was the first time since he returned from being banished to the island of Mallorca. He told me he was pleased to sell his house but because of the market conditions he did not do as well as he had hoped. I feel his pain - I too sold my house for about 25% less than I could have sold it for a year or two earlier. But like me, Syp is pleased to move on and he, Sjak, and cute Yari are looking forward to moving into their new old house. He thinks they'll be in by mid-December. HaHaHaHaHaHa - he's been spending too much time in the Dutch coffee houses sampling the products there. Remember, he first thought that mid-November was a move-in date and now it has been pushed back a month. Do any of you really think it will be ready?

Once again I can feel Syp's pain because of the times I thought the Vero Villa would be ready. It was October 1st, then Halloween, then Thanksgiving, then the date was set for December 20th when I actually moved down and stayed in a rental for a couple weeks. Even though I moved in, the house was still under construction for weeks into 2008 with the everything still needing to be done. Let me tell you, living in a house under construction is no fun but I had to get out of my house as will Syp in December. I hope I'm wrong and the Dutchies' new home will be ready for their first Christmas there.

Today's picture of worker Yari surveying the work being done in his new house.

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Damn Collection Agency

Mon 13 October 2008

I'm mad and I'm not going to take it any more! On Saturday I got 3 calls from a collection agency wanted to speak with"Sandra" - I think she might have been one of the two gals living here for 6 months over a year and a half ago. Who ever she is, she does not pay her bills. The thing is she has never had my phone number because I resurrected it from one of 6 dead numbers with a *562* exchange - the number had been out of use for years. The only way the collection agency got this number is by some sort of reverse look-up based on an address. On each of the three calls I asked not to be called again; they had a number that does not belong to Sandra and never has. On two occasions I called them back and told them never to call me again.

It seems to me there are laws against harassment even if I did own money. The last time I called back I asked to speak with a supervisor, I told her my store as kindly as I could and she seemed to understand. This time I got an address to which I'm going to send a letter today. There must be a way to get my number out of their system. The last call really got me while I was watching the Florida - LSU game around 8:20 at night. I went 'postal' on the women that called me - what is up with these people? I wish I knew whereSandra was at this point because I'd sure send them to her.

Today John gets his paperwork done for his new job at John's Island. In case some of you don't know, John's Island is the play ground for the very rich and sometimes famous people who fly into Vero on one of their private jets. This is a very exclusive ocean community where empty lots of about 1/3 an acre go for well over a million dollars. There are homes over there in the $10,000,000 range with yachts to match. Not a bad place for a handsome young guy to hang out all day by the pool with his shirt off don't you think? John is excited about his job but it is my duty to make sure it does not interfere with his school work - after all, educated guys are better off than those who are not no matter where you are in life.

I've been working on a way to hide the transformer and wires on my new GT neon sign. Mike suggested I get foam board to cut it in a manner so as to hide the wires, etc. I did get some black foam board and it does the job. Once I get it hung I'll take another picture to show you just what it looks like now. I could have tried to move the transformer to the back side of the sign but I was afraid I might break the fragile neon; the foam board is a better solution and certainly a safer one. I'm going to e-mail the guy who made it with a suggestion about putting the transformer on the back for other signs he makes.

I got an e-mail from Circuit City this morning with their best price of the year on the Samsung 67" LED HDTV - I get e-mails several times a week on specials and sales. Even now their "best Price" is advertised as 0ver $400 more than I paid by having a set shipped to me. It is true that I might get them to further reduce their advertised price but the last offer I actually got was just $100. What is true is that this HDTV will be marked down to under what I paid but I don't know if that will be a month, 3 months, or even more from now. The plasma I bought is now about $2000 less than I paid and the Samsung DLP I got just a year ago is about $800 less. I'm looking forward to getting my new set which I think will be tomorrow.

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August Rush

Sun 12 October 2008

Every once and awhile I'll start to watch a movie and then become spellbound to the extent I don't move for a couple hours. This is fairly rare because I usually lose interest after 10 or 20 minutes. Saturday morning a movie called "August Rush" got my attention almost from the start - I must confess I almost walked away a couple times until the music began. It was a store of a 12 year old music prodigy that could "see" the music in his head then play it on just about anything. There is a lot of truth to the fact servants can "see" music an d play it although the are otherwise a mental midget. I won't bore you with the details - I usually don't have much interest in the details of a movie someone else watched. But I am interested in was it good and if so why - I don't need the details. This was one of those inspiring feel-good movies at least it was for me.

John has accepted a position on John's island as a lifeguard (as if he'd turn it down!) Once he completes the paper work on Monday they will fill him in on the details of the job. John's real goal in life is to become a sex slave for some wayward babe with more money that the stock market lost last week. If there was ever a place to find a babe to hook up with, John's Island is it. I can see the headlines in the paper now, "Local boy engaged to heiress - wedding in June". It could happen. They girl would be very fortunate to find a nice young man like John don't you think?

Georgia Tech was awful on Saturday but somehow managed to beat the girls school for the blind 10 - 7. The Yellow Jackets almost lost it at the end of the game - it was a terrible performance. The only thing good about the game was that Georgia Tech won. I guess I've seen all the games Tech will win this year because the remainder of the schedule is tough starting with Clemson next weekend. I'm pleased the Jackets won of course but just DAMN! What the hell was going on in their minds on Saturday?

I woke up this morning with the symptoms of this being one of my headache days. I took some medium medication hoping it will go away and this not turn into one of those days. I've not got plans so maybe rest, TV, and chocolate will be what I need today.

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New Neon

Sat 11 October 2008

Yesterday I got my Georgia Tech "GT" neon sign delivered in one piece and it works great (actual picture here - click on it to get a size prospective). The shape and size was just as expected - the color of the neon is perfect for my taste. It is mounted on a black fiber board like my other large neon sign and should be easy to mount. I would like to move the transformer from the top mount to inside the closet but I'm afraid I might break something if I go messing with it. I called the guy in Canada about how I can move the transformer and it can be done; he too warned me about the delicate nature of neon. So I guess I'll just leave things as they are and get Ace here to mount it on my wall above the closet doors in my office. I may think about it a bit more but for now I think I should leave it well enough alone.

My new super-sized TV is on the way with an expect arrival here in Vero on Tuesday of next week. The tracking system tells me it is in Georgia on the way to Atlanta where I suspect it will be put on another truck coming to Florida - Atlanta is of course the major distribution center in the South. I'm anxious to see the new set in my entertainment cabinet with the hope and expectation it will render a brighter and certainly bigger picture.

I have my DVD player and Direct TV satellite receiver connected to my current set via HDMI cables but my Comcast box is connected via the traditional 3 video cables because it does not have a HDMI output. While at TB's the other day I noticed their Comcast converter did have a HDMI output so I called Comcast. I can exchange my converter for one with a HDMI output by simply bringing the box into the Comcast store on 12th street here in Vero.

So I went online to see what I could discover about the difference between the 3 cable video connection and the HDMI cable connection. It seems from what all I read that it is unlikely my eyes will be able to see the difference - the real advantage is one single cable as opposed to a larger 3-stran cable. Frankly the larger cable looks to me like it will carry data quicker and faster than the HDMI cable. The only issue is video because I feed my audio from all three sources directly to my surround sound system without even going to the TV. So at this point I think I'll just leave the connection system in place without replacing the Comcast converter.

Do ya'll feel as broke as I do with the stock market meltdown? Jeez! When will it stop? Funny but I'm not as worried as I think I should be with the meltdown but maybe that's just ignorance on my part? So I'm going to rely on each one of you to support me when I run out of money - that's all right with you isn't it? In my coffee group we have something called "The Promises" which in part say, "Fear of economic insecurity will leave you" and I guess I'm taking that as the gospel because it is just the way I feel. I'm concerned but I don't have fear. You young dudes and dudettes have lots of time to recover and most of you have income. For back up I'm learning some new phrases like, "Welcome to Wal-Mart", "Can I super-size that for you?", and "Would you like French fries with that?"

Today is College Football Saturday and unfortunately my team will not be on TV today - the "BIG" game against Gardner-Webb didn't make the schedule. As GT Jeff says, the Yellow Jackets are playing a girls' school for the blind today. If that is true then hopefully the coaches can try a lot of players and plays in preparation for the game against the South Carolina farm school, Clemson University. I do want to watch the Tennessee - Georgia, Notre Dame - North Carolina, and LSU - Florida games or any others that are 'good'. To me "good" is a high scoring close game no matter who is playing.

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Dutchies Sell House

Fri 10 October 2008

There is good news from across the big pond in Dutchieland - Sjak tells me that they were able to sell their house after about 6 weeks. That is especially good in this weakening global economy with tight lending and larger than usual house inventories. Having had more than one mortgage to pay at one time I can appreciate how relieved Syp & Sjak must be to now own only one house even though they are spending a lot of money on the renovation. I know about spending more money than you ever thought you would on a renovation. It always takes longer and costs much more than you imagine in the beginning of a project. I'm not sure which house the Dutchies are living in at present but I think it's their old house not their older new house.

I'm shortly going to my coffee meeting after which there will be a business meeting with a new secretary - me. I'll have to actually pay attention so I can prepare minutes for the secretary's book and the next meeting. This is an elected position that actually requires me to do something for which I'm accountable. I'll see how it goes but I don't think I want it to last more than 6 to 12 months. One of the things I'm going to suggest this morning is that we have quarterly business meetings, not monthly ones. There really is not enough going on that requires a monthly meeting. Back in Atlanta, one coffee group met quarterly and the other met whenever someone wanted a meeting to discuss something which usually was once or twice a year. Frankly there is not that much going on that requires more frequent meetings. I wonder how my suggestion will be received?

Those of you familiar with Vero Beach will find this interesting. In yesterday's Press Journal it was disclosed that a California alternative energy company is focusing on the Vero Beach area as the site for a biofuel ethanol production plant that would be the first of its type in the nation. Hmm...that could be cool for the County's employment and tax revenues although I like Vero to be a residential and vacation community for the most part. But I also understand folks need jobs and the County needs to grow to remain a great place to live. From the paper:

Los Angeles-based New Planet Energy in negotiating for a site southwest of Vero Beach that the firm hopes to purchase by December. The firm's principals foresee opening an 8-million-gallon-a-year production plant by late 2010, at a cost of $50 million, said spokesman Craig Evans.

My lawn maintenance guy came by yesterday and suggested he should not mow this week because the ground is so wet from all the rain. I want my yard to look good not full of lawn mower tracks if it gets mowed wet so I agreed it should not be mowed. He'll be back next week when it will hopefully dried out some. It doesn't look all that bad now anyway so it can wait until Tuesday. Some of his customers want their yards mowed every week no matter what - I'm one that wants a great lawn no matter what including delaying mowing.

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Investments Halved

Thu 09 October 2008

This economic mess we are in has gotten my attention big time. The assets I have in the equities markets are done 50% from the highs earlier this year. Damn! Down 50%! That has my attention but thankfully it is not causing me to worry because I continue to believe the markets will come back although it will likely take several years to get back to where I was earlier this year. I've decided just to sit this one out and not lock in any loses - you only lose if you bail out.

On the bright side I think my Tanzanite is holding it's value although my real estate is depressed like everyone else's. Once again, I'm not planning on moving now or ever into another house so values don't make much of a difference to me. In fact, if values go do, so might my property taxes. The lot I have in Atlanta has no real marketability now and will not be useful until a sewer line is brought onto Peachtree Battle Circle - God only knows when that might happen.

We have had a good bit of rain in the past 24 hours -over 3" here at the Vero Villa. At sometimes during the day the skies turned black and it poured cats & dogs. No worries, the rain has little affect on my life except it is depressing to have to many days of continual rain without some bright sunny days. Walter has not been able to install the additional palms as a privacy border between my house and the alley. The heavy clouds do knock out my Direct TV signals but of course I have Comcast as a back-up. I hope it gets nicer soon.

My GT neon sign is on the way and I expect it by early next week unless they will deliver on the weekends which I kind of doubt. My new TV has not even been shipped yet so I'm 10 days away from getting it but the clock doesn't start until it leaves the warehouse. These items are probably the last things of any significance I'll order for awhile after all, I really don't need anything I don't already have. My freezers are full of ice cream, what else is there in life?

I went to Lowe's in search of a wall exhaust fan yesterday morning but failed in my endeavors. They had ceiling exhaust fans and over the stove exhaust fans & hoods, but no in wall fan to replace the one I have. So I decided to do what I usually do, order one on the internet. The purpose of course is to exhaust my stove to the outside because I do not have a hood. Frankly I was surprise Lowes did not have one but I was also surprised to see Christmas decorations are already out the first week in October. I'm old enough to remember when these decorations didn't go up until around Thanksgiving. I bet some other stores have had stuff out since the beginning of September. Jeez!

My latest computer toy is a 4 port KVM switch that will allow me to connect my two desktop computers and my laptop computer to one mouse and keyboard. I can also run other devices using a USB 2.0 connection or PS2 connection into this device for switching. I have a two port device now but I thought I would use a 4 port device if I had one - you never know when I'll get another tower although I'm not likely to get one soon. Today's image is a picture of the switch.

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TV Issues

Wed 08 October 2008

John has a 'test' with the people at John's Island on Friday to qualify him for a lifeguard position. He has to run then swim then run then swim a certain distance under a certain time . I don't know the distant or time but John assures me he'll have no problem in qualifying. The compensation is greater than what he was making at the Indian River County pool and I suspect the clientele at John's Island could make things interesting. Today's picture is an example of John on lifeguard duty.

This year Halloween falls on a Friday and I've been told my house is likely to be a target for little goblins looking for candy. My house is well lit, looks safe, and may appear to contain nice people - little do they know a dirty old man lives here. Hey little girl, want to see my big bedroom? Anyway John has agreed to come over to perform the duties of Halloween greeter so I won't scare little boys & girls causing their parents to call the police. I'm thinking John will buy some sort of mask or other costume to greet the little rug rats.

We've been having rain here in Vero in the last couple days. I can tell you it has rained 1.43" in the past 24 hours and over 6" since I installed my weather station the last time. No. I've not figured out how to load the data to the weather underground site but that really is not a big deal for me. What I would like to do is upload the stored data from my weather station to my computer's weather program for the LaCrosse equipment. I still do not have the proper interface cables for my new desktop tower but I think I could use my old computer. Trouble is my old computer's hard dive is 94% full. I guess I could clean out some old programs I don't use and transfer a bunch of files to an external hard drive clearing space on the installed hard drive. You know those porn movies and wrap songs take a lot of gigabits!

Ace came by yesterday to pick up my Samsung plasma HDTV set. He bought it from me with future hours of service that I will undoubtedly use in the future - cash would be nice but I know I'll get my payoff starting as soon as I get my GT neon sign, new kitchen exhaust fan, and of course the new TV set. I was keeping it only as a back-up which will be my intention with the Samsung DLP HDTV I'm using. I gave Ty a shot at it but in the end he did not want it at least not now. I'm pleased Ace will be able to put it to good use in his home; it's a heck of a nice plasma and too good to sit in a closet.

Late yesterday afternoon I got an e-mail from the company from which I ordered the TV. They said the credit card I gave them did not match my shipping address. Well, before I even ordered, I called my credit card company to specifically add my home address for delivery instead of my PO Box where I get mail - their own website told me to verify the 'ship to' address for security reasons. I did that yet they now tell me the address don't match. I called the customer service, got someone to call MasterCard, and the address was indeed verified. I think they company just did not call and when they ran the charge through the addresses did not match. So before they called to confirm, they wanted to make sure I added the address. frankly I bet they get a lot of incidences where people don't follow the rule and it is easier for them to contact the customers first then the credit card company. Hopefully it will be shipped in the next couple days which means I probably will not get it until week after next. I can wait to save $500+ over buying it locally.

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House Keepers

Tue 07 October 2008

My house keepers came yesterday and they had done their homework with respect to building a website. They found a very cost effective vendor that will provide a server, templates, add-on's, e-mail, domain name parking, and other services for $4.99/ month. That is a very decent price for what is close to a turn-key situation for a small business owner. I said I'd be happy to sit with them to develop the site but they will have to provide the text and pictures if stock pictures are not used. They want to pay me but I'm going to help because I just want to help.

Here's are real interesting sidebar - the guy that runs the business is from New York City and was a true hero during the attacks on the World trade Center in 2001. He ran into the burning debris to pull people out including firemen. His character was represented in a popular movie about the events of that day - sorry I don't remember the name of the movie. To this day, Charlie (that's his real name) has to have treatment for all the dust & debris he inhaled that faithful day. I had no idea until he was with me at my machine and told me to 'Google' his name. Sorry, I'm not a liberty to tell you his last name - I've not asked permission.

Well I gave it another night of thought after several weeks of though about buying the bigger TV. What the hell, I decided to order one before my stocks go to zero and then I couldn't afford one. I watch a lot of TV and as time goes on I see me continuing to watch several hours of TV every day. Having seen the clear improvement in brightness of the picture and the increase in picture size I thought I should buy it now. By the end of the year it will likely cost less but under the 'wait for a lower price' theory I should wait another year to get the real bargain. I'm just going to consider it a delayed improvement in my house - there were weeks and weeks and weeks that I sent Ace checks for twice as much as this set will cost.

I decided to order it from US Appliance in Michigan - they are a Samsung 'authorized' internet dealer. If anything is not as it should be then Samsung will be responsible for fixing or replacing the TV as they did with the one I now have. I concluded that Circuit City was never going to get close enough for me to buy it here in Vero - the differences were just too great (over $500). This set will require me to move a shelf in my entertainment cabinet but that's about all. I should be able to plug the various cables directly into this set from the set I now have. Delivery is in 7 to 10 days they say - we shall see.

Last evening around 8:30 I went out to trim my shrubs from around my landscape lighting. All of a sudden I heard a large explosion and every light in Vero went out for about 3 or 4 seconds. I'm guessing a transformer exploded or some accident occurred. It was real strange but the lights came back on quickly. This morning I couldn't find anything in the online Vero Beach Press Journal.

I was talking to GT Jeff yesterday after the markets closed and about the only thing positive I could say is least my Tanzanite is not plummeting like my stocks or at least I don't know it if it is.

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Bigger is Better

Mon 06 October 2008

John and I went on a research mission yesterday morning to Circuit City. We wanted to compare and contrast the new Samsung series 7 LED DLP HDTV's to the Samsung DLP HDTV I have containing a single bulb. The new LED's are suppose to last for 80,000 hours compared to 15,000 for the bulb type DLP's and the picture is suppose to be 40% brighter according to Samsung's technical information. Well I do know LED lights consume very little energy and should last a very long time - I expect most light bulbs in the future may well be LED's and not any of the current types. So I'm buying into the longer lasting aspect but frankly I'll likely buy a new TV because of new technology before any set I have goes bad.

As to the picture itself, there was indeed a very obvious difference in the brightness of the LED set over the bulb set. The colors were sharper and more vivid when compared side by side. But, my TV looks great as it is until the comparison is made - I'm not unhappy with the great picture I get now.

The set I'm looking at is 20% bigger yet keeps the sharp images of the smaller sets. Bigger is better. In my bedroom where it is about 25' from my pillow to the TV, bigger would indeed be noticeable. Can you tell I'm talking myself into this TV? Well I've been thinking about it for a few weeks now and it has not gone away. The thing is I have a perfectly good set and should I spend the money for a new one for the size and picture quality? Hmm...I think I might just do that. Unlike many of you, I watch a lot of TV so why not improve on what is already a very good picture by making it bigger and brighter?

Circuit City has a decent price but I can get it delivered to my door for about $500 less by purchasing it from a major internet store. The only difference is about 8 days in delivery time because the online store, US Appliance, is in Michigan. As far as service goes, Samsung is responsible no matter where I buy it either locally or online. The warrantees are the same, the sets are the same, and the guarantees are the same. So if I want one, why should I not just order one and save $500?

John had a call from John's Island on Friday when he was out playing. He thinks it was about an interview for a job, probably as a lifeguard. He'll let me know later today after he talks to human resources at John's Island. I guess they are hiring for the upcoming "season" and that would be a great place to work IMHO. Maybe he can find some rich lady that wants him as her boy toy - worse things could happen in life.

Tommy's fish is really cool boys & girls. The pictures do not do it justice - it really is rather spectacular when you see it in person. So I told TB he has to name it. All art sculptures have a name but this one does not, at least not yet. It should be named something artistic, descriptive, and catching (pun intended). Something like "Airborne", "Blue Water Flyer", "Freedom", "Escape", etc...you know what I mean. TB agrees so now put your thinking hats on and come up with an idea for naming it. If my Dad were still alive he'd come up with something clever like, "Expensive Fish".

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Tech Wins

Sun 05 October 2008

Georgia won their game against Duke 27 - 0 but waited until the second half to look good on offense. Duke did a great job keeping Tech cut off in the first have but ran out of steam the second half. This time the odds makers were right in choosing the Yellow Jackets by two touchdowns. The next game should not be too exciting against Gardner-Webb - who the f*ck is Gardner-Webb ? You know what scares me - it is a no name team that can come up and bit you on your ass. After the game next week, Georgia Tech is in the really hard meat of their schedule. No doubt they will lose a few but then I expect they may win one or two as well. I love college football.

Two more of my landscape lights burned out so I replaced them with some bulbs I ordered a couple months ago. Maybe I'm missing something but it sure seems to me these lights have a short life cycle . That makes a total of 3 out in about 6 months when they only burn 4 hours a day - that's under a 1000 hours of burn time for lights rated at 8000 hours I think. Maybe I've got too much current going to the lights although according to my electrician the readings are on par with the requirements. It is not a big deal but yet another one of those little mysteries in my life at the Vero Villa.

Some of you have asked me what my view is on the "rescue bill" passed on Friday. I don't like it for several reason not the least of which that the markets went down after it was passed. It has way too much pork in it which really pisses me off God damn it. The f*cking Congress just had top add all their little spending to what should have been a 'clean' bill - over $100 billion of pork. But then I'm not at all sure that anything should have been passed - maybe a real good cleansing is what the markets and our economy needed. The bill might work, I hope it does. I hope I'm wrong and it turns out to be exactly what was needed. I'm not at all happy my equities are done about 40% from their highs this year so I want the bill to work. Time will tell, huh?

Tommy dropped by for a nice visit yesterday morning as he was headed out the the Barnes estate on highway 60 to give Uncle Tom's car a ride in order to keep the batteries charged. This sounds funny but with TB's busy schedule sometimes it's hard to allocate time to drive that cute little white Lexis sports car around after all, he does have his own little red sports car for when he wants to have fun. Anyway we talked about politics both local and national as well as the bailout plan that neither of us like very much. I tried to put a positive spin on Obamamama getting elected by saying maybe the American voter needs to see what happens when liberals are in charge so that won't ever let that happen again. It may be 4 years of bad medicine we all have to endure but then after his term the country can get better - what do you think? With all Obamamama all the time in the mainstream media coupled with the dick head liberals I'm beginning to thing there will be an Obamamama administration the next 4 years. Hold on to your wallets boys and girls, he'll want to spend more and more and more on entitlements and help the worthless programs mark my words.

I took this picture of The Fish yesterday with TB in the shot so you can get an idea of just how big the piece of art really is. It is extraordinary !

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Out to Dinner

Sat 04 October 2008

Last night I had dinner with my cousin Gary and his wife over on the beach here in Vero. It was most pleasant with the big sliding glass doors open and air conditioning on at an indoor - outdoor place called Mulligan's. Want to guess on what I had? - peel & eat shrimp with a Caesar salad of course. Those I had in the Keys were better but this was good nonetheless. It was very nice to watch the ocean with a gentle breeze, reggae music, and a nice group of customers of all ages from teens to old farts like my cousin. I usually eat here with my pussy, Sally, so this was a change for me.

I talked to Georgia Tech Jeff for almost a hour on Skype yesterday afternoon. I think he was get Friday afternoons off because I always seem to get him at home then. He just bough a BMW convertible to join us folks in the German Car club. We talked about the political mess, the stock markets. and his work. He's doing fine although the markets and politicians are not. I'm down about 38% from this year's high water market which is not good but I'm going ton stay on the roller coaster. It may take some time but I'm of the opinion it will turn around and come back. If not, I've got meals - on - wheels so hopefully I will not go hungry. Maybe I can eat that strange looking animal - plant growing in my garden.

When I walked to my post office box I checked out the new downtown Vero farmer's Market. I don't think anyone selling things there have ever even seen a farm much less worked one. It was not much more than a glorified vegetable stand but this was the first day so hopefully it will grow. In a month or two the 'snow birds' will be flocking in for the Winter season in Florida so I expect things will pick up then. It would be cool to have an active Friday market there every week.

Walter my landscape guy finally called to say he'll be here next week to install the additional palms along the alley. He'll have his crew trim the plants I have growing and probably put some food out for the plants. They are all growing like gang busters so I'm not sure we need to feed them more at this point. After this little job I think I'm through for awhile with landscaping.

It's College Football Saturday and my team plays at noon today against Duke. The odds makers have the Yellow Jackets favored by 13 points which usually is not a good sign. Maybe it will prove to be correct and if it does then just maybe I'll have more confidence. The thing is Duke has only lost one game out of the 5 they've played so they are not a slouch team. The back-up quarterback for Georgia Tech ( see picture) will start because the starter is still recovering from a pulled hamstring. The game is in Atlanta and I'll be watching on ESPNU.

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TB's Fish Arrived

Fri 03 October 2008

It was a nice, sunny day yesterday with moderate temperatures so I decided to head over to the beach for about a hour. The beach was vacant with only a random person here or there. The ocean was mostly smooth but big waves were breaking at the shore. What really amazed me is that I now realize just how much beach got eroded by the storms of the past couple months - OMG, I could hardly believe it. There are fresh water showers attached to the steps leading from the boardwalk to the sand that I have used to wash off just a recently as 3 months ago. Now those showers are located about 6' to 7' higher from the beach than before - about 6' of beach is gone! I thought maybe a couple of feet but the drop from the boardwalk to the beach is about 20' now. Amazing!

Today there is an all new farmer's market that will be open every Friday outside the Heritage Center at 14th Avenue and 21st Street. That is just about a block from the Vero Villa half way between here and my post office box. I can see now that a Friday trip to the Post office will become routine. Those of you familiar with this area will be interested to know that Main Street Vero Beach (a downtown promotion group) hired professional market manager Bobbi Spencer, who also runs the Downtown Fort Pierce Farmers' Market and Stuart Green Market, to oversee the operation. This could be a cool thing but I'll save my opinion until I check it out later today.

The artist making my GT neon sign told me it is finished and has been shipped. I should be getting it next week sometime but I don't know for sure since it is coming from Canada. Yep, you got it, Canada. I talked with the guy who made it and he informs me real neon art is becoming harder to find because everyone is moving to LED lighting. It seems LED is cheaper, easier to design, lasts longer, uses less power, and can be made to look very much like neon. But for me, real neon is still the coolest form of light art.

The sailfish TB has coming was suppose to arrive between noon and 3 pm but at 3:30 he was not there. Tommy called about 7:30 last night and said that it had finally arrived but suggested I wait until today to come take a picture for you folks to see. He seemed pleased but tired when I talked to him. Here is a link to the pictures Kathryn took.

No, I did not watch the debate last night - I'm on a political news blackout again because I'm so sick of it. And you know what else ? I'm not at all sure a bailout of the finical markets will pass the House today which doesn't have be anxious one way or the other. When the Senate added $100 billion of pork I got so discussed I wanted to vomit. A Bill that went from 3 pages to 100 pages has now grown to 500 pages. I'm sick of the whole f*cking lot up there in Washington and on Wall Street (have a look at today's cartoon in 'News'). Besides it is not at all clear to me that a cleansing of the markets is a bad idea no matter how much it hurts include me and the assets on which I hope to live as an old fart in the Vero Villa.

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TV Sports Package

Thu 02 October 2008

Once I checked this weekend's college football TV schedule I found that ESPNU was the network carrying the Georgia Tech - Duke game. I did not get this network but it was available as part of a sports package available on Direct TV - the monthly charge is $12. Well hell, that's a no-brainier to me - admission to a game is probably $40 or $50 these days. Plus, I get about 35 other sports channels from around the county including all the Fox Sports channels. I may not watch any other games but I decided to get the package at least through college football season at which time I can cancel if I want. So unless something gets screwed up, I'll watch the game on Saturday and I think it's in HD.

Yesterday I was a hit as chairperson for our coffee group's morning meeting. When I got on the subject of 'impaired driving' I reflected on the times the very health of the Georgia Tech football players were at risk as I drove the Rambling Wreck onto the field barely missing cheerleaders, coaches, and players. That got a big chuckle among those in the room which was of course my goal in part. It was a good meeting.

Over a week ago I sent a package to Mike Gately via the US postal system and at this point it is loss. It had a bar code on it because I used the online click n' ship service offered by the post office. I dropped into a mail shoot at the inside of the post office so I'm hoping it was just miss-placed somehow and will appear. I didn't get it back and of yesterday it still was not in the system - what's up with that? What can I do if it didn't even appear in the system? Nothing but hope that it does I guess.

Word has it that Tommy's bronze sailfish is on it's way here from California - it was loaded last Friday. TB tells me he expects it today between noon and 3 pm.. When it does get here I'll head over to his riverside estate to help and take a picture to post here. I've seen pictures of this piece of art and it looks amazing to me. The one big issue in my mind is that it's BIG - what is it going to look like once placed in his home? Somehow I'm confident TB will find an appropriate place for it, don't you?

I've been listening to my scanner in the afternoons after Rush is off the air at 3 o'clock. This sleepy little Vero Village is a lot more active than I would have imagined with things other than wrecks or traffic stops. Wednesday afternoon I heard a report that a small single engine plan went down, 2 young middle school kids were missing, and a routine traffic stop nailed some woman with several outstanding warrants for her arrest and all this was within about 30 minutes. I hear about stabbings, break-ins, fires, all kinds of stuff. No, not all the shootings like Atlanta thankfully but active nonetheless.

What do you think of my neon ghost I just put in place of the chili pepper for this month - you know, Halloween and all.

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Tanzanite Inquiries

Wed 01 October 2008

Yesterday I got another random e-mail inquiring into one of my Tanzanite gemstones. The frequency of inquires seems to be increasing although I've yet to have any takers. Nonetheless, it is pretty encouraging to me that I'm getting these inquires in the first place.So before I responded I looked at the current marketing at JTV, the largest retail marketers of Tanzanite in the world. Their prices have gone up 25% since last year for gems that are a grade below those in my collection. In these days were the markets are going down, it is nice to see my little pieces of Tanzanite real estate seem to be appreciating. However, unlike stocks & bonds, there is no fast liquid market without discounting my collection.

I'm getting this activity with zero advertising - the only thing I have is the website I built last year. I probably will pay search engines to put me at the top of the lists when I get ready to put a marketing effort forward. My plan now is to continue to hold as the mines continue to get depleted of all raw material and especially investment grade material. I may be wrong but I continue to think these gems will appreciate at values above many other investments especially if you have holding power. Anyone want to invest in Tanzanite?

I had a very nice vice with they new young guy at my coffee group after the meeting yesterday. We went to drink more coffee at the Cuban coffee shop sitting outside like I've frequently done in foreign countries but not here in the good ole' US of A. What a nice young man he is - working one job and seeking another while attending the community college like John. His story is like many of our stories but unlike me, he has decided to have coffee with us at a much younger age than did I by about 30 years! I see the will in him to continue with our coffee group so I'm hopeful he will become a long time buddy. I thought we'd spend about a hour but it ran into over 2 hours - it was great for me as well.

This morning I'm the chairperson for the meeting - I sign up to chair the meeting the first Wednesday in every month then other times as I'm called upon. I've not decided what I'm going to talk about yet but I'm sure something will come to mind and then I'm off to the races. The chairperson is suppose to talk for about 10 minutes then open it up for general discussion - I have a difficult time keeping it under 15 minutes.

It was a nasty, overcast, rainy day yesterday but I'm hoping today will get better. If it does, then I may get outside to do some minor gardening around the house or maybe even head to the beach. I want to pull all the few weeds that grow in and around my landscaping before they take root. Yes, I do have chemicals put on them to kill them but if I can get them before they grow, all that much the better. My landscaping is growing very well at this point. There are a few plants I think could be doing better but most are thriving.

Today is the first day of October and the beginning of the "Fall Season" for me. Yes I know Fall officially begin on September 23, but I just associate October with Fall more so than any other month. Thus, I've put up a Fall picture taken in the North Georgia mountains.

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